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Hello everyone this is adam meister the
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June the 17th 2019 strong hand long-term thinking affected by selling P a unique
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watching this live let’s start off for talking about this day in history June
the 17th 1994 wow I feel like getting in my white Bronco driving around yeah la
Los Angeles get on the highway I was thinking about that when I was running
today over the highway and he’s funny in my magical BOTS obviously since 25 years
ago on this very day in 1994 obviously bitcoin was gonna be ninety four hundred
dollars today right because in 1994 the white Bronco chase happened so obviously
right yeah I mean that’s what my bot told me buko II bought you know all you
guys who believe magical BOTS I mean it’s just as logical it’s just as
logical as one of those charts you see yeah obviously 1994 it happened 25 years
ago and so today I had to be 9400 was of course time that like button it’s it’s
just as ridiculous but yeah what a day to be in Los Angeles 25 years after all
that stopped so the fang that coin Bank Oien what the hex bang point atom well
Cameron Winklevoss who’s got a lot of Bitcoin and you should
aim to be like him there’s so many haters of the wincle by I I’ve had
videos many a time I’ve said instead of hating them be in motion and try to be
like them and I’ve been talking about that since 2015 so if you could try to
be like a wink of I since 2015 you’re doing pretty well for yourself but he
has a very interesting tweet he says every fan company will have its own coin
within 24 months a fan company of course is Facebook Apple Amazon Netflix in
Google those high fly in tech stocks dad of course I won’t buy it because I only
buy a big coin pound that like button he’s got a point and this is something
I’d be not talking about in other shows they want a piece of the pie they want a
piece of the action they want their own coins and again that’s we’ve seen this
before back in the internet revolution whenever company tried to have their own
intranet if they’re gonna have a centralized coin in the long run in the
short run it’ll probably get people excited about about cryptocurrency and
Bitcoin and get more people I welcome them this is where the big boys play if
they want to fork off a Bitcoin I think that would be great but I would assume
that they’ll try to do so all of them will try to do something like Facebook
in the next 24 months a centralized stable coin more power to them if they
do a real cryptocurrency more power to them and if they fork it off a big coin
so we shall see but it yeah Cameron is thinking what I’m thinking here they all
want a piece of it and so don’t don’t be shocked and take it as a positive take
it as a positive again if you’re if you were in this space in 2015 like I was go
go check out this rock maestro come to see the videos from 2015 this is like
surreal that that those companies made that it’s really possible next 24 months
they’ll all have their own so-called crypto currencies we shall see if they
are real crypto currencies but hey make crypto dividends a Bitcoin dudes that’s
that’s what you and another another take on this if if all five of those
companies end up with their own crypto currencies you better believe that the
regulatory environment for crypto currencies will be pretty good in the
United States and they the United States to outlaw cryptocurrency if those five
companies if even two of those five companies have their own
cryptocurrencies okay now the u.s. still might not like Bitcoin but I think if
they let those five onto the playing field it you know all the fun about
regulation will not come to fruition but we shall see let’s uh let’s not rush
things and it might not even happen it’s just a theory
of a camera link will be but I I am of a PI I agree with him then the next 24
months 24 months I mean this it’s gonna be 2021 hey the world would be a lot
different I mean think back to 2017 how different the world this time in 2017
everyone was fighting about oh there’s going to be this uh fork
what’s king of the trolls going to do next is he gonna bring down big point
look how much we change from two years ago everyone’s fighting about king of
the trolls in be cash and now today we’re talking about Facebook is gonna
definitely have its own coin and maybe two years from now those five companies
will have their own what a world it’s just a great time to be freaking
alive and the strong hands went out we didn’t we didn’t panic when the king of
the trolls was talking about be cash and we realized it was nothing better than
crypto dividend and yeah thanks for the free uh be cash king of the trolls I’ll
pound that like button if you’re watching he has watched this show before
he’s been on the show and it’s in the archives check it out
and what is this the Tobin not Paul the not is back he’s back you might remember
that fake toshi Jim Jones threatened to sue him and then he disappeared he was a
great contributor on a bitcoin Twitter and now he’s back and what he says is he
he’s back on Twitter regarding the legal situation all I can say at this point is
that I have issued proceedings against fake toshi in Norway okay if you want to
sue fake toshi that’d be my guess I know them again I’m not a big fan of suing
