The 1 Bitcoin Show- Andy Hoffman returns to the show!

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welcome to the one bitcoin show today is obviously the 4th of july 2019 strong
hand be a unique piece value your wealth in bitcoin offended by selling one
bitcoin equals one bitcoin the five-digit realm okay always be learning
and we’re gonna learn a lot today so i I was gonna finish my fast everybody he’s
heard I was gonna finish my fast at 124 today and then I didn’t and then I was
like I better do the show in a fasted state still like 87 hours into a fast
and I’m starting to prep for the show and Andy I am he sent me a DM and I was
like do you want to be on the show are you around and he was around so like BAM
spur of the moment show with Andy Hoffman as the guest wasn’t planned at
all so who knows what the heck we’re going to talk about but I knew it you
know July force you have a special show last year we had the guys from Venezuela
on this year we’re having Andy all go pound that like button I know some of
you’re gonna have questions for Andy to so you can ask questions and I’ll try to
get to them and everything I do want to say so it’s obviously fourth of July and
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all that out of the way this is what Adam looks like in the middle of an at
the end of an 87 hour fast who knows how long yeah but uh all the energy or
pelvic so Andy how you doing man well I’m good I was gonna say I hope you
don’t starve to death because of this this impromptu show but it doesn’t look
like yeah I think you’ll make it to the extra hour yeah I figured that getting
you on the show too because we talk so naturally together I didn’t I don’t have
to do as much prep so I think I’m gonna actually say
a little time by having you on the show even if the show goes longer but I mean
there’s so much to talk about so people out there oh god it’s in our space you
know even when the personality isn’t trying to be a personality people become
obsessed with personalities now there are other people like Jim Jones over at
at and a fake Bitcoin and we’re not even gonna name it who wants to be a big
personality but then their personalities who just gained I mean people they
become controversial and people follow them and people make a big deal out of
them and you’re one of them you’re a guy who I mean you don’t care if you have a
channel you don’t have a chatter if you have a Twitter feed if you don’t have a
Twitter feed you’re not trying to you don’t want the attention coming flying
toward toward you but it has because you sold the Bitcoin and now you bought the
Bitcoin back and people go oh what’s this all about
so so it’s elaborate a little bit on what’s going on here with yeah well I
mean it’s not a matter of seeking attention it’s been a business of mine
to be a public figure for 20 years more than 20 years back when I was on Wall
Street first in the energy sector then in the mining sector the bullion sector
Bitcoin and now I’m consulting in some of the old coins and actually it’s just
the two that everyone knows me for which is happy rhodium and and and and WC
which we’ll talk about in a second but no I’m not looking for controversy I’ve
defended I was one of the early people speaking from January 2016 about buying
Bitcoin that’s when I bought it and I told people to buy it and I have
believed in it as much as anybody and when I did wind up selling my position
it just as the Hoffman line broke in November it was well documented my
reasoning it wasn’t giving up on Bitcoin I had made great profits in it and I was
protecting my future at the same time I had my position to be wrote in which I
believed in and I also didn’t even have the MWC project it came around afterward
which is an added bonus because I believe so strongly in that too and as
the as we went through the bear market it went down to 3,000 and came back we
captured the Hoffman line went above it defended it successfully at the time of
the finance hack when the price literally went down to exactly a hundred
billion market cap and I gained confidence
vacuum it again I’ve also gained more confidence in the projects that I’m
doing and so I thought it was time to reenter the Bitcoin itself I think
everyone should have a position in it I never had anything negative to say about
it it was just a matter of personal financial preference I’m older than most
people and have different financial goals in a lot of the younger people in
the space but I’m in it in a big way in three different ways and and I couldn’t
be more bullish about Bitcoin or the the future of cryptocurrency I think it’s
literally going to usurp use-cases in all sorts of financial realms from
stocks to bonds currencies precious metals and other other parts of our
society that people aren’t even thinking about just yet okay so you always love
Bitcoin but you had to take care of some fiat stuff but then you got back for the
family and now you’re it was just ten thousands like snapped it into your mind
basically like this is this is the time to get back in I mean everything like
people want to know the real reason behind getting back in now what was it
because you could have gotten back in below where you saw but you why weren’t
you comfortable back again to get back in whoa I mean if windows below where I
sold them and then it was plummeting everyone from 6000 to 3,000 and again I
have to I have a financial future to take care of and I can’t take a risk
that lets say tone basis prediction of 1300 is right I don’t have the same I
don’t have the same prospects in the mainstream world for getting paid as I
used to and if crypto collapsed for whatever reason I would have less
earnings power so I had to protect myself and now you know my now things
are a lot better for me in a lot of different fronts so I decided to come
back in I don’t have the same size position but I also have positions in
two very big projects that I feel very good about so I think that I’m covered
on all fronts and still have a big cash position that’s all now so it was
basically a confidence thing you did not eight you were you were worried that it
