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hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is March the 25th 2019 strong and offended by selling value or wealth and bitcoin i'm confiscated well one bitcoin equals one bitcoin be a unique beast bitcoin is the next bitcoin it's kind of hard to see my shirt tonight isn't it alright check out all the links below you can get t-shirts down there follow me on twitter at Tech ball tch be alt speaking of Twitter let's uh I shared I shared this tweet yesterday I was talking about the report that talked about the Bitcoin trading the volume being 95% fake thanks to a lot of Asian exchanges actually and outside of North America now one thing that was not that I forgot to say important point in the report that I forgot volume is more us focused than is widely perceived nearly 30 percent of spot Bitcoin volume takes place on us domiciled exchanges compared to just one percent of reported volume so if you didn't know that all the Bitcoin trading volume was incredibly fake you would say well only 1% of the exchanges of the Bitcoin being exchanges being done on US exchanges well in fact it's 30 percent of the trading and this points to a larger a larger point people would always point to the the asian exchanges and say oh look how much has been traded in South Korea and China here there and the other and it turns out so much with his fake and they would say the Bitcoin is is you know it's not as North American centric as one might think well it is again people always ask me you know what what country is that it seems to be the most in the big point of all the countries you've traveled to it's a Mary its United States and then Canada probably in in your European countries I guess you notice it some places in Asia English is the language of Bitcoin I've said it many many times and if you if you can't through all the fake statistics out there you're it's probably of all the countries on earth it's a higher percentage of Americans that own Bitcoin than in any other country now what is that percent of Americans actually owe a Bitcoin is one percent is a two percent less than 1% it's probably higher than most countries and of a country with a huge population like America it makes a big difference there and it makes it a very very us centric type of cryptocurrency is very North American I say North America because I mean I've been in Canada before and I'm not gonna get into the I think Canada I don't know why we even have a border with them it's it's it's ridiculous it we should be able to cross it whenever we want to and they should be able to come down here we won't get into that and they're very much similar to us they're just quieter and they like they like Bitcoin and crypto just like we do I mean I think maybe a more of the entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley I mean California and here where I am and not I'm not in Silicon Valley right now I'm in Los Angeles but I mean that's that's one of the big parts of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency almost a planet is it is that area and again it is beautiful that people from all over the world are using Bitcoin and cryptocurrency but we can't ignore the fact that it is it might be more us centric than a lot of people are willing to admit and that that report touched on it in terms of the volume the other traders and again we're gonna get the marketing in a second – and then the best marketers in the world come from the United States of America so when you're when you're dealing with crypto marketing when you're dealing with these I SEOs again I'm nice bam–it's part of the ecosystem so much of it is coming from the United States and yeah that is some originality there the United States comes up with some original ideas now our I SEOs good no but they are original I will say badan they'll be more there'll be more ideas that we might not all like but they're gonna come from the US and because you have United States citizens are really experimenting with crypto from the marketing people the programmers to the traders the economic people I mean what's everybody waiting for everybody's waiting for the the financialization not everyone but a lot of people are waiting for the financialization of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency where does that emanate from New York freaking City pound that light button okay so yeah America has a lot to do with crypto more than most people want to say but hey whatever it doesn't make that big of a difference again you go to South after it's big down there and it's great to see it when I say big I mean there's a community down there you're that's the thing when we're in this little bubble sometimes we'll say it's big here it's big there and what big means to us is that yeah we went to a conference and there were a lot of excited people and someone recognized us they recognized me there or whatever a couple we were recognizing there that that's what big is but generally speaking for a big large population countries it's it's less than 1% of the people even hold any print though so there's a guy a Gustavo J Flores he says opening a small door gives the ability to open many bigger ones better to keep the door closed that made me think about all the people back in the days of the be cash fork oh just make this one little change to Bitcoin