The 1 Bitcoin Show- Crypto winter? Bill Gates noise again, Ledger on TV, China, Bgold

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Portland is awesome you’re doing a good thing man you are you’re doing some good
stuff and you were in motion man you did not you did not wallow and regret
because he didn’t get Bitcoin early but you thought you’d get Bitcoin early then
you didn’t get Bitcoin early because 2015 2016 that’s early even though you
knew about it beforehand hey it all works out people it’s still early now so
have no regrets don’t be a winner sugar cut a type of person just do it have a
strong hand well thank you so much crypto doc and inspiration for everyone
in the Bitcoin ecosystem all right what else do we have here I was a mechanic
people questions in the superjet sendeth who the superjet i answer
questions it’s very generous of everyone over there always on Twitter we set the
ledger nano they tweeted this out the ledger nano people tweeted this out
letter letter nano s featured in the last episode of show times billions and
then it gives the episode number what annoying drawler
this is a quote from it I guess 1 million dollars straighten crypto in
cold storage it was a great surprise for us getting more and more mainstream well
you know I don’t watch TV at all I haven’t watched a Showtime did they used
to show like soft corn peed back in like my middle school days and stuff but I
there were there be an older kid that would take the sophomore P for us and
then we’d be all excited that we you know we could watch this softcore stuff
anyway I think now you know softcore pee is like that’s on regular mainstream TV
I assume I don’t watch TV but anyway when you’re middle school or you like
that softcore Peeta so going back to the you value your wealth and women when
you’re gay that’s the thing you mature from being in middle school guys you got
it you got it cats keep that middle school mentality but it’s all about the
valuing your wealth wealth and women you kind of move on the grout value your
wealth and Bitcoin eventually eventually so anyway I mentioned this because there
are a lot of 80 percenters that sit there the only time they have with their
wives where they think they’re free is like we’re watching a series together on
Showtime or Netflix or whatever they do and so some people might have woke up
because it probably seemed pretty gangster like to see this little this
little device in it’s a 1 million dollar straight in crypto in cold storage a few
people probably get wait a second I’ve heard about this big coin before and you
can put 1 million dollars worth it on one of these little things
I mean hey I again don’t watch TV but if you happen to be watching TV with your
wife maybe they broke some people up and I hope it did and so I think it’s good
when these 80% typisch and maybe and maybe it’s a smart show I have no idea
you know what i think toeb is mentioned it once a while ago I watched it I think
it’s a complete waste of time everything
TV but who knows I think it’s good when these things happen I would think it was
integrative Conway Kanye West it brings up Bitcoin just because it might wake up
some people and get them get him here faster because some people don’t even
know that they should be here with us alright so here’s an article by the
creek toy shop calm crew I’m not wearing a shirt of theirs right now again I love
that that hoodie yells wearing it yesterday so check out crypto eShop calm
I link to their blog below it is an article about Bitcoin is Bitcoin and it
talks about some beat cash a little bit in there and I know a lot of you like to
like to hear about be cash for some reason yeah it just worms your insides
to hear bad things about be cash a if that’s your thing do your thing but no
the article itself is very good you know it’s it’s bitcoins Bitcoin there gonna
be a lot of knockoffs so Bitcoin out there but there’s only one Bitcoin
the rest are all coins okay so this guy agnus angus champion is that like Angus
Young ac/dc yeah anyway in four years of givings I haven’t heard a single senior
banker regulator policymaker or politician express fear that bitcoin
is going to wholesale replace fiat in the developed world should they worry
certainly some businesses should that Western Union but nobody is trying to
kill it okay guys this is this is a great reality check by this dude I agree
I mean the best I think got better things to worry about than Bitcoin right
now it is a blip on the radar or of course they’re not worried about it
wholesale replacing Fiat in the developed world I don’t think it will
ever wholesale in the in the developed world they’re not just good I mean so
many 80 percenters are so hooked on the debt life
they’ve gotta stay on the welfare dollar they’ve got to okay so this is what
bitcoin is something for the 20% for people who desperately need it in the in
the developing world who need to get that completely save all their fiat get
it out of their country immediately is an insurance policy but I again it’s
it’s not I don’t see Bitcoin as ever this one world currency replacing all
fiat in the developed world banks have a lot of power
this isn’t threatening that mister I bring this up because I just don’t get
everyone a reality check but then it’s not the worst thing in the world I mean
that’s not the goal bitcoins not to take over the fiat world okay it’s not it’s
for the smart people and it’s again it’ll put some businesses out of
business but again people come up with like well the price just crash in terms
of Fiat because of this Bank because of this because of debt because there’s a
conspiracy there aren’t conspiracies against
Bitcoin there aren’t there aren’t a bunch of bankers gathering in a back
room say oh we’re shutting this barrel we’re gonna conspire with George Bush
and Barack and Clinton and shut cryptocurrency down and bad mountain
they could care less now they couldn’t they kind of care they it’s not on their
radar so don’t worry about nebulous sociopathic leaders worry not worrying
about it or worrying about it you’ve got better things to deal with don’t you if
you end up worried about Hillary Clinton is she gonna shut down Bitcoin you’re
wasting your time you’re giving yourself a no coin or excuse that’s just a no