was gonna it was gonna drop to nothing that you could be completely your
financially ruined so ten thousand really got the confidence back in your
head it was yes it was risk management it wasn’t fear of Bitcoin it was proper
risk man for someone in my position that’s all
and I made it clear you know but if anyone says you did this I mean when
people say stuff about what I didn’t like didn’t you read what I said I
didn’t say I had lost faith in Bitcoin I didn’t say I I lost money and everything
I just was protecting profits and looking at my situation in the world and
I I explained it I mean the dollar isn’t going away it’s it’s gonna be slowly
fiat currency slowly being replaced over time but very slowly I’m not really
worried just yet about holding fiat currency so I have like more currency
than I’ve ever had at the same time I also have as much leverage to the crypto
market as I’ve ever had so I couldn’t be happier now so you see Andy and I we
could be friends and everything but we don’t we definitely have different
perspectives so you I mean you’re saying you value your wealth in fiat but what
what do you think of the guys like me do you think we’re crazy to just be totally
in the Bitcoin like we don’t want more and more and more Bitcoin well I mean I
mean you know me and everyone who knows me knows how much I’m as into crypto as
anything I mean I have position a bit going to have big positions in B rhodium
and I’m as leverage to the MWC situation as I can get and I do expect to have
more Bitcoin in the future I just don’t yet believe the world is it to say you
know the the statement of value wealth and Bitcoin I’m not really sure on how
to interpret it because if you if you need money to pay for things then you
can’t because you the world doesn’t accept Bitcoin as payment you ultimately
up paying in fiat if you if you don’t need money anytime soon or you’re not
worried about the state of your money then of course valuing Vikram look for
years I talked about valuing your wealth and gold but ultimately when you need to
sell it what’s the price in fiat dollars and since you have a long term timeframe
short value your wealth in Bitcoin gather as much as you can I think it’s
great well I’d saying it you are partially using dollars now as a savings
mechanism it is your backup absolute what what do you think for me my entire
backup and my savings mechanism is Bitcoin that that’s I mean that’s a good
way of explaining my valuing my wealth and Bitcoin just and I was I was like
that for a time I mean when I sold it my my liquid net worth was a huge
yes in Bitcoin and I didn’t think given my situation and again it’s not that’s a
bad situation it’s just I’m older and have a family to take care of and future
my future that’s a lot nearer than other people’s retirement it was just a matter
of risk management but if I was younger and and I had didn’t have as much
responsibility sure I would continue it but I saw the volatility and just
executed proper risk management there was a time and you know one of the great
things about about Bitcoin is that it has changed my view of the world in
general I know I spent decades like two decades worrying about the collapse of
everything the collapse of economies the collapse and I wasn’t a doom peddler as
you would say but I was worried that the dollar was gonna collapse and economies
are gonna collapse and everything’s gonna collapse but I don’t have that uh
that pessimism anymore and a big reason for it is because of Bitcoin I think
it’s going to help transition the world into a better place at the same time I
also have you know reduced my worrisome my worried yes or whatever where his
about the dollar just collapsing anytime soon so I feel it’s okay to have some as
an older person some of your your savings in dollars not necessarily or
weaker currencies but I also have other I also have a very big leveraged
position in crypto so I think I’m in good shape but if I were younger and I
would probably have even more of a percentage in crypto than I do now yeah
yes excellent pound that like button well with with the long term perspective
on these altcoins that you’re holding would you uh what’s the how would you
cash out when you cash out in the Bitcoin with them and I’m not saying
just just down the road or cash out into cash well I think I’m always um let me
know it gets a balance you always look at what where the world is at anytime
but I’ve always thought of my goal of one day having more Bitcoin than I
started with I mean that’s you know that’s that’s
what again there was never anything about what I’ve done that had to do with
being negative about Bitcoin and I would I do believe I will be acquiring more
over time maybe will be from the sales of altcoins maybe will be from other
purchases Bitcoin but but I do but it’s not a
matter I will only do one or the other it really depends on where things are in
life but I do expect at some point to have my goal is to have more Bitcoin
that I started with I think I will get there there you go so you do value your
wealth and be value some of the wealth in Bitcoin that’s some of it yes but I
wouldn’t again you know when you say there was a time where I used to say
value wealth and gold because I thought gold was going to be the standard of the
world I changed my view on that now I I think Bitcoin is going to be the
standard of the world currency but at the same time I’m not
worried that the dollar will collapse like I once was so I just I have
different different views about quote how to value my wealth but I certainly
will never own precious metals again and I intend to have more more Bitcoin over
time all right I want to read some things from the chat OPSEC classified
cent a dollar a planet thank you dude and I’ll read what you said in the same
planet musk vlogs and $4.99 at first it was American independence now it’s
financial independence for individuals with Bitcoin happy for strong hand well
thank you for the 499 planet musk and I hope you’re enjoying your many Tesla’s
and OPSEC also said my friend Adam the bitcoinmeister come to the west you can
