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Mahmoud Abbas have to say your friends in 2013 why didn’t you convince me to
buy more Bitcoin in 2019 you I tried you didn’t listen now that’s pretty funny
but there was a reply that was even funny funnier I will buy at 6 K I will
buy at 5 K I will buy it for K I will buy at 3 K my friend who never bought
yes oh the no corner excuses the no corners
looking back on the past and I like how many seer he’s getting the picture he
actually brought up 4 years from now maybe he’s heard about the 210 K block
theory oh man I’ve been thinking about that 210 K block theory a lot I think
we’ll talk about it on this weekend Bitcoin that’ll be at 5:30 p.m. Eastern
New York time on Friday with BTC Benny Juan Gault Bitcoin Tina and yeah the
bitcoinmeister cow mat like button now this is something I didn’t I don’t see
many people – I think I think we all Panther a big Alister tweeted this out I
don’t know retweeted this this is from a guy named Mark Weinstein he says
overheard at some conference that cost a lot of money to attend fidelity
releasing a client survey in next few months one stat says over 50% of their
institutional clients expect to make an allocation to crypto in the next five
years whoa if you’re still here you’re in the
right place I’m probably the right time probably the right time dude no this is
the right time so yeah that little survey will come up out I mean again
this is just a rumor and you know I don’t I don’t try to jump on rumors too
much but it’s just a matter of time before the the institutional clients
jump into Bitcoin and they diversify for the sake of diversification unfortunate
for them they won’t get the simple you know value your wealth and bitcoin and
see and if you value your wealth and fiat then just wait for years or 210 210
thousand blocks and you’ll be happy but no that’s a very interesting stat if
true over 50% of fidelities institutional clients expect to make an
allocation to crypto in the next five years that’s a lot of freaking money hey
man I value my wealth and Bitcoin I’m not
I’m not chancing it come I’ve got a strong hand on my Bitcoin because these
guys these fidelity clients their hands aren’t even on Bitcoin yet they’re
waiting for something what are they waiting for
I don’t know well they they just they want to be comfortable they want the Dow
Teta to do all the dirty work for them – what’s it called
hold it for him what’s the word I’m looking for the
custodial accounts and such yes be the custodians okay I like to the 210 K
block theory again just in case you missed the the last two shows where I
just where I mentioned it and let’s talk about what’s being served in today’s bud
cort okay I’m gonna stress the word court in today’s food court this is from
Alistair Melanie quite obvious that any legal action will be done for the sole
purpose of getting publicity for bsv which continues to be crushed by a coin
proper now I don’t like to I don’t like to talk about ESV but I just see what’s
on the horizon that dude because it is centralized Dera they’re talking about
lawsuits and yet they’re gonna start suing people to get attention that’s the
only reason they’re gonna sue people so have a week don’t have a week hand don’t
think it’s some power move a little time to swishing the bsv hey dude take
personal responsibilities new counterculture if you want to do that if
you want to buy bsv because the guy behind it is suing everyone they hate me
that’s your prerogative but don’t come complain to me in four years alright but
no for for those of you who do get freaked out by lawsuits yeah
they there will be people in the Bitcoin space that are gonna get sued by uh bsv
the guy behind BSP so just prepare for it that’s your a serving of FUD in the
food court today but again he’s just doing it for attention and unfortunately
I just gave him attention that was that was not good on my part bit cracks the
following kind of makes me like matrix I mean if you’re gonna if you’re gonna use
an exchange and I guess and you don’t want anyone to know who you are or maybe
you don’t want anyone to know who you are maybe you use bit tracks this is
from the block crypto the block it’s an online magazine for crypto
seat and it is linked to below it says bitch rest customers were using fake
names like Donald Duck and Elvis to trade and now the exchange has to leave
New York so cage in New York I guess you’re not
gonna be using bit tricks furthermore the NY d fs said the firm must stop its
operations in New York State effective April 11 which is in 30 minutes the end
of the NY DFS rips into the exchange for a lack of due diligence around vetting
customers and the tokens that trade on its venue bait Rex’s customer
identification program know your customer and customer due diligence are
seriously deficient as evidenced by the findings of the department’s examiner’s
during their review of sample transactions the note read hey no bit
license for bit tracks oh well I mean is it that bad of a thing it wrecks do you
really want to be that mainstream hey all you fiat freaks traders out there
the information I just gave you make your own decisions on where you want to
trade you want to trade at the place that’s following the New York rules
where you got to give out all your information or do you want to go to a
place where you can pretend to be Donald Duck I know what I think all right so if
you’re familiar with me so for all you eat for you aetherium classic freaks out
there or Barry Silbert kind of guys I mean I stumbled upon this Twitter threat
Twitter feed classic is coming it’s linked to below i I don’t think classic
is you know there’s been a little bit of news valve here in classic lately they
saw me mention it in my show so they retweeted me and then I just saw who
these guys were these guys love a Furion classic I mean the goal of this freakin
Twitter feed is to get a theorem classic into the top tier it’s definitely in the
second tier of all call so if you love aetherium classic and you
want to hype it up well then just retweet everything these dudes retweet
my god all right remember on steamin I am a
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with Bitcoin we have never had a predictable currency like this before
never and it’s so important to keep it this way to keep it that it’s it’s wing
21 million we know how many they’re gonna be ever with the dollar you have
no idea how much is gonna be printed that year with Bitcoin you know how much
is going to be printed every four years the exact numbers every four years and
then it gets cut in half every four years it’s all baked into the cake you
know it from the very start you know what’s gonna be going on in the year
2100 in terms of the production of Bitcoin okay you already know that
that’s we’ve never had anything like this before and it’s it’s one of the
many inputs informational inputs it gets tossed into what the Fiat price of
