The 1 Bitcoin Show- BTC veteran strength, Bprivate Bittrex & Trezor update, Africa Ripple, Coinbase

you Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
March the 8th 2018 strong hand really long term thinking though people
seriously and unmistakable remember that all right I am here still in
Johannesburg hopefully the broadcast is a little bit
more clear than yesterday I’m wearing this shirt that Llewellyn gave me again
I wore yesterday but a cool god space here he’s trying to do good things so
ash every t-shirt and I guess this is his information back here whatever there
are people doing some very interesting things here in Johannesburg
there’s a it was an eclectic group of people gathered I’m going back today
obviously in a few hours so I’ll give you a report a lot of people talk and
ripple and some ridiculous things some people are down to earth some people are
totally newbie and it you got to be on the ground you know to really understand
what’s going on in a different country and most of people watching this you
know you’re very familiar with North America but yeah hearing a here in South
Africa things are different so we’re gonna talk about that a little bit so
hopefully some more and some other shows again it is Thursday where you are on
the East Coast it’s already Friday morning here and this week a Bitcoin I
don’t know when it will come on where it will be from if it’ll be from the
conference what the format will be like so bear with me people check out the
link section below if you want to see yesterday’s show which did have some
technical difficulties but there was very important information in it so if
you’re a twenty percent IRR and can bear with a little bit of technical
difficulties you’re gonna learn if you’re an eighty percent IRR well you
don’t learn a thing anyway so anyway let’s what where’s my eyes where’s the
new start here okay ripple centralization and private
blockchains were all topics at the blockchain Africa event that I’m in the
middle of and it you know the the talk of these private blockchains reminds me
of the intranet talk of 1997 or something and you have people you
actually had a guy go on stage say that he’s been in the space for two years and
he’s tired of you crypto currency you know crypto currencies it’s not good
anymore I’d be sitting say yeah again you have
some people don’t understand how silly they can sound sometimes I mean and then
I looked around at some of the people I knew in the audience and they were just
like kind of shocked like and the guy was associated with a bank okay
so they tried the person putting this on this event tried to bring together an
eclectic group of people I guess not not everyone was definitely on the same page
as we are and it’s a learning experience but I mean some of it you know people
talking about creating their own crypto currencies a private block I mean some
of this stuff in stuff RTI kind of proven to be useless and a waste of time
and that a lot of being in they had a speaker who had a lot to do with riffle
so there were people in the audience who you know like ripple and people pumping
ripple into being ripple isn’t thought of the same way here as it is back in
North America people they don’t get centralization versus decent
visualization and you know the was a Bitcoin I think that’s been lost on a
lot of it we’ve gotten it and on the bank side of things and here’s South
Africa there are quite a few of them I mean there’s some hard for people here
to there there definitely some hard it was great by a lot of people quite
flattering quite flattering it was great to meet a lot of people pound that leg
but now and you’re pumped about South Africa you’re pumped about Bitcoin and
it’s there were you know talking to a lot of people and not many people were
complaining about the price drop to me they weren’t too concerned there were a
few people are why is the price dropping but there it wasn’t like what you get
if you’re on the internet right now you’re following social media you have
all these people trying to flood you out of your of your Bitcoin basically trying
to scare you all the price is dropping let’s see see again this is the this is
the time where you gotta come to a veteran like me and I’m a real better
I’m not some guy that goes once they set stage and say yeah I’ve been do this for
two years and it’s over now you know I’ve been in this is 2013 okay and I’m
used to big government agencies making announcements and people getting scared
by three-letter government agencies saying something about Bitcoin SEC or
some Asian country saying something about Bitcoin Japan or a hack that might
have been a hack that was a problem in exchange like a buying ass I’ve seen
this all happen a million times I’ve seen the reaction of the market a
million times I’ve seen how people try to jump on the puffs bud bandwagon and
scare people out of their coins like a million oh yeah you know what I’m
getting at here it doesn’t even bother me I’m loved being here in Africa and
just being at this conference and seeing different people and I’m not even I look
at the price these people worked out a couple you guys online or tell asking me
about the price and how long is it gonna guy it’s a temporary blip again how many
times have we been through this if you if you do if you have a weekend I don’t
know what just go on vacation or something and just ignore it because
over the long run again imagine if you were telling me the same sob story a
year ago when Bitcoin was about hustling and Vinny Ling him and everyone was
scared it was gonna go down to 800 and it did go below a thousand and and
