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gonna do one of those after this show actually but let’s start with a little
bit beyond Bitcoin right here okay a little bit a little bit you know what’s
going on in the world today there seems to be a lot of people I don’t know
they’re down they have a lot of doom a lot of worry about what’s what’s to come
in the next decade and there’s lots of people who think the the world’s gonna
be a lot different in the next decade and the world is gonna be a lot
different in the next decade in a good way technology is progressing so fast
and here in the Bitcoin space we’re at the tip of the spear in short in terms
of Technology in terms of the world changing this deck that next
that we’re about to enter is going to be huge for Bitcoin if you’re in this space
you can go into so many different directions in this net next decade and I
think I just find it amazing and energetic and so full of life and so
full of potential and I think we need to remind everyone out there you know if
you know someone who’s down and out who thinks oh I’m not gonna have a job the
computer the the the immigrants are going to take my job or the the robots
are gonna take my job we are progressing so fast we’re entering a golden age
there is so much potential here I really think if more people knew about this
exciting space that we’re in the Bitcoin space that there’d be less people who
are down I don’t see how people can be down about technological progress
especially when they’re intertwined with that technological progress so you know
III there is an epidemic in the world you can get you to the Internet can
bring it down sometimes you can get into these little doom corners where you
become very desperate and there’s no reasons for desperation people with the
complete opposite we are in a golden age here it is just amazing so keep up that
positive attitude spread the pus spread the word about Bitcoin spread the word
about technology I mean all of our lives could be extended with the technology
that’s we’re about to see in this next decade what a time to be alive who would
want to risk their luck just didn’t die who would want to die get this situation
where they might die become a bee to make a point to make a point about how
bad though you know people there’s people who want to make a point so badly
about how the bad how bad the world is how bad the world is about to become
that they want to die completely the wrong path people it’s a golden age we
are in now it’s only gonna get better and better and I’m so excited to be in
this and I do hope more people can understand
this side of the the Bitcoin coin as it were telling that like button to the
potential change the humanity that is its brain okay and that there are so
many they’re gonna be so many ways to innovate around it and be successful
around it and again if you are stuck in judging your life by the traditional 80%
or means like valium your wealth and women value your wealth and dollars
value your wealth in the impressive job at the big corporation well I can see
maybe how you’re going to get down you’re gonna be down with yourself but
this is a whole new way of looking at things Bitcoin and so encourage people
to enter the space to get this new view of life and there plenty of people in
this face who don’t have this view that I have that I bring to all of you every
single day this peso not every that that’s the
glory of Bitcoin you know not everyone in in Bitcoin is a positive person not
everyone in Bitcoin understands how life-changing it can be and they’re just
there any for other reasons the for the technology I want to talk about
technology or and that’s you know if they want to do that they want it or I
want to I’m gonna use it to fund my my scheme okay whatever that’s a thing we
we can’t prevent people from coming Bitcoin but we can encourage people to
it to come here and we cut we can show them that this next decade is gonna be
the decade a bitcoin pound that like and what a decade is gonna be and I’m always
excited about it as all of you know okay so let’s on that note Nick Carter
has a tweet yeah and again the world is always changing I want to say this
another thing that from then from the 90s to the 2000 to the 2002 to 2010
there were tremendous technological innovations that came about did the
world end did people become worse off they became better off they got they had
more comforts than ever we live in a world of abundance there’s only gonna be
more and more abundance but people were
worried about you know oh I’m not gonna get my corporate job I’m not gonna get a
government job someone else is gonna get you’re looking at it in an old way this
is a new way it’s every decade things changed don’t be afraid of change and
that’s that’s one of the doom holes people get into they are afraid of
technological change and there’s technological changes brought us so much
you want to be in a doom hole if it wasn’t for technological change either
you wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet other dreamers on the internet and
get and bury yourself in this vicious cycle of watching youtube channel
scaring you about all sorts of things that you should not be scared all right
of that note and it is and it is very unfortunate when people take it to an
extreme level and feel the me into it and their existences and other people’s
existences it’s it’s totally wrong and they they should take a step back and
see what a beautiful world this is okay now Nick Carter said bitcoin is
interesting because no one can stop bad actors or any other actor from using it
and it works just fine regardless of your opinion of its users found that
like button and we’re going to get into someone’s opinion of its users and in a
second actually American huh hold I pronounce his name that way many in
our generation are in a race and everything I talk about is links of a
little by the way many in our generation are in a race to occupy the victim
position which is a categorical race to the bottom meanwhile bitcoiners race
each other to become more responsible more sovereign and to acquire the
scarcest resource in the universe an unmistakable race to the top town that
like button and naturally this type of tweet is what we should be shared with
the people who are down in the doom and gloom okay that debtor victims I want to
take that victim mentality and take it to the oven and the
the final 11 level of victimhood is just destroying yourself like I’m the
ultimate victim so I’m going to off myself and off some others to prove a
point of how much of a victim I am no you’re not you shouldn’t be a victim
this is a time we live in such an era where you can be such a winner and again
I get I get it that success has been vilified now okay that doesn’t mean you
have to vilify success doesn’t mean you have to be a victim
bitcoin is about success getting more bitcoin it’s a race to the top a race to
see who’s gonna change this world in the biggest way through Bitcoin who’s gonna
be the first Bitcoin trillionaire oh my god get into the Bitcoin overlay where
you don’t have to worry about what the mainstream is freaking you out about and
what some of the not so mainstream is freaking you out about about technology
destroying everything all right what do we have here another tweet oh
this is from oh and yeah if you got any questions you can type it bitcoinmeister
I see there is Johnny said hi hi dude Casso says new bitcoin adopters want
their handheld by setting up a cold wallet the next wave of adoption there
is an opportunity to learn beasty see by all of us I mean if someone wants to set
up it cold wallet that’s good for them I’m glad they understand that aspect of
Bitcoin that’s why there’s so many people who get into cryptocurrency don’t
understand you you need a cold wallet okay you need a that you need to control
your own private key that you even need a wallet there’s all that I’ll just keep
it a things change so yeah I mean everyone’s got a different technical
level skill level so some people do need hands helping hand holding hey if you
need a consultation contact me Adam at treasurer help calm that is my email
address I don’t say that enough all right and there’s so many opportunities
I mean there’s so people who know so few people who know how to store a Bitcoin
properly and if you know how to use a Tresor I
mean you can make money off that man I mean there’s some opportunity right
there something that we in this space think is so common it isn’t common at
all all right Odie who I just saw Athiya Bitcoin time
the same in Tel Aviv I’m in Tel Aviv it was hot today man I felt like I lost
like five pounds when I was running my shirt was so freaking wet it was like I
was in the shower dude oh my god but you did the hand is different here
it’s a dry heat you knew in Baltimore Hall the humidity here is this dry and
it’s not it’s not gonna rain here until September which is nice but it’s just
okay Rudy said samurai verse was sabi debate in a nutshell by the way so check
out this link he summarized me in one freaking because I’m not gonna discuss
the samurai vs sabi thing I think it’s ridiculous and he boils it down in his
tweet which is linked to below in a nutshell in a tweet below be aware that
someone is trying to abuse wasabi but can’t be stopped all coin joint systems
are equally vulnerable they can all still be useful though and you can
safely block anyone wasting your time with other claims okay so there’s a lot
of people on Twitter making all sorts of claims trying to fund people out it
looks like they’re more so trying to fund people abused wasabi but if you’re
the the samurai also uses coin Julie so it’s not perfect you can still use it
okay someone is messing with it now on the
wasabi side there you go that they it gets into a little bit more in the tweet
it’s not a major interest of mine I know people have asked me about it and I
don’t really care that much fat like button there’s the hottest Adam Meister
answer but that’s why I gave you a real a real concise little thing down there
