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bus is great on the west coast it’s ok on the East Coast alright so what do we got here this is
this is good Australia Oh Australia now the title of
this video you can see that the Australian government is going to make
it illegal for cash payments over thousand dollars are gonna ban it in
2019 I point this out for a number of reasons first Australia is a very modern
beautiful powerful rich country with very smart people middle-class people
it’s kind of like do you know it’s like the United States some people think it’s
better than the United States if they can get away with that in Australia okay
we’re not saying it’s not Zimbabwe it’s add their vote dictators it’s not some
third world country you’re never gonna go – it’s not Mozambique
no it’s Australia and they’re banning the gay people and they’re doing it for
the good of the people you know to cut down on horrible transactions dealing
with boogeymen type subjects I’m not even gonna get into it okay but if the
80 and 80 for the people will accept that they’re not gonna fight back
they’re gonna like that sure okay I guess we can yeah we won’t be doing cash
transactions everything will be recorded about the government they’ll be keeping
track of us they’ll be able to tax this that’s why they’re doing this okay
that’s the there’s no you know one world government world conspiracy no no
because it’s pretty straight up what they’re doing there okay one attacks
they don’t want anyone getting under the radar they’ve got up they’ve got a fund
their welfare state in Australia just like the United States has the fun it’s
welfare dollar so people don’t protest there but what else truck you know so
you should opt into Bitcoin Australians 20% are Australians who aren’t happy
about this and you shouldn’t be happy about this but you shouldn’t just like
complain you should do something you should be in motion protect your wealth
with Bitcoin protect your privacy with Bitcoin they’re gonna be so many people
stuck in that you know system where the Australian governments gotta keep track
of every transaction in you know tax every transaction but you can’t use over
ten thousand it’s ten thousand Australian dollars by the way that you
know the 20 percenters you’re getting the Bitcoin I’ll strap a governor and
probably only pay much attention to those people because so many people are
just gonna be most people aren’t doers monkey
most people aren’t thinkers they’ll be satisfied or they oh yes mother
government yes write me a check give me a job you can take you can keep track of
everything here so I linked to a tweet about that I linked to the article the
article is disturbing it is Orwellian in a way you know how they they’re warning
people from July 1st 2019 cash payments over Australian ten thousand dollars
that’s about 75 hundred US dollars will be illegal in Australia it’s more
critical than ever that a censorship resistant decentralized and anonymous
monetary exchange protocol exists to protect your rights and the prosperity
of the economy well you know it already exists people in Australia you’re a
modern country you should have heard hopefully you’ve heard about Bitcoin get
into it so you don’t have to play in your governments playground you don’t
wanna play in their playground you wanna play with the big boys play okay so
leave their playground up into the Bitcoin playground which is a it’s it’s
a you know personal responsibility you’re not you’re not gonna have to fund
somebody else’s issues and worry about somebody else’s issue you worry about
yourself in the land of Bitcoin and they’re not gonna they’re not gonna bug
you yet who knows they might eventually bug you but right now they’re bug it
they’re gonna bug that literally bug the people completely know exactly what
they’re doing with their transact you know the Australian government might not
like that you’ve bought that magazine or you know so there’s another business
where you’re doing your cash that you bought those all those dolls oh my god
yeah do we it’s not my business what you don’t do it’s not the Australian
Government’s business okay so pound that like button everyone did I say that yeah
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new show every day we have this weekend Bitcoin on Friday the big shit on
Saturday and I’m going all around the world hey I might be in but we’ll talk
about the Netherlands in a second we’ll talk about in a second hopefully if I
don’t forget it okay the general here is a tweet the percent of supply owned
by the top 100 accounts okay so this is a drill in Bitcoin it’s the top 100
addresses own 18 percent of Bitcoin or 19 percent of all the Bitcoin out there
35% of all the etherium 98 percent of all the ripple 25% of the be cash 95
percent of the stellar 62% of the iota 70 percent of the Neo now if somebody
you’re gonna say well those are exchanges that have had most of those
addresses okay this is a general trend oh okay you can see which coins fall
more into the the few control huge hunks of it okay and if these all come on
stranded you know rip on Bitcoin for this we’ll look at these off I mean look
at these guys like ripple and stellar it is interesting that you now be cast of
course is more also than Bitcoin and the reason is it because some people just
haven’t touched their be cash yet and that will be so every fork of Bitcoin
every crypto dividend that’s a fork it’s going to be more so law the top 100
addresses are going to control more of a percent of the more of the coin that’s
just the nature of a crypto dividend but anyway
these are just interesting numbers to look at interesting to look at the
trends again many of the top hundred dresses are exchanges so here’s an
article that shows all these 12 graphs that show just how early the
cryptocurrency market is and this is entertaining some of you’ve loved graphs
the conclusion is that you could say that it’s still like 1994 in terms of
