The 1 Bitcoin Show- BTC collapse= FUD, Get wealthy now, Ledger Vault in NY, BSV replay protection

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoin meister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
november the 26 2018 at least it is a los angeles strong and long term
thinking uncomplicated bull value your wealth in bitcoin people I know I’m
offended by selling I’m not going anywhere okay yeah I’m wearing my
special white strong hand shirt get shirts they’re all linked to below
discount codes on treszura’s also meister is sometimes a discount code i
don’t know what’s going on just check out all check out all this licks links
below so let’s start off with a and art well a press release from ledger some of
you guys have ledger nanos some of you have Trez or some of you had digital bit
boxes but ledger is opening and this is this is great news they’re opening an
office in new york which is the financial capital the entire world and
what i wanted to say something yeah okay here’s the ears one says and it’s linked
to below everything’s linked to below follow me a tech ball tec HB alt on
twitter disrupt meister comm all over 1100 of my news shows the new office
will be headquartered will be the headquarters for ledger
vault which is a self custody solution for managing crypto assets which uses
multi authorizations which will serve as a business security option for financial
institutions alright so basically basically institutional because
offering by Leger that the headquarters of this endeavor is going to be in New
York which is perfect because this is where all the big financial companies
are and they all need to get in on this and have custodial savings exert
custodial accounts for the institutions wanting to buy Bitcoin and other
Kryptonian along they don’t care what the darn Fiat prices right now they’re
valuing their wealth and bitcoin so yeah it is it I dedicate this show to all the
people on the west coast that are still awake it’s uh it’s still November 26th
so I’m getting in my November 26 show for the people I’m in Baltimore though
but I know all you Seattle and LA people are just like yeah it’s still the 26th
of November whatever that that means so speaking about whatever the heck that
means all the all good t-shirt the all good people I was wearing their t-shirts
here’s their little symbol yeah they they posted my shows on there all good
lab comm site I just wanted to link to them it’s linked to below you can watch
my shows that I appreciate them doing that and yeah get their their
merchandise that they’re in motion over there I wore their church not now but
the last the previous two days so check out those old shows of course all of my
old shows are linked to below and you know we are just one day closer to the
2020 Bitcoin having and that’s just a way to remember it and then I’m not
going anywhere and that you should also be offended by selling cuz why sell when
were one day closer to the Bitcoin having every day is it every day and for
your Fiat freaks is just another day closer to the future all time high
alright Pavao your wealth in Bitcoin though mr. huttle or should I say mr.
hold I never say that other word but I guess it’s not that other word with
mister in front of it do you believe anything cal
Ayer says this is a poll of his about a billionaire Calvin the guy one of the
guys behind bsv he asked if anyone believes a word that he says and the
poll is still open you still vote in it so far 83% of the people say they don’t
believe a word that he says I’m I’m one of those 83% of course but that that way
I mean but I thought it would be a I thought that’s pretty low I thought it
would be like 90 percent or at least 99 percent I can’t believe 17 percent of
the people out there believe believe what he says you know that’s the only
time you’re here Adam Meister’s name associated with anything 80% and the
word 80% because you know I’m with 20% or baby pound that frickin like button
you should be one too long it’s about long-term thinking deferral of
gratification if you can do that yeah you’re probably 20% er oh yeah yeah look
at this shirt alright what else do we have
oh here’s some crypto noise here okay so strengthen your hands with this
knowledge okay you got it you gotta use this to strengthen your hand this
knowledge you’re gonna hear the word Bitcoin collapse there’s been a Bitcoin
collapse they’re gonna say that’s your new crypto noise out there there’s a
what’s what big quick a lot it’s still working
nothing’s changed you still have the same amount of Bitcoin right I mean
those these the people who believe in a Bitcoin collapse they are not offended
uh they’re not offended by Sulli I just I just I just heard a weird sound
you say I better get into it because it was a if it was really a weird sound
from beyond but you know it was just a weird sound all right I gotta go back to
the show you heard back to the show anyway yes a Bitcoin Bitcoin :
Bitcoin collapse don’t get caught up in that narrative people there hasn’t been
a Bitcoin collapse you still have as much Bitcoin as you did before but you
know that this is how the main people that don’t understand things
simplify things what is I keep hearing something over there this is I okay okay
anyway let’s move on to this dr. sprees this do dr. sprees well that’s his
Twitter handle but he’s got another name I’m sorry I didn’t write down your for
me but I’d link to you below he’s got these interesting graph chart he made
and I’ve never seen anything that looks like like this before check it out if
you like charts and it in his chart he says that the 2090 that the bear market
be again for those who value your wealth and Fiat that the bear market will end
up in April 2019 and you know what I don’t I don’t care when the fiat market
I mean I I I you know I thought you might Wayne but and then he’s his chart
it shows it you know going to $400,000 I I think like in 2021 or something you
know it’s a really cool looking chai never seen one that looks like this
before so if you’re he’s in motion okay this dude’s a motion contacting me and I
think it’s a cool looking chart and some of you guys you need you like to hear
Fiat numbers and see Fiat chart so check check it out just be patient
