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Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
july the 22nd 2019 and I just realized that I should have worn this shirt on
Saturday the 50th anniversary of men landing on the moon all right but still
strong ham long time think you need peace Val
you're wealthy bitcoin having hype I'm confiscating what we're gonna talk about
I'm confiscating all today one Bitcoin because one bigger I'm gonna talk about
that also today offended by selling well we talk about that every day here in the
five-digit realm I want to remind everyone I'm here in Tel Aviv Israel
into until September 25th then I'll be in Baltimore for about three weeks and a
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ball I've been tweeting stuff all day actually today I my 44 hour fast ended
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also so yesterday's show which is linked below of course every thought everything
I talk abouts link to below pastor Phil we were talking about the guy who had
what 14 Bitcoin 14.2 Bitcoin on his treasurer
and he he got an email that fished him out of his out of his Bitcoin he got 14
Bitcoin stolen he was going to use it for charity and it was just a nightmare
type of situation but I gotta say people and I link to his page you can
contribute to him if you want him but I was contacted by Chris of MWC of the
middle Imbolc coin and he said he reversed
Chris played by the rules and he registered his own Bitcoin and will get
his own nimble Wimble coin and and he will donate to to pastor Phil the middle
wibble coin is pastor Phil would have gotten it pastor Phil would have
registered 14.2 Bitcoin so I thought that was very nice of him to do that and
again this is not affecting the total numbers of air-dropped MWC out there
chris is going to give away some of his MWC that he got just like you got he
registered his Bitcoin also he didn't just talk to us he walked the walk just
like me I register my Bitcoin I'm getting MWC Chris's registered his
Bitcoin he's getting MWC and his he's giving something away to pastor Phil and
maybe pastor Phil I guess we'll let list the MWC address eventually and other
people if they want to give away their MWC to him can do so but he's linked to
below and the thing that I forgot to I forgot to mention that I wanted to open
the show up off with was that when pastor Phil got robbed again he typed in
his recovery seed and you should never do that on a computer so the crooks the
the straight-up crooks took his recovery scene and they stole his Bitcoin but
they didn't steal his Bitcoin they stole every single possible fourth crypto
dividend a Bitcoin okay and rocky Palumbo check this out I is rocky I'm
like well maybe he pastor Phil could get something back if you get some of the
crypt of dividends he's like no the crooks took everything like the bqx the
stuff you've never even heard of they took it off
they cleaned it out so again there's a lot of people it's worthless those
crypto deficit they're worthless why did a bunch of criminals steal all
of it they weren't just playing games that they weren't they weren't they
weren't working for those crypto dividends they spelled a crimp of
dividends because they won every single penny they could get the crooks respect
the money pound that like button so again that's a a lot of people say that
you know when criminals use a certain type of critic urgency it adds some
validity to it it shows you that there is value if crooks are stealing there is
there is some value to it and it's a sad fact of the world but yeah they didn't
just didn't just take his big coin it they took every forked crypto giving a
big point that there was there every fork now they did it register for air
drops with it of course but they said they did get take all the forks and
another thing I thought about so people wonder who the heck I've
registered 15,000 Bitcoin to get middle Wimble and some people thought it was an
exchange and then I thought to myself you know if you are if you're a broke
exchange if you're like operating some type of ponzi some type of what's it
called when they parse it on anyway if you're
not if you're operating that kind of operation where you don't have the
Bitcoin you say you have well then why not register the Bitcoin you have in
hopes you can carry out the fractional reserve lending that was what I was
looking for for as long as possible once you get the MWC you turn into the more
Bitcoin and maybe that's going to help you bail you out before the next proof
of Keys just just a thought we will never know who were some of those large
registers of Bitcoin but there was the dude that entity that residue 15,000 in
order to get well what's 15,000 times 40 that is 600,000 600,000 MWC yeah that's
what it is and yeah 600,000 MWC someone's getting
and it was funny some people comments-section we're saying I got more
MWC then tres mayor yet you did congratulations that's something that's
a cool aspect all of this yesterday I did mess up on something
and again MWC was a decrypted didn't it of an airdrop a Bitcoin that you could