pointer excuse Oh the banks are conspired with Hillary no they’re not
they’re not to shut down Bitcoin okay this guy’s correct they’re not called
the politicians they’re not talking about their the politicians have brought
it up to avert your signal okay they bring up to talk about drugs and they’re
gonna do some useless of regulation maybe they don’t know what they’re
talking about there’s you know maybe they don’t
understand it so don’t worry about all right I said I’d like that guy’s tweet
and just think of it this way if you want to be a twenty percent IRR it’s an
it’s a tool to get you into that elite think of it in a positive manner all
right be gold has a P gold has a response to the a6 threat I actually
talked about that the other day this is they have a bit bit name they’re gonna
fork I check out their their blog link to below alright again
I am tech bolt on Twitter TCS BLT and found that like button of course
oh okay so we have happy times have we been through this before guys or someone
like Bill Gates someone like Warren Buffett says something bad about Bitcoin
and cryptocurrency and the Fiat price drops because of all the weak hands who
fall for it every single time or who hadn’t been around very long because
we’ve been through this many times and it will happen again because of all of
the 80 percenters who put people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett and all
these old-school type of thinker financial thinkers financial players on
this pedestal Oh Alan Greenspan set boundaries who can’t think there one
there’s regular duties when compared to Bitcoin no one can kill Bitcoin no one
can can stop Bitcoin if someone who’s supposedly important says something
about it great it you should probably ignore them
because they don’t know what they don’t control it and and so we’ve seen this
happen before it’s the same reaction by the weak hands every time so let me add
how many more times it’s gonna happen in the future I don’t know well what will
you do with Dominic app says something about because he’s gonna say something
about it one day whether it be when he’s present or when he’s not president or
I’ve got one agent again we’re gonna do that is it gonna be a good thing or a
bad thing should you even care no who cares
Estes Ava just like who cares works on this preparing you for the future there
just have a strong hand pink 2020 happy that’s a real thing
Donald Trump Warren Buffett Bill Gates all they don’t have any say over Bitcoin
okay no say it all and sure Donald Trump might say something it might boost the
price of Bitcoin we should take it easy with that too we shouldn’t go too crazy
just because he said something good okay these are just individuals individuals
and again he says since Donald Trump is in popular culture I mean you can
interpret it say okay he brought it up maybe some 80% you’re gonna find out
about it and buy it but again it’ll probably cause an unnecessary pump and
then don’t be a dumb and then you’re worrying about that so there’s there’s
prices to pay for everything okay doom and gloom crypto winter maximum okay so
there’s this big Lou maximalist like I guess I gotta call him that in our
cryptocurrency space and well they’re not they’re not always on the maximum
but they lean toward that at least there’s some dudes that just get like
such a kick out of being doom and gloom errs when it comes to cryptic risk so
Vicky lingham I he likes to be contrarian voice let’s put it nicely
okay and he retweeted this this tweet that
I’m about to share with you as I have it linked on another plate okay
crypto winter never came that’s a bad thing come on man come on you know what things
get bad you want the end of the world oh you’re just like a dude I’m not gonna
say the word P ORM or what so here’s a replied about this G Jeremy put that out
there Jeremy and again it wasn’t Ben he retweeted that Jeremy I’m guessing the
winter you are talking about will come but it will be a massive Hummer heating
the price is so low that 95 of the projects might die not this guy he’s
gonna dream of 95 percent of the projects might die just
die I mean and then the other guy replies I’d love that he loved that I
mean you you love you get a kid I mean that’s what makes you happy I mean when
the dot when there was a dot-com dump back in the early part of the 2000s did
you love that did you think that was funny people becoming poor I mean again
it was there they took the risk and everything you love them I mean I don’t
know who loves seeing you know friends and family who made mistakes suffer I
don’t know who loves that and again so and then I get someone replies he never
came what about the 70% correction on Bitcoin in 89 80 to 90 percent on most
of the alts and there you go I agree with that one right there okay we’ve
since December things have been down significantly in terms of BI again one
Bitcoin story was won’t be coming but there are dudes out there who spent
twenty thousand dollars of nineteen thousand dollars on a Bitcoin and
they’re feeling bad some of them have weak hands and they sold I don’t love
that I don’t think that’s good some of those were good people
again they I’m telling them to have strong hands you’re telling them crypto
winter hasn’t really come yet we need a worse thing than that to happen we don’t
need a worsted that wasn’t that that struck out some weak hands that shook
out some of this not bubble wishes this okay but no it’s not good enough yeah
it’s gotta be 95 or so it’s gotta be long it’s gotta be harsh
everyone’s gotta cry or something I mean come on I mean this is a doom and gloom
maximalist this is not how you stay in motion okay and again there is nothing
wrong with being contrarian I think there’s nothing wrong with saying hey
this is still a bear market and but again I don’t like the approach of
saying oh this is not the real bear market yet we ain’t seen nothing yet we
need to see something no I mean that’s not the kind of person I am so you can
be with those dudes you could be with this dude I mean it’s your choice
I say take a positive outlook on it look at history see how long bear markets
usually lasts or if there’s a bear market followed by our worst bear
market here we go it’s not a real correct and again I’m just reading off