the coronoid thing isn’t perfect bottom line all right
hey offset costs classified said keep up the awesome cast my friend let us know
if you’re still interested in hitting up Detroit and/or Grand rapid in going to
man I’m always interested man you can get so I know people out there my friend
Detroit Sarah is out in Northwest Suburbs whatever that one’s West
Bloomfield I think and anyway yeah I’ll go to Detroit it just again it’ll have
to be in 2020 obviously wait I know what you mean by Detroit the whole the metro
area little little effect I’ve spent a summer out there once in my
youth I spent the summer in the suburbs of Detroit learning about learning about
why I didn’t want to be in a work for a major corporation I tried it out an
internship and yeah I knew very early on I like I couldn’t take that type of
thing which is awesome I got that my sister Rockets but yet you know I’ll
speak in Detroit or wherever yeah I’ll speak anywhere I’m an from Baltimore for
god sakes how that like button know uh with rocky said rocky something if you
said notice local Bitcoin in South America growing exponentially do you
think South America might be the first region Bitcoin goes mainstream what’s
mainstream well I don’t there’s a lot of people have been using it they need it
in Venezuela man they have they have no currency so yeah that’s been part of
thing and Argentine is going through a bad situation so I mean but a lot of the
people there had no concept have no financial literacy at all and just do
what their governments tell them to do and are pleased with socialism and
communism in many of those countries more so than in other countries in this
world so you know they do their 20 percenters they get Bitcoin okay they’re
80 percenters what never heard it okay that felt they would they’ll they’ll beg
for a communist before they understand it okay
so III don’t I know though what mainstream is I mean this all of a a lot
you guys not saying this is you rocky I think it’s going to become the major
currency in a bunch of countries it’s not it’s just not it’s it’s a different
it’s a different animal it’s for the 20 percenters it’s for the 20 percent some
some other people will use it it will not become the world reserve currency
it’s the world reserve crypto currency and game and just because it’s not going
to become before people it’s a company tremendous success without even becoming
the world reserve currency which it will not become because again 80 percenters
are always gonna do it 80 percent us are gonna do they’re not gonna all opt into
this thing they’re gonna be easier options like Facebook coin or they’re
dead coin so I don’t know what Main Street what Bitcoin for the mainstream
means even I mean it’s it’s already been in mainstream publications all over the
world more obviously still there’s only 1% of people on earth or 2% of people on
earth possibly have it it’s less than 1% when will 10% ask a question like one
will 10% the people on earth habit and the answer to that is in the next decade
at some point closer to the end of the next decade though the middle of the
next decade it doesn’t matter it’s all it’s gonna happen one thing it’s going
to happen 10% of the world will have Bitcoin one day that’s why we should be
darn happy that we have it would only 1% of the world has found that way okay so
moving on so Market Ticker Carl denature he has this really today it’s an
anointing post saying I told you so that uh that it that Bitcoin would be
taxed I told you so and because any links everybody’s a few days late after
the IRS announcement he’s so proud that you know every dude I know this guy he’s
a genius but he doesn’t he doesn’t boast he hates Bitcoin so but he doesn’t
follow it very closely so he thinks he’s saying such a grant like I was right I
knew it we we’ve all noted be who would be
taxable Wow we all know that coinbase would have had access security numbers
we all know that coinbase was an IRS were sharing information and that the
IRS would eventually you know send letters and everything but he’s all
happy about it and so in his little world over there he posted this post
about it how smart he is you know how he predicted it that that the IRS would tax
pickle and so in this thread you know it’s kind of embarrassing his post that
you know he’s making a big deal out of it and again you know we can go back to
post by Carlton jor when it would Bitcoin was $200 before I had Bitcoin
where he said it was going to zero that you know you should get out now and and
things like that I’ve linked to that before but uh but it’s just it’s just so
funny that comments oh but the obnoxious ignorant comments under and this is
linked to below by the people who think they’re so smart and they start saying
you know it’s used by dealers and just the mob mentality it’s hilarious it’s
it’s hilarious that in these little echo chambers and some of the people do it
are smart that are actually replying to this smart man’s ignorant post but it