have gotten up until the 19th and now registration is closed so you're gonna
have to buy it if you want it and it's it's a form of with the middle rim bola
there are all these limbo limbo coins out there being grin
now MWC and MWC is clearly the best one because it has the limited supply to it
okay but as so as Bitcoin hold was rewarded we were giving it for free so
that we can spread the word about it I guess and you know Val you're about the
Bitcoin as I say but I messed up yesterday I knew that the mean okay the
average amount of Bitcoin per address registered was 21 Bitcoin so that's
pretty high but that's just the average and again 15 50 mm pulls up the average
and I I assumed that thus the average person had about ten Bitcoin that
registered that's what I assumed that's a rough math that's that's rough that's
rough that the middle that the the median person the person in in the
middle had ten Bitcoin probably and that's that's a rough that's a rough
guess and I can't stick by that guess I actually made a misstatement and said
that the median address probably had 10 big point and that was false that's not
right the median address registered had point for $4.99 Bitcoin okay so that's
that's quite a bit less that was the median but again there were some people
that were registering really really smooth multiple very small addresses so
that's going to bring the median down so we will never know what who the median
person was the medium is each entity or person registers certain amount of
Bitcoin we will never know what that was is we only know what how much Bitcoin
was registered per address but my guess my guess is that the the median person
had ten big that the rich indeed got richer and I
think some of you are saying well even if if the median was for a person
holding person was one then the rich got richer because again the goal guys is to
get one Bitcoin and then you get a crypt of dividends from that one Bitcoin and
in the future people will consider a one Bitcoin order to be quite well-off so so
you must believe if you have the Bitcoin conviction so now Matt like button and
yeah so my my state yesterday about the median address how much that Bitcoin had
held that was just a guess and it was an incorrect yes again median Bitcoin
address register for MWC was point for $4.99 all right and the average per
dress was 21 Bitcoin but again average gets skewed quite a bit when some
someone's registering 15,000 Bitcoin so median is it isn't much as a much better
measurement when it comes to something like this that gets skewed to that side
and then gets also getting sued by the little numbers also all right so go
guard ah remember I made a video pod what was my video called how to claim
and sell bsd bt g bch with garda be diamond info also that video is linked
to below if you want to learn how to do that
but I was playing I was playing around with the guard a wallet today and it
gave me this message which is a glorious message this currency pair is not
available at the moment please try again later or contact support so it told me
that at that point if you want to sell bsv if you want to sell be cash they
could not provide big point for you okay D and again guard a is a wallet that
uses a service that switches around Bitcoin and be cash or Bitcoin to be a
sphere or any coins it's like God yeah it's it's like what Eric for his site
was supposed to be without the KYC and all that shake shift but today for a
brief time they ran out of Bitcoin and awesome because one day because that's
what everyone's trying to get clearly that's people value the rough a big
point they have all these all coins when they go to sites like this they're not
trying to get another alt couple some people are they're trying to get Bitcoin
for it and for a short time this service ran out of Bitcoin again it was back up
again eventually in the future probably after the 2020 having you're going to
see more of this where else they'll say this is this is the message you're gonna
get this currency pair is not available at the moment
please try again and that pair will involve Bitcoin pound that light button
alright so a lot of people there's some fuzz stirs out there Oh yet again if you
have questions type in a bitcoinmeister in the chat I can answer them uh Jake
art says give me some of your MWC bitcoinmeister laugh out loud much
appreciation for talk about it I got like 50 MWC because of you thank you
well do you must have number one Bitcoin because these Bitcoin got you over 40
MWC so awesome you're well on your way you know it's the one Bitcoin show and
yet Oh have long-term thinking just because you only have one note you can
have two of the future gonna 310 in the future you never know Andy Andy do you
know and what city they used to chant and yet the baseball games then we're
just kind of Eddie Murray he used to pull anyway okay so do you recommend
storing your Bitcoin Hardware wallet any safety deposit lot banks and a bank if
not where she keep it well yeah why not just don't keep your keep your recovery
