The 1 Bitcoin Show- A legit ICO situation, MimbleWimbleCoin, HNWIs, Turn spare change into BTC

hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is April the 14th 2019 strong hand defended by selling value your wealth in Bitcoin I'm confiscating one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin deferral of gratification respect the money don't FOMO on all coins ok everyone check out all the links below follow me on Twitter at Tech ball te CH B alt yes I got a haircut on Friday for all you 80 percenters who only want to look at my hair but you 80 percenters will admit that my hair looks real nice I'm pretty good looking dude but when the hair is cut and everything anyway so let's let's move on but hey I appreciate this if you watch this in pot listen to this in podcast form you don't need to see my beautiful face at all you really don't it's not about the the beautiful face it's not about the non fancy sets or graphics it's it's about the content sports moisture calm you can listen to all these shows and let's let's first start out here with the great when's this wences Casares the CEO of zap oh and this this article of his or post of his is from March but it's still good why most high net-worth individuals portfolios should allocate up to 1% to bitcoin hey man I'd like that I suggest that at 10 million dollars a 10 ml dart portfolio should invest at most $100,000 in Bitcoin well I would invest more but hey this is him talking up to 1% but not more as the risk of losing this investment is high if Bitcoin Falls this portfolio will lose at most $100,000 okay or 1% of his value yeah we get over three to five years which most portfolios can bear but if bitcoin succeeds in seven to ten years those $100,000 may be worth more than 25 million dollars oh you valuing your wealth and Fiat more than twice the value of the entire initial portfolio okay so we understand the logic behind that I do hope that high net worth individuals consider that logic yes they value their wealth and Fiat so this is a way you can convince your your favorite high net worth individual to to get into Bitcoin and he also says and this is a good article a good post he also says that there are more than 60 million holders a Bitcoin now how did he come up with that number I don't know but I got a Mets worldwide he says more than 60 million the 60 million holders of Bitcoin that's less than 1% of the world population so that sounds right as of April the 14th 2019 all right so to check that out I bring it up again to remind you that high net worth individuals many of them have not they've heard about Bitcoin but they haven't considered the logical reasons why don't you know risk 1% on Bitcoin and once a bunch of them start throwing 1% of their portfolios in the Bitcoin oh now you'll be glad that you're already in it pound that like button okay there's something out there and I got to tell these dudes and I'm talking about them I usually I forgot to do this before the video but when I when I talk about something I just randomly find on Twitter I tell them like dude I found out about you you're also I'm messing you on the show it's called the amber app amber is the first Australian app that lets you swap your spare change for Bitcoin and other digital assets get started from as little as 50 cents a day and they probably mean 50 cents Australia a day so that's pretty cool man changing you know that's why I said respect the money I've said that for a while yeah you find a penny on the ground you find 50 cents in the ground you turn in the Bitcoin and this app and again I know how this app works works I like the senton it sentiment and they say they're gonna be worldwide soon so yeah they change they turn the spare change that you find and maybe have spare change left from doing something else one another app on your phone I don't know some digital spare change not just that you get you get the point respect the money you respect that you respect it can you turn it into the real deal Holyfield and that's Bitcoin and I like what these amber app people are up to they're headquartered in Brisbane I spent two weeks there in 2017 and that that was probably the best weather of any city in Australia I think it might even be known for that correct me if I'm wrong Australians is that your of your five major cities that has the best weather year-round I mean it was beautiful it just such a great great standard of living there very safe city and I was I yeah I I've run into a lot of Sydney and Melbourne related Bitcoin people during my travels and and still here to this very day not so much in Brisbane so I'm glad he here something's in Brisbane egor though who has been in on the show before is up based in Brisbane he hasn't been on the show for a long time he's a funny guy okay uh moving on I know we talked to member Wimble coin Matt crypto dividend is coming out you could sign up for it this is an air-dropped crypto dividend that Bitcoin holders get you could start signing up for it on 4/20 which is Saturday which is the second night of Passover which happens to be one of the days of the year that I do not have a show and just go but but I'm going to talk about it beforehand right now and the Hoffmans gonna be on the show on Wednesday at 4:15 New York time so mark your cat your calendars I know some of you consider him to be a very controversial figure Oh we'll get into it all with Andy Hall and 4:15 on Wednesday New York time tune in I'm sure it'll be a quite an adventure but he no doubt he'll talk about men but Wimble coin and Chris I linked the guy behind nimble Wimble coin he's got a post preparing you for 4:20 and it gives some warnings so they're gonna give warnings this is good they want everyone to be as careful as possible with this situation know what they're know what you're getting into it's not it's not dangerous or anything like that but you know you got to do things the right way so you don't lose out and you save all the information you need to save so you can actually get it when you're supposed to get it this is the signup period for this air drop and again it's it's free yeah this member Wimble is like the