it's just one change increasing the block size wide let's just do it Leslie we don't wait let's not experiment again if you change one little thing in Bitcoin it opens the door for more things to be changed bigger doors to be opened think about that if the base layer should not be changing all unless it's a it's a horrifying emergency of some sort and this goes to an andreas video that I've referenced before where he said he doesn't see much changing in in the base layer of Bitcoin in the future and I think that's a good thing because you open you change one little thing in Bitcoin and again the block size thing isn't is in the little thing either is it's a big thing but if you change one little thing it'll open the door to change well we changed one let's change another can let's change another thing let's do – nothing and part of it part of the strength of bitcoins that it doesn't change it's gonna always be it's gonna be 21 million coins might I mean that that's one of its foundational principles that it doesn't really change what it is is what it is what you get so if you start these little changes open oh just let's open this little door then you end up open bigger and bigger doors so better to keep the door closed alright moving on oh right go to sports meister calm what the heck sports meister calm well it's a URL I've owned for a long time uh-huh and it'll get you to my podcast now so I'd wanted to and no it has nothing to do with my podcast but it's just a URL I've owned for a while I'm it's great that I had this last name and I can make cool URLs with it come up with disrupt meister the bitcoinmeister sports place there but yeah you can listen to my pop audio podcast i've been talking about how these videos are now an audio podcast form and you can easily find them but it's easy to remember URL sports meister comm pound map like button crisp or miss key has he tweet everyone wants okay little bit it's it I'm gonna here's a tweet the former CEO of enron Jeffrey Skilling is reportedly looking to store blockchain company just a month after being freed from jail for his role in the energy giant's massive accounting scandal back in 2001 so some people might try to fund Bitcoin because that oh look this criminal he wants to get into a cryptocurrency he was assert a blockchain company for me it's just a sign that everybody wants a piece of this this guy's been rotting in jail for a few years and he's even heard of hook these are the cryptocurrency he's got a creative financial mind to put it nicely and so he wants to do some creative things with blotching you know he's a little bit too creative because it's it's not you know have to get that to comp you not to get that complex Jeffrey just buy that big just buy Bitcoin you don't really need to start a blockchain company it makes you wonder maybe he's you know he'll have some creative way of doing accounting over there it is a blockchain company maybe that's what it will be about if he but yeah it's just as easy as buying bitcoins dude but it's interesting to know that you want a piece of this even the Enron dudes want a piece of this okay we're gonna hear everybody on their mother that that's into the finances is going to try to get into the cryptocurrency space and a lot most of them are gonna do it wrong I'll go to blockchain company I want an IC o—- or an IE o initial exchange who knows what's next it's just as simple as buying big coin you don't have to buy a company it deals with being used by the big point putting on your trays or BAM pound that like button so let's talk so a lot of people that you Jeffrey Skilling very very polarizing individual he's not really in the big point in the crypto space yet maybe he'll he'll make him himself a parent soon enough but someone that is been in the crypto space longer than I have even is Vinny lingham and he's gone from someone that a lot of people were all up and loved I heard him speak in 2015 in Johannesburg he's at he's originally from South Africa he lives in up in Silicon Valley now I'm in South Southern California right now so I'm pointing up to Silicon Valley but Vinnie I link to his Twitter handle below and lately he's been not tweeting about be cast SV stuff that I do not agree with it all at all he almost he says they have their work cut out for them a bit one would have to beat the other in order to challenge Bitcoin and to even put forth the premise that one of them could challenge Bitcoin is triggering to some people to say the least so people are going to be like Adam why are you even bringing this dude up I bring him up because he's again a voice that I do not agree with on a lot of things but he's still someone that I pay attention to he's so sorry and so again I'm not looking to the specific tweets if you're interested in what he's saying go go to his mini lingham twitter feed is linked to below you'll see the stuff that I'm talking about is I'm not I'm not I don't believe in SV whatsoever I and the beat I think be cash yeah it'll survive or whatever they're good people that deal with both but I'm not gonna get into it I'm a big point guy I knew bitcoin is the next Bitcoin and that you know was it Trevor that really try to pretend to be Bitcoin I'm not a big fan of talking about any of any talk so the point is is that you know Vinnie is a smart guy he does have other interesting tweets out there