you know usually predictions like this they’ll come true but you know you’ll
give a 20-19 timeframe and it’s not gonna happen till later but no I with
the bear market the in terms of Fiat yeah 2019 is a reasonable time for at
the end it could end tomorrow for all we know buddy I appreciate people in motion
you guys can contact me on and I own tech Balta on Twitter but I and again I
wrote this guy back real fast but there’s so many of you that have sent me
such great nice things in email and comments and on Twitter and I summon got
back to people it has been another very very very long day here I thought I’m
going to actually end up going sleep later tonight than I did last night but
I don’t have to get up as early tomorrow so that that’s good and I did
I did fuck like pass out today for a few hours I build a day so this is a time to
get wealthy people this is a time to get wealthy now what is wealth and we’re
gonna stay on this theme for a little bit here with these three tweets so
Ansel Lindner uh you know he’s been only this week in Bitcoin show not this week
though we’ve got some special guests coming up though I forgot what time I
saw the check I still haven’t talked had time to check out what time it the Blake
Anderson will be on this week I think we’re on at noon I don’t I gotta check
out what I forgot I blacked out what time this weekend Bitcoin is on Friday
but I’ll find it and I’ll tell you soon sorry Ansel said getting wealthier means
capital accumulation not spending more okay so you’re not getting wealthier
when you spend more you’re getting wealthier
it means capital accumulation now is the time to accumulate some Bitcoin went up
if you have fiat why do you feel this is that this is it’s it’s Black Friday
it was Cyber Monday for fur it was Cyber Monday for Bitcoin okay and so all this
theme at Odell says why did this is okay why didn’t you tell me to buy Bitcoin
when it was $200 I did you just didn’t believe me because it has it had just
fallen ninety percent new money rarely comes in at the bottom human psychology
is fascinating yeah that’s true new people have been sitting on the
sidelines yeah now everything is cheap relatively they’re not gonna come in now
new money doesn’t come in now but for you those of you who’ve made maybe I can
convince some people who would say I don’t know if new people are sitting or
watching now this is the time to get wealthy you know Bitcoin is wealth get
Bitcoin is the real money is the real deal and its own sale its we just cyber
mine they just end their buzz it now cyber Tuesday is about to start
no it’s still cyber monday on in Los Angeles in San Francisco you know that’s
that’s a that’s a tech state right there so you’re
you can still get your Bitcoin on Cyber Monday the sale is still going on but
yeah it’s a time to get wealthy but in a few years the people will be like what
WI I didn’t have any Bitcoin like back then why’d you tell me to get some no I
am Telling You to get some now but it’s just human psychology into it
new money doesn’t come in at when when the prices are low they get in when
everyone’s excited not when this Bitcoin collapse narrative is going on they
believe the Bitcoin collapse narrative we punched that freaking narrative in
the freaking fate thing that’s saying that word again it must be the Adams
word when he says when he’s tired yeah you punch it with your strong hand that
that that ridiculous narrative all right I already talked to so yeah get wealthy
now people that’s thinking about not getting wealthy though Aaron bought
weird um who is great he says coin geek announces end of the
hash war be cash sv to implement replay protection this is as close to admitting
defeat as it will get all right so now there’s enough now that Bitcoin has a
grandchild called bsv it’s official it’s on point market cap right now all that
big talk about destroying be cash they move the goalposts just like I said why
anyone believes a word out of that why any I don’t know who buys it but because
it did now that there’s there’s no more war they both went up in a fiat price
rate that’s have fun over there dudes so that expect this is what so the first
experiment in a hash war just turns into the loser implementing replay protection
and great that’s it that’s other one over here another thing about it but uh
I thought that was interesting news I didn’t find that I get I don’t have my
computer on all day I didn’t have it on until 11:30 at night today so I believe
I’ve covered everything like today right yeah people mentioned Ohio you could pay
your taxes with the big point now but it’s through
it pay and it’s not a big deal it’s just their reasons all that have been put out
there why it’s not even that big of a deal because it’s just about that using
it as a paypal method that they’re turning it into Fiat immediately the
state of Ohio so I mean it’s not a negative okay and Henry law just sent 25
high collars watching all that nonsense and be cash civil war is life’s like
seeing robust fear I guillotine I can’t pronounce a French words by the way I’m
from Baltimore they’re always only though there will
always only be one true Bitcoin yeah Henry thank you so much for the $25 $25
I was actually talking about Hong Kong earlier today to someone I forgot but
yeah there eat their real Bitcoin as the next Bitcoin this is another snack to in
the face or punch with the strong hand and the gut to all the people to try to
be the next big point and still people like fake Satoshi and billionaire Calvin
still say the word Bitcoin to describe their ridiculous altcoin so that’s why I
don’t call those dudes by the real names and they don’t deserve any attention at
all and I’ve just given them attention so but but it is it’s if there’s replay
but if it’s 3-point protection has really been implemented then it is now
safe I to sent if you happen happy cash and everything to send it all around and
all right so i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
pan-african like button pal matt like i’m atomized whatever go go to sleep
everybody check out the legs below their squares up there my old shows click on
that I will talk to somebody to use in chat and again new show here every day
I’ll be back tomorrow bye

