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so let’s start off with the francis pulo tweet francis is up in montreal he’s
been on this show before only this week in Bitcoin show and he’s talking about
the lightning Network Lightning Network allows free instant payments that are
below a penny these are considerably smaller by a
factor of a hundred X and more than what people call micro payments and they
didn’t exist when the term was invented and he says nano payments so yes now the
Lightning Network could do nano payments super small bitcoin transactions you
know people were saying oh we need dogecoin for that no you don’t you need
Lightning Network for that so check out that tweet by Francis Prince Wong and he
also it actually is a double tweet he retweeted some ways oh just check out
the links below it’s linked to below also linked to below is a be gold press
release they have the electrum G which is an SP
V wallet for B gold and they send me the prep they send me the press release so
I’m sharing it Hey they are crypto dividend they’re in
motion we actually talked about them on that this week in Bitcoin show from
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pound that like one saying before I don’t know who the heck would say such a
thing alright so um hmm speaking of old shows
yesterday’s show it was very interesting I I talked about how the Monaro V crypto
dividend was going to be listed on hit BTC an exchange and I mentioned that the
tweet that that announced this was linked to below yeah for different
people in the comment section below yesterday’s video um has told me exactly
what I said in the video um they didn’t listen to what I said in the video
basically four separate people I know what you gotta have better than
listening comprehension people I don’t want to insult those people I’m not
going to name their names or anything like that I mean you can check help the
notes section below yesterday’s video and see exactly what I’m talking about
you could watch yesterday’s video and see that I I talked about exactly what
they are telling me about um guys if you’re in cryptocurrency you really got
to pay attention to details okay you gotta if you miss things like what I was
talking about yesterday if you don’t pay attention to the full instructions you
are gonna get rekt dudes so guys listening comprehension reading
comprehension I’m not just joking around when I say you got to become better with
those kind of things are you gonna get destroyed in cryptocurrency you really
are and actually I had another video yesterday
that basically talked about the do’s and don’ts of cryptocurrency that a few of
you actually if you really liked that video it was a pre-taped video so thanks
for the feedback I always appreciate the the feedback constructive criticism is
great is great all right so let’s talk about the term blind diversification
here it’s something that I came up with in terms of what was going on with the
altcoins beforehand we seem to kind of died down
a little bit or a lot people were just buying altcoins
well first of all because they wanted they’re all going to be the next Bitcoin
but they thought well I just can’t hold Bitcoin I got up hold other things and
XYZ said this great thing about this altcoin it’s like herd mentality type of
stuff like you know you need to diversify you don’t want to do the
research on your own so you just go with what’s ever popular whatever flashy
whatever just jumped up in value by a lot and you don’t understand you hear
some technical mumbo-jumbo and some you know keywords flashy words and you just
you jump in in your end because everyone else is doing it and that’s what pumps
these all coins and you know some big splash announcement that they made that
you know in the future this is going to be able to power the Russian economy or
so I mean some outlandish things people just you know blindly diversify because
they don’t understand what the heck they’re doing they don’t understand what
these coins are really doing they’re just blindly getting into them and it
will happen again in all coins so that’s why when you when you hear about certain
all coins are going down now I know be it be cash be whatever they’re all gonna
go back up again because the 80% has a natural tendency to blindly diversify
okay now like a diversification can be good when you understand what you’re
getting into but so let’s if we go back to the year 2000 there’s a there’s a
perfect example of a blind diversification there was a company
called psi net and psi net was you know was talking a big game about the
internet and they were able to raise all this money they bought the naming rights
the Baltimore Ravens Stadium okay which further pumped their value because
everyone’s oh my god be paid so much they’ve got their name on this big
stadium and everyone you know all these people were buying psi net they had no
idea what psi network they were just you know they need to diversify into other
internet stocks they they already own certain internet sex now let’s getting
the PSI net as PSI net is just the the apple of that traders eye or whatever
you know it’s on the Ravens Stadium and of course psi net went to zero
eventually but it did pump it did pump for a we altcoins have not had their psi
net moment yet okay some of you think that that’s already happened you think
oh it’s crazy that some of these have gone up so much oh no no no no no no no
I was young I was a young whippersnapper back in the days when they put that name
on the on the Ravens Stadium okay back in 2000 but I know but I know that we
have not gone it hasn’t gotten that crazy yet where the where huge chunks of
the population of the 80 percenters are blindly diversifying into you know me oh