you know to just block him out of sight in mind just because he's gone in a different direction than you have and I have no I don't think that's the best idea in the world I mean again do you check in every day no I'm not singing to check them every day and I'm not saying that do what he does he sold a lot of Bitcoin okay and so that gets people angry and again I'm offended by self I'm offended when Vinnie sells I'm offended when Andy Hoffman sounds okay but it doesn't mean that I can't be friends with Andy Hawking doesn't mean that I can't you to follow pay attention to Vinnie's and Andy's Twitter feeds because you do get some insight into some other corners of the crypto space and it's just good to keep your hands low keep your eyes open and to be aware of many different corners of the space because it's good to be educated it's it's good to have a sense of what is going on even if you don't agree with everything that these people say so let's talk about Andy Hoffman for a while because people have asked me about Andy lately and I can clearly he's gone into I direction he so so I would I would not sell my bitcoins I mean I have said you know steadfastly you know the earliest I would sell any Bitcoin for fiat would be after the 20/20 having this is something everyone is familiar with you know my whole saying 20/20 having I'm gonna be talking about it since 2016 for God's sakes so again this is something I am I'm a guy of massive conviction with a very very strong hand and I don't change but again some people got to do what they got to do okay and so and I saw his Bitcoin all right this is very well known he's consulting altcoins he's consulting and it crypto dividends which it yeah you know the crypto dividend thing I I'm with him on the crypt of dividends thing I think it's great that Bitcoin holders get crypto dividends now the funny thing is he's not holding any big point anymore so she wouldn't get these script their dividends the way that we're gonna get him which was interesting but um but I'm bringing him up because of his the the marketing aspect and if I mean and he was known in the precious metal space before there was Bitcoin and so he's known for his marketing and his interface style of marketing very a New York style he's from from New York originally and so some of his tweets are just totally in-your-face I don't agree with all of his tweets definitely do not agree with you know he says very bold statements very bold very bold statements and again he's marketing these corns you gotta take that into effect you gotta take that into account also and he's very say gets very excited about things very excited about things and then he starts to stay bold things and then you know one of it one of his weaknesses is if he'll say negative things about other coins which I don't I don't think he should I don't think you should do that I don't think it's were you trying to mark but again that's that's a different approach he takes a different approach he's from New York you know we can all we all take different approaches we're marketing things but I'm bringing up marketing and I'm burning up be rhodium this is very interesting is a very interesting experiment what's going on there obviously Andy is marketing be rhodium there's there's no doubt about it he tweets about it all the time he's talked about it more than human being on the planet Earth and when I started thinking about is there an altcoin out there that has like a real professional style marketing team I mean because again they're all centralized to a certain extent and they all could have marketing teams there thousands of all coin now – comes to mind but I mean how professional is that marketing team I'm talking about an apple style marketing like corporate level marketing that Americans just eat up okay now I'm not saying that Andy Andy can't be a one-man Apple style marketing I mean that's not that's not a fair comparison but I it's interesting to see how this beer OD thing is progressing because it's it's it's marketing he is marketing it and few other coins have a prominent person like him marketing them and you know the whole gimmick behind be rhodium is that it's there not many of them it's limited supply and I have mentioned numerous times on the show there was already a point called unobtainium that it did the same exact thing it was there was not many of them it was ending the name in the name um its unobtainium it's it's hard to obtain it's like he was like in that movie with blue blue humans found out like all right but but but the point is is that that coin did not have a marketing team that coin has a skill is valued like an $80 or something like that I mean ridiculous so the experiment is is if and this is an interesting experiment any morning what role does marketing play in the altcoin space what role does it play I mean Andy is a prominent person love him/her hate him he's a prominent person and he is gung-ho behind this thing and the price of the of V rhodium that I know we got for free because we signed up for the air drop a long time ago is whatever it is it says is the it's point point point four percent of a Bitcoin I believe that is what it is which and it is going on recently and again he keeps pumping he keeps pumping it and he's got a loyal core people that are pump it also and they're probably also buying in he's probably