stay at my house and we can tour and meet and greets about but yes of course
I’d love to visit you in 2020 my schedule frees up let’s let’s stay in
touch about this let’s see if there any other questions out there there were
note that I thought people would have questions for Andy
you guys can oh wait Roman Cuse it Bitcoin my spit coin is true risk-free
asset measure your wealth and Bitcoin I I like it man
value your wealth in vehicle measure I’m just trying to get more of them baby I’m
just trying to get more so let Andy we have to have him coming up in a may now
May of 2020 any any thoughts on that have you have you thought about it late
you’re very busy with with all coins we’re gonna get into that in a second
but uh what’s what’s your perspective on the the Bitcoin having yeah well I’d say
I’m only busy with two coins yes and all my time with Bitcoin rhodium in MWC and
we’re we’re going to finish by talking a lot about MWC since we’re so close to
the air drop but the having looked like coins having
it’s happening in a month or so it was discounted by the market in
advance and litecoin is still trading at about 1 percent of Bitcoin I mean that’s
what it trades at 1% of Bitcoin it had you know it’s pumped when everything
pumped in January 2018 Charlie Lee sold and we’ve been at 1% of
Bitcoin so I think the litecoin having had its effect I came and gone and now
we’re past it and now we’re gonna look forward to the Bitcoin having the only
issue with the Bitcoin having is the fact that it’s so well telegraphed so
you could easily say well we just discounted it right now ice just went
from 5,000 to 15,000 thousand in a matter of weeks or maybe it didn’t
because it’s another what is it an eight or nine months away so and again with
the having it’s a very well telegraphed event everyone knows it’s coming
it’s impact short-term in the markets it’s hard to tell but of course over the
longer term it’s going to make it more scarce and that’s the whole point of
having the price of Bitcoin has gone up over time and there have been having
over time and there’s definitely a correlation between the two here’s
something that’s that’s big it’s been going on these last few weeks then not
that many people were talking about Bitcoin dominance is at 63.1% these all
coins in terms of Bitcoin their price has still gone up in dollars every few
days but in terms of Bitcoin they’re getting destroyed they’re getting there
are so many top – you’re all coins that are being destroyed in terms of Bitcoin
I mean like it or not yeah I mean I know a lot of people don’t like be cash but
it’s getting destroyed in terms of its be it’s Bitcoin value same with bsv do
you think this is going to continue for a while it will will there be all season
again right and this is a topic we should explore at length yes the price
the after the when when the bear market settled in last year basically hung
around 50 percent the entire year Bitcoin dominance for whatever reason I
think there was still a lot of people clinging to hopes about a lot of these
old coins especially the top tier all coins that they’re going to do something
but as as I said from day one and you said ninety-five percent of them have no
reason to be here there’s a there’s so many coins that were sick
we created out of the hype of cerium I mean look at Theory meta type in June of
2017 because of the the Bitcoin debate the scaling debate everyone’s all
veterans gonna take over and then you had the second wave after segment where
just a flood of money came in and there was a whole bunch of pumping up schemes
and forks and ERC tokens and we’re gonna and people just didn’t care they’re
buying anything but the fact is 95% of them from day one had no use case so of
course in time there’s only only I mean it’s so funny that we spent so much time
worrying about safety cash when you just look at me go there probably has never
been a be cash transaction other than to speculate like buy it and sell it I mean
never ever ever and then you get one like Satoshi’s vision which is even
worse it makes be cash look good and then you look at the theory I’m from I
look I follow this face as much as you and anyone I still don’t understand why
aetherium needs to be worth thirty billion dollars it’s it’s just a
platform for making other tokens and anyone could do that too so you go down
the line and there’s just so few out there that are worth anything and yes we
could have another old season where all of a sudden money floods back into all
coins because people just get specula into speculative investments but I think
there’s just gonna be a lot more discernment this time around one because
people got so burnin into because there’s more importantly the whole point
of the Hoffman line is smarter money is going to be entering the space now
institutions and bigger crypto hedge funds are going to come in and look at
what they’re actually investing and saying why do we have peak at but just
because it’s liquid we’re gonna know they’re gonna look for things that that
actually are adding value and that’s why the two coins that I’m spending my time
and I’m so excited about because as as I say they have in my view viable
defensible use cases because again look at it do you really believe you yeah
that all the money that comes in to crypto crypto is gonna be a new paradigm
in the world and yes all of its gonna go into Bitcoin and Bitcoin relate there’s
nothing else that will survive no no they’re gonna be yeah you said that
there’s a lot of smart money he’s gonna come in it’s gonna make smart decisions
I think some of that smart he isn’t as smart as they think they are
and they’re just gonna diversify for the sake of diversification may happen
nothing yes I think there’s gonna be huge it just like last time when a lot
of new money came in there’ll be people that just want to have the next Bitcoin
that they’re used to diversifying for the sake of diversification so there
will be some altcoins pumping just on complete nonsense just because there’s
they got a good marketing team they got a good story and people are like well
that one sounds good its own coin base it must be professional it must be
