The 1 Bitcoin Show- Cryptopia hack? BTC or Gold in 2030? Lightning Network

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
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January the 15th 2019 value your wealth and bitcoin strong hand offended by
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Bitcoin ouch alright so check out the links below
everything I talked about this video is linked below link to below first thing
to talk about is this crypto Pia pack so it might have been a hack it’s linked to
below the crypto Pia release you know they’re saying they’re reporting it to
authorities that a lot of funds have been stolen it’s linked to below you can
see what they had to say about it also linked to below is what some other
people had to say about it so let’s see what happens in these next few days
we’ll come back online will some people get some Bitcoin back some of their alt
coins back or they come up with a plan or they’re just going to disappear and
run away we shall see but this type of occurrence this is the past this is the
present and this is the future of cryptocurrency of the space oK we’ve
been through this before we’re going through it now we’re it’s gonna happen
again in the future with all that in mind I don’t know how anyone can keep
their any cryptocurrency even a six-tier one on an exchange with
I mean without understanding it there’s a great chance they’re gonna lose it
they’re gonna lose it again control learn how to control your
own private key get a treasurer links below
t-shirts also alright so now this is this has happened before it’s gonna
happen again in well Pantha says this interesting that this happens in a bear
season where small exchanges are struggling to make ends meet and are
aggressively messaging anyone involved with crypto projects to get them to pay
listing fees to get listed on their platforms so yeah it’s like the complete
opposite of the end of 2017 when in any exchange could name a high price for
some tenth tier altcoins or ICO to be listed on their exchange and it would be
paid now these exchanges that you’re seeing well maybe it was hacked but if
this if this is just the first hack that happens it’s it’s this might just be an
exit scam you know we’ve we’ve run out of Bitcoin we spent more than we’ve you
know we’ve spent users funds and now we’re just going to run away now I don’t
know if that’s happening there or not but it is true it is true that it’s
harder to run the exchange than it was before
in the end of 2017 all sorts of coins and I CEOs could we’re pain lots of
Bitcoin to be listed and now that’s not happening anymore so one would think if
some of these guys are don’t have what they say they have that there’ll be more
hacks coming up and that and maybe some will just say hey we’re going out of
business maybe some will be honest about it we will see crypto P was not a
smallest jscript o P it was an exchange in people used for the big core airdrop
that was a crypto dividend of a Bitcoin a an air-dropped one as I just said but
yet people I know people use crypto p a– for that and yeah so we’ll see maybe
crypto he isn’t gone maybe maybe it’ll be back but it just if it come if it
comes back don’t leave your Bitcoin there don’t leave your Bitcoin anywhere
by you’re where you control your private
key all right so we we mentioned way all pandas what he had to say but but it’s
funny well panda also retweets with the guy in
charge of by Nance says and the guy in charge of by Nance the owner by Nance
says for people to keep their coins on exchanges he thinks it’s a good idea he
thinks this is a good idea well obviously he owns an exchange I mean
maybe he maybe he doesn’t have what he says he has maybe he needs people to
keep coins on his exchange I don’t know that’s horrible advice it’s terrible
advice keeping the coins on the exchanges but hey he said it today so
you know be careful who you listen to out there it’s unfortunate a lot of
people gonna see what that Finance guy had to say in the Booga yeah this is
just a fluke occurrence this crypto key exchange nothing like this has ever
happened before nothing like this is ever gonna happen again
so finance guy I’ll go with him no all right everybody found that like button
if you’re with the Meister and you know you know long-term thinking don’t be
don’t be impulsive and put just and say well I’ll just keep my Bitcoin on this
exchange and just for a little bit because I think I’m gonna get this real
nice all coin in and flip it right away no that’s impulsive so speaking about
not being impulsive there is a great thread out there about you know
basically about how not to be impulsive here it is this is from paranoid bull
the short-termism of our time is a cancer which has
infected the way businesses operate the way people consume information and now
the way our central bank’s attempt to control the system I don’t care about
the central facts whatever by definition short-termism it I don’t care about the
central bank’s because I’m in the Bitcoin I don’t worry I don’t I don’t
care what they’re doing alright by definition short-termism
is subject to noise you better believe it is brother all that crypto noise out
there freaking people out of their Bitcoin yeah then they do some they make
a short-term mistake get rid of their bit they’re impulsive short-term
mistakes and there you go influenced by noise nothing happens in a short period
of time the real world requires time for things to
unfold but quarterly or earnings headlines tweets and press releases
can’t wait for that they need to put out information fast remember that people
remember that headlines tweets and press releases can’t wait they can’t wait they
need to put out information fast so they’re gonna put out big headlines big
things to get you emotional things that basically noise that can trigger you
into becoming a short-term thinker into becoming impulsive and you’re this guy
causes short-termism yeah that’s that’s a good term there
dude read the rest of this guy’s thread don’t be impulsive that’s speaking about
being a long-term thinker is that’s not being impulsive meteor mob mob mood of
who is related to Marad I believe um she has a tweet out there and it’s about
gold and I want you to think about this on a long-term perspective given the age