also buying it to you so I mean this is a very small-scale experiment of course I mean the daily trading volume is let it in Bitcoin is like what ten Bitcoin 20 Bitcoin I mean that's less than a lot of people have in the Bitcoin maybe some people own 20 bitcoins some people in 50 Bitcoin that's more than the amount of B rhodium that's being traded in the day so I mean I'm keeping an eye on this and I'd link to his uh so I mean yeah the the advocate theory of off coins I call I call I mean if you've got a marketing advocate like that can it make a real difference can it make a difference in the price and again I understand there are many people that are hating on it but still for you're always gonna have haters but there is no other than – I really can't think of a really organized marketing effort for a corn let's I mean and again this is a very very small point it's not even on corn market cap yet and I mean is he Pro and is he proving a point that you don't even need to be on point market cap I mean how sustainable is this but in the end of the day will it be more successful than unobtainium how about that I mean that that is it that's an interesting use case it again you don't really have to worry about this too much because if you got it for free it's a bonus whatever whatever it's worth it's whatever is worth but the all core space is a big space and it is interesting I wondered one day if there will be an altcoin that really has like an apple style marketing team that really is totally professional the best professionals best American professionals money can buy how high can that coin be pumped and again the big point is the next thick point but you could I want to see what marketing can do in cryptocurrency I have a marketing type of brain and I'm gonna see but here is a quote from Andy Hoffman so just again Fran I went to his statement below I have been involved in be rhodium since the day Adam Meister made me aware of this unique crypto dividend in his show back on in December of 2017 in the ensuing 16 months it's fair to say I'd spend more time and capital working on this nascent store of value crypto than anything else both personally and professionally I mean did you I mean did you hear what he just said there he's put more spend more time and capital working on this than anything in his entire life so dad what does this mean what does this mean for marketing crypto and ah alright so uh and I linked to the unobtanium it is ranked F it is it has an F ranking on coin market cap now I was I was actually talking about coin market cap rankings the other day and it what did they really mean well again if you're if if you're into the vault coins it is a wake-up call to seen F next to a coin again I don't don't mess with these points but if you're going to mess with these coins it's a good sign but the point is basically dead doesn't have anybody marketing it doesn't have anybody working on it if it gets F yes for some reason it's still 80 bucks and it's it's not trading very much this unobtanium I mean in comparison to be private is ranked has AC has AC rating from coin market cap and they actually have people working on it despite all the drama that you hear so yeah i'm interesting about this uh you know the be rhodium the market it's a micro community right now it's definitely a micro community and again III mean it might all fall apart it's like although something has tremendous training volume or something like that I do not know I do not know how far marketing can take it I do know that I got it for free so a best of luck you know keep keep on marketing it Andy and yeah and I you know I he's gonna be marketing the the member wendel coin that we're all gonna get from free also so yeah maybe he'll learn some things from the that he can apply to the the MWC coin from the whole be rhodium experience all right moving on to someone that is in motion no wallet dot org I found this out because the dudes started to follow me on Twitter and I just like check out his Twitter profile and he said it's a great name no wallet it's called no wallet or what a secure private and plausibly deniable cross-platform Bitcoin brainwallet created by mark DW this project is a secure Bitcoin brainwallet app that will ultimately be meant for desktop and mobile platforms it was inspired by reports of incidents of Bitcoin being seized physically at border crossings people need an option for a brain wallet that is secure and easy to use okay it is open-source and it obviously has a cool name you can check it out at know why without org you will be getting a secure brain wallet and a convenient desktop mobile app with full native and P to sh seg would address support you will only need to remember an email address and password an an entire 24 pneumonic seed so that's the bottom line there this dude is creating a brain wallet where you only need to remember an email address and password I mean it sounds too good to be true I don't I can't analyze the open source data that he provides but I wish the guy look I mean that seems like if it was really secure and cool but he couldn't be hacked good good luck people are experimenting he's in motion we'll talk about a friendship right now friendship is in motion too he made a video I'll link to it below he of the undisclosed location near Camp David Maryland he uses a he in this livestream Prague