becomes an echo chamber of cool of naivete and of ignorance because they
don’t know what they’re talking about it oh and it’s embarrassing
they’re like I’m so glad I didn’t get it the Bitcoin and my friends just my
friend just had to pay these taxes because he was trading okay okay yeah
and thus is bad it’s like they they don’t even know it’s $11,000 and then
Carl said not that to get out of it when there’s $200 tell them that like fun
alright crypto angels in Long Beach he said he sent me to 999 his super chat
which is awesome dude good to see you in the super chat he says here’s some paper
while how the stuff has some value here’s some paper while it still has
value well thank you man thank you for the support I I appreciate it I’m glad
you’re not a you’re saving your Bitcoin and you’re spending your Fiat that is
that is the way to do and so I’m gonna go back to what rocky
said do you think South America might be the first region where Bitcoin goes
mainstream it the first region the United States is the capital of Bitcoin
okay that’s North America it’s so the first place it will go mainstream is
North America I mean it’s all right we’re way ahead we’re ready ahead we
don’t need it like the people of Venezuela need it but put again but here
we live in this realm of comfort and abundance where they’re just going to be
people who are gonna gamble on it and get into it because it’s trendy and
there’s just a lot more wealth here there’s a lot more wealth in North
America so North America will be the first place that’ll be mainstream I
guess no not South America we make we make big deals out of these exotic
places like Africa and South Africa and Africa and South America which I have
been to and what we should be pointing to is the specific use cases that it’s
proving that’s proof that are already in play okay where people are preserving
their wealth in Bitcoin they’re preserved because of hyperinflation
where people are getting their wealth out of countries that have very
oppressive financially oppressive governments be it Zimbabwe or Venezuela
people or did they’re really doing this so thus when people start annacarl
janitors saying it has no value or it’s for dealers it’s for even legalities
this is an escape it’s being used as an escape mechanism by smart people by 20
percenters in these in these countries but they these are small countries and
these are just 20 percenters and so it’s very small but it is happening which is
awesome is again in America what we’re doing is we’re uh we don’t want to we
don’t want to use a value our wealth of dollars anymore and we want to be we
want to have the best asset out there which is Bitcoin so that’s what we’re
doing we’re just uh we’re we’re protecting our wealth there they’re
totally like in Zimbabwe and in Venezuela there if they don’t protect
their wealth they will have nothing we if we don’t
we’ll have something we’ll have something we’re not gonna have nothing
anytime soon we have so we have so much stuff so much abundance in North America
we’re not in their situation are we this fist oh yeah in America in North America
it’s it’s gonna continue these big huge and in Asia and Europe awesome yeah all
right anyway I say Asia I mean that the very development countries like Japan
and Italy people don’t like I think there’s like a guilt complex by some big
corners they don’t like the same like its biggest it’s it’s big it’s mostly
used mostly holders in the richest of countries okay there’s nothing wrong
with that there’s nothing wrong with that that the rich the rich countries
are five found that about it and you’re plunging into it the people in rich
countries are taking the chance on it now again in the poor countries they’re
not taking a chance in in it the people were getting into it they freaking need
it they forgive need it but it’s a small small amount of people compared to the
wealthier people in the Western countries and Asia that are getting into
it alright enough so we talked to Morgan alright so Facebook is Facebook living
Walmart stream was something a video I made on July 21st where and it’s linked
to below where I predicted that a Walmart would eventually copy they would
want to have their own coin also so they could get their a banking dream back up
and running again and sure enough people started contacting me I think on Friday
or Thursday coin Telegraph article Walmart is trying to patent its own
Libra like digital currency they would have a bank for poor people or whatever
they want to have but no this was predictable I predicted it I didn’t know
it was gonna happen so fast that the news was gonna pry I didn’t I don’t
wanna work for Walmart I don’t know what they’re planning but I knew it was
logical that they were gonna let Facebook get had their own coin if they
couldn’t have their own coin so they would have their own coin too you don’t
get their coin they’ll get their bank or whatever you want to call it just like
Facebook well so yeah it’s linked to below my July 21st
I already yeah it’s already come true good
