The 1 Bitcoin Show- Coinbase takes the 4th tier spam coin route! Gold is old, Ran's disclosures

hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is December 18 2018 strong hand this game is not rigged offended by selling without of your wealth in Bitcoin one Bitcoin goes one Bitcoin I'm confiscating I'm not going anywhere alright personal responsibility is a new counterculture I had to add that in there too so check out all the links below disrupt meister dot-com problem yet tech ball to e CH BLT get t-shirts below all sorts of affiliate stuff so I'm in Tel Aviv Israel I want to talk more about this the big party on January 3rd all over the world is gonna be a party celebrating a 10-year anniversary of Bitcoin so I'm running today in Tel Aviv running over seven miles and it's run by someone that I met a nice young woman that I met at the Bitcoin embassy and it's just that the only other time this happened me in the city was in Edmonton where I ran into Bitcoin people who I knew and Edmonton that I I ran into just randomly went running so that's happened in Tel Aviv already and it reminded me that I better learn more about this party and I linked to the party information below if you're in Tel Aviv you can buy the tickets the link to below at the face of what you can read about at the Facebook site hopefully hopefully I am going to be doing a livestream and will have people on that oh that are from the Tel Aviv area that know about Bitcoin but and will show the party and it'll be a massive adam meister ask me anything also Thursday January the 3rd 2019 if all goes well well the party is definitely happening perhaps it will be live-streamed here I mean we got to work out the logistics but I'm sure all of you want a massive ama since I never do that anymore anyway so we'll combine a lot of fun things is the ten-year anniversary why not make an epic and of course there's a seven hour time difference so well it'll be nighttime here you guys will be over watch it at work see all these Tel Aviv errs getting drunk it's an open bar apparently to check out the Facebook link below if you want to attend or their their ticket party that Bitcoin dot or whatever checking this all linked below I label it okay so let's let's go up change the subject matter we're talking about modern-day Bitcoin and all these hip tel-aviv people that they know they know that bitcoin is gold 2.0 way beyond gold 2.0 but Andy Hoffman has a tweet out there today that kind of brings it back to the old school and he mentions this what he says my former employer the owner of a major u.s. bullion dealer dealer admitting what I have have said all along that no one buys precious metals anymore and this is the quote from the dude our clients are by and large in their 60s 70s and 80s where are the young people the guy actually and I linked to the Miles Franklin article where the where the guy actually says this our clients are by and large in their sixties seventies and eighties where are all the young people well I'll tell you where all the young what were the young people are they're buying the big coin dude it's it's gold 2.0 you can take it anywhere you can't take that gold anywhere man you're not gonna put that in your backpack and put it on the plane and yeah you guys know the story I don't have to get into any more anymore but I thought it was interesting that day he's putting it into words he's he's stating it he's putting it out there a guy that's a bullion dealer dealer so no I don't want any gold people ask me that still no I have no plans never well okay so set and so now we're on it seems like every day I'm talking about another non-mainstream person who's known throughout the internet through YouTube or Twitter or whatever some some outside of the traditional news type of person it has got a problem being blocked by some third party that involves cutting down their revenue stream and today's person is faith Goldie and after and this is her tweet after collecting roughly three thousand dollars in three hours my GoFundMe page has been removed I received no email notice from them start stating why my lawful campaign was banned okay so when I first saw this I'm just like you got to get Bitcoin first of all Matt Adele retweeted that and he said the same thing you gotta get Bitcoin apparently she's had a Bitcoin address in the past and well now she's promoting that Bitcoin address and she's raised like three hundred dollars through it if you value your wealth and Fiat she probably does so she's you know she's recoup ten percent of her of what she had raised through GoFundMe okay good she should have been promoting Bitcoin what question it says she should have she can now start promoting Bitcoin hard core so I mean what I was originally gonna say before that I found out that she had does matter Adelle didn't say a matter Adelle recommended Bitcoin to her and I would have done the same thing I did further research and saw that she already was promoting Bitcoin and it was already helping her but what I was gonna say is one of these days one of these days they're all going to wake up in the alternative sphere whatever you want to call it and you and I know some of you people really dislike some of these people but that's the thing that's the thing Bitcoin doesn't discriminate it can be your worst enemy and Bitcoin isn't gonna stop that person from raising Bitcoin through just listing an address okay because one of these third parties that you might be raising money through GoFundMe patreon they're gonna cut you off to one day if you don't abide by their rules and that's hey they're a private company they're a third party there are middle one of these days all these alternative people are going to realize it might just I mean it might be just a magical moment where they're like okay we're not creating a competitor anymore we're not gonna try to do another patreon or another GoFundMe or just all community we're all going to put Bitcoin addresses on our pages under our YouTube videos on our Twitter things and who knows what might happen that day I hope that day happens it might not it might just be a gradual thing who knows but again also on faith I think it was gonna pay cold-eeze feed on her Twitter feed I read some things and I think she had a poll that said is this Jordan Peterson Dave Rubin so is this a solution or is this just another time when she said a centralized point of weakness or something and 78% of people said it well only 20% of the people said that was like a solution I don't link to that