ship uses Queen based pro to purchase one whole Bitcoin for almost no fees so if you want to see crazy ship purchase one Bitcoin check it out another lesson you can learn is that a freight ship is a long-term thinker prank ship doesn't waste a lot of money on frivolous stuff and he can just make a video and buy and spend you know almost four thousand dollars just like that you might want to learn some other lessons from him and anyway check out his video if you've never seen what I do pay four thousand dollars for a big point if you're interested in that kinda know Craig does a lot of great things he's done some great videos as I've been in and he's just he's a good Bitcoin holder he's a long-term thinker he mentions 2012 2024 having a lot also I mean he good he goes beyond me he's he's yelling 2024 when I'm just yelling I'm yelling 2028 also make a lot just as long as you can hold on dudes holder of last resort found that like one alright so two-bit idiot said Bitcoin costs seven million dollars a day to secure a theory mmm is less than two million dollars nothing else is in the seven figures I mean that just that says a lot right there people I mean big point isn't a whole new isn't a whole other universe another galaxy should I say universe is bigger but whatever let's keep on the galaxy level big quite is in the entire differently an entirely different galaxy and then all the others and then aetherium sort of is – and it's again it's a top it's obviously a top tier off going and everything the big point is the top of the top and another statistics there for all you people that say that what you're going to be the next Bitcoin big point is a you know big Bitcoin is not you know it's not growing old and stale and all that like some people are staying you know I've heard it all before you know doing these down Morgan's oh you know big all these newcomers are coming up and clearly Bitcoin will be overtaking yeah I heard in 2015 I'm hearing in 2019 again just you gotta have a strong hand and be patient and it's very difficult for many people many people and that's why you check out these other feed these other Twitter accounts and I'm telling you about it's difficult for many people just to stick with it and just they they get distracted by my noise and you know what I wanted to figure out that well maybe be cash could catch up the Bitcoin come on with all these theories and everything everyone's the title for their opinion but I keep it real simple strong hand big point is the next big point all right moving on oh here here's something this is a quote from a the title of a Doug Kate I get these Doug Casey newsletter still it for free and an email address of mine and it says former US congressman predicts financial Armageddon in 2019 dude straight up dude straight up like these titles clickbait titles so many people fall for it though guys know there's not gonna be financial Armageddon in 2019 I bet he had a I bet he had a st. the same type of headline back in 2012 or 2011 Piggy you the people love love it they love to hear things like that that you don't you're not in motion when you think when you when you when you get the high office stuff like that man oh yeah clearly and they didn't say who the former US congressman is but it's just that XYZ predicts financial Armageddon in 2019 it's just scare tactics dude no there's not that a financial arm again at all but that's quite a phrase Armageddon end of the world finances no no there they're always gonna be bumps in the roads they're always gonna be recessions people can do very well during times people did very well during the Great Depression anyone can do very well not by panicking and buy a newsletter but just my whole from your big but again so many these are such distractions and that's why I bring up noise like this because it's non-stop people just to create an entire industry off of these doom headlines and I'm here to say that this is a beautiful great world a great time to be alive some people are going to experience a financial problems you don't have to be be a long-term thing or prepare yourself and do positive things they emotion be positive I don't know I don't know what to say but if you spit City I whirring whirring whirring just or just your fingers when is this arm at getting coming that Doug case he's been talking about since 1983 when's it coming what's it coming I got it I know it's coming any day now I'm gonna be proven right the arm again no don't get into that state dudes but there's again I mean I can like everyday I get something from Doug Casey that kind of sounds similar to that cut out if that's if that's sort of stuff weakens your hand and you just got to cut it out and that's the kind of stuff that cuts you gotta cut out again I talk about diversifying you know hearing different voices and again I can take hearing what Doug Casey has to say I can take care of vanilla ham has to say but if it if god forbid it had stuff started to weaken in my hand it stuff starts to weaken your hand then then you put it out of your life but trust me nothing weakens this frickin hand okay nothing weakens this frickin hand nothing weakens this conviction and perseverance you know every single day I'm posting a video on this channel even on freaking November the 20th of this year I posted video on this channel and that that took yeah anyway so continuing