and and just you know completely reckless coins that are like associate
you know neo will put their name on the Great Wall of China that’s what’s gonna
happen the Great Wall of China they’re associated with China my grandmother
just bought into it or whatever you know grandmother’s will be so we haven’t had
all coins have not had their psi net moment but don’t worry we will get to
that blind diversification so remember the term um I just made it up before I
started this video alright pound that like button so here’s something that
sounds familiar from Alistair Milne it’s a tweet from Alice and we haven’t had
psi net moment I like that more as a term I should have put that in my title
we have not had our psi net moment yet and that’s gonna be a reckless moment
but anyway going back to Alistair Milne um he says if you believe in Bitcoin and
you should be buying if you don’t then it doesn’t really matter if you’re
buying at 5,000 6,000 or 7,000 dollars etc your hope
for that extra zero not to mention a thou not to make a thousand dollars more
per coin hold until the next having May 2020 yes yes it does hope you know long-term
thinking 2020 having value your wealth and Bitcoin
sounds very familiar I’ve heard that some guy was spiky hair say that before
but I’m glad Alistair agrees with me on that okay so check out his tweet below
here’s an article from crypto core media that Daniel at the 21 million Club sent
me and I like cryptic core media I met the guy in charge when I was in
Australia when I was in Darwin are stressed rally ax and they’re in motion
and he’s got this article about this crypto kid who’s going to launch it like
some twelve-year-old kid that’s gonna have an ICO completely ridiculous I just
said we haven’t at our psi net moment yet so I mean that is pretty ridiculous
that there’s a that the kid is controlled by his father and it what
what it shows is that you know I think it was yesterday’s show I talked about
or two days ago how like 90% of the icos are gonna run away with your money well
here’s an example of how insane it’s gotten is a 12 year old kid wants you to
invest in him he’s from Connecticut he’s from that a rich kid Ian Connecticut
that what it’s associated with wealth at least what’s that Bristow I forgot which
one I’m not thinking about Vic it’s Trey I’m not a big Connecticut fan terrible
traffic in Connecticut when you’re trying to drive up the Boston it’s
terrible terrible oh my god anyway it reminds me of a friend once said to me I
cannot anyway so they done anyway these guys did the kid and his father they
don’t like Bitcoin at all which is obvious so yeah check out the ridiculous
this ridiculous thing we’re just getting started with the ridiculousness though
but it is a lesson that you know you shouldn’t get into I SEOs at all okay
don’t get excited by some twelve-year-old kid but he’s trying to
think he’s he’s like Bitcoin his his coin is
of course of course it is but yeah it’s good to see crypto core media in motion
I just like its I just wanted to have a shout out for doing an article with uh
they’ve got cool pictures on their articles too for you for you 80
percentage you just like to look at the pictures they’ve got a cool drawing them
there so you can just look at the drawings and not comprehend with this
with the point of the article is all right so uh toward the Meester okay so
this is this is what you guys all came for for the Barry Silbert etherium
classic point of the day tour de Maistre again you know on yesterday’s show I
talked about how tour brought up of the etherium and and here well this is what
he said today this story the story here is about real dollars being invested in
a future where either the etherium change forks again or where the proof of
state transition doesn’t happen at all okay so he’s talking about these miners
the pit main miners and how they’re they’re making these a 6-4 aetherium and
that why is this happy tour gives to you know plausible explanations why this is
happening and then Barry Silbert chimes in and he says there is a third option
or something like that you can check out the link below and then tour says
aetherium classic and he says bingo so again you first heard about this only
this week in Bitcoin show a few weeks ago when maneet Riggs was on ok now you
have Barry Silbert straight up saying you know that maybe are implying that
what bit MAME is doing is for aetherium classic I mean you check out the links
below you make your own decision okay you check out what torta Meester’s
thread and how Barry somewhat randomly shines in out of the blue on this thread
about aetherium and brings up the theory in classic as a third option just you
know you check it out yourself I am NOT an altcoin guy okay I’m not going to buy
I I have some ones here I have something really classic for various reasons you
know there was given the me and stuff but you know for you all you miss
everybody you know people here come here for different reasons they there are
some people interested in the ethereal ins and everything so thing that’s very
in theorems a number two cryptocurrency okay there’s a very interesting story
very interesting story Barry Silbert is a tremendous player in this in this
cryptocurrency space you check out the link you decide on your own
alright but much credit to money Triggs for really being the first person I
heard to start to talk about this side of the etherium classic saga so I
believe that’s the end of the pure cryptocurrency part of the show I want
to say that the New York Post I’d link to an article it says self-employment is
rising a trend in American war is a rising trend in American workforce and
ok they talked about how you know being self-employed can be cool but then they
try to find people out if I say you you’re not gonna get your regular