this thread I link to it below is there’s a lot of good replies in this
thread it’s not a real correction if the crappy assets are already recovering in
price it’s not okay that they’re recovering in fright they haven’t they
haven’t gone back to their fiat price yet I mean what do you want what do you
want you want adjust the last in the forever
just you want to do whatever is you don’t want the cryptocurrency to be a
good thing you don’t want this to be the freedom that smart people have been
craving for for so far they’re so long the reward for being a 20% or yeah you
don’t want that you know maybe you’re a virtual signal or maybe you what maybe
you like the Fiat way I don’t know I know where this is coming from I know I
don’t have that mentality of oh woe is me we need a long winter the long winter
will come when the larger economy takes a downturn
unfortunately this next macro downturn will take longer to recover alright so
there we go here’s one of those dudes again from outside the crypto space has
been craving the end of the Fiat system as we do it the big bank of 2008 times a
million so he says when that happens when that finally happens was they been
predicting that for like since I was born basically you know Doug Casey and
everyone they I mean again I like Doug Casey on some levels but again he’s been
predicting you know you’ve you’ve needed gold since 1983 forgot sexy I need to be
wrong no and so then someone says I couldn’t
agree more well I say they’re uncorrelated SS
they’re not correlated bitcoin does whatever the heck it wants to do when
the economy goes down it doesn’t necessarily bring Bitcoin down because
they’ve said many times that bitcoin is the least correlated asset class out
there okay it does what it does okay you can use it maybe if you think that the
economy’s gonna go to Donna you you you buy Bitcoin but maybe they’re gonna go a
little bit down winning or maybe will go a lot up who knows
but to say to say that you know that you know that when the economy this
legendary predicted by Doug Casey in 1982 in 1983 when the Orioles won the
World Series Doug Casey was saying hey it’s if the economy’s going down so you
know when that day finally happens when all Armageddon breaks out
that’s Bitcoin will also go down identity’ reconquer okay great again
they live in that doom and gloom world Bitcoin doesn’t listen doesn’t doesn’t
have to do with any of the traditional assets okay and that’s why you’ve got to
opt in to this completely new paradigm opt in I don’t even like saying opt out
of the old system anymore I’m like saying opt in you’re moving to a higher
plane here and when you opt into this system you don’t have to work I mean the
other guys are left behind to do in bloomers okay that that rely on the
traditional you know what what what they’re used to are these supposedly
free markets that are heavily government influence again the government’s
influence the stock market D they can manipulate things in in subtle ways
obviously they play roles in all this governments cannot control Bitcoin they
can buy it they could try to buy that’s great be my guest try to buy it but they
can’t lie about how much big point is out there or manipulate make it seem
like there’s more of a kind than theirs okay
so shouldn’t crypto be more valuable when mainstream currencies are
underperforming stock market is based on company per firm from its hype crypto
market is based on share performance hype independent of how men how any
company perform through forms so it’s an alternative model okay I’ll just say
it’s an alternative model let’s leave it at that you go multi-year bear they usually build up
more years than the last bear cycle remember this is currency and tokens not
stocks the only similarity between them is a motion draw emotions drive
sentiment all right so that that’s a great puppet that’s a great point dude
we were in a way to remark it from 2014 to 17 do you remember when it was $600
do you remember when it was $200 in terms of Fiat well all of a sudden gave
you we haven’t made it through this we need a link to he said we need a linker
market we had a winter market dude we don’t need another one I mean is that
what this is gonna you want this ought to be about a series of huge long winter
markets fit followed by like four months of spiking followed by three more years
of winter markets is that I mean he’s that’s not where we’re getting here
that’s that no we’ve got real life happenings like the 2020 haven’t dude
all right that that won’t it dad do not favor long-term winter markets okay
something event like that does not make one thing especially when one has been
through the 2016 having and that’s basically when that winter mark the
previous winter market ended and this the person said why do you think that
it’s a bad thing that this isn’t this isn’t a winter market that we haven’t
learned our lesson good question do I get because the guy has got a bad he’s a
doom a doom and gloom fan and doom and gloom Maximus I’m not so sure we’re not
in winter right now there are a lot of people who bought tops here and we’re
nowhere near getting back there again yes yeah we are in a down market are in
a down market compared to at 20,000 oh yeah we definitely are what why do you
why do you want it to get worse it is nuttin it’s not necessary to get worse
it’s not necessarily going to get worse you want it to be $200 I mean do you
just want some cheap Bitcoin it’s pretty darn cheap right now for God’s container
to where it was just think of it that way isn’t the whole point of
decentralized networks that these projects can’t just die off
even crap like yose can have 21 hobbyists running a network a decade
down the road the winter metaphor is apt for traditional startups but price is
going to 0 for any crypto is questionable there you go dude none of
these things have died yet you know people say this one’s gonna die yeah
that one’s gonna die dude as long as there are a couple hobbyist keeping them
alive they will have some value for the foreseeable future
ok eventually eventually there’ll be some cat there will be a catastrophe
with one DS when the whole blockchain just breaks or something and everyone
will abandon it maybe do is that gonna happen on a 95% scale that’s 95% of them
in before the 2020 heaven no no so what this person is saying you know about