the flavor of the month there's there's bheem there's grin and now there's gonna be member Wimble coin MWC so good luck and check out Chrissy's link below and i think they have a discord group they have twitter obviously you find all that social media stuff we'll obviously we'll talk more about that on Wednesdays show at 4:15 Baltimore time yeah I'm calling it Baltimore time now coun that like button you know speaking of downunder this is from New Zealand this is from barefoot Barry he gave me you know at least two different shirts this one isn't the same one as the other day this one actually says bitcoinmeister on it and some other some other things on it so thank you barefoot Barry thinking of you down in New Zealand you always are nice to leave a comment in the comment section saying hello from New Zealand which of course I spent some timing in late 2015 and early 2016 Auckland now that was a safe place my lord do they even have crime you know I mean I and of course we you know since that time there's been the tragic situation in Christchurch but all Auckland is a different cities the biggest city in New Zealand and hopefully one day I'll go down to the South Island I was only on the North Island we got this Oakland oh we got to see Oakland it's a great place great place brisbin's great auckland's great there's a lot of great places in this world I'm happy Thank You Bitcoin and and Thank You Adam for being a strong handed person with long term thinking that's allowed me to just go over the place and work for myself again you could do it to plan ahead don't waste your time on silly don't waste your money on big-screen TVs and ridiculous things that depreciating value immediately long-term thinking so I want everyone to check out sat Friday's show that's what I meant two different Friday show was this week in Bitcoin BTC Benny Wong Galt and Bitcoin Tina we had a blast we really had a blast and each one each of the guys came with their a-game and did presented their strengths Bitcoin Tina really hit hit a home run at the end there so you got it you got to stay tuned toward the very end he gets into his classic stuff that a lot of Bitcoin Tina fans like and so something that got brought up we were talking about the situation with the with the fake Toshi and the the frivolous lawsuits and if cryptocurrency Bitcoin is supposed to be so it's not supposed to be it's not establishment at all and fertilis lawsuits are just like the total establishment way of shutting down dissent intimidating people you don't like so I don't know if you'd call it irony that that you know this is the person that claims to be well that fake Toshi is is going to complete the route of the the traditional establishment to shut people up and I would like we did also mention that the the guy behind by Nance said that if the fake Toshi keeps up his behavior he will remove sv from finance and then this whole d-list sv movement started on twitter i want to go back to the by Nantz guy though the guy behind by an answer said that and some people have pointed out that you know he said that if this behavior continued that it would be removed from finance well the behavior has continued but it hasn't been removed for by man so some are wondering if that was a form of virtue signaling by the guy behind finance you know you know say something virtuous that the whole everyone's gonna be like yeah you're awesome dude and then he's like yes I'm awesome I'm finance guy I said I was gonna do this and then never do it actually so you know words are easy you know you walk the walk if you're gonna talk to talk I mean that's a big game he was talking to talk can he walk the walk we shall see I'm not a traitor so I I don't you know I understand that these uh these exchanges I don't trust the word but but you know he said it let's see if finance is more than just a virtue signaling if he's more than just talk but you know in the end of the day we can't and I'm gonna get that to that in the sec well here this is from Jonas Cellino I just butchered his name sorry dude guys don't you see it ignore fake Toshi he seeks attention with insane methods ignore ignore ignore his lawsuit don't make him feel important he is a psychopath and I agree I've said this before ignore ignore ignore and I did not put it in the title that I was gonna I was gonna talk about this but no I I obviously by talking about it he's not anymore oh yeah but I didn't give it very much attention didn't put it in the title and I don't tweet stuff about it so everyone should calm down I think everyone has calmed down and understands that this guy just wants attention and I he doesn't even really care about the coin very much at all probably in the end of the day so very good tweet by Jonas Jonas there so I got it I dip it Adam don't don't say any more about that subject matter okay so tour tour damn Easter has a oh I do what there was one who I wouldn't say because it was a guy the comment section I get to give my commenters my chat people credit boogers guy said suit oh she's vision I would just leave it at that so I thought that was pretty funny okay torna meister tweet let's uh let's talk about this how many gold alright not like when torna Meester coins with weak proof of war cash rates are a headache for exchanges as our transactions can cheaply be reversed double spent here's Krakens compensating for the here's cracking compensating for that by only acknowledging deposits after many confirmations so cracking they will only acknowledge your deposit for b CH for be cash after 2.5 hours and for b sv five hours it takes to acknowledge that you know you you you that you've actually sent your your bsv there you can't trade it for five hours at least so what's this gonna lead people to do that are interested in selling they're people who happen happy cash in PSV who are mostly traders most likely what are they gonna do if it takes five hours to confirm DSP they're just gonna keep their bsv on the exchanges and yeah be cash BSP they're all coins they're not the real thing but they do have some value and again it's gonna it's gonna lead you to bad habits you're in a world I