seat somewhere else about do not keep your recovery I don't I want to keep my
recovery seed and safety deposit at place and about in a safety deposit back
box in a bank I don't I don't trust that enough no but the actual storage device
your treasurer I would keep a treasured as any safety deposit box at a bank
because they steal it they can't get into it they put in the likelihood
they're gonna steal it is very low where else would I
uh you know store- stories of iceland we can't tell you all my good ideas because
that would kind of reveal a little bit but I mean you could think of places you
can think of places to uh you know I mean again there are all these people
out there that become overly paranoid about this and they think that robbers
are gonna bust into their house and somehow know they have Bitcoin and then
somehow know to go to this special little place and know what to do with a
recovery seat or know what that they were that resort if a robber is gonna
rob your house I mean you're just some regular dude out there they don't know
you have big coins there's no reason anyone should know some regular dude out
there has big coin okay some guy who's in the chat who uses a fake name of the
chat they're not gonna know who you are and so if a robber comes to rob your
house they're gonna try to get your wife's diamond ring they're gonna try to
direct I mean like in Baltimore City you walk there's some of the dudes that
walk through good neighborhoods they see what's in the front so I see what's
sitting in the front window what's on the piano and so they come back later
they bust in they take what's ever on top of the piano it's not they don't
again a lot of I mean crackheads they just want something that's got $10 worth
about ten bucks so they can get some more crack I mean that's that's it so
most most safety precautions for your treasure are going to be pretty good if
they're at your house they're gonna pretty pretty darn good okay yeah you
know you put it onto the floor board or whatever I mean it's good the guy
robbing your house he's not gonna be ripping off your floorboards or anything
I've hacked and less you are someone out there that I meet has made it obvious
they have Bitcoin that you're stored in your floorboards or something like that
hey don't be that guy I guess so so and yeah my name really isn't adam meister
okay no matter what you are if you have fifty thousand Bitcoin you would get MWC
no matter what you are if you know j-card I mean I mean trace my hat might
have fifty thousand Bitcoin him again nwc one would hope if you had fifteen
thousand you would take full advantage of that and just rich get richer dude
get all those creepy I mean we all know traces rich trace could be a
billionaire and he just keeps getting richer and richer he's he has claimed
many more Forks than I have of coin he yeah definitely definitely
he's gone to Louis the low he's like that you know we're talking
unfortunately the robbers who robbed the pastor they claimed every single uh
crypto dividend trace who's a good guy has done the same thing and got a lot
more than those dudes have the rich get richer we should we should praise the
ring and we should try to emulate the rich but we shouldn't try to emulate
what the mistake that trace made when he didn't claim his MWC but the rich aren't
perfect don't put them on pedestals the things they do right learn from them
trying to emulate it and you get rich to success should be applauded on this show
we applaud success we're not victims here this is not this is not the victim
Channel goose go to one of those virtuous signal channels there plenty of
them out there who I mean that's how yeah that's how you fit on fitting in
YouTube in the general population and again fitting in is overrated clearly
when you have to be a victim to fit in I just want about it when I think of that
you know uh personal responsibilities a new counterculture all right one two
three no scope how long do you think it'll take until exchanges don't just
run out of Bitcoin pairs but start to run out of Bitcoin for people trying to
convert Fiat uh well that's the same thing that's the same thing anything is
possible it's uh it'll be the same time it'll be
the same time there's a lot of exchanges they're dealing Fiat though but again
they've been able to pull it not everyone most I think most of the
exchanges out there don't have the event right now they don't have the amount of
Bitcoin they say they have but they can keep up the game of musical chairs
pretty well because all these sucker MCs out there
they they don't value their wealth and Bitcoin era they don't know how to hold
their big coin or they'd trade so much they just keep everything on that they
think they're keeping everything on the exchange and these change says we had
this much of Bitcoin on the exchange when they really don't have and they
just trustee change okay but we've been and that's why January 3rd 2020 trace
will dude of keys again hopefully he'll start
talking about it earlier very soon hopefully they'll start talking about it