the Internet in terms of how far a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have
progressed that it is so early early days as vortex says that the world
crypto Network check out our podcast below yeah
we’re on Krypton Network podcast listen to your Meister your Hoff man your
Thomas your vortex everybody’s on there baby
Ansel Lindner oh so nude I am talking to this dude Tommy Tommy Nader 84 on
Twitter okay I linked to him below and of course
everything I talked to his like talk about his link to below
this dude this dude I randomly stumbled upon I see the guys in Norway so IMS he
follows me he just posted somebody and posted something of his in the be
private reddit and it’s just so cool so I see the dudes from Norway and they
came and I’m gonna be in Bergen Norway and I am gonna be a Bergen Norway from
May the 15th until June the 4th I said are you and burgundy and he’s like no
he’s not going the far north I’m in a city called that’s so and the oh isn’t
even like I regular oh it’s an O with a slash in it it’s a different letter we
don’t even have in English and so I look up this bad so and that so is like it’s
so far north in Norway that it is east of Finland that it’s near Russia okay it
must be cold as anything so I am just I am so amazed by the power of the
Internet by the power of cryptocurrency then Here I am in Portland Oregon I am
talking to a dude it’s such a remote area an area I’d probably never be in an
area that no one even thinks about but it’s in Europe and he is emotion this
beauty is starting up a bit he’s getting all in the Bitcoin Eastern this crypto
company of some sort anyway check him out it’s just amazing
the people in this space and it shows you you can be anywhere in this planet
and you can get in the Bitcoin you could be in remote there’s no excuse the dude
is in Norway it were and I was looking it up a look at me some people speak
Finnish there I mean it’s so out of the way in Norway I and you I’m just amazed
by it I’m amazed in a place like this even he’s near the Arctic Circle I mean
I guess he’s got cool dude nice guy so yeah shout out to him for being in
motion if you live in some other remote weird
area of the world contact me tell me when you’re doing big Cornett I am
fascinated by these stories I really am and I’m this dude again he’s gonna
become bitcoin he’s gonna live on a big he’s gonna live off a cryptocurrency hey
he’s his own boss all the way up there and he’s not gonna be fishing in the
Arctic Circle no he’s gonna be with technology that is that is what the
curse he brings to the world what opportunity what unique Olivia never
countries they live in and everything you live in the Bitcoin country that’s
that’s you go up a level you go above the the country level when you get into
Bitcoin man he is part of the intellectual Bitcoin elite man that that
dude is awesome all right so what do we have here oh she’s speaking about that
okay so I was gonna say some by the Netherlands
Dennis X Zen tags he has a tweet out there he takes a picture of one year ago
with the crypto market looked like I say that’s the photo of the day right there
you guys gotta check this out he’s in the Netherlands
I may be an Amsterdam is that this channel by the way the the country that
watches my channel the fourth-most is the Netherlands okay that’s a pretty
small it’s not a big country but they’re in the Crypt though obviously dennis is
big out there I I was on um you know I was on that one show that the video
games show would I forgot the name of their COG guy check out the archive you
can see when I was on the game King show that dude is from the Netherlands so I
want to go to Amsterdam I might be there on June the 4th so if you have if you’re
an Amsterdam person if you’re enough didn’t tell me email me to Adam at
resort help calm convince me to go out there I’m pretty sure I’m gonna go out
there convince me to stay longer I guessed I guess because I uh I have to
be in Calgary and we’ll be talking about that soon enough as it becomes a little
bit more official I have to be in Calgary by July the 8th and some of you
can already guess why I’m going to be in Calgary gonna be a good time
but anyway so yeah might be Amsterdam soon and I know a lot of you
when I mention your city on the air and ho and again when I go out to Calgary
hopefully I’ll be in Edmonton also and in Red Deer All Saints too much staff
Meister Alberta tour July 2018 palnet like button B to be Canadian tour of
those all right Alistair Milne Alistair it is great to
be the friggin big point meister just like go from place to place their stay
in different air B&B ease hey man if you got a place to rent to it’s not air B&B
and it’s good it’s got to have dsl i mean uh what’s it called yeah it’s gotta
have a good internet connection it’s got to have a place where I can cook you
contact me alright I love it and Scott I gotta have my own
place to obviously I know a lot of you want to stay with me one on one or
whatever you know be like college again be Adam Meister’s roommate dad that’s
not cop can’t do that dude but alright so how’s your Melanie’s got a tweet out
there and it says bitcoin is a once in a lifetime opportunity for normal people
the profit from an entirely new asset class and the disruption of the legacy
financial apparatus oh yeah dude dude I couldn’t have said that better myself here is another tweet this is from the
psycho sage this might be a woman that did this to add to what has been said
bitcoin is a bet against weak institutions America has strong
institutions relatively speaking but many other countries and their citizens
have no option to exit the monetary system peacefully bitcoin is a bet
against weak institutions dude I love that and you know what I thought of
right away when I read that I thought of Escom in South Africa
speaking about institutions that are weak that’s the energy
company the state-run energy company in South Africa they can’t even keep that