people but welcome back dude you know what one thing that’s funny about Jim
Jones bait Oceane and bsv there he at times they asked him
did you make Bitcoin are you the foul tip it did you come up with Bitcoin and
he says yes well he complete plays with words a lot
he considers bsv to be Bitcoin so in that demented world he made Bitcoin
because they think bsv is Bitcoin he definitely made bsv right if it weren’t
for fake Toshi to work for Jim Jones with help from billionaire Calvin but
there would be no BSD so he made bsv and in in Wildmon in Guiana in Guiana where
they drink the kool-aid they think of ESV is Bitcoin but we know Bitcoin is
next Bitcoin one Bitcoin equals one big point in I guess one B as the v equals a
2% of a Bitcoin or something like that down that like button okay more numbers
for you for all you Fiat freaks all the people that said well once big core once
Bitcoin doubles its uh the low that means it’s in a bull market and the
lowest that got during this bear market when everyone was so scared not here it
got down to 3,100 and then everyone was so happy when they got to 6200 well now
it’s gotten over ninety three hundred for a bit there’s of course you know 25
years ago was in 1994 and the magical bot predicted that it would go to ninety
four hundred oh hey yeah we already went through that but no it’s triple huh the
people who believe why do you guys want some magical BOTS and charts to like
tell you everything so now it’s triple triple the alt the the bear market low I
I don’t know if too many other people are saying oh it’s gonna go back down
there it’s we’re gonna go back into a bear market I don’t know about that one
dudes euphy f rigs now it’s triple it seems like there’s some momentum and a
lot of people or actually guess what they’re doing they’re buying Bitcoin so
when people buy Bitcoin the price goes up oh yeah it’s that all those uh
traders selling and panicking and weak handing anymore there’s actually you
know people buying and people realizing like oh oh
like gotten in the Fiat now I better get back in the Bitcoin oh I can’t get back
in the Bitcoin there’s my dad you have my feel too bad for you dude sunny we
know here you hold your Bitcoin you get your interest on your Bitcoin through
crypt of dividends we’re gonna talk about that in a second
we don’t play games with fiat and banks and that not sense I’m by the way yeah
this is Satoshi Satoshi Nakamoto there’s he good shirt and get shirts like this
they’re linked to below I was thrown off there for a second okay a ass Iranian
the Saran iam crypto dividend a guy in my uh who leaves some helpful comments
in the comment section sometimes he he said that he went to I link to it below
but be very careful people he went to Fort Delta and he found out that that
they’re sawing sir any Amer and he actually sold it and did well I went to
Fork Delta the site is messed up that’s putting it nicely if you log into it me
and if you have a theory um don’t like login with through med mask with your
main aetherium address just don’t do it it’s risky it’s a it’s a funky site
right right now sir it sir any um is like less than 30 cents so there if you
some people who have how much is are worth less than 30 cents at least you
can’t even say it this site is messy did it be careful I shouldn’t even be saying
this but people have asked so there you go there’s a price point for that uh
that crypt of dividend and uh yeah good luck good luck let it get on some other
exchanges and let that let let forked out that be a little less funky and
maybe we’ll talk about it some more and we’re going to talk about
aetherium in in a second by the way the block crypto oh yeah right now the block
crypto has an article that says and this is a future some future updates or
listed in this article if you’re an aetherium freak aetherium 2.0 phase zero
set to launch on the 3rd of January 2020 ok there
and look nice pic of a date they pick January 3rd which is of course the
satoshi nakamoto date hey wait that they know what they know
what the king is if they’re picking January 3rd is there there a fear of 2.0
day and DEFCON 5 will be held in Osaka Japan October 8th to 10th so yeah a
theory always pumps around the days like that
yeah good luck to them I mean aetherium 2.0 I don’t even know I want to get into
it good luck there’s a Bitcoin is Bitcoin
by the way there’s no 2.0 it’s like that’s it
that’s what yet it doesn’t change there’s a proof-of-work it stays okay
okay moving on jeet let’s talk about trading all coins
for a second we talked about Serena which of course is uh the only reason I
talked about is we got it for free Bitcoin holders but G says trading all
and Jeet was on the show on Friday this week in Bitcoin check it out it’s linked
to below he is great tech balkon tch be alt pound that like button trading all
coins based on charts is a loser’s game it’s like it’s a gamblers game it’s a
yeah and gamblers or losers yeah definitely most of the time when you’re
gambling and when you’re trading it was like 90% of time it’s horrible for the
house wins dudes but he’s talking about he retweeted a thread where someone was
like saying oh look how much Grimm has gone up lately oh and then all these
people and they’re like we’ll Detroit predicted it you’re gonna do charts with
