The 1 Bitcoin Show- Drama coins, Coinbase, Does crypto need a Silver? Blockstream

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but you can send super chats also those are nice so 69% Bitcoin dominance they
got over that recently but just the other day I wrote it down
I think it’s under 69 percent now in terms of the market capitalization of
all cryptocurrency and it is amazing that that Bitcoin is able to pull this
off with altcoins still joining every day and they’re so exaggerated because
they don’t so few are really traded of the altcoins and it’s just it pumps up
their value but we won’t get into that what we have to think about here is is
there so these top-tier all all coins are they just believe you
the big point now or people just is it just top-tier altcoin capitulation we
have a lot of drama in two of these old coins and I’m not going to talk about
the specific drama in be cash in BSB I mean if you want a show that talks about
that I think it’s a complete waste of your time first of all they rely on that
stuff to get attention I mean that’s that’s part of their marketing plan so
I’m not going to address the silliness that that comes out of there that just
involves the personalities I don’t even say those people’s names but a and B and
because people talk about it and the drama this keeps them going this keeps
those coins in the top tier okay if people were just to stopped talking
about them they would become an irrelevant because really what would the
heck are these coins besides drama coins at this point and all that hatred toward
them I mean keep it to yourself I’d say you shouldn’t hate these coins
you should just ignore these points because your outward hatred to them no
social media just gives them the attention they need and keeps them alive
and keeps them alive so you know calling them the biggest scams ever
buh-buh-buh-buh-buh it’s a waste of your breath just to waste your time I’m
wasting my time it is noise and it is all they rely on
it they rely on that free marketing from all the haters and they do they say and
do more and more ridiculous things if people fall for those ridiculous things
it’s those people that mean personal responsibility is a new counterculture
okay we’re always going to have people that fall for ridiculous gimmicks
alright and ridiculous statements and they’re gonna want to believe certain
people are certain people and then that’s it don’t learn the hard way okay
if you know the truth then get in the Bitcoin but get as many bitcoins
possible learn as much about as Bitcoin as possible and don’t waste your time on
complete lies and drama uh and that’s just saying nicely now
compelled that like button people coinbase they have a blog post up which
talks about a sophisticated hacking attack we’ve talked about this how they
foiled it now again that this this that this was even attempted is a wake-up
call to all you people who keep stuff Akiba big coin a coin base control your
own private key because again coin base was able to they weren’t gonna get
fooled into this one they had read the blog post okay they had in place many
many ways of warning about this and but I will say this people working act these
Bitcoin banks whatever you want to call what corn base is they are people and
they’re not machines and they can get tricked into social attacks like the one
that’s described here okay they can make us mistakes they will make mistakes
eventually so why don’t you just rely on yourself instead of relying on who knows
how many people that could possibly make mistakes just rely on yourself and know
and teach yourself how to not make any mistakes in terms of controlling your
own private to you on your treads or on your ledger wherever you’re going
wherever you’re gonna do it okay you cut down the risk factor so much by
just relying on one person that one person being you found that like button
is social attacks do eventually they they can pay off they really can they
can get more and more sophisticated and complicated and again maybe one day a
hacker will just say the best social attack you can have is uh have one of
your people get hired by one of these one of these organizations and have
someone do an inside job for you basically that that can happen one day
there’s nothing stopping it really and the only thing that prevents you from
being a victim of an inside job a sophisticated inside job is uh just
controlling your private key don’t rely on these third parties all right so I do
want to bring up if if you really dislike these altcoins and everything
like that and know that they’re there bush-league I mean they are they’re
minor leave their Bush leaves someone bsv split okay it had a splint it split
into three who knows what it did and the olden that no one continued the old
chains okay that the split chains the the original bsd or the one they wanted
to be the original bsd it kept on going no one no one kept the other ones alive
and then that’s it but people are screaming about it oh it’s split now hey
man if you really if you really dislike these an off coin like that if you
really want to bring it down they continue the ultimate form of attack on
an altcoin that keeps on making weird mistakes like that it’s keeping the bsv
to chain alive keep it alive mind it and that will really uh and this is these
coins if they want to be reckless like this and have situations where they’re
centralized points listen to three this is something they happen they should be
worried about someone continuing one of these supposes useless forks of their
coin so all the big talkers out there that want to get involved in drama well
having some unemotional technical stuff there keep up keep out of the BS v2 and
the BS three going that’ll make the news and that will alert a lot more people to
the that it’s a house of freakin cards over there
all right but again I’m not wasting my time on that thing but I
people like to waste their time on hating on all coins well instead of just
speaking words you know you can talk to talk walk the walk he continued there
they’re worthless uh splits all right they’re worthless chain splits I had a
good time at the Tel Aviv Bitcoin embassy tonight much earlier on tonight
and it delayed this this show with this show is it’s very late in Tel Aviv right
now very late but hey a new show every single day baby but I saw you over there
tonight and people you don’t know but it was
many many maybe some people know him he doesn’t he’s a technical genius he