top-tier we’re gonna just buy into it because we need to have a diversified
portfolio for the people that we’re buying for because sadly enough they’re
gonna be certain so many new people entering but they’re not going to be
really entering themselves they’re gonna let somebody else manage the whole darn
thing for them and because of that because of people’s natural tendency or
they’re used to the stock market you know people managing their whole
portfolio that they’re gonna come into this space with the same mentality so
that will help that will help all coins that people’s foolish need for diverse
for people to manage their wealth and to diversify for the sake of
diversification that that’s not with his face is about for me you got to control
your own wealth here but that’s that I mean that step one but most people are
gonna are gonna stand it but again what this is what’s gonna happen is we’re
talking about cryptocurrency become a major asset class I mean not only is it
becoming a major asset cliff just because it’s so great but as I said I
think a lot of the things that current asset classes major class do do crypto
will do better I really think I’ve written about this many time stocks and
bonds are archaic institutions when you look at them as is a fiat currency in
many ways it’s cart sees not about to die yet but it is you’re going to become
slowly but surely obsolete in the world of crypto and then of course precious
metals which are useless in this world and and many other things so they’re
going to be uses for cryptocurrency that are not Bitcoin I mean there are going
to be some uses because there’s just so much money that’s gonna come in in so
many applications out there and at the same time you’re going to have as you
said people will diversify and some will do it foolishly and some will do it
smartly because there will be smart things to diversify it but for the most
part there will be a lot of money coming in it will not
all go into Bitcoin and most of it well your point your point saying there are
gonna be other use cases for crypto and that’s why aetherium has value I mean
because building icos or build building e
ayios our building I mean I was I was messing around with the UH that forked
out the site which will allow me to get the serene iam crypto dividend a Bitcoin
which is gonna be something like the B hex thing if he ever does if he ever
does the BX thing anyway it’s you could program stuff on a theorem that involves
cryptocurrency and that’s what it does and who knows what its gonna be able to
do in the future and that’s why it has value because nobody knows what its
gonna be able to do in the future and they’re people and say well you get you
you’ll be able to program on top of Bitcoin with second layer solutions and
sure you will but right now you can clearly a theory like it or hate it you
can do IPO icos and ieo z IE iOS on aetherium right now so I mean that
that’s why it does have some value because of people’s flow yeah no I agree
theorem is value but it’s a it’s it’s to me a commodity I think others yes
there’s a network effect I think that it’s gonna be hard to defend that that
niche at thirty billion dollars plus then again if so much money is coming
flying into the space it could be worth 200 billion for all we know I mean it
did get to 100 billion more never know you know gonna get there again I mean
yeah it’s for this if the way the future is predict cryptocurrency is I mean I
get Bitcoin is gonna be the king but the whole space as you said they’re gonna be
people diversifying for the sake of their spying it’s gonna be there gonna
be other options they’re gonna be privacy coins they’re gonna be it for
free to be as like the way we’re predicting things a theorem has to be
over a hundred billion it has to be over the hoffman line it has to be for this
to be a successful I mean and and that says that because it Bitcoin who knows
how far ahead it’ll be by that point but for for the space to get as as
professional and the mainstream as we’re saying etherium I mean like it or hated
people aetherium will have to be over the Hoffman line forever but whatever
that you don’t have to you know if somebody else’s coin or a coin you don’t
like his doing well who cares ignore it person responsibly is the new
counterculture you’ll be in Bitcoin so I think that’s a lot of the people in the
space when they see you about something like MWC how can you
talk about something else how is he disloyal to to Bitcoin don’t worry about
it people you hold your big coin and Andy’s gonna do it you don’t have to
follow Andy you don’t have to listen to Andy at all but again when we’re talking
MWC that is the way it is being distributed I love that because it
encourages Bitcoin holders to hold to have stronger hands I something that
eventually these big financial people are gonna realize they don’t realize it
yet that you can get interest on your Bitcoin through the crypto dividend
process through Forks through air drops I’m sure there’s there are many big
people in Wall Street who have interest in Bitcoin who do not know what an
airdrop is at all and don’t know that you can get this this privacy coin that
you can eventually turn in the Bitcoin so I again I I have no problem with what
you know talking up us something like MWC it’s it’s great because in the in
the long run it’s being and I want I want all alt coins in the future to be
distributed that way I think that is the best way in the world to do so we for
all the all coin haters out there it’ll but if you’re a Bitcoin holder you
shouldn’t be an all-canadian err hater if it’s being distributed in that manner
at least and I do hope that MWC and other ones you know set the example I
hope it does real well so that other all coins do the same thing because I enjoy
getting interest from just holding my Bitcoin and doing nothing with my big
point it’s great right and again you know you talk about the two coins of
involved it will start be rhodium was the first real air-dropped crypto
dividend I mean there have been air drops with more like big core which