below check out her feed I link to her feet below where she mentions her Bitcoin address but I'm gonna add this to this whole faith Goldie thing I have recommended break her mag calm okay and they do have some interesting stories but they do have this hipster vibe to them where they have to be somewhat kind of sending an obnoxious at times and they wrote about this faith Goldie situation also and I link to it below I'm not going to even read their title their title was a total clickbait title that calls her a name it calls her a name and I know I don't know that much about her I'm pretty sure she's not this what they call her okay and it's just it's a it's a it's a name they then you you that sjw's use okay to call people names you know they've been called they call ben shapiro something like this even though it's impossible for him to what i'm you can you can get what i'm getting at here this name they call her okay and so you know you know even though i've said good thing breaker magnus has some interesting stories before they don't go about this in a good way but i link to their story anyway i'm not i'm not given there they went the clickbait this and maybe even worse than clickbait projects worse than clickbait and but anyway I'd link to her Bitcoin address also if you if you want to give her support or you just want to see how much she's raising I didn't reply to her Twitter anything if I did I would said keep you know just list your Bitcoin address we need this is the solution to all you alternative people alternative media problem not creating some new centralized version of something that's already broken okay so how about like button people so now we're going to talk about oh quickly tether real quick there's like an order an article out there from Bloomberg Heather has the money they say they have great great is this the end of the tether fun no probably not it's a Bitcoin tradition just like you guys buy Christmas presents on the 25th or whatever there's always gonna be some thud of being brought up by some Bitcoin related or crypto related individual it's a tradition it's a tradition no I guess one day you know and it was funny before this article came out which is it's anti thought it's saying that heather has the tether has the money and cilinder actually tweeted the other day I believe it was Ansel and I didn't I didn't I think i retweeted it isn't it time for some terrified it always comes out maybe a bit fee next uh next he he he never ends he's never gonna end this is this is just a little bit bumpy road and not Heather talk I spent way too much time on that okay so let's talk about ran let's talk about random of CNBC Africa so you know I did mention that he got ripped on by the block which is an online publication his ran Strikes Back his his reply to them is now published in a in a medium post so I thought I would share that at this point it's pretty ridiculous I mean he had some involvement with a sketchy ICO how much did he know when did he know it was he paid by then Oh for me it I don't really about the minutiae of it all ok-ran is a dude that gets involved with too many ICO stop period that's it he shouldn't be well he can do what he wants to do it's your personal responsibility as a new counterculture I said at the beginning of the of the show okay if you're watching shows like this you got to expect they're gonna be talking about some nonsense and you just because they're bringing up a lot of not nonsense doesn't mean it's not nonsense just because it seems very official and like he knows what he's talking about it and it must be on point it can be really sketchy and sketchy to a point that he might have not even understood how frickin sketchy this one was I mean the running question was like a total scam did he know it was a total scam I don't care you know it doesn't so when Ivan my point in bringing this up again is you know to give him his time of day that he I wanted to say that he has a reply to what they did and it does appear they didn't give him enough time to say his word on this story it seems like they know that they did a lot of research on this story for like a long period of time and then contacted him 6 hours before the story went now that's a little sketch that weird on their end but something that ran keeps on saying in this article but it doesn't link to it is that he voluntarily discloses who he advises and and what he is invested in now he didn't link to it so I'm like wait a second I didn't know that about right and short enough I went to the crypto man rampage and I clicked on his advisory disclosure and I clicked on his investment disclosures and I link to them below and oh man it's the veins that the ripple stellar yo scarred ah no those are all coins that he owns and he admits to owning and those are madee those are like some of the least offensive ones he oh it's okay I'm gonna let you guys check it out for yourself okay when and then who he advises he advises none remember an on bein on all the sudden ran was in Miami he has this guy talking about how great be anon is gonna be this crypto dividend a big good that's just all it is is be private and people were like his ran paid off by these people well no ran his own their advisory before he openly admits it he's on their advisory board of course he's gonna promote upon date not of course you see that this is the thing there is that I think in the traditional finance world is so it has a financial show they're usually not pumping every single thing that they own and there's not usually such a big conflict of interest again you can see the things he's into and then you can kind of see why he's going in different directions on his show okay he admits of it he this is public of her I'll link to it below he links to it on his crypto but of course no one even checks it out the people watching his show don't go go to see what he owns and what he's on the writ on the board of and everything so obviously if he owns ripple he wants to ripple to do well that's why he posts good things about it on Twitter okay why he owns ripple and stellar disgrace really that he thought I think that's not even the worst of it that's how you be the worst of it back so yeah just because you have a CNBC show clearly doesn't mean you're a crypto expert and I say I think he might even think he might even admit that I don't know so yeah check out his his full disclosures are linked to below and uh and you can watch his show and just have a whole new a new way of washing his shell all right on a related