losing 10% of when they imagine if you and then you sold and now it’s did you
know it’s whatever it is close to ten thousand dollars you would feel like
such a jerk and you would cut me I mean I’m not gonna call your names or
anything but one day you’re gonna look back on this and be like why was I
worried you know bitcoins were so much more now it’s just you gotta think
long-term people pound that like button if you can if you get distracted anyway
so what else do we have about Africa here oh no let’s talk about be private
let’s talk about be private be private after our project during my
show yesterday they it came out that the be private balance is now showing on
retracts while it is still offline but is nice to see my be private sitting
there and safe and sound that was a quote from a guy so yeah if you had your
Z classic on bit tracks at the time of the fork well now it shows that you have
be private there now you can’t get it off of there yet but it’s a good it’s a
good first step so if you’re involved with the big direct side of things
you’re pretty darn happy now with the be private um so yeah I talked about this
is this is a day to find a veteran don’t just don’t be scared people and just
don’t listen to the fried Ritz in the shows like this and I get out there into
the real life and you know on the other side of the spectrum in the thing that
helps fuel these panics is you know I ran into a guy and he’s from a different
country and it just shows that in certain in certain countries they’re way
behind in the learning curve he’s like yeah I should be trading now I like to
trade I’m I got a cloud mining basically this guy keeps all of his big coin with
the cloud miner so he has no Bitcoin really it’s really it’s sad it’s
unfortunate and so I’m trying to tell him about you know you got us control
your own private key and it’s just it’s just lost on a lot of people they think
that you have to do something with your Bitcoin so all those people that are
doing something there between they fuel they help add to the fuel days like this
because they’re we can’t think they’re panic they have no clue they think that
cloud mining is a legitimate thing I feel bad for this dude and again we’re
gonna have to care a lot of people in a lot of countries that have clients or
their on ramps on to Bitcoin are horrible on ramps they’re like cloud
mining so they get they get a bad start and they just fuel 80% side of things
and I hope guys like this you know I try to show them the way but I’m in there a
lot 80 percenters they’re never gonna learn so we’re always you know
the days that are bad in terms of Fiat price drops if you have a weekend you’re
gonna be affected because they’re gonna mean more people that that better cut
them better calm okay because of what I see on the ground he’s just there a lot
of there are a lot of new never get their heads straight around what Bitcoin
and cryptocurrency you really are they think you have to be a trader they think
you have to do cloud mining and mining and they have no idea what a while it is
I mean it’s and some of your laughing you know every but have no idea what
laws yet they have no idea what a while it is okay okay they don’t know what at
reservoir is they don’t you know check out the links section below if you want
to get a trace or and everything yeah this is on the ground learning here and
and these people will attend expensive conferences like this to obviously
well there are a lot of people go skipped important steps at this
conference I will say and there’s a lot of aetherium talk a lot of ripple talk I
when I see oh shit up should I buy and again that kind of influence by the
people who are around them at you know link Vinnie Lane ham is a famous South
African and he talks about I cos now so that influences people that influence
system ran a little bit ran his tan BC show and he talks up I see I like ran a
lot he’s not at this event I thought it was gonna be at this event so react talk
so i ce o–‘s on CNBC africa and then people got the Kinzie’s ice using guy
can is they don’t know a bitcoin is they don’t know the wallet is they don’t know
what reservoir is it’s soviet ever just take your tiny people i’ve always
patient is on everything patience in crypto dividends patience in Bitcoin equations and
cryptocurrency long-term thinking and I know a lot of your team analysts this
all you say this is all you say well guys just understand what I’m saying
if it’s just like if it’s just were see they’re going through your head you’re
you probably don’t have these attributes you probably don’t have a long-term
thing and you’re gonna get into trouble you’re gonna where am I going with this
check out that ball Columbia Twitter little bits of life tweets free event on
people between out pictures of me I got pictures of my friends up from Zimbabwe
it was yeah you’d be kind of happy I am running for people like me since 2016 to
the space who are smart you might um you’re not gonna agree with Laureen all
the beat Laureen get the M city’s a good guy and he’s a friend of mine and
there’s a link to boom there’s a picture of you it’s all the guys from Zimbabwe
that brought he brought a beep I ran into a guy from Mozambique I mean it’s
we got here we got some interesting people it’s it’s there’s a learning and
I got to get some up I know my buddies Jason is driving me around and I’m not
gonna say his friend’s name is this friend dude you know what you want you
don’t want to get on there do you want to live vicariously through Jason though