and maybe uh one of these across exchanges will go down and people are
gonna learn the hard way about controlling your own private keys and
not keeping that at a exchange all right so we're gonna talk about some inflation
thud that people love to say they'd love to say that
well people could just with all these Forks and and Peter Schiff is one of the
people who says this you just make as many big coin as you want you just work
it off and that's a new Bitcoin and all these crypto currencies that's just
inflation for Bitcoin well Stephen Stefan lavera and it's not because we
all know one big point equals one Bitcoin bitcoin is the next Bitcoin but
Stefan Lovera who is also in Sydney hopefully I'll see him on October 17th
to 24th your post questions the notion of bitcoins supply picked and again that
this is Bitcoin supply is fixed and this is not kind a controversial point but
again these busters try to make it a controversial point if you truly believe
minority forks represent more Bitcoin I think this is sorely mistaken
try try send it try sending it to someone for payment if you send someone
be cashed when they ask for payment in Bitcoin they will not consider that
payment there you go people there you go that's a simple way of explaining it
Bitcoin supply is fixed just because they printed a lot of be cash doesn't
mean that that bitcoins bitcoins supply has changed in any way because again if
someone says dude you're giving me a Bitcoin for that whatever for that
member wendel you're giving me a Bitcoin for that and you give them a B – they're
gonna say no dude you didn't you didn't pay me a big coin you should send me a
Bitcoin I didn't want that I want this I want the real thing all right
so again but we are on the show we already know that that bitcoins fixed
supply that is a tremendous selling point and it doesn't change just because
someone says oh we have the real Bitcoin again those are just crypto dividends
they're just ways of rewarding us with all comes and all coins are not big
holder's baby the life of a holder yeah alright strong hang with this Krueger
Krueger macro the coinbase popularity and typical whole time stats are very
interesting okay so I linked to this chart before up below excuse me
coin base coin base has listed their most popular crypto currencies okay and
and it's not a shock number one is Bitcoin number two is
aetherium number three is litecoin and number four is be cashed all right now
the issue they talked about the whole days the typical whole time statistics
for each of these coins and this is the interesting part one Bitcoin people for
baked for Bitcoin excuse me they people typically keep it on for 85 days on
coinbase a theory of 101 days and litecoin 119 days so to me I interpret
this as people who buy Bitcoin on there are the most knowledgeable they're not
diversify for the sake of diversification and they want it off of
there as fast as possible then it's a little harder to store a theorem and
litecoin just a tad bit harder attack they're not as many options out there
and it's also the people who are getting into those are just some of them are
just diversify for the sake of diversification they don't care about
proper holding so they're going to keep it on there longer okay now the number
for currency was B Tosh and that was only 77 days holding it there so that's
less than Bitcoin but my theory behind that is is that made of people who held
be cash there got it for free so they immediately turned it into Bitcoin so
they weren't holding it very long thus that brought down the the time again the
thread is linked to below with the chart on it it's an example of diversification
for the sake of diversification it also it lists all the other crypto car
but they they haven't even been on point base for a year so you it's like
comparing apples and oranges and he tries tough he tries to figure out what
their dates would be if they had been there for a year so check it's an
interesting thread checking an interesting chart check it out below a
man the bitcoin people know the bitcoin people know get it get it off of there
as quick as possible all right pirate beach bum reminds everyone make sure to
vote for the most hardcore Bitcoin maximalist it's linked to below it's
called the new knees and uh because he's hacker hacker noon is the sunny and I'm
you can vote for me if you want if you think I'm hardcore I mean I'm not really
a big I mean I'm a I'm a big point first row because I talk on me again I'm very
willing to take these uh crypto dividends
seriously I will take free money and turn into the Bitcoin what the heck I'm
not screaming they're worthless it's ludicrous to say that worthless when
criminals are stealing them they're not worthless okay
yeah and even those lowly ones alrighty uh let's see coin desk what is this
about oh yeah some company caught Anchorage which is a
member of the libre constituency or whatever the Libre conglomerate of
companies I don't care about that aspect if there's article and coined a desk