all coins now come on it’s basically regime is saying and but
they’re all these people in the thread saying yeah grin is a great buy green I
bought green when it was $2 all its afraid by now this that all this great
and I’m just I’m just shaking my head meanwhile here where we got the insider
information we’re going to get a free member Whipple coin we’re gonna get the
free version agreement and so instead of a giving up our precious Bitcoin to buy
nonsense like brain we’re gonna hold our Bitcoin and get free Grimm which is
nibble little coin with a cap on it with it is a limited supply type of grand
being or whatever you want to call this flavor of the month type of stuff that’s
going on so again it’s the flavor of the month lately Grande and being great
stretch that out until I can sell my MWC my member little coin that is linked to
below again I talked about member wynnmalone because it gets tired it it
creates this environment where we understand that holding is the best
thing to do for your Bitcoin you get these in you get interest you get crypt
of dividends and but remember guys this is not my project
this is Chris’s project so people ask me like questions about it and I have said
it many times I’m going to say it again Chris and the guys over there Andy
they’ll answer your questions it’s linked to below MW CMW I’m not here to
answer your questions if you’ve got if you really want me to answer you
remember what questions you set up an appointment with me you pay me a lot of
you pay me a lot and we’ll talk about it okay but guys they’re very accessible
MWC NW it’s they have all their social media stuff linked to below
Chris watches like everyone my shows he you can DM DM in anytime it’s it’s all
in the site so don’t ask me ask them they’ve got good customer service I know
in cryptocurrency people are used to horrible customer service you know you
give your money to a nice yo and then they just run away with it of course
they’re not answering their emails he’s got good customer service over
there at MWC that MW is linked below so yeah if you if you guys ask me questions
I’m just gonna say please ask the MWC team these type of questions they are
easily accessible through social media so thank you today when I was in
synagogue I there was a guy from South Africa there a Jewish guy from South
Africa and we were taught I said well I was in South Africa and he said why were
you South Africa and I say so I talked about Bitcoin here on you about bitcoins
oh yeah quite a few South Africans Lloyd’s Bitcoin and he know he knew
about the tezo’s thing because I think there’s a I don’t know much about that
taste those things there’s ball suits you know it’s a nice here was complete
nonsense but he knew about he knew because that South Africans involved
with it and we have said on this show before we theorized on the show before
that hi I mean it’s not that many people in
South Africa that own Bitcoin but percentage-wise compared to other
countries it’s high it’s high and this guy knew about it he knew that people
knew about it that they were buying it there so again there’s my little uh
South Africa Bitcoin real life running of the day going back to all coins at
coin market cap claim that on June the 14th they were going to only list
circulating supply of coins that were years been circulating supply on
approved of exchanges and then we’re gonna make big changes on Flag Day which
was on Friday June the 14th and they’ve done nothing at all Ocoee market cap I
link to their Twitter below so maybe they’re updated the situation so as of
today Monday the 17th 25 years since you know what no they haven’t changes our
thing over coin market cap oh god there are better sites than coin market cap
out there but everybody goes to coin market cap it it’s it’s still a
centralized point of weakness in our in our ecosystem that it for all coins at
least for Bitcoin who gives a darn you know we know bitcoins next Bitcoin but
if you are at all coin ER and I know there’s a few of you out there I mean
you rely on point market cap for a lot of your hype again that’s what you get
with a centralized all pointy end of depending on a centralized Authority
like coin market cap I do hope the coin market actually does what they say
they’re gonna do and make their site more legitimate and actually show the
real circulating supplies of these coins and really rank the ones that should be
ranked and legitimate alright now here here’s a funny thing all all bit coin
holders not just the ones who watch this show because we know if you watch this
show you’ve got insider information okay that this is the home of Bitcoin insider
information of course but the best best guest only in the space on this frickin
show found that like bone but market watch which is a traditional mainstream
economic source of information for all the normies it compared to this article
all Bitcoin holders have the insider information why
Bitcoin hasn’t gone to zero and is now knocking on the door of $10,000 oh my
what it what an article that is why Bitcoin hasn’t gone to zero yeah I mean
you guys are behind the top like you’re really behind the time but most people
are behind a tiny you a lot of the people that I meet did beacon get hacked
because they only get bits and pieces of mainstream articles and we’ve been in a
Fiat bear market so they’ve only been getting bad vibes from the mainstream
