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all right I was watching the bench of Heroes show advertisement for eToro
eToro whatever eToro however you pronounce it pincher Pierrot
talking about kryptos because eToro is a sponsor and then when I was at the Tel
Aviv Bitcoin embassy yesterday booty tells me they’re based in Tel Aviv which
I had no idea and who knee also told me that at the
event in Tel Aviv that I’m going to be at in September more information on that
soon I’m gonna be a single at a fireside chat with OD which I knew about and the
guy in charge of eToro which I did not know about but hey you’ll learn new
things every day pal that frickin like button and it’s good to hear ben shapiro
saying good things about cryptocurrency even though he’s being paid to say so
but you know i guess I’ve heard him say otherwise when he’s not doing advertised
and also recently but it could have been because he had just learned about eToro
and they’re paying him but here knows and more people are finding him at
crypto at ben shapiro is talking about it about bitcoin baby that’s where it’s
about although eToro is they go into all sorts of things i guess okay poor
results from my poll or in and the people liked strong hand the best and
value your wealth and bitcoin came in second a close second but uh so yeah
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about here so yeah people are frustrated because bitcoin without even taking into
account the free crypto dividends you get from holding Bitcoin is beating
funds that are out there that you have to pay people to to manage yet there are
actually people out there you you pay the money and they hang on all right
reconnection is successful thank you OBS studio you are so great aren’t you oh
what a situation when you’re on YouTube now to get on the
YouTube I gotta be on ABS now I don’t know if you missed what I just said I
totally forgot what I just said video buffering what a lie yeah dude
it’s uh this is this is the way you do it and then bear with it dudes oh I know
what I said if you’re watching this tape it’s so funny right what I’m saying if
you’re watching this tape it goes offline maybe I’m speaking too loud that
was what tres thought was going on the other day technology is amazing though I
tell you you know we complain and you get knocked off line I mean when we were
kids you needed to have a TV station to do something like this I mean so I’m
grateful that I can do this for free I can be my own TV station putting it in
like 1994 type of terms there right so this is amazing Shore there gonna be
issues like buffering or whatever but what I was saying if you’re watching
this tape play that 2x played it 2x it saves you it saves you time all right
all right all right I freaked I said free crypto dividend
then it cuts out he’s being censored no I’m not being censored at all roaming Q
please don’t even say something like that
all right how’s the video looking now guys my uh my my live watchers who are
bearing with me here all right no is it anyone answer that question how it hells
via video right now if you don’t just answer the question
all right very nice okay moving on uh I I wonder what got skipped I’ll have to
review the whole thing good all right so we talked about people pitching crypto
as an asset class are going to have a lot of angry investors if it turns out
the whole space converges for a Bitcoin and yeah the whole space is converging
toward Bitcoin so bitcoin is the next Bitcoin that’s the bottom line there all
right moving on moving on yeah now everybody’s now
loud again out there good remember you can support two sir just by retweeting
and everything like that you can have a type of bitcoinmeister I’ll answer your
questions live for all you live guys Adam you talk too fast to listen to a 2x
speeds I disagree I actually tried it out I can understand myself fine I
listen the guys with British accents at 2x speed so if you’re an American you
can definitely listen to me o 2x speed you understand if not just playing at
1.75 that saves you some time alright hopefully you just played all of
that at 2x because there was a lot of nonsense in there asking about talking
about the the connection and whatnot all right oh so yeah ba bat bat I actually
talked about this on Saturday show but somebody asked me about on Saturday show
so you can if you want Saturday’s show this might seem familiar but yeah bat
for me that was already priced in okay now of course Bitcoin went up a little
bit when back made their announcement it’s clear to launch their Bitcoin
futures next month wow what a shock I mean we know we knew
this was coming for a while I I live in the future where I’m to me this has
already happened this is just a tip of the iceberg so many other big financial
games are gonna be played here by financial organizations doing all sorts
of complex financialization of Bitcoin great this is really big boys play let