wasn’t like what an IPO was just a secondary distribution to bring interest
into it but B rhodium was the first one to actually distribute primarily as a
crypto dividend airdrop to Bitcoin holders and that’s why I liked it so
much as it turns out a year and a half later they’ve done everything I could
possibly imagine that I wanted them to do so I’m really excited about their
future because I do believe it’s one of the few defensible niche news cases so
we’ll see what happens but I mean I’m all into that because I believe in it
very strongly now off of the heels of the be rhodium Chris Gilly
I saw how that was distributed and saw a better way for Bitcoin and holders to be
invested in the member Wimble technology which he was one of the first people to
understand member Wimble is I mean you’ve you’ve been around the shows long
enough to have heard of it and you know that you’ve heard a lot of smart people
talk about how big it is I remember all my time in the world crypto Network
hearing about it but not quite sure what it was until Chris upon your
introductions in January told me about it and I was kind of blown away by what
he says because what it comes down to is card Victoire Bitcoin blockchain
technology works it works fine but it’s it’s inferior blockchain protocol to
what nimble winnable will bring because member Wimble will one be private to
make it understand fungible and three far more scalable which is why he as a
quote Bitcoin maximalist believes very strongly that it will ultimately be
incorporated into Bitcoin and make Bitcoin much more valuable kind of like
when Sedwick was incorporated to Bitcoin it automatically became much more
valuable as it turns out when now that I’m watching the space grin and beam
came out in January the the white paper was only you know our registration ends
on the 19th which will be the 4-3 or anniversary of the right paper for
remember Wimble so it’s only a three year old technology and you only have
had these two coins that have been trading since January so it’s a very
nascent technology but it’s really going to change crypto completely including
Bitcoin the problem with these two coins are grynn has unlimited supply and beam
has 263 million of supply and in X it looks very much like a corporation like
I I’m not nothing against them but from an investment it looks to me more like a
ripple like a corporation I have no interest in that so Chris said look I
can help make this build this technology as fast as those other teams with my
team at the same time I’m going to give it to Bitcoin holders I’m gonna give it
a hot old dividend like B rhodium has meaning if you hold it and you don’t
sell it you’ll get you’ll get dividends for years to come and I only have a 20
million supply cap and half won’t be mine for the next 100 years so
it’s going to be scarce to pay dividend be given up for free and so far it’s
already shown that it has as much ability to grow the technology as the
two coins out there and so we have about two weeks left before you can register
your Bitcoin we’ve gone through great pains to make sure that all the errors
that were made in that pioneering V rhodium air drop from both the
developers and users side won’t happen to you and and you know claim your coins
because this is going to be a major coin in our view by the end of the year when
it launches it is the whole process is easier to the B rhodium you guys did
make it better this time around I want to ask about a how many Bitcoin
have been registered last time you talked to Chris do you know yeah it was
33,000 I mean it’s a big opportunity because again it’s a it’s not first-come
first-served you can you can register the day before the the snapshot on July
19th and you can also register you can be a super well and register 50,000
Bitcoin it’s just a matter of six million of the 20 million supply will be
distributed and it depend the amount is depending on how much is registered
right now only 33,000 register so that means it’s good everybody if it stayed
at 33,000 that everyone would get about a hundred eighty MWC for every Bitcoin
they register my prediction is that you would get sixty thousand registrations
and thus six million divided by sixty thousand is a hundred and every Bitcoin
would get you a hundred of them but we shall see I think there will be as you
get closer to date more and more people are going to register because they know
too that you that if you move around your Bitcoin you can mess things up with
the change addresses so some people are waiting till the last minute to pay I
mean whatever what it comes down to it is it all that matters is how much
Bitcoin are in those registered addresses at the time the July 19
snapshot so if you registered and addressed it at one Bitcoin and you then
you put in a thousand more on July 18th well you have a thousand in one register
period if you registered a thousand bitcoins in July but then you sent
someone a quarter Bitcoin from your trays or and it went to a change address
and you forgot you might have zero of course you could you can validate on our
our website saying you can put in the web the
address you say okay that coin is zero all that addresses here or oh that
addresses a hundred Bitcoin on it but just make sure you do it in time there’s
no reason not to because not only is this a free crypto dividend but it
really has the potential I mean I’ve said very publicly I believe that that
the three I call it the member will turn into great grin beam and now MDC MWC I
think that they should be worth somewhere around what Mon arrow is worth
by a year from now because it’s it’s a superior privacy technology no Monaro
has its followers it always will but the fact is that nimble wimple when it’s
when it’s fully developed will be a far superior privacy technology than to
anything out there well and it’s clear that the the market lately and not maybe
I missed this a couple times that grin and being a punked lately so again they
skate that kind of technology is getting toward you can call a flavor of the
month you can call whatever but maybe so maybe the market is realizing that is