them dying in a winter market we’re not experiencing that in the next before the
2020 happy where they literally will disappear and you know a guy in his two
friends will keep some of these alive they’ll always be some 80 percenter the
Byam are so dude in Japan or Korea or wherever in India who knows what takes
to buy these things so no I we don’t need a winter Martin we don’t need a
Winter Market or winter downtown whatever you want to call it where we’ve
been in a downturn for a while I mean you know that many retweeted this is
kind of funny because it reminds me of when I was in South Africa in when I was
in South Africa the first time in 2015 over three years ago I’d say at the
cryptocurrency conference there where I first saw Vinnie lingham and and if the
price was low then I mean it was close to in the lower 300 high 200 I forgot
what it was in tourism bi and people were making predictions how low it will
it go how low will it go and someone said like $100 less than $100 and then
he said one of the wisest things I’ve ever heard anyone say in a in a down
market and he’s just like I know so many people in crypto currently in Silicon
Valley if it goes below $100 a you’re buying up
you know millions a Bitcoin okay so it cannot get that but I just can’t get
that low but there are people just like with their finger on the trigger they’ve
got a price where they are pulling up the trucks okay so where that price is
now I have no idea I have no idea but there this thing is so regal so
important to the the rest of humankind’s existence that there are there are some
rich smart people out there that are willing to back up the truck for this
thing and prevent these massive you know 95% going back into the hundreds type of
Corrections just like back in the day in 2015 how Binney said yeah there there
are dudes that will not let it go below a hundred because they you know they
want to become trillionaires basically and again it did not get below a hundred
dollars it did not get below a hundred dollars if it foresaw it was it would be
impossible at that time to get to fifty dollars was they were did so many people
just willing to buy it because they knew that it was just their long-term
thinkers you don’t become rich without being a long-term thinker so hey don’t
let these doom and gloom Maximus to get you down the creek that went there don’t
worry about it dudes we’re in a little but there’s a downturn in terms of fiat
now but the same you need something worse this is just no all right stay
positive stay positive long-term thinking all right shine up banks
Chinese banks are big big this is from the weak calm banks are bigger to the
three largest banks in the world are all Chinese the country’s banking sector hit
thirty five trillion dollars earlier this year roughly 3.1 times the size of
China’s annual GDP it overtook the euro zone’s banking assets of thirty one
trillion dollars two point eight times the eurozone GDP in late 2016
and in Italy frog America’s banks sixteen trillion dollars in assets
back in 2010 guys China’s got some tremendous banks
China’s got a lot of Fiat floating around there you you can hang out in the
Fiat world if you want to that doesn’t seem like something I’d want to be
valuing my wealth in okay too worried about what the Fiat value of my assets
are when you’ve got a nation-state like that that interferes in his
currency quite a bit controlling that much currency could having banks that
are debt tremendous it affects the entire Fiat system now I’m not saying
it’s all gonna collapse and the whole world is going to end but it is going to
inflate okay you’re you when you hold Fiat you lose value over time this is
just an example that in tremendous numbers and it puts a face on it then
maybe make you guys think a little bit more when you’re worried about spending
nine thousand dollars I’m a big point when you when you think about how thirty
five trillion dollars the top three banks in in in China control
unbelievable all right and speaking about centralized
networks China Matt hotel has a tweet one centralized networks are inherently
vulnerable to regulatory action yeah tell me about it
governments will regulate every Network vacant that can be regulated
remember that ripple people decentralization isn’t some fanciful
idea it is essential don’t trust verify okay and if you also have a tweet that
says that he’s talking about this like a guru out there these new these newcomer
gurus is 2017 his feet is just exaggerated coin dense headlines without
source links I thought that was a good summation of a lot of the a lot of the
talking heads out there they just exaggerated coin desk headlines without
source links people I mean again the people I talk about they don’t do that
okay the people I associate with they use their heads they they come up with
some general new ideas new thoughts but there’s so
many people out there they just read coin desk kind of twist it around then
pretend they didn’t really do they coined this
this is and people like it because they got nice flashy you know fancy graphics
remember no fancy graphics here I don’t know I know most of it I’m just I’m
describing the 80% side of things and I want the 20 percenters out there not to
get distracted by that kind of crypto noise because there’s a lot of noise
makers out there that that take already our mainstream articles in our
mainstream cryptocurrency news which are pretty lame anyway just ask Maximo how
they they don’t report correctly on on Venezuela and then they just further
further stretch these articles out to a point of I don’t know I don’t know why
people think they’re impulsive they want quick answers and I guess some of these
newfangled gurus since 2017 they they come up with a new they come up with
quick answers it’s it’s not always easy people the answer is not always easy
easy you got to be a long term thinker you got to be able to wait out bear
markets and you just got to understand some of the fundamentals and not get
carried away by trends alright i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister disrupt
meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video
dude check out the links section below pound that like button I’ll see you guys
in the chat right now bye