them do that then I’ll get a lot of money rolling in the Bitcoin for me I
just keep it simple I don’t need to play games with my Bitcoin I just own it
straight up on a treasure or on a ledger or on a big box on the other darn thing
that I have when were you talking about in a second so yeah fact I’m happy I’m
happy that people that didn’t wake up to the news are now waking up to news maybe
they’ll actually buy Bitcoin before it actually goes live and before like all
the other major financialization players get into the space if not they could
just complain when we’re like uber rich because we bought Bitcoin or before the
all the big players got in and and there will be plenty of people complaining oh
you’re so lucky you got in early no we had the common insider information since
like 2015 this is always going to happen and
had long-term thinking we simply bought Bitcoin and we held on to it didn’t do
anything fancy with it and it paid off nicely in 2024 and five or three-year
whenever you’re watching this okay roman q said did you shed a tear
when you found that congressman congressman and Omar to live to leave
we’re not going to be joining you in Israel Oh touch shed a tear III mean obviously if they were to be in
my vicinity I could become ill so I was quite pleased they would not be so so
physically close to me anytime soon no I I was I was pleased that the the
sovereign nation of Israel thank him why would they let in an enemy of their
nation enemies of their NATO what nation not only Israel is silly enough to do
that if Israel go the pressure of the whole world they want to fit in so much
some some Israelis want to fit in so much they will let they would like you
know who who’s rotting in you know we’re into the frickin country if they fit in
okay they would they would let say it’s such a horrible person whose name last
things started with an H yeah they’d even let him in after a mass murder
after the mess I can’t say certain words here and gets up it’s unbelievable how
they can t monetize you here but no some Israelis want to fit in and again many
Israelis are very strong brave people but you know there’s plenty of a
socialist here that have just they let anybody in so at the the haters of the
world was like well why isn’t Israel let these people that want to you know
destroy their nation into their nation well the Israel is acting like a common
sense nation so I I give them uh I give applause to the state of the nation of
Israel not to let hater I mean I travel a lot guys okay you have to go through
at certain countries there’s so much nonsense you have to go through okay so
I mean every country has a little game they play who they let in who they don’t
want to let in different and that’s their rule that’s their thing you are
their guest you are a guest you’re not entitled I’m not entitled
to visit anywhere I’m not entitled to visit Australia I have to play their
game I have to open my up my suitcase and they have to search it for fruit and
they could find me hundreds of dollars if they find a Apple in there that’s
that’s the agreement just because I’m an American doesn’t
mean I get to go even if I was a senator or a congressman doesn’t mean they have
to let me into their country they can make up what any any rules they bought
to it’s a sovereign country that’s the way the world set up so yeah Israel is
also a sovereign nation and it’s great that they acted like a normal nation for
once and didn’t let enemies of a nation into the into the country it’s great I’m
proud of them because most of the time now they just try to fit in a lot a lot
of you know liberal socialist whatever they’re just like let our biggest
enemies in the world will love us no they don’t get it the world will always
hate Israel I mean okay what’s wrong with being hated who cares what the
other people think that’s my whole thing fitting in is overrated as yours people
we have to realize we will always be hated so what if so let them hey let
them hate us well I mean what’s the big deal
if as long as they’re not hurting us let them hate us we don’t have to let our
haters and we don’t have to talk to haters we left this shit that’s the way
you should live your life 233 for some of the people you’re gonna meet in life
we’re gonna hate you oh yeah I discussed this before so interesting topic David
got all Saturday on you there oh yeah we got that’s what you hear about and
beyond big point for those of you like that Joseph says do did you do the
Israel military training time why would I do that I’m an American citizen do I
only is only Israeli citizens do military training if you’re a citizen of
Israel you abide by their rules I’m Assistant United States of America why
on earth would I have to do military training in Israel I know you didn’t
mean that as a bad thing but that’s like people could confuse the two things
there I mean if you’re a citizen of Israel and again there’s there’s non
Jewish citizens of Israel that are in are in the army too I