these guys are good they’re great guys tasted emporia so remember if you if
you’re ever told where you want to network contact me animators or help
calm I’ll get you in touch with these guys in Pretoria they’re trying to do
some good things they’re sort of break guys AJ everybody found that like but if
you would have a see Jason on the show he’s a good guy from Vittorio we need
some were South African guest you some African Internet cut me off there sorry about that guys
guys a in the live chat can you guys hear me can you uh I got a refresh
bear with me a second here we’re gonna have a little bit of delay we’re gonna
have a little bit yeah lost connection anyway hey let’s see here me here hey Jana I’ll answer your questions – yeah I
don’t so we’re just gonna I trust that they
hear me a load the yeah so your information come every ship now so let
people be you tuned in and out okay maybe you’ll be on this week and you
just brought me bad luck vital video just crash that’s that’s great eight
opportunities at events you know I’m always talking about being in motion and
oh god the Internet is it is real pair this is really unfortunate um but I hope
y’all get get this physicist kind of important one about say I took there
were these guys that I met from an old I’m gay the name of the all coin exchange but it
was just I haven’t hear them talking about Namibia maybe or they were talking
about joined opinion and I wanted and I’m happy I met this in the media man
that Africa things we start talking about be proudly
it’s the be private I’m all of a sudden like brokering deals ride it with stage
and South Africa being in motion is all about people don’t think that you’re
like a such a small player that you can’t do just have to have the you know you yeah you guys are just gonna have to
bear with these uh these problems my I apologize for the south yeah we’re what can I say what can I say
this way but anyway you gotta have to gut the people Hey you man let let’s talk Bitcoin let’s talk
cryptocurrency let’s talk deals and you can work some deals I don’t know it be
private exchange because right keep walking isn’t about ends just did it
with the dividend so this is why you got to be in more personally pitch people
and that’s like this that’s right I’m I’m gonna you know I meant it’s linked
to April seventeenth so come out to that if you’re in LA and of course will be in
Denver on April the 25th
you know these are Network events for people so I learned talk about saving
savings accounts and someone brought up like why in this day and age would
anyone have a stick at night anymore what cryptocurrency is that what would
why would you give a bank money to get 1% that’s something that like grandma’s
do I guess it’s gonna be no savings accounts anymore I mean you want to give
and let them loan it out I mean I there’s no oh no reason have a say B’s
unfortunately the air they’re great it’s so low that you gotta things to get that
social a thing of the past and I I say the Bitcoin shit is the
modern day savings like you know here’s some bullish um be private information
the CEO of traceur be private that link to have a winner that hello I’m he’s not
safe he actually mentions the word though and says like things they would
have to do so it’s on their radar as you gotta be pet as I mentioned above you
gotta be patient you gotta be patient with the with this type of situation
when there’s a new crypto government that’s come now and just give it time
it’s gonna maybe trans or we’ll do something with it the exchanges are
taking their time listing any crypto dividend now so you just there’s a lot
of people that are just trying to flood Crippin bitcoin is their in patient be
patient check out those links and you can look
or more about the situation again check out yesterday’s video for more on that
and hopefully this video it’s coming out okay in terms of the sound quality just
amazing not it’s amazing to be in africa and you got to deal with some of the
African issues sometimes that’s something they say in South Africa its
Africa you know what something like this happens when you can’t get a good
connection so I’d link to an article by Chris Gilliard who he’s in motion so I
just links to his articles it’s about a privacy and privacy points alright so
check that out if you missed my famous line from yesterday corporate culture is
virtue signaling we had some corporate culture at the event
virtue certainly gold signaling it’s Women’s Day happy Women’s Day we got you
women speakers here today yeah whatever dude if you I’m not into
that corporate culture type of thing and it you know when you go to a big event
like that you’re gonna get corporate culture people because carpet corporate
culture is just virtuous signaling they want to fit in they want to talk about
the politically correct so we had some people like that it is they worse it was
somewhat there was one a lady who spoke and she says you know no Bitcoin isn’t
good for Zimbabwe as she was talking about why Bitcoin isn’t good for
anything bitcoins I could be just like oh my god
we’ve got she doesn’t even know they’re Zimbabwe ins here you know like Towanda
who do not agree with her but if she had she said she had made her own ERCP 20
coin and associate yeah she made something better than big boy but there
you go there you go so there’s I mean there are always gonna be people like
that at an events like that events yeah that’s saying happy Women’s Day I made
my own coin is better than Bitcoin break good luck with that good luck good luck
with the virtue a single coin maybe that’s what it was it was it was for