on continuing on whether it's okay you got to show people you even if you have personal hardships you're gonna keep I believe in this thing and I and I'm gonna keep doing what I'm doing I don't let anything throw me off and weak in my hand I don't throw in the towel just because something personally in my personal life happened you know there was a tragedy in my personal no I'm not gonna throw in a towel towel I'm dumb I'm stronger than frickin ever baby okay so here is Barry Silbert Barry said over it is like the opposite of Doug Casey he's actually he's is into a very positive person Barry silver and in motion if if you're into the anagen Doug Casey's in motion in his own way I give in a negative in the negative space but but Barry silver tweets out stuff like this have it if you're into the counter into indicator kind of thing I present to you Barron's December 2nd 2017 headline Bitcoin storms Wall Street March 22nd 2019 Aaron's Wall Street is backing away from Bitcoin so yeah that's a good one Barry III that would be great if Barrens is a counter in the indicate indicator of what's going on they were negative back in 2017 I mean they were positive in 2017 when Bitcoin might was about to go negative in terms of price Fiat price and then now they're negative and maybe that means that a Bitcoin it will be it starts to go positive in terms of fiat price if it doesn't it does it it will eventually it's all cyclical dudes I've lived through it before Val your wealth in Bitcoin though try to get more Bitcoin don't worry about that Fiat price dudes all right finally uh no – yeah one more subject and this is the main subject in the title of this show this is from Reuters Apple is working with goldman sachs to be the issuing bank for apple card and is also working with mastercard Apple does not have any apple card does not have any fees okay so Apple made some big announcements today you know they're trying to dominate with Apple TV they've got an apple card now so that they're getting into the financial space and the big time and partnering with some traditional financial players there and first of all it's not Bitcoin they could cut you off they can shut you off it might seem really cool because and again they have marketers up the yin-yang so they're gonna be able to get a lot of people to play with their apple cart just because there's like 10% of the US population I think is just Apple addicts they have to buy anything that's Apple good for Apple that they were able to brainwash that much of the of the American population that has a lot of disposable income to just buy every one of their products for exorbitant fees but another point is that you know their Apple is now they put their foot into the financial sector now again there's gonna be big banks that are behind this but if they can do this again it just shows you that Facebook can do their own coin and that means the Apple could do their own coin Facebook could do their own card maybe one day these goldman sachs will partner with some technology company and they'll start their own crypto bank these things we can't even imagine yet they kind of try to compete with Bitcoin and will obviously be able to capture some of the the markets some of the financial market but again you got to remember that anything they come up with be that it's a centralized company comes up with in partnership with goldman sachs it's gonna be centralized it can be turned off and Matt Liddell sums it up very nicely if you think the apple cart competes with Bitcoin then you still don't get so no it really does not compete with Bitcoin you know your apple cart isn't gonna let you send money from Zimbabwe get your money out of the Bob way to seven or isn't gonna let you support wiki wiki leaks or some other organization that isn't approved of by Goldman Sachs or Apple or whoever's behind it Facebook but the thing is I I do invite Apple and Goldman Sachs and Facebook to come up with their own cryptocurrencies why not or come up with it come up with the it's bringing more attention to what Bitcoin really is wouldn't limpy's when people really get and they see wait a second this Apple thing is nice and shiny and titanium whatever but this big coin this is boring Bitcoin this gets the job done no one can stop this thing no it's unsensible they can turn off my Apple card they can't turn off that Bitcoin so yeah I think it's I think it's a positive when any of these big corporations start to get into the financial world into fights start to make financial tools and I won't what I you know I would welcome Walmart to start a Walmart back I am NOT against that at all because again people more people would come back that way and then they'll wake up and say wait a second I don't have to have Walmart be my back I can be my own back and again most people won't figure it out but some people will all right so that's it i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister but Apple is not big boy Apple is not big coin it's flashy it's titanium but it does it is not on sensible and is not uncommon herbal i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister pound out like my bang that bail-bond subscribe to the channel tech bolt comm follow me on twitter there to click on those squares I'll see you guys in the chat right now good night

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