mean they can get out and of course but no a Jewish person as a citizen of
America has to be Luna creepy why would you have to do Harvey time in Israel
it’s makes no sense but I mean you can do it you’d have to become a citizen of
Israel I mean you could become a dual citizen
I’m nada I don’t have a valid passport if I got a Israeli passport I’m too old
to be in their army now so I’ll just give it with my age all right now that
like blood people found that like thing moving on it’s just funny but people are
interested in the comments it’s a Bitcoin show people gone now all
right we talked about backed let’s talk about a New York Times article and
remember over 1,400 Bitcoin related atomizer videos at disrupt meister calm
moving on Wells Fargo here the Bank info this is
from a quote from a New York Times article which it’s got a great Bitcoin
point to it oh great I’m offline again not great offline atome says buffering
and gone and gone hang I’ll tell you when I’m back back on audio only yeah I
do I do wonder if it’s Adams if it’s my my loud voice that’s a kicky maybe
that’s that’s too much too much for it to take all right audio homie it says video output is low YouTube is not
receiving enough video to maintain smooth streaming as such viewers will
experience buffering okay okay I understand that I’m gonna bear with the
I’m gonna bear with this this situation here maybe you’ll be able to fix it next
time but for now I’m going to leave I’m gonna read you the Wells Fargo quote and
I’m glad and someone said bitcoinmeister are your dual system any contra country
no I’m not I only have a United States passport having a second passports a
good thing apparently it’s a very good thing apparently I’m not gonna there’s
different ways for you to get a second passport I’m interested in getting an
Israeli passport I’m definitely interested in that all right back on
audio only tell me how is it helped you’re back on audio and video good
thanks and I appreciate you guys keep on giving me updates like that that is
that’s that’s very much appreciated I’m gonna I’m gonna keep my voice I’m gonna
keep my voice lower as I’ve read this quote from the New York Times the bank
inform mr. anadi that it was closing all 13 of the
checking accounts it provided his roofing company crv construction for a
reason it called confidential the letters the letter said the account
would be closed on June 27th and he would be mailed the check for the
balance in his accounts mr. alam d went to his branch and
collected the money so he did not have to wait for the check to arrive in the
mail but the accounts did not closed on the preset date four weeks after the
date the bank said the accounts would be closed it kept some of them active
payments to his insurer out sure to Google for online advertising and to a
provider a project management software were paid out of the empty accounts in
July every time the bank charged mr. analogy $35 overdraft fees so okay Wells
Fargo closes all this guy’s checking accounts
for no reason they say they’re closed but they’re not really closed and thus
he talked he got you took his money out he thought they were closed and people
kept on charging him and the bank kept on not saying hey this bank account is
closed this bank account doesn’t exist anymore
no they just kept charging him fees for overdraft fees because he took all the
money out he thought it was closed they said they were closing it bitcoin can’t
do that to you bitcoin can’t close your account and
keep charging you fees that is what happened to this man they hope they
thought they closed his account for no reason and then they kept on charging
him they’re charging a piece this is why you want to be your own bank as as some
say get get out of the Wells Fargo banking system okay
it could manage your own money Bitcoin that is one of the best reasons out
there many people aren’t going to see it that way many people are goes oh I need
a bank account I need it well you don’t want to be that dependent on it like
that guy was and you can get in some real situations there all right
Vijay who’s been on the show before says I’ve met many regular people who have no
expertise in in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency who’ve told me they’re
glad to have found these maximalists who saved them from being scammed into many
coins that promise what cannot be achieved this is very important this is
a very important service it goes back to my saying okay so what vijay is
referring to there are there there’s some people that are complaining about
Bitcoin maximalist but Vijay is saying there are many people out there that
thank maximalist and people actually on this thread I really found out about
this thread is because someone copied tone and I on it and they said you know
that tone and Adam Meister were two of the guys that taught them to just get in
the Bitcoin not to get into this nonsense so Vijay is saying that it is a