of accelerating technology that we find ourselves in today it seems highly
improbable that the world will continue to rely on chunks of yellow metal for
monetary soundness bitcoin is greater than gold so yeah think about that
people think about that it’s the Year 2019 now it’s pretty futuristic I mean
the technologies is increasing everyday we have the United States sent a a probe
to the Kuiper belt I mean and again there’s a lot of people though
technology really doesn’t exist we live on a flat earth okay yeah that’s great
you can believe that personal responsibilities new countercultural
that’ll get you very far in life that platter of stuff but but going back to
going back to this those 2019 or it’s just an amazing kind of be alive but and
it’s I mean if you are alive in 2015 you see now that in 2019 things are a lot
better I mean in terms of technology so let’s think about 2030 2030 is in 11
years it’s in 11 years not that far away it’ll be the 2030s okay it’ll be the
it’ll be the 30s again in the in the 1930s yeah gold was that was pretty big
20 is not going to be the 1930s you all
know that so what what would you rather have in the 20 in 2030 Bitcoin or gold
okay so the big coin you can be a short-term thinker and you can be
freaked out by all the 2019 headlines and say bitcoin is dead bitcoin is dead
it don’t take your eye off the ball people don’t take your eye off the ball
what are you gonna need in 2030 what’s gonna be dominating you think you’re
gonna need chunks of metal in 2030 or you think that the technology will have
advanced that every form of money will be digital and you’re gonna want the
decentralized form of it the truly the rock of cryptocurrency the world reserve
cryptocurrency Bitcoin you make it you make your decision now for how you can
position yourself in the 2030s as it was again that the tweet was all about well
yeah it seems highly improbable that the world will continue to rely on chunks of
yellow metal for monetary soundness yeah it is highly improbable in this world of
accelerating technology and it’s just a great time to be alive I look forward to
the 2020s I look forward to the 2030s Omiya tech bolt on Twitter te CH B alt
go to tech balkon see all my old this week in Bitcoin shows we’re setting up a
good one this week I think Gabriel for men as well will probably be on it’ll be
on at 3 p.m. well 1 p.m. London time 8 a.m. Eastern
time in New York and I think we have a guest from I think we have a guest from
South Africa hall and also I’ll leave that I’d love to be a surprise so
brought with us oh and yeah pound that like button of course
okay I almost forgot something here so I’m obviously a guy with a very very
positive spin on life and a lot of people are looking back on 2018 and just
bringing up the negatives of 2018 well here we got a guy he’s got an article
out there the rapid growth of the Lightning Network is by many considered
perhaps the largest accomplishment in 2018 for
Bitcoin against the charts of the growing capacity are shared almost every
day so I’ve decided to look under the hood of these metrics let’s take a look
so take a look let’s let maybe we’ll look back on 2018 and say yeah that was
the year of lightning that was the year that just jump-started it oh my god has
it now look at how it’s changed the whole entire world but not only 2019 we
can look back he’ll 2018 where everyone said oh I lost all my money to Google
you can look back and review what what happened in lightning in 2018 get a get
if he that’ll strengthen your hand get give you a more positive outlook on life
I’m always trying to spread positive vibe dude if he finally won one other
positive vibe thing a guy who is definitely in motion
Brian UK big coin master oh my god he has a video out and this video isn’t
targeted for someone like me but I watched it it’s got the Bitcoin for
beginners Channel but even if you’re a little bit above a beginner you should
watch this video because he just straights up it explains terms and you
know diff different herbs the basics abbreviations
he explained played at one point thought playing all my play my video at 2x
playing is it 2x it saves you a lot of time there’s your tip of the day and
know you might you might learn something you might have so again I always am I
always marvel it some of the people who get into this space and they’ve skipped
some very important facts and so Brian goes over some some basics and you might
you might have not known some of the things that he has to say
may depend on your level and it never hurts to review some of the basics it
never does so good job Brian UK big boy master you should subscribe to him get
him a few more of those subs spread the word freak we’d even do it’s all linked
to there no he’s linked to below check him out he’s a good guy over there and
in the land of England Britain and that’s it yeah that’s all I had to say
for today oh no look wait before someone died
Bennet has been supporting this channel a lot Thank You guy Bennet for the $5
he says in 1933 the government tried to confiscate all the gold from citizens
will they try the same with Bitcoin in 2033
they can’t I’m confiscating oh my god that was beautiful guy that it that was
really good you’re right you’re right baby hey it’s
uh done confiscated well let’s let’s leave it at that if if the government
and I’m not anticipating this if the government trying to go around
confiscating peoples Bitcoin again maybe they won’t know they can’t do it they
can’t just run in your house and take your Bitcoin if you had gold under your
bed yeah that’s it that’s the end all right well thank you guys for the five
dollars everybody i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister disrupt meister remember
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  1. Thanks for a) another great show… and b) for the great shout out re my YouTube channel at the end 👍

  2. Cryptopia is a cause of Proof of Key, jan 3 2019. hacked my butt we have PC at the house we put our own passworrd security codes. lol they hacked them self so they dont have to pay BTC coz proof of key is to pull BTC out of exchange and put your BTC where you hold your private key, if you dont hold or own your private key you dont own your BTC or any altcoins. cryptopia pull a mt. GOX hahahhaha

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