that says why it shows South Dakota for a crypto custody office now I think it's
great that South Dakota is competing with Wyoming to make it you know a tax
friendly jurisdiction for crypto custody and everything that they're trying to do
out there these are interesting states that I have been in before and so good
compete don't complain don't be like New York but I what I want to say this link
to below also besides this article is a video of mine from three years ago June
of 2016 live fourth of 2016 Nick Coyne and South Dakota are the perfect match
yep I do I was I just I had driven through South Dakota what in October of
2015 and we watch the video I thought it was a
good idea for the state to get into Bitcoin back then
good to hear they're into it now all right so classic and again you watch all
my old videos and I've got a lot of them like over thirteen hundred fifty of them
now disrupt meister dot-com oh here's a reminder of why you don't want to rely
on these centralized entities that control any of your private information
because if you do they're gonna get hacked bitcoin doesn't get that here it
is records of more than 5 million Bulgarians got stolen by hackers from
the country's tax revenue office in a country of just seven million people the
scale of the hack means that just about every working adult has been affected Oh
God the center and again so they'll weep the weak points of centralization right
there and personal information so yeah if you want to get involved in putting
your personal info information on centralized blockchains
well if a country can't control personal information everything can be hacked in
centralized you read the article alright so let's talk about enough something
else in the mainstream that reminds you of the glory of Bitcoin and this should
also you know there's these health savings accounts out there where you
know I guess the government or I don't know you somehow story or you saw them
you save tax-free and it'll pay for your overpriced health care eventually or
something clearly I've got I have not looked into it at all bitcoins should be
serving your future health needs okay that should be your savings account for
your health needs but here on the Mount Market Ticker
Carl denature who hates Bitcoin by the way but he he brings up an interesting
so you were so the health savings account as a means to manage medical
cost right and you have some debt right then for whatever reason you can't pay
said day surprise unlike most retirement assets eg 401ks and by the way 401 k's
felching they'll be able to confiscate one day also ATS A's are not privileged
so debt collectors are now seizing your HSA tax privilege yes but not otherwise
beware folks these accounts can have quite quite a material balance in them
and you can't do anything to protect them against this sort of raid since you
can only spend them on medically related matters so ok you got into some day they
the correct card companies are coming after you and they cannot they can take
this they can take this from you your your house savings accounts and you
can't just like call it back all of a sudden you'd have to get really sick and
just like spend it all but you're not in it dude
it's confiscated it is confiscated well create a house cells account with
Bitcoin it's not confiscated ok I know you should be going to the dead and
going bankrupt and everything but but again you thought that this was
untouchable by them it's not it's not so just saying if you went into regular and
people can go into debt for all sorts of reasons like hey I just got divorced my
wife took everything now I have nothing I am in debt now I own credit card
companies money and they're going into my house savings account that my wife
didn't get there you go if you had your house savings account in terms of
Bitcoin you'd be in a different situation you could take all your
Bitcoin leave the country forget about those debt collectors forget about the X
Y etcetera etcetera it's truly unconscious capable that
health savings account you were sick you were sold because it was a confiscate
well it's not uncomfortable all right Simon DX in and again apparently they're
getting into these things now they're taking them away from people so personal
responsibility people Simon Dickson has a tweet video out
there it really gets going at the 22 minute mark he sums it all up but if you
love Simon Dickson rants then you can listen to the whole thing I wish you
could play it at 2x you can't do that on Twitter how Japan is positioning itself
to be the next superpower economy by dominating crypto and he talks about
some things that Japan has done that has put
putting into a good position to dominate crypto the space in terms of uh I mean
the biggest thing they could be doing and maybe they are doing is buying up
Bitcoin that's the best thing I didn't say they were doing that but you know
they seem to be knowledgeable about it and if they're really knowledgeable
about they really shouldn't be buying it – we shall see one day
all right so someone before the show started sent me a reddit thread about a