it’s an important service that the Bitcoin maximalist or big points first
er I think that’s where that more so what I am that we provide that we say no
be careful careful these all coins and it goes back
to my simple saying of know how to send the Bitcoin before you even buy a light
point okay everyone should start out a Bitcoin first or I believe okay if they
gain enough skill with Bitcoin and understanding then they can foolishly
move on to altcoins if they dare okay to start out blindly diversify for the sake
of diversification ends up very costly it can end up very costly for people
okay one two three noscope do you ever get nervous
wearing Bitcoin and power out in public no I don’t people don’t really care
about Bitcoin now but when one Bitcoin is in the sixth realm I’d be scared to
say I own big point about what it doesn’t say hey I own Bitcoin it’s just
for now it’s just like the bat-signal okay it makes it it shows the people out
there that are bitcoin fans that I am also a Bitcoin fan and it starts off
conversations for criminals out there it doesn’t like trigger like oh that guys
holding Bitcoin right now better get him into a scam where I can somehow steal
his big ball and not yes so uh for now I love wearing my Bigpoint shirts in fact
here in the Land of Israel I only have Bitcoin shirts and then I have two
running shirts that don’t say Bitcoin they’re like disgusting I’m gonna throw
them away when I’m gone from here and then I’ve got my white collared shirt
that I wear to synagogue so basically I wear my Bitcoin shirts
everywhere when I’m not going to synagogue or running so yeah III mean
again thank you for all my supporters who set me Bitcoin shirts over I mean
like I have over 50 of them basically but I can only bring a certain amount
with me so I’ve got like ten with me but no I like where I love wearing them in
public I love I am doing my part marketing Bitcoin and it has started in
Israel has definitely started some conversations Multi SIG’s multi-sig is
super secure okay basically impossible for people to move
Bitcoin but it’s complex right now and this is from what I gathered from a
Michael Flaxman interview by Stefan Lovera I link to it below it gets a
little techie epaulette parts the bit I mean it’s not easy to do what he said to
set up two different hardware wallets a traceur and they what was the other one
that he said to use they didn’t even write it down but but to set up a
treasure and debt the one out of Canada with it what’s his face does I just
forget it star name I don’t know I got one of them but to start set up a
multi-sig with coming from two different hardware wallets it’s basically two in
order to move your Bitcoin you want both of those hardware wallets have to sign
and so it’s impossible for somebody someone would have it’s basically a
possible for someone to move your Bitcoin if you have it set up that way
but it’s not easy to do and Flaxman wants that to be easy to do he doesn’t
think that hardware wallets are good enough yet he wants it to be easier he’s
really like a hardware wallet Maxim lists he judges them quite harshly if he
says is there they’re not they’re not good they’re not they’re not what they
could be yet so he’s cold card Thank You Roman Q I can’t believe I forget that
but here is a quote and some of you will be able to do this again if you don’t
know how to do this don’t even try to do it it’s personally your hardware wallet
alone is is good enough okay it’s much better than what most people are using
right now most people are like keeping it on blockchain down the Infowars or
something particular coin days they don’t control their private keys at all
but let’s see what flexin said you can do it in docker now makes it a lot
easier you start about multi-sig if you know what docker is then you probably
can imagine that would be a lot simpler but it’s but it’s a lot that’s one
that’s one way to do it it is the best UI right now
for multi Hardware multi Hardware wallet multi-sig that’s what I’ve been
describing here you can use electrum you can use it on your malware infected hot
machine and that’s okay you could run Bitcoin core note or not
which is obviously has its negatives if you want if you don’t and you can do
multi Hardware while at multi-sig today okay so it’s not easy to do multi wallet
multi Hardware wallet multi sick today but if you could do it I mean that’s
like know that no one can move your Bitcoin other than you at that point I
would say yeah okay so people are said the same cult card but yes thank you
both of you guys for saying cold cart ill will made an awesome clip from the
interview I did with trace and I link to it below and I asked trace and the clip
that he retweeted was when I asked trace what has a better chance of 10x in
Bitcoin or gold and he cleared and he says Bitcoin of course so then I asked
him why would a 25 year old buy gold and there really is no very good reason for
it a 25 year old to buy gold if that 25 year old thinks that Bitcoin has a