prediction there on my part very nice oh hello my elite friends I forgot to say
that nothing wrong with being elite people aim to be elite this decade that
we’re about to enter is the decade of the elite I mean what don’t you want to
be a leap why would you want to end it all right now I mean that it’s you can
you can say oh I just want to be gloom and a victim in 20 okay if you want to
go that path go that path don’t destroy a lot of people when you’re going that
path okay that’s uh that’s violating people’s uh that’s violating people
that’s force right there when you’re gonna take a bunch of people down with
you because you’re a gloom er if you want this dude it’s what this decade is
it’ll eat baby coming up it is the opposite of victim compete don’t
complain don’t destroy yourself all right
what is this okay we’re not going to talk about that we’re not going to talk
about again my audio podcast easily accessible at sports moisture comm I
actually want to show that I just did like a flashback show I had the one
minute and 30 second clip about me talking about predicting the Walmart
thing the walmart warning its own coin so uh oh yeah was Bitcoin is uh I just
said about oh let’s find let’s end this with a boxing note here okay I’ve
mentioned him a few times now Adam Cal Nike he actually won yesterday he’s a
huge Bitcoin man he’s a huge man he’s the white George Foreman he beat Chris
Arriola in a record-breaking heavyweight bout it 20 over 2,100 punches were
thrown in the 12 round back which I mean is pretty bad for your brain okay
but he looked all right afterwards amazingly after being like pounded in
the head by this other dude he defeated him he won is a unanimous decision
so he’s I linked to the CBS article about it I linked it Deontay Wilder
Twitter who was interviewing him afterwards he might be fighting I had a
milder next year and that’s it that’s what we want not animal Adam Cal Mackey
we want Adam now that he’s won this fight he is a huge big point Dan he was
even tweeting about Bitcoin before the fight to get his heavyweight title shot
now he deserves it now he’s earned it now against this
Deontay Wilder guy who is like the scary-looking dude he’s a boxer bad he’s
ripped and he destroys people so yeah he’s a stair dude and but and Adams like
you know Stay Puft Marshmallow Man kinda I mean no offense dude he’s a big dude
he’s a big you know he’s George Foreman white and but this is good for Bitcoin
we’re talking about mainstream well this will this will help get mainstream if
Adam gets his heavyweight title shot congratulations on winning your fight
Adam last night in Brooklyn may may you soon be fighting Deonte maybe it’ll be
the day of the abit Corey having in May of twenty that would be great to have a
Bitcoin having hype heavyweight match and animal just be talking Bitcoin and
fighting Deonte the heavyweight champion of the world so that’s that is linked to
below and so yeah we had a pretty diverse show here today we have beyond
Bitcoin we had some sports that deal with Bitcoin there and yeah i’m adam
meister bitcoin is the heavyweight title says uh spencer key yeah it really is
that i like that bitcoin is the heavyweight champ yeah bitcoin is the
heavyweight champ of i mean is that it’s the highest class you get to it’s
definitely the heavyweight class and it is a champion of the undefeated
heavyweight champion of cryptocurrency okay imma adam meister do some say to
the l trash having had happened yet the the litecoin having happens on the fifth
and like echo echo echo echo so that’s tomorrow i guess and no so it wasn’t
there was there was no like point having height its price went up since the
beginning of the year because bitcoins price went up since the beginning of the
year in terms of bitcoin is barely going up
maybe now it hasn’t having me checked it’s a non-story it’s a non-story like
it was in 2015 and yeah who knows what will happen I wouldn’t be worried about
litecoin people if you if you have wealth and litecoin now oh man I don’t
know what to say what I do know what to say I’ll say what
I’ve kept on saying value your wealth in Bitcoin their face is there been a lot
of people in that have always said you know like corny Bitcoin together I’ve
got 50% like 50% like oh my god you’re are I got 25% like we got a diversify
again diversify for the sake of diversification you might as well have
25% a triple I mean what’s the become you either have the real thing or you
don’t have the real thing so have the real thing bitcoin pan that like button
i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister disrupt meister hey my coin has been in
the rippled oh but i might in terms of diversification because if i think of
diversification this little difference pound that like button click on their
squares bang that bell button yeah i’m a bitcoin mixture apparently i’ll see you
guys in the in the chat in a second and now I will push the end stream button on
this new YouTube configuration they have given us spy

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