the best privacy technology again let them compete let’s see if Z cash is the
best let’s see it’s not as easy cash that might be part of what’s going on
some of the people that were invested in my narrow Z cash are now buying those
other two and they don’t yet know there’s gonna be a third hopefully they
will know for us but first Bitcoin holders I think I think Z cash is way
behind even more narrow in Z cash is 700 something million market cap that’s to
me that’s low-hanging fruit for the middle and alternate e again we talked
about how alt coins have generally not done very well this year they because
Bitcoin dominance has been surging but as I wrote today and I have many times
the member wendel coins have probably been the best performing sector in the
entire crypto space better than Bitcoin and than anything in a percentage book
so think about that you can get a free version of probably the in our view the
best version of this coin simply by registering in the next two weeks now
guys MWC MW I want to read a couple comments this is from Robert Hardy Beck
who I met in person and long B she said hello Andy you helped me get out of
silver and into Bitcoin Bob from Long Beach yeah okay mister barefoot Barry
who I you know he sends me shirts to thank you barefoot Barry he says in 2017
I lost over to Bitcoin and I SEOs oh dude you should have been paying closer
attention to this I was telling everyone don’t mess I’ll
never do that again well at least you learn strong hand BTC let’s see if
they’re there probably are some other comments here before we we’re gonna talk
about the middle Wimble technology in a second because okay OPSEC classified
said bitcoinmeister value out the bitcoin all other all coins have ceo’s
bitcoin is the only true crypto in my opinion that’s a good opinion there okay
let us uh let’s let’s talk about the member wendel technology and you you and
Chris have both said that well use facility said it’s good for to get this
for free because we could see in the future that this might be implemented
into Bitcoin it’s it’s good to see how good it’s gonna be and it is true if it
we could test it out and see if you know maybe this should be incorporated in the
Bitcoin right now as everyone knows I do not think the MWC that technology will
be in it put into the base layer Bitcoin but you and Chris both think it will now
again why don’t you think that uh because it putting a privacy in in the
in the base layer is going to turn off a lot of people to to Bitcoin did the
regulator’s and whatnot and it’s just it’s and first of all to incorporate
Mabel Wimble into a Bitcoin right now you need a hard fork and we’re not gonna
there’s not gonna be a consensus hard fork saying okay this is the real
Bitcoin that where the people were forking nimble Wimble into it’s just the
way it is I mean we saw what happened with be cash the grand majority said
well Bitcoin is the real Bitcoin if someone were to attempt this with member
Wimble making Bitcoin nimble Wimble on the base level it would be the same
thing I mean you’d have this new a Bitcoin nimble Wimble I guess it would
be caught but it wouldn’t be the real Bitcoin BMW that’s what we’re going to
call it first BMW baby nude think I think there are legitimate reasons and
people will bring it up why did there shouldn’t be privacy in the in the base
layer because that that could hurt the value of Bitcoin if there’s an if it’s
optional and secondly second layer solutions I think that’s the way it’s
going to go and that may well be the case
I mean Chris what Chris is saying is he believes it make it will make Bitcoin
much more valuable and that debate and again he also doesn’t believe
this is going to be a near-term event it’ll take time for it to be fully
tested and for the mainstream financial community to join in because again I
mean you know that this is not about regulators ultimately regulators don’t
don’t manage the the growth of Bitcoin they are certainly to be watched but
also we’re talking about down the road will will the Bitcoin community believe
that it’s better for them or not and we’ll see it will take time to happen
and if yes it does require art for but it will take time for that consensus to
build of whether that is required and you know what if it’s not then it will
simply be by far the best privacy technology out there which means that
the member will alternate e coins will do amazing on their own that’s why it’s
so great as a bitcoin holder to have it because it’s like a hedge in case it
does something that threatens Bitcoin you win in case it makes Bitcoin better
you win in case it just becomes a great technology on its own you win and it’s
all for free yes all right let me see there were
there are other comments there are other questions I had here okay
long-term Bitcoin thoughts from you move moving back moving act the Bitcoin just
now I mean is if it really remained number one will it remain the king and
do you when do you see the mainstream adoption well of course it will be the
king because it has it is it some headstart is so far ahead of everyone
else and there’s just no way that it’s kind of like the virgin birth it’s it
happened once it will never happen again and it’s going to grow and grow and grow
at the same time it’s it’s my view that we’re entering a digital age so I don’t
really like to call it a Bitcoin revolution I call it a crypto revolution
I think the technology is going to you serve so much of what the world has
depended on Bitcoin is the leader of that technology and will be the leader
for generations possibly and so I have full faith more faith than ever in the
growth of the space and that’s why that’s all I do and talk about and think
about is the growth of the space I just invest in it a little differently than
some other people do but I’ve done very well in it and I expect to continue to
do well because I believe the space continue to grow now one question I
forgot to ask about all coins that pertains to the recent Bitcoin pump
could part of this Bitcoin pump I was thinking about this the other day that
some altcoin people have just totally thrown in the towel towel but want to