media so now all of a sudden Market Watch wakes up so if you’ve just been a
mainstream or this whole time oh man sure but you’re behind the times and any
Bitcoin holder worth wears anything it’s got insider information compared to
the normies that read that stuff but hey it’s some of the people that were down
on bitcoins some of these mainstream organizations now that just get back on
the bandwagon I see a lot of people reappearing same with it some of the
personalities that were really hyping crypto before they disappeared now
they’re back again so hey that’s pop welcome back this is a real big boys
play guys the some of us we don’t run away when things look down in terms of
Fiat we got the strong hand here and we don’t sell our Bitcoin either offended
by selling telling that like what feels like I just give something but it
continue all right who’s this guy Kyle Bass Jay Kyle Bass is a key lever in the
oh here we go Hong Kong this is Hong Kong this is serious stuff as the key
lever in the insidious extradition bill Chinese authorities can freeze Hong Kong
bank accounts and other assets Hong Kong’s top finance officials were kept
in the dark about this Hong Kongers have begun to move assets out of Hong Kong
though lam has paused the bill for now okay I don’t care if that bill has been
paused the threat is there that the Chinese Communist authorities are very
much into a confiscating people as our bank accounts and turning them off in
Hong Kong Hong Kong people if you’re watching this you’re already should have
bought Bitcoin yesterday that on kompis dateable avoid this worst case
scenario that could be on the horizon with this insidious extradition bill
they’re not they’re not hiding anything anymore they the Chinese authorities
don’t be under their thumb okay you don’t have to be under their thumb
Bitcoin frees you it frees you and I know there’s some
smart dudes out there and so just don’t talk about it you don’t want to be a no
pointer in Hong Kong definitely you want to be a Bitcoin or in Honda you’ll be
great you’ll be in fine shape so I it’s it’s sad news that that’s part of the
bill but it’s good news for Bitcoin and Jay a gallery Gilroy gilt glory sorry
man I just I messed it up Thank You Adam offended by selling is what makes me
save more Bitcoin I’m glad you like that saying some people were offended by the
offended by sellings saying you can check out yesterday’s show I talked
about that a little bit I’d love it I think is how I think it is a freaking
hilarious to say and I’m glad it keeps your hands strong I really really good
I’m glad to hear that and maybe my next t-shirt okay finally out of Israel Rudy
my buddy Rudy who is like the most popular
Israeli Bitcoin her on Twitter because Israeli bitcoiners don’t go on the
Twitter for some reason except for Judy he had he tweet out there recently
September 9th the sixteenth four days of the Tel Aviv blockchain week or strictly
Bitcoin so apparently Tel Aviv’s having a
blockchain week from the night and 16th of September and four of the days your
Bitcoin and only and that just reminds me I’m going to be in Tel Aviv during
that time period so I don’t know if I’ll go to the blockchain week event but I do
know that a lot of people will be coming in from out of town and I recommend they
go to the Bitcoin embassy right in the middle of Tel Aviv right near the Tel
Aviv Stock Exchange and I will definitely be there and I’m on there
every Sunday night at the when I am in Tel Aviv I’m there
every Sunday night at the Bitcoin embassy so that’s exciting news that
there’s a Tel Aviv blockchain week and I’m sure there’ll be all sorts of I see
a whole people there but I’m sure there’ll be all sorts of Bitcoin people
there so that that’s where the big boys play and say yeah and I won’t guys I
will be in Israel starting uh like July the 11th July the 11th to September 23rd
or something like that I don’t know but here I’m here in LA until July the 1st
and I’ll be in Baltimore for about 10 days and then Israel all right and of
course Australia how kind of Sydney Australia guys October 17th the 24th and
Adelaide Australia October 24th – like November till Thanksgiving November 26
or something like that all right that’s it Adam sports those 70 sideburns I
could see him on a rack rocford file in episodes in 1977 shooting the breeze
with Jim Rockford my father would talk about that show he’s like that show so
my father told me there was a show in the 70s called the Rockford whatever it
was but my sideburns actually are from Brady Anderson of the Baltimore Orioles
they’re not some D sideburns there I guess 1990 sideburns that’s from Brady
Anderson played for the Orioles so that’s where I actually got the
sideburns idea from so yeah a great Baltimore Oriole yeah he hit 51 who runs
one year somehow he also stole like 50 bases one year probably not for the same
reason he was able to hit those 51 home run anyway we don’t know what he did and
didn’t do all sorts of Brady Anderson rumors out there found that like button
but we welcome all sorts of men to this show
I’m women i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video check out
the links below pound that like button dang that Bell button I will say hi to
you guys in the chat right now good show

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