country’s lights on correctly okay there’s a weak institution there’s a
sign that your country has got some issues so yeah I’d be betting against
Escom the way you do that is you get some Bitcoin if you’re in South Africa
okay I’ve said this many a time but I’m putting it on a level that all of you
South Africans can understand the ones living in the city – as we’ve talked
about some things going on down in the country South Africa farms which is
disgusting but in that that shows or the government
is a weak institution when they have to steal people’s farms but think we’re
this way but if you don’t think Escom is a legitimate if you think Escom is weak
then hey man get you some Bitcoin that’ll protect you against it when when
they have to take more and more money from you to help fund it’s it’s
inefficient power providing and Escom like they provide power from beyond
stuff that I forgot to to other countries I believe anyway but yeah
bitcoin is a bet against weak institutions like ask all right
you look haven’t you stopped that Professor any you wait awake right now
here at least mention Escom you like how much I’ve learned about your country
from up from being the era what three times now I’ve spent over two months
I’ve spent there if you add up all my time in South Africa where as South
Africa’s no is is more than what 99.99% of Americans and then you’ve got all
these Americans to talent town the trying to guilt the heck out of South
Africans I don’t guilt the heck out of the South Africans I want to South
Africans use Bitcoin as insurance and against their completely corrupt
government all right and because there’s no excuses you control your own you know
you say oh my government is terrible Oh what was me our leaders are elected or
you can do something be in motion get that Bitcoin maybe that that’s the way
you are you opt-in this something much better hey he’s still
hanging around South Africa I know some of you like you like it it’s beautiful
there it’s beautiful but weak institutions is the very definition of
what’s up there now because they have something
oh man the way they do that when they put together their leadership of private
companies is come the government dictates how private companies hire
people you have to hire a certain percentage of people it’s horrible the
affirmative action we covered that before in another video check that out
all right and it’s true and it’s ridicu and it’s not moat when people in America
hear about affirmative action they think about you know black people there it’s
unbelievable you have to have a certain amount black people a certain amount of
the Asian people certain amount of women people a certain amount of this people
the theories is the numbers and they were huge numbers it’s just ridiculous
it’s like no meritocracy oh and I heard a term today was something putting down
a meritocrat meritocracy uh toxic meritocracy toxic MIT what a world we
live in it’s toxic to reward people for being
good at what they do you know for for having people efficient good hard
workers being on the top moving up that’s toxic that’s the world over the
80% out out of a world where that that kind of thing is considered toxic all
right you opt-in to the Bitcoin where where the big big boys play where it’s
normal to try to do good where it’s normal to try to improve yourself and
and be profitable and and be fair all right it so this is a you know we don’t
need feelings here just pure numbers oh it’s not it’s wrong that that this
person couldn’t get that job because they’re stupid
no they’re stupid it’s right they didn’t deserve it all right now I’ve rambled on
completely gone off script here but that’s what usually happens here so
pound that like button all right what’s this a mattered Alan’s got a tweet out
here okay he’s talking about Bluebird
together with galaxy digital Capital Management LP a leading digital asset
magic firm founded by Michael Novogratz today launched the Bloomberg galaxy
crypto index alright and this index I only mention it because we talked about
what defines a top-tier altcoin well here’s something you know what where
some big fancy company comes up index you know and this is pretty some of
these are pretty random points here some aren’t
but it helps solidify what is going to be considered a top tier altcoins and
though the ten coins in this index are a Bitcoin theory of be cash triple Ito’s
litecoin – Manero etherion classic and z cash you know obviously I mean that the
ripple and the eos are ridiculous the other ones are fine I guess but yeah
otherwise this is this is just more crypto noise this is way to get these
guys some legitimacy in the crypto space I mean they’re jumping on it it’s early
they want these guys want to have a influence on it they want they want to
be a player say that’s great but and they’re going to influence what’s a
top-tier altcoin in the long run because but otherwise don’t worry about it
Bitcoin name is the rock use order finally Gary in Seattle I mentioned Gary
I’m gonna email Gary Lee after the show I thank you a lot Gary for telling me
about the event and getting me hooked up with the event and I’m looking forward
to meeting everyone on Friday 5 p.m. at the at the meet up the Bitcoin meetup or
the cryptochrome Samhita whatever you want to call in Seattle but Gary has a
tweet out there and it says proposed t-shirt for bitcoinmeister Jesus Saves
dot dot dot but Moses holds Bitcoin that’s called Jesus Saves big one Moses
holds big toys that’s very funny all of you people who like biblical
references whether it be New Testament which I will see
I don’t believe in at all or the Old Testament with Moses you know I like
that Moses and Abraham and Isaac and Jacob down with that yeah yeah anyway ah mercy early Bible no what are you
talking about this stuff I’m not talking about it dude so we can all talk about
i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe
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