The 1 Bitcoin Show- A Facebook coin could give Fbook nation level power! BTC demand, the Fed

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links below everything I talk about in this video is linked below we’re gonna
start out by talking about this Facebook coin it’s in breaker magazine and they
were trying to scare people about Facebook coin but after I read this
article I was up even more prophase book coin now again I like experimentation
I like when big it I think if they do their coin so many people are gonna find
out about bitcoin that’s why I like it because you know some people will opt
into the Facebook coin but others will be like well Wiz second I want the real
thing and that’s Bitcoin so I get to remind all of you Facebook says or the
rumor is they’re saying that they want to create their own stable coin on their
platform and they’ll have a certain amount of money in the bank backing up
that stable coin okay that’s just the first step though or maybe that’s not
what they want maybe they want just to print their own money just to make their
own coin their own centralized coin and again we’ve seen centralized coins gain
value because people buy people about Ripple I can’t stop them from buying the
ripple but they buy the ripple they’ve given it value so what do you think
people would buy Facebook coin and even if they knew it was centralized because
they don’t really care but here’s the breaker magazine here’s a quote from it
a native facebook cryptocurrency puts the company on even footing with our
largest governments and I didn’t I hadn’t thought about it that way before
if they do if they go beyond just having a stable coin they won’t be as powerful
as as a government okay they and that makes me think they really want to do
this I mean they are a quite an aggressive corporation which we’ve seen
what they’ve done with sharing people’s information getting people’s information
giving dopamine hits the little kids making people feel sad when they don’t
get thumbs up I mean they’re aggressive okay
they’re like scary technical aggressive and why not aim to be on the same power
level as a country and you know what I think that would be a good thing because
if they got as powerful as a country if they could print their own money and and
people were opting in to join their virtual country and use their virtual
currency then all sorts of other corporations would all of a sudden start
doing the same exact thing and and other entities and countries would become
weaker they would be less influential and it would give people the opportunity
to break out of this you know country worshipping political sociopaths
worshipping paradigm that we’re in at the same time all of a sudden you’d have
all these residents of the internet or internet addicts or social media addicts
should I say getting all sorts of crypto currencies that are controlled by
centralized entities but many of them would then find Bitcoin and I am so
confident Bitcoin I would welcome that type of competition because I know in
the end the decentralized Bitcoin will be the one that’s adopted it will be the
winner and it will be the world reserve cryptocurrency so we’ll have the maybe
we’ll have these artificial countries the country of Facebook with its own
currency monitoring all of its virtual citizens online but they will some will
be going of Bitcoin because that would be the
world reserve crypto currency and that is that would be the base that is
backing up the value of a Facebook coin and Twitter coin or it I end I just
pulled Twitter quote you know jack is supposedly a fat fan of a Bitcoin so
we’ll get into that in a second actually yes yeah so then that’s my take on the
Facebook coin the article you can read the article yourself again
no one will be forcing you to use Facebook coin no one uses forces you to
use Facebook or any platform you don’t I don’t have a cellphone
no we’re forces you to have a cellphone so you you can use your self-control
when all of this nonsense is going on and just opt-in the big coin or
hopefully you’ve already opted in the big coin and hopefully you know what
you’ll do right now you’ll subscribe to this channel you’ll pound that like
button so I forgot to say this yesterday but Jack Dorsey during one of his recent
interviews I think it was with Marty Ben I think I think he’d hear the link is
below Twitter’s Dorsey buying $10,000 a
Bitcoin each week he’s bullish well that’s awesome and
from what I’ve heard what’s been implied to me there are a lot of people in
Silicon Valley and he’s in Silicon Valley that do do things like that to
buy a lot of big coin rich people buying a lot of Bitcoin they can afford it and
he’s putting his money where his mouth is I guess now do we know he’s really
doing that no we don’t know if he’s really doing it but I bet he is and hey
we’ll in in the future when you’re watching this are you complaining and
saying why is it Jack Dorsey like a trillionaire and now and I have nothing
well it’s because you didn’t buy Bitcoin you you you didn’t think all those risk
people they’re not really you you thought the rich people were just lying
about it and you were just you were gonna wait a little longer
don’t be that guy in 2024 so good for Jack if he’s buying $10,000 worth of
Bitcoin every week good job maybe maybe he wasn’t you know if he was doing it
back in out 2015 whoa some people were probably ow
what do we have here oh yeah Friday 8 4 it’s 8:45 a.m. Eastern Time 1:45 p.m.