8 thoughts on “The 1 Bitcoin Show- Crypto winter? Bill Gates noise again, Ledger on TV, China, Bgold”

  1. I really appreciate men like Trace Mayer who welcome bears with open arms because they cleans the market. A subtle difference but a bit more of an up beat attitude than Vinny's.

    Now I know you're not into technicals but follow me on this Adam. Tone (who I also love) keeps stating this is very likely going to be similar to a repeat of 2014. But as you astutely pointed out, 2014 wasn't just comming coming off the heels of a 2 year bear.

    As if that weren't difference enough, a careful look at the historical performance of logarithmic trend breaches points to higher prices. If you set your chart to logarithmic and draw a down trend for each decline following a massive run, you will find only 2014 breach of the logarithmic trend saw lower prices afterward. But there was something unique about that breach. The other breaches had volume spikes on the lowest low immediately proceeding the logarithmic breach. 2014 did have a volume spikes on A LOW, but this was not the LOWEST LOW prior to the breach. This indicates "climax selling" had not occurred at the time of the breach.

    Climax selling has very likely occurredthis time around based on the volume spikes of Feb 6th, the lowest low prior to the latest breach of the logarithmic down trend.

    I'm also warning up to Hoffman's institutional floor hypothesis.. it makes sense when institutions keen on buying cannot buy any lower due to market cap constraints, they place their bets. Basically if they don't buy at the 100 billion they miss their entry.

    A bit long winded, but hey, it's free analysis.

  2. MGTOW here in southern California. With the help of Bitcoin , most of which i bought before 2017 I will get my effective tax rate federal and state below 8% when i quit working in four years, and that is if the price of bitcoin, gold, and stocks stagnate four years. I am my own financial planner. There are still clean decent zip codes with Mediterranean climate and i wanted to stay in California. Cheers!

  3. As you’re wearing a Litecoin teeshirt Adam what are your thoughts on Litecoin please?? Is it a poor mans Bitcoin or could it be a worthwhile altcoin (its one of the oldest and a clone of Bitcoin with improvements). I’d love to hear your thoughts. I thought you were a bitcoin maximalist so I’m surprised you’re wearing that tee man but glad you are if you get me

  4. Last night on Steven Colbert, the founder of Reddit was promoting Bitcoin as a great currency across many countries. You should check it out. Millions of people were watching.

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