Bitcoin is going to be there’s all sorts of things going on in in the ecosystem
and perhaps perhaps that is the most important input that the the
predictability the numbers that we already know and and perhaps since we’re
so unfamiliar with this that we are now learning that because these numbers are
so powerful and are so predictable that perhaps it’s as simple as just holding
on in terms of your Fiat freaks out there it’s as simple as holding on for
210,000 blocks it might be that simple because you know we there’s so many
complexities the Bitcoin that a lot of people like to talk about all these tech
dudes out there and all these chart mongers out there showing you the most
complex things in the world and it just might be as simple as if you
want to increase your Fiat value you buy it you hold on to it for two hundred ten
thousand blocks this might be the rule for all time and if it becomes that
obvious oh we just talked about fidelity money
running into the space heck everybody and their mother is gonna want to rerun
into the space it’s a four-year deal man it’s a four year day you know so I’ve
got a new rule here anything less than four if your game plan is less than four
years you’re a short-term thinker you’re just a short-term thinker you got to
have a time horizon in this Bitcoin game of at least four years okay everything
else is just short-term thinking that’s when the long-term thinking begins after
two hundred and ten thousand blocks so learn it yeah so it’s not it for for
that for the five something rundown here that I skipped over sorry free for all
those traditional type of investors you’ve got to have a different way of
looking at time once you enter the Bitcoin space okay it’s not a matter of
how low it’s gonna go during this bear market or how high it will go during a
next bull market the question is how much higher is it going to be in two
hundred ten thousand blocks and how much how much higher is it is it now than it
was two hundred ten thousand blocks ago that’s how you got a look at time for
all you Fiat freaks out there then enter this space and again this is just for
the people who are into the Fiat adds the Fiat value aspect of Bitcoin and
they’re quite a few okay they’re quite a few you cannot just you cannot worry
about or when’s the bottom coming ones the bottom coming because that’s less
than that’s less than four years away that’s less than two hundred ten
thousand blocks away either in the past or in the future you just got to keep
that two hundred ten thousand block mentality and yeah it really might be as
simple as that and yeah is the third day in the row that I talked about this but
it really has been inspiring and I’m going to talk about a little bit more
about it Mara in terms of does is this true with
litecoin is this going to be true with be cash also that does dude do are these
rules that powerful that you can make these type of financial predictions and
again it shows you it you cannot mess with this formula one bit if you change
this very important input one little bit it might mess up everything we might not
be able to make these predictions anymore that that’s how magical and it’s
not magic that’s how numerical how emotionless his system is because again
there are gonna be people all we need more than 21 billion we gotta change
this no no dudes don’t mess with that one input into this system man it is it
is quite powerful and I really am looking forward to uh two hundred and
ten thousand blocks after the previous all-time high to see if to see and that
will be around November of 2021 to see if the Fiat value is higher than 20,000
or 19,600 whatever it is all right that’s enough of Maya talk about that
two hundred ten thousand block theory I really think it’s more people should be
talking about it more people should be looking at it and I can there’s so many
unnecessary complexities in this space and that something this simple is being
ignored and not being talked about this alone if this is proven true I mean so
many people will come into the space because you couldn’t you can simply
explain it to them yeah you buy it you hold it long term long term being 210 K
two hundred ten thousand blocks and then you make a decision you’re like well
it’s worth more in Fiat than it was previously what should I do now that’s
up to you again if it if it’s worth it’s gonna be worth more in in terms of four
in four hundred twenty thousand blocks also if that rule is true and then in
six hundred thirty thousand blocks etc etc so yeah I mean for me hold on as
long as frickin possible uh I’ve been seeing that all along without
knowing the 210,000 block theory which is just a awesome theory all right not
roller who I don’t know if he is table roller in the in the chat right now
yesterday he says something also awesome he said thud equals feast upon delicate
sellers you better believe it those delicate little sellers they hear
something about China they sell that you feast upon it and you wait two hundred
ten thousand blocks at least and we got a Kevin rook I think this dude’s name is
he’s got an interesting table out there okay now I don’t know if this really
means very much it’s pure statistics here how many addresses own more than $1
$100 $1000 $10,000 worth of Bitcoin be cash psv and litecoin okay and there are
more dresses with a thousand dollars of or more a Bitcoin than there are of a
dresses with a dollar or more of light coin what’s that reaming I mean you
could draw your own opinions check out the chart one interesting thing I mean
be cash and bsv are also listed in this chart it seems to me if you compare be
cash and litecoin it looks like more people are valuing their wealth and
litecoin that then in be cash if you look at the statistics in terms of how
much in terms of fiat value is being kept in litecoin addresses that there’s
a but you check it out yourself that was my only conclusion and it’s a
questionable conclusion that I drew from looking at those charts
I mean bitcoin is the next Bitcoin people and that’s what hey that’s what
you got to remember but if you’re comparing these top-tier all coins be
cash and litecoin maybe this will give you a buzz I I don’t know alright
finally speaking about getting a buzz from crypto there was a guy who
commented on my video yesterday name truce and he said check
out my crypto comedy channel so I checked out I check out truces crypto
comedy channel and I’ll link to it below and this is a warning it is for
grown-ups it is rated are adult subject matters to say the least it is not for
everyone at all but the guys in motion he’s he’s trying to do some comedy so
good job truce again there are curse words galore and adult subject matters
but it’s it’s his form of crypto comedy hey truce is a unique guy good for you
truce for getting my attention and I there’s your link dude good for you
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