stay in crypto so they’re just cashing in for Bitcoin well I mean yeah there’s
definitely people who are exhausted from all coins especially now that it’s been
a time where old coins haven’t done well but I think the bigger the bigger issue
here is it’s not specifically the hoffman line but it whatever but it was
so important that that that it showed a level of support where institutional
capital can come in I think the world is convinced that that bitcoin is here
today so some people are just exhausted from what they’re in a lot of old coins
have been very scary and yet some people just want to be in but they don’t they’d
rather have less volatility which is great so bitcoin is the perfect
investment for okay now now recently some people have been very happy about
gold because it went up $100 or something like that since you know a lot
about gold any thoughts on the I what one thing you could derive from the gold
pump and is that there some people that are fleeing to safety at the same time
bitcoin is pumping so it now is Bitcoin being looked on as a real flight to
safety in terms of people fearing recession just like gold had been in the
past well as for goal is funny that people would call it a pump it’s up 8%
this year it got to its fourteen hundred and fourteen dollars it’s you know
that’s where it was many years ago and on inflation-adjusted basis it’s barely
above its all-time low right now and even worse is silver I mean I was I got
rid of silver very publicly when I left precious metals and I said that gold but
will still have some legacy value heads the name of the company was crypto both
central but silver is dead and right now the gold silver ratio is it an all-time
high it’s like 92 Gold went up to 14 something and silver still 15 dollars
which is lower than where I sold that when gold was $1300 so I think silver is
just world of crypto and Bitcoin is just
completely useless I don’t see any any monetary value gold has some monetary
value left because it’s the big legacy asset but when it comes down to it
you’re going to see generations of people selling their inheritances of
precious metals I mean it’s gonna be decades and decades of people inheriting
it from the average gold holder was probably in the 70s by now and just
selling it probably for cryptocurrency so I see I
see no real upside for precious metals there was a little bit of a quote pump
it went up you know 10% because you had between the Federal Reserve saying we’re
gonna lower interest rates and maybe we’re gonna go to war with Iran and
basically silver did nothing in gold went up 10% and you know now they’re
just settling and nothing’s really happening that the dollar hasn’t really
moved so I I don’t see I I don’t really see anything plus all the movement in
gold there’s old paper markets now they’re highly diluted it’s not like the
investment the investors are buying bullion now they’re buying futures and
they’re buying the GLD fund Bitcoin and when when it comes to Bitcoin it it
really goes to the beat of its own drummer it’s growing so spectacularly in
us and so secularly it really doesn’t care what trump says or if we’re gonna
fight with Iran or if there’s the Federal Reserve might raise rates to
lower rates if just crypto is such a huge huge huge growth sector that’s
taking over the world at times it may look like it and yes if the FDU on
crashes 2 7 and below you know you’re going to see a movement because look the
big movement up came when when when the yuan looked like it was going to crash
and now that it that they said it settled down then Bitcoin came down from
14,000 to 10 but it’s resuming its upward movement so I don’t really think
about it too much about safe haven I just think it’s it’s the new money of
the world and it’s going to take some time but it’ll get there I want to ask a
logistical question about gold if someone’s got a bunch of gold coins and
they want to sell it for dollars they have to go to like some dude they don’t
get the price that’s listed on the computer do they I mean when you saw
to your dealer no and that’s what I worked for four years dealers and the
problem with with gold and silver is yes you have the market price which is in
the paper markets but you also have the premium switch is now premium / discount
because different coins have different values they are not fungible that’s
what’s so funny for years we say all they’re fungible because all gold coins
no old gold coins are not alike and all silver coins are definitely not alike
because there’s so many different kinds of them and you can’t even authenticate
their weight and how much is it just it’s really kind of a mess but the point
is because the the sectors been so out of favor for so many years but there are
less dealers it’s becoming less liquid and so they’re paying less – when you
want to sell it back I mean someone told me they sold junk solar for like a 15%
discount to spy and really the only thing that you’re going to get any kind
of premium on is like the best of the best like a gold or silver eagle
anything else now you’re lucky to get spot for and I’m telling you people as
that sector gets weaker and weaker there’ll be less dealers it will be less
liquid and you’re gonna get less and less from the front for your metal it’s
just inevitable that’s what has happened and what will happen this is I’m so glad
we got to talk about this cuz I didn’t fully understand that until recently
someone told me how hard it is that you really can’t get the price that you
think and you have to go through a whole process remember people with Bitcoin if
you’ve got if you good store you don’t coinbase which you shouldn’t have been
but and if you want if you want to turn it into dollars again you just you do it
like that the price they list there is the price you get and then you get your
Fiat right right right like that it’s so it’s a very smooth process with no.11 a
coined by a Bitcoin in one part of coin base is worth the same amount as a
Bitcoin in another part of coinbase it’s not like these gold coins which are all
worth different different Amarth amounts that need to be inspected and it takes