16 thoughts on “The 1 Bitcoin Show- BTC collapse= FUD, Get wealthy now, Ledger Vault in NY, BSV replay protection”

  1. Missed the live show. Since bitcoins are down so dramatically, I'm still turning wrenches for a living. LOL. Cool thing about that is that I can continue to accumulate when it's cheap. I've been buying all year, usually in the neighborhood of 6500 or so but in a few days I'll have another paycheck under my belt. I might be able to buy a quarter of a bitcoin. It's been a long time since I've been able to do that.

  2. I look at this FUD and smh; I could not be happier , I am hoping I can keep buying BTC down to 1k or even 500 and double my hodl as I stopped buying at $115….. and have only ever sold ETH.
    Only shame is weak, impatient, instant gratification hands are getting rolled by banksters who secretly believe in BTC.
    Adam, when are you dragger to your subs over to BitChute and Bit tube?

  3. Capital accumulation time! Long term thinking ! Strong hands with the bitcoin Meister!!! Can’t wait for Blake dude ???⚡️⚡️⚡️

  4. Bitcoin Miners are now opperating at a LOSS!!!!!!!!! This jew Meister continues to encourage the buy / hold strategy for bitcoin and has no solid fact supporting his theories. I feel bad for you guys. knowing Bitcoin is fiat we know that Bitcoin will fail.

    ** WARNING! Bitcoin will fail it is a mathematical certainty!!! ***

  5. At 19k everyone was screaming HODL, where are they now? This is the time u gotta scream HODL deep out of your lungs, when no one believes in it anymore.

  6. When will you talk about Bitcoin Rhodium again? Curious to know what the team has planned for their release on a major Exchange.

  7. Sell my bitcoin? Never!
    These prices are a bargain, buy buy buy all the way down. Think like Warren Buffett, aka the smart money.
    Be in the 1%. Accumulate 1-10 btc before you never see these prices again. Ahhhhhhhh

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