note coin Bates has gone full fourth-tier spam coin here's their um they a link to their blog post below and and this is what it says what's it say here they're adding a cerium tokens Dai golem maker and zaleka WA are launching on coinbase Pro in select jurisdictions okay your coin based Pro again isn't the regular coin base has the coin bass trading when you're trading one coin base it's a little different still still I mean the next step we'll all of these will be one regular coin base any any grandmother will be able to buy this if they sign up for coinbase now any is a liqui I have talked about this that is people would spend it I thought it was a total scam because people will just spam my comments there was a period of time I would get a fuse of liqui comments under every one of my videos that obviously had nothing to do with silica WA it was Zil the liqui is its name the liqui sounds like the name of a lady who you would see walking up and down mom Rose Street in West Baltimore found that light button and when I say and she and she wouldn't just be walking she would be promoting her business her her self-employment I don't want to get you know this is a family channel anyone just say what I'm talking about but most of you would not want to end up on Monroe Street in West Baltimore let me tell you that too it's not for that anyway so going back going back to these dilemma I mean betrayed this is this is fourth tier you've got big on full forty or all coins family that's fricos fan point that means III literally thought that thing was a real scam like a big connect thing I mean maybe it is I don't know but yeah that they they're doing I mean the theory I'm tokens I mean these are what I see I didn't know what these darn things are thank God I don't know what these things are thank thank the Lord Oh anyway so yeah they chrimbus is what do you expect personal responsibility people be careful just because it's all good this doesn't mean it's any good the liqui Monro Street West Baltimore town that like button okay so oh is there more Baltimore people that watch this they were gonna kick out an app Oh God so I remember a new show here every single day I post a new show here every single thing I might do this weekend big point on Thursday this week I don't know it's really the whole time differences not helping me here and not having you anyway so that's a side note but don't worry they'll be this weekend Bitcoin tomorrow I'll talk about why there almost wasn't at this week in Bitcoin this week stay tuned for tomorrow's show new show every day okay let's go to crack this is Spencer Bogar I believe tweeted this out increasingly seeing messages like this like this one that prohibit users from Iran North Korea Syria and the United States US regulators have become so aggressive that international services go to the same lengths to avoid US persons as they do to avoid oh fak sanction countries yeah yeah you know I mean I mean American citizens can't open bank accounts in other countries so uh you know we're very wealthy in America there's no doubt about it but yeah more and more companies don't want to deal with them if you're outside of the United States and you like have one of a cup a few of United States customers for whatever type of financial business you're involved and you know you the state says you're gonna follow you gotta fill out all these forms but then it's not going to deal with Americans so Americans prepared you know don't don't do you're don't depend on financial institutions and transactions that go through third parties that are in other countries I'm just getting the Bitcoin how about that okay you don't have to worry about being on the same level as an Iranian a North Korean or a Syrian in the eye of some foreign institution if you are in Bitcoin and the same you know if you're in if you're in North Korea well North Koreans too hard on the internet but if you're in Syria or Iran or if you're lucky enough in North Korea does somehow be on the internet yeah I gained the Bitcoin that'll save your buttons that'll save your buds you won't have to worry about maybe sanctions against you if you a Bitcoin Bitcoin can't be sanctioned pound that like button oh is that a new saying of mine Bitcoin can't be sanctioned and someone else can have it you okay Bitcoin master you can have that one yeah I think yeah I think I saw him in the chat check out UK Bitcoin master everybody all right he's on YouTube he's on Twitter he's everywhere steamin also almost steam at bitcoinmeister this is live on steam and right now I haven't mentioned that for a while all right final tweet of the day to inspire all of you this is a the Wright brothers achieved man flight 115 years ago today I think it was yesterday the reaction and here's a quote our skepticism is only as to the utilitarian value of any present or possible achievement of the airplane we do not believe it will ever be a commercial vehicle at all the engineering magazine we do not believe it will ever be a commercial vehicle at all so remember what they said about the airplane and remember what the people say the funster say about Bitcoin today that Bitcoin will never be this the Bitcoin will never be that the Bitcoin will never remember what they said about the airplane and the Wright brothers i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video shows to you check out the links section below and yeah I'm saying bitcoin is as big as Frick as the freaking airplane baby follow me a tech ball pound that like button bang a bell button click on those squares that you see right there see my old shows and I'll say hi to all of you in the chat right now bye

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  1. Come Man do some research about before before talking about Zilliqa.
    The spam was caused from from scam bots. Many uneducated YouTubers have FUDDED on Zilliqa only to look dump like you

  2. HOFFMAN,what a joke,what about his $100billion line in the sand for Bitcoin and Bitcoin is the centre of the UNIVERSE.Didn't take him long to panic and sell his Bitcoin.He has ZERO credibility,same as he had with precious metals.

  3. Good show as usual. UK BitcoinMaster has pointed out that a crypto exchange ‘Coindeal’ had partnered with UK Soccer Team Wolverhampton Wanderers!

    That’s quite significant as ‘Wolves’ as they’re known are a very famous old English team currently back in the Premier League in England! Long famous history with big support base!

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