mean you can either wait a long time to send you and then sell your coin and then the price might change in five hours or you keep your coin on the exchange and I have said it many times don't keep your coins on the exchanges don't don't even keep that stuff don't even keep you know fourth tier BS video on African exchange okay and it's III well it will end up being a fourth tier coin one of these days it's probably it's probably second to you right now but a second here I'm going but yeah so that that but this is it's not just bsv a b CH that take 2.5 hours or five hours to confirm it's a lot of other all coins so all these altcoin freaks are just gonna leave their coins on the exchanges that's that's where they're gonna store they're not going to store them on their trays or like they show or spiked by some other method where they control their own private key because it takes five hours for a confirmation just the way of the world that's what you're gambling with you all coin freaks all right so I will say you know Vinny lingham controversial guy he talked about ICO related stuff sometimes he has his own token or token related subject matters but he brings up an iceo point that is a legit reason for ICO is it lady you know the in the ICO space there's an incredible amount of illegitimate see I mean there's so many tokens were created just to to steal from people and the project's never got off the ground but here's what Vinnie has to say the crypto economy is allowing entrepreneurs to build products and services that could never be financed via traditional mechanisms equity vce debt etc because the success rates will likely be much lower so yeah there are there are people who actually do have legitimate project projects okay and for whatever reason they would never be able to get traditional financial finance mechanisms like from venture capitalists from banks from anything and so using an ICO will allow them to fund their project and that is a great a great thing about ICO is a great use case for icos and so someone one of these days is gonna be rewarded greatly because I SEOs exist so I am I am not against I cos I don't care if they get regulated or not okay but this personal responsibility is the new counterculture out there I mean if you're willing if you get into the ICO space you gotta know what you're getting into dude you I mean don't come crying to me if you lose all your all your money but there over time there will be legitimate people that have projects that have businesses and they need funding and it'll be a great way to get funding when no one else would have given them funding and they will succeed and the payoff will be mandus for the gamblers who believed in these these businesses so and again in the future in the way future I don't know five to ten years this is I cos will probably be a huge chunk of the the way people financed their projects it with venture capitalists are gonna have to adapt to I cos basically and I think Simon Dixon is very much into that we gotta have Simon back on the show in these days but again Vinnie does Vinnie brings up a legit point it's a good you know you might not like Vinnie but he he does he's a smart guy and he does have a following on Twitter he's linked to below definitely definitely you'll learn a lot even from the people you don't agree with 100% of the time people okay let's let's move on here ooh what is this you know I mentioned Jonah's history oh the Bitcoin rabbi the Bitcoin rabbi was on the show yesterday the behind Bitcoin show was dedicated to the Bitcoin rabbi a you know III change it up a lot that's some of the times on the UH on the Saturday show I'll have a guest we had the venezuelan guest and then we had the the bitcoin rabbi as a guest and he brought up the bitcoin Haggadah oh my god that was hilarious that was a if you're Jewish and you know what a hug gotta is you're really uh like his uh talk about that but but check it out it was yesterday's show town that like button follow me old spearmint at bitcoinmeister it's live there right this second oh and finally you know someone who's in in motion and I feel oh yeah it coin who calm or the guy who's also at Bitcoin Rick and he this guy Bitcoin Rick came up with a site coin who calm it's pretty rough right now but it lists people by their Twitter handle little list crypto influencers or whoever you want to say and it's it it's a start it's a start you know if you some of the people I don't know how they got one list at all I'm on the list I'm on there but yeah eventually it'll be an easy easy way to find good people to follow on Twitter and YouTube and it's hey the guys check the guys trying he's in motion so uh alright I think that's it i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video shows video check out the links section below bang that bell button pound that like button click on those squares dude is tomorrow tax day good luck you traitors bye-bye

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  1. Good info and show as usual. Interesting news re Łitecoin hash rate below.

    ‘According to and the data published by BitInfoCharts, the hash rate of Litecoin (LTC) achieved a new all-time high on April 8 at 359 terahash’

    Bitcoin ‘Halving hype’ keeps getting closer….

  2. Just what we needed that app would open bitcoin to the world big time bring it to the states i may use it myself it may create more use cases

  3. Just a thought. We got about 10% on BCH, 2.5% on BTG, 7% on BTR or whatever. At the time BTC inflation was 4%. I wonder what effect airdrops will have going forward as BTC inflation drops especially of airdrop participation increases. At some point the dumping of airdrops alone will exceed annual inflation.

    You would expect BCH to have consumed all BTC inflation by not everyone claimed it, not everybody sold it, andsome even sold BCH to get or. In a world wheat airdrops are a matter of course and there is mas participation from the very start, there is a possibility they could consume all new BTC supply. Might future airdrops be as impactful or more so than halvings?

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