better chance of 10 axing than gold does I mean that’s the bottom line
but but trace he was he was going he was playing with gold coins on the show if
you want to see that oh and some guy got traceur to say something very
interesting I have huge responses link to below
I have huge respect for everyone at traceur but I recently learned that cold
card wallet is Bitcoin only and that is the type of project I want to support
going forward I understand traceur is also working on
a Bitcoin only firmware device and then the reply from traceur was we do it is
planned to release in the beginning of autumn so in the fall
it appears traceur is going to come up with the Bitcoin only device stay tuned
people if you’re interested kind of thing if you’re wanting a Tresor
that’s a cold card okay interesting I like my treasure with the way it is I
mean I it doesn’t offend me that I can put light coin on my Tresor I think the
guy with the original tweet well obviously they’re people like him if
Tresor is going to go that direction if I’m understanding them correctly I got a
fake blockchain calm email today be very careful people it can tempt you because
it says claim your bsv now so it might make you think like oh I had Bitcoin at
blockchain that info now they’re letting me claim my BSB from that fork because I
also had be cashed there that I never moved no dudes it is a total fake email
do not click on those links it says like watch the video that explains how to
claim your beat no it’s a total scam and they’re playing on people’s desire to
get that crypto dividend that they think oh well where I was falsely keeping my
Bitcoin now they’re gonna credit me for b sv no this is this I just randomly got
this at one of my email addresses randomly got it it’s not based on
anything I was holding anywhere and so be very careful people when you see
emails like that because anyway my mother could get one so the chances are
they want someone watching this video is gonna get a video like you get a email
like that says claim your BS V now it’s fake dude it’s fake be very careful
don’t let that um desire for free crypt of dividends trick you in to clicking on
that I don’t know what happens when you click on that door thing and in drama
news today the Bitcoin and then link to this below Bitcoin on at Bitcoin on
Twitter it got rid of all the be cash related post so some are theorizing that
king of the trolls had a lease of the Bitcoin Twitter and now he’s not paying
for it anymore and thus is reverting just to be pure Bitcoin I don’t know
it’s not like I was getting my information from the Bitcoin at
Bitcoin on Twitter I know people were like really offended that the at Bitcoin
was like tweeting out beat ass stuff I mean go back to what I said before and
there’s so many Bitcoin people out there like tone Bay’s that are like going out
of the way screaming do not diversify for the sake of diversification bitcoin
is the next Bitcoin and Bitcoin is the real Bitcoin so just because something
called Bitcoin on Twitter is talking about be cash there are plenty other
voices out there that are really loud that would you know guide you in the
right direction like I don’t see people have said well people have been fooled
into buying be cash because of that Twitter account or because of Bitcoin
calm you got to do a little research you just don’t do it like oh I found one
website I’m only going to ever look at this one website there’s one Twitter
feed I’m gonna make all my based all my economic decisions in the cryptocurrency
space off of these two things I just said I know I don’t worry about this is
where the big boys play there’s so much information out there I mean if you just
want to see fancy sets or graphics yeah you can goal if you can get led down the
wrong path I guess but for me you know this is where the big boys play if if
king of the trolls was to waste all his money owning or renting the Bitcoin
account on Twitter and now he’s not okay great
it doesn’t change anything in my dorm life but people been talking about that
that’s a little bit if you need like a little bit of a gossip it there it is
okay just and one two three noscope said just stacks ass not touching them until
2032 and that dude that dude right there he’s a young dude he says it’ll be 35
then he’s got a frickin strong hand I give that to you and all the credit in
the world all right and what’s our last thing here no we’re not going to talk
about that all right that is all people that is the end of the show
glad you bared with the little technical difficulties that this setup has but hey
we got through it found that like button bang that bell button follow me on
Twitter at Tech ball TCH pilt i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister subscribes a channel like the video click on the squares always battle
bitcoin always town that like button let me push the end stream thing stops

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