time and you’re not gonna get the price that’s listed up there it’s it’s if the
whole thing is convoluted meanwhile I did not I did not know how it was to
actually sell gold but again god forbid if you need to sell your Bitcoin you get
the price that’s right there uncle that’s that’s the price then you get
your Fiat that’s it so it’s it’s a for those who selling precious metals is a
nightmare the only way it’s not a nightmare is if you are
having it held for you by a custodian which is even worse because that means
that you didn’t have control of in the first place but for a lot of people
that’s the best way of doing it because otherwise you have to keep it in your
house which is then try to sell it from your house I did it wasn’t fun all right
well I I’m glad we got I’m glad we got that point out just again I am no gold
fan people as you know and that’s a reason why right right there and then
Bitcoin is living Gold’s dream pound that like button alright Andy we’re at
the end of the show here anything you want to add conclusionary remarks as you
love yes yes it is a real word look I mean I I’m the biggest crypto bull there
is out there I’ve also made some changes look what when I first bought into
Bitcoin it was a small percentage of my portfolio it’s not my fault that it went
from 400 to 20,000 and became a huge percentage of my portfolio and then
there came a point where I had to make further decisions about what I wanted to
do with my portfolio given my age and the profits that I had and also the
opportunities that I saw out there look everyone does things differently and I
think bitcoin is the greatest invention or lifetime that end the internet itself
and cryptocurrency is going to continue growing at a exponential rate and
bitcoin is going to be the leader it’s that simple as for me I I am holding my
smaller position in Bitcoin and I am as excited about the two projects that I’m
involved in Bitcoin rhodium and now MWC is anything that I’ve ever dealt with
and MWC is something that in the next two weeks by July 19th you as a bitcoin
holder can get free just by going to MWC MW and registering on your public
address is it’s very easy and you will get something that could be worth a
tremendous amount of money in a very short amount of time awesome good way to
wrap it up positive stuff okay people I hope you enjoy it there there’s Andy all
these people asking about Andy what and there weren’t that many questions for
him oh well you got to see it he’s on Twitter he’s linked to below the shirts
the people who gave me the shirts they’re linked to below so click on all
that Brian the UK bitcoin master said pound that like button people for the
bitcoinmeister thank you Brian the UKB echo master
tomorrow 11 a.m. Baltimore time is this week in Bitcoin right here and have a
happy 4th of July everyone i’m adam meister thank you Andy for being on the
show i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister disrupt meister remember to subscribe
this channel like this video share this video check out the links below found
that like button bang that bell button see you tomorrow at 11 a.m.
baltimore time stay cool tonight people bye bye

19 thoughts on “The 1 Bitcoin Show- Andy Hoffman returns to the show!”

  1. Seems Andy is thinking too much and jumping from one investment to the next. No one can predict the future so you diversify into Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, alt coins and real estate, stocks, bonds and cash and let the pieces fall where they may. There is more risk in not being in these assets than putting everything in one asset. First is the thinking, then the emotions to make decisions. Do not make investment decisions based on emotions, cover your bases as only those that manipulate the markets know where its going.

  2. Makes no sense to go back to a barter system (of digital tokens). So inefficient, expensive and mentally difficult to manage relative value of tokens…

    THATS WHY WE HAVE MONEY… so everything can be exchanged for it. And money has the strongest network effect of all. Literally people can exchange their value, their labor, their time, their goods for it!

    Furthermore many alts are services which essentially will compete with eachother until cost of usage goes to marginal cost of running service.

    B Rhodium is a DIRECT COMPETITOR TO Bitcoin. Its virtually worthless, will never amount to anything despite fancy marketing. You cant compete with Bitcoin.

    MWC has a premine, part of which goes to ANDY hoffman, is unethical money. Money should be produced at near/marginal cost of buying on market. The insiders are essentially printing out of thin air.

  3. bah, all alts have founders that can cheat their own projects andy, you get what you pay for you want the best there is only one that matters, bitcoin. andy wants some type of control with his alts, they are just too easily corrupted…all alts are and alts are fundamentally flawed…not to say people like andy won't make money supporting their favorite alts however

  4. Waytogo Andy I understand. Am a lady of 61, married 41 years. Hate what the debt system did to us but we had no.choice when we started our adult life in business. Nevertheless, have a world passport and all plans in execution under common law for self-sovereignty and to earn bitcoin….already exchanged what I could of fiat into bitcoin…!!
    It is one thing to 'come out of' Egypt but another to get Egypt out of you….they will come after you with a vengeance if you attempt to get out of their jurisdiction with your bitcoin and lo, the feeling of despair when you still have to use their fiat! But not to worry, ride their system till they fall into their own sword of greed and power! And yes, agree, they also have the gold. Nocandu4me
    The aim is more than bitcoin though, it is FREEDOM! Stay real like you are Adam and Andy and draw the line, build in some firewalls so egypt can stay out!!!

  5. Andy dumped all his Bitcoin and has zero credibility! He was selling while telling others to buy. ??

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