doesn’t appear on shows English speaking shows like this but anyways shout outs
and of course the most interesting man in the world was there Shamu al hi guys
if anyone is watching well they’re asleep now everybody in Tel Aviv when I
everyone sit there people partying out on the streets of Tel Aviv’s still there
getting their eat on it was a fast day today quite a few people fast more
people than you think in a secular city like this fast and there it was a
banking holiday actually also and I did not know that going in you learn
something new every day come out like what
all right toward am Easter what is this oh this is good we’re talking a lot
about all points for some reason tonight oh I want to say hey did the debate on
Twitter I was getting like you get paid tweets sometimes in your feed and I was
getting once for bsv Tel Aviv amen they’re marketing it they’re trying at
least that they’re trying at first I thought who is retweeting this but no it
was just I mean these all coins they go to great lengths they spend their money
on paid for tweets or waste what a waste I say hey hey but I’m dude this is where
the big boys play let them compete let and compete it is but I mean you’re
giving up they’re willing to spend money on Twitter and there’s some people that
are willing to give them free hate publicity so again let them go backdrop
instead of yeah instead of giving them free publicity
dude I’ve talked about that way too but torna Meester he’s got to tweet my view
if investors want a silver to trade besides bitcoins gold the market will
provide it and I agree on that but I mean right now the market just wants one
preservation of wealth coin one security truth machine the best when you want the
security truth machine when you want to preserve your wealth why why settle for
second best so I mean that many people have
theorized why why have another store a value preservation of wealth coin what
what how can it even exist you pick the one with the best security and that’s
Bitcoin the most secure is Bitcoin so but if the market for some reason thinks
that you need a second one a second best well then one will be selected people I
don’t see the scenario where people are like well I want to I want to preserve
my wealth in another coin wait why would its your wealth you want the best for it
but if such a scenario happened tour is F absolutely right
the market will provide one what ended but right now clearly there is no other
one look at the valuations look at the Bitcoin dominance there’s nothing else
that people are flocking to in great numbers to preserve their wealth there’s
no other world reserve cryptocurrency besides Bitcoin clearly clearly look at
the table just look at the numbers out there but if if the market wanted one
yeah there are plenty of options out there and one would be selected here is
a tweet from trevor Noren in 1989 only one in five
Americans aged 75 or older were in debt Matt by 2016 almost half were so you can
see it’s a modern economy in the you know keeping up with the Joneses even
the old older people 75 and over have become addicted to this lifestyle of
debt okay of the debt based dollar of the
welfare dollar and it’s why do you think it’s going to change you have to change
your mindset about okay because the mass is they’re not changing and that’s great
they can stick with that lifestyle and it just shows you how much more powerful
the Bitcoin lifestyle is that so many so even old people who should know about
saving and print and preserving their wealth are playing the debt game you
don’t have to play that debt game because grandma is playing that deck
game okay you you get into Bitcoin okay it is the way out of that and some
people 20 percenters will find out about it 80 percenters we’ll hear about it but
to me it looks like more and more people what what stuff they valued stuff over
savings okay and want to get in Hey in the long run you’re gonna end up 75
years old and in debt and if you’re not healthy you’re gonna end up at an old
person’s home okay you’re gonna older so the government is gonna end up taking
care you would wipe from your butt and you’re not gonna be able to take care I
mean that is that to me is like a nightmare scenario for someone age 75 or
older but hey look at that in 1989 only 1/5 Americans that were
that age were in debt and now it’s it’s almost half unbelievable and again is
some of your saying well people are people are getting out of the system
people are learning how bad the debt system Millen and it provides a
comfortable lifestyle up to a point up to a point up to the
when you need not to be in debt anymore and you’re getting to trouble all right what is this Forbes article here oh yeah
for all you people that think block stream is some conspiracy they control
Bitcoin or whatever block stream reveals a massive Bitcoin mining facilities and
it’s all about the decentralizing are making big remaining less centralized so
I say compete don’t complain if you think they control the whole darn world
there they’re competing they’re creating other mining options out there there
they’re taking array with some of the Fudd stirs like to say that old Bitcoin
mining is so centralized well they’re they’re making it less centralized there
they’re there they’re creating more a competition for mining there in Indiana
doing they’re doing it in Quebec and I forgot the other some other country but
yeah you can read the article in different and some of you are just gonna
still be like oh it’s they own Bitcoin ok waste your time with that here is
finally we have someone who is in motion an artist and he says what’s it’s they
forgot is it Paul Paul Heller art calm he’s linked to below with his tweet a
Bitcoin glass are 33 inch diameter of gold glass with a raised to be
iridescent glass and you can see pictures of it that the tweak and X’s
and he contacted me I a if you want to buy a Bitcoin art it check out Paul site
and it’s good it’s a good way to spread the word through art and shows that in
in the cryptocurrency space in the Bitcoin space you could be an artist and
be an entrepreneur that dude is in motion he’s taking advantage of the
popularity of Bitcoin and he’s creating some interesting art around it so so
good for him he’s competing he’s not complaining that’s it that’s it for the
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  1. I must admit I'm a little in debt because I borrowed to buy some BTC before the run up. Wonder if Suzy Orman would approve of that!

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