paycheck and you know it so that’s so bad not to get a regular paycheck like I
mean so many people are dependent on that first of all if you’re already
watching my video you’re in the Bitcoin you’re already living outside the box in
a certain way ok you’re one step into living outside of the box if you’re in
the Bitcoin you’ve already taken a pretty big step
toward self-employment ok and just living outside of this comfortable box
or you have to work for a corporation or you have to work for a government and
get a pay daily or a weekly or biweekly paycheck okay so then I find this
article that says one decision that separates wealthy from the non wealthy
and I don’t even know why I found this article I think it’s you know you know
Google you get all these suggested videos on various browsers or on
Facebook or whatever you know because everybody knows what you look at so they
so the Google and Facebook are so smart they know what I’m thinking ok they know
I’m into this kind of thing so they sent me this article so I’m gonna quote from
this article that says one decision separates the wealthy from the non
wealthy you gotta check out this article because you’re gonna
you can learn a lot about how you can change your life to become a
self-employed person because it is a it is really about being self-employed this
article in a way alright the problem with most people’s lives is that they
are being shielded from the consequences of their behavior there’s little to no
accountability the fastest way to make success inevitable in your life is to
only do work that is incentive based only do that which you are rewarded and
punished for the quality of your work everything you do needs to matter to the
outcomes consequences and results you get in life so what is the decision the
decision is to take complete ownership of every decision in your life and and
how you do that is by only doing things in which you are compensated based on
performance this going it’s going completely against the norms in society
it goes against public education which shields people from progressing at their
own rates it goes against most job structures wherein a person is paid an
hourly rate or salary if you want to make dramatic strides forward you must
only work in environments where the consequences of your actions are
immediate and real you need to demand you need to be demanded by your
situation to come up with a result and they also ask are you part of the
results economy okay guys I have said this what these guys are said in
different worlds words personal responsibility is the new counterculture
okay dudes you know if you work for the government that’s the complete opposite
of what they’re talking about you don’t have to produce any results you don’t
have to do anything you just have to clock in clock out okay you’re taking no
risk you’re taking no responsibility when you work for yourself you’ve got to
produce okay you’ve got it you’ve got to have a product you’ve got it if you
don’t work you’re not gonna get paid so you’re
taking responsibility that’s your personal stuff most people just want
everything given to them when a rely off of others want to rely off of their boss
they want to live in comfortable situations I got a job I get a weekly
paycheck I’m gonna do the the minimal amount of work and that’s it they don’t
want to take chances but if you’re willing to take these chances if you’re
willing to go outside the box if you’re willing to live in the calendar
counterculture a personal responsibility the sky is the freakin limit people okay
so I mean and Bitcoin is is part of that Bitcoin is part of it you bought the
Bitcoin you’re taking the risk right there you’re living outside the box
you’re being proactive and again a sitting in my life yeah I mean if I
don’t make these youtube videos then I don’t get paid by Google okay
it’s that simple it’s that simple that’s and that’s a very motto on a very minor
level of working for yourself very minor thing your being is RIT the results
economy are you part of the results economy where you produce results and
you get rewarded or do you just like to be part of the economy where you do
nothing and you get a paycheck produce results be productive be in motion it’s
fun and again the sky is the limit you can become very wealthy very wealthy
person when you’re when you’re being productive all right and you’re taking
that chance to work for yourself finally another be in motion reminder from the
New York Post restaurants make big bucks off of people who aren’t eating a theme
so these restaurants are being taxed out of existence so they are entrepreneurial
they’re in the results economy so they’re just like they’re charging
people to use their bathrooms they’re using the extra space in their
restaurants to store coats and charge people it’s IB you probably say all
those cheap B’s no no they’re being productive they’re
being created I give them credit for being in motion they’re being
entrepreneurial and they’re already entrepreneurial they’re forced to be
more entrepreneurial so these restaurants so I want
the just link to that article also it deals with what I was just talking about
okay some dude named planet musk flogged he says by the TSLA dip as well
what’s TSLA stand for man but yeah by the by the dip i guess if he’s talking
about big and i like you a planet must flog thank you for the dollar
ninety-nine you’ve said cool things in the comment section before and so
everybody i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video check out
the new section below and for all those things i was just talking about read
that whole article very inspirational and found that like button right

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