guy talking about how you assume probably back in 2015 or so 2014 who
knows when the back in the day he bought his sister a Bitcoin and he gave it his
sister a big Bitcoin as a present in a paper wallet it was clearly a paper
wallet and I guess during the boom she came to him she's like my brother I have
lost the the big coin and he's like too bad you lost the Bitcoin I mean come on
personal but then he admits not to his sister that he made a copy of the of the
paper wallet so he was he nervous what happened I guess it was a test
he gave her a present he gave her quite a glorious present that she didn't think
very highly of if she lost it what does she lost a diamond ring probably not so
she had the chance to have a Bitcoin she lost that opportunity and now he has his
Bitcoin and you can think when you want to think about that but I mean she
didn't respect it she did not respect the money she did not respect the money
she respected the money and he he had long term thinking just in case Sicily
loses this I'll be cool now so when I started thinking about that and I
remember something someone left left in the comments yesterday a long term long
term water of this show and a long term thinker long time watcher and a long
term thinker he said Adam you gotta bring out one of those classic rock
songs he used to end the show with you'd said you put a link to a show at the end
a link to a song at the end and sometimes it and I think I'd link to
whose songs before by the WHO and so this guy's talking about his sister and
immediately the song Cotton's in my head sister disco by the WHO it's from the
by who's the who's next album in 19 or who are you who are you
excuse me who are you album there who are you album from 1978 which is also a
great song the last one that Keith Moon was part of as he died shortly after
that again don't do drugs and drink alcohol at the same time especially and
vomit in your sleep and drown in it but that's what happened that Keith Moon
like rock-and-roll lifestyle overrated so but but but I bring up this song
sister disco because the meaning behind the song is they it was 1978 disco was
huge and they were not gonna change their ways the WHO with the what the
song meant was that no we're not giving in we've got conviction Pete Townsend
has claimed that the song was written as a statement that the who would never use
disco elements in their music with sister disco I felt the need to say that
the group would never ever in any way do anything like the Bee Gees we stand over
here and what we stand with is alright they might say we are boring old farts
but we still feel more at home with the boring old farts than any of that crowd
did he mean is overrated disco was the flavor of the month conviction the who
is the next to strong hand and was too much of a who maximalists though because
he really took he took it to an extreme didn't he living the whose lifestyle but
yeah a lot of people say bitcoin is old and boring you've got to get in on the
point flavor of the month a lot of people said to them yo you guys are old
and boring you got it you got to create some disco it's 1978 it'll be a hit
it'll be huge you'll make so much money and they said no we're gonna stick with
rock and roll we're gonna do this for this album and our next two albums that
we do in the 80s and we're gonna be forever known as a rock and roll band
and be able to sell all of our albums forever and ever for so much money and
then it'll be a long-term thinking it'll be much better than just getting a
little shot from some quick-quick of play through the month album so you can
learn a lot I can I can turn anything into something a bit code related there
so it is a good song to the chorus goodbyes just just go that's that's good
that's good they kind of break it down a little bit too much in it with the
synthesizer but anyway i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
remember to subscribe this channel like this you share this video
check out the links below including that who saw on which of course i could not
listen to because i'm still in mourning because of my father you can't listen to
music during the mourning period so you guys check it out instead have fun with
that stuff bang that bell button remember a new show here every day I
will say hello to all you dudes Bitcoin to the moon in the chat right now thanks
a lot

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  1. Putting a Trezor in someone else's control (ie safe deposit box) is a really BAD idea Adam. Private seed phrase can be extracted. If you add the extra seed word and it's not easy to guess, you are probably ok.

  2. Adam, would you please tell Chris Gilliard how thankful I am for his kindness to me and my family! I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the MWC Chris is donating to me. I have no way to contact him so please pass on my thanks! May God bless him richly for his generosity! Pastor Phil

  3. No such thing as crypto dividends. They're simply airdrops and forks.
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