like poor I gotta save the poor people so I’m
making my own coin because Bitcoin doesn’t serve the people in Zimbabwe
meanwhile there’s late aides and Bob weighs laughing their butts all better
okay pound that like button my zimbabwe brothers bae he’s fun partying with
these dudes here and a mouse right they’re very polite suebob we do face
they’re so nice it’s got you gotta come down here to southern half some party
come party you always in bob way dudes alright my part bottled water with it in
which we can beer it was good that’s the way it is bit i’ll keep it I’m going on
a run right after this all right so here is I’m skipping stuff
all over the place here coinbase just this is from the great Matt Odell who
again I say you gotta follow this guy on Twitter coinbase just tweeted to squash
the rumor they are adding ripple can you spot where the tweet went out for what
it’s worth I wouldn’t be surprised if when Bay still adds ripple anyway they
tweeted something similar right before the new
launching of be cash and now so you look at this chart this guy provided you’ll
get the hang of what he’s talking about but it’s funny I mean again people
people you know you people think of ripple differently all around the world
babe is there people who like it here and they’re being either they brought in
a speaker from ripple to say I mean I’m trying to tell and you know Lori and I
give Laureen AMC credit he’s like is Ripple a real cryptocurrency and so they
gave their answer so at least he’s trying to give the other side that’s
right by the way there are a lot of people at this event this is a big event
it’s at the Microsoft campus here in Sandton really nice really nice building
venue where in having a good time haven’t having a good time so again for
those of you who don’t like Laureen any more busy as a bee cap ash guy I mean
he’s trying to bring the truth in terms of what cryptocurrency is and
centralization and you know that ripple he’s no rebel fan I’m gonna put in words
into his mouth but I own most them are you watching Lorien where are you dude
Laurens been busy okay again so here’s another tweet from well Panda
it says the strangest thing about this guy selling $40,000 of or 40,000 Bitcoin
for Mount God’s victims is that he just sold on exchanges how can such an
incompetent person be in charge of this just over the counter it well for me the
strangest things of the whole mount gun cocks situation is why didn’t they just
give the people their big coin instead of like tactic because they’re taking a
cut of it they’re just giving people what it was worth in cash at the time of
the hack it’s disgraceful the whole thing is disgraceful but it’s got I’m
more disgraceful because they’re selling all these changes and messing around
with the price a little bit it again it’s a temporary blip but it they’re not
the guy over in Japan who’s handling this is not doing this as professionally
as he could do it and I just it’s unfortunate that the instead of there
getting cash instead of getting it and some of their Bitcoin back which is not
the way this should be done so that’s the string
just thing for me people are oh yeah another thing coinbase it’s fun
people really their owners are just people who love traditional names like
that people start or there’s traditional find finance formats index funds the
calling base index fund but when they could just simply buy the underlying
asset a Bitcoin and here’s a tweak that actually comments on that coin base
announces index fund oh yeah so though eventually they’ll evenly
distribute my across for coins that are completely linked to the value of one of
them awesome so yeah people just buy the real thing they’re creating this this
fun of it whatever the four coins on coinbase which all deal directly with
Bitcoin just own the Bitcoin instead of being impressed by index funds and you
know traditionally don’t get into that 80% paragon and actually this I have no
interest in that your big point holders you understand that one man’s sold is
another man’s hole remember that when you know you see people selling and
telling you to sell like heck no man I’m a holder you sell I’ll hold what you
sold I buy it for cheap so one man sold is another man’s hold the great Aaron
bond we are done has an article about dragon mint which is basically that you
use the 86 boost technology they’re taking away the people who want to
monopolize that and use it as a bad thing so it’s a very very antsy it novel
if I say six boost for those who want to create havoc in the anyway read the
dragon men’s story a Aaron does a better job of explaining this thing than I do
alright well that’s the end of the show but for today I because who knows if it
even got out there found that like button everybody I do I do post nurse
you show every single day even when I’m in Africa even when there’s technical
difficulties i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the
disrupt meister remember subscribe this channel like this video share this video
check out the notes section below i’m hopefully we will have this weekend
Bitcoin in some format or another in the next 24 hours or so bye bye ever

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  2. Did you see Chris's tweet on first BTCP Trezor transaction? Wouldn't that be so fun to split BTC/BTCP with a Trezor splitting tool?

  3. Meister, good meeting you at the conference here in SA man. 👌 I’m on my 3rd video of yours. already trying to live less vicariously. I took your advice and went an researched and bought some ripple last night.

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