London time duty you’ll be on the show and Boris from the Netherlands will be
on the show that’s this weekend big point Friday morning in New York a 45
a.m. and London time is 1:45 I’ll still be in Israel now what oh yeah
the Bitcoin budgie he’s got a great Twitter feed he copied me on this I
thought this was a great tweet you don’t spend money when you buy Bitcoin you
spend money when you sell Bitcoin for fiat that was great dude
yeah your value your wealth in Bitcoin clearly when you sell your Bitcoin for
fiat you’re actually spending your real money there you’re spending the real
money on this paper stuff good good point dude all right you’re up your own
Brook kind of show today and at the 53 20 minute mark this is it and only
listen to this this this is the only thing it’s going to pertain to this
video although on Saturday I will talk about your own show but he endorsed the
say who party in Israel who I also endorsed but but but and so if you’re in
Israel please vote for them I think it would be a good good idea to vote for
the same party in the April elections but we’ll talk about that on Saturday
that’s for the beyond Bitcoin show check that out on Saturday but what would he
add the 53 20 marks someone asked him anything positive happening in the next
10 years or is it all negative negativity and decline and he kind of
got a sad look on his face because and he did give some examples of some things
that he finds to be positive in the next 10 years but he preaches a lot of
negativity he does talk a lot of negativity over the next 10 years and
there there’s a whole cult of people out there who take it to an extreme who
would answer that question I mean like what would Peter chefs say if you asked
them anything positive happening in the next 10 years or is it all negativity in
the clock Peter stamp would say it’s all
negativity in decline and there’s so many people that thrive off of that and
they’re not really thriving there well there’s guys that have gimmicks off
of it they probably are thriving but there’s there’s they’re selling their
product which is supposed to make you learn more about this negativity and
decline so you can prepare for the negativity and decline I got to tell you
something I mean as you all know I’m a very positive person but I am you know
you could tell I’m incredibly pumped for these next 10 years I mean has Bitcoin
altered your view of the future and I hope the answer is yes because it is
definitely altered my view of the future now I already had a very positive take
off of the future I mean I remember when I first heard about the internet I
believe immediately right away yeah I got so pumped for and I was young for
the future I was like this is oh my god the future is so exciting hey you know
I’ve always been a fan of space traveling and just going beyond the
earth anyway so I mean that’s something to look forward to but I just wondering
if you’re in this space and you you have like a negative view of
the future I mean you got to look closer at Bitcoin you got it you got to just
really understand what this what this is going to do how the world is going to
change here that I hope it is altered you change your view of the future
and made it much more positive and much with the excitement the it’s very
unpredictable predictable but you know that it’s going to be very positive in
terms of a value should we say and you know we don’t know exactly how you’re
gonna get there I mean there’s some intrigue there’s some mystery involved
there’s no clear path to the future of Bitcoin but you know it’s an awesome
future and there’s so much experimentation that’s going to go on
before then and there’s so much you know it’s gotta be made easier and it’s gonna
be there’s always adoption where we have insider information please hardly anyone
knows about it yet and that’s so exciting and that makes me very positive
about the future so I know you’re on Brooke doesn’t know about by me he’s
heard of Bitcoin does not have the same view that I had
if he I think if anyone else was asked like any Bitcoin fan true Bitcoin
believer was asked that question they would give a similar answer to me that
like oh my god this next 10 years wow the world is going to change so much
just like I mean when you think back to how much has the world changed since
1992 it’s unbelievable it’s unbelievable and it’s going to be it’s it’ll happen
in a short shorter time span now and that’s so it decided and that’s just so
positive so stay healthy people so you can see this so yeah all other people if
if you do if you don’t have a positive view of the future if you think it’s
filled with a lot of negativity you strengthen your hand and read more about
Bitcoin get excited and get some I don’t know if you had mean I don’t know if we
should delve this deep into some philosophical aspects I mean do you have
meaning and you’d like to your purpose in your life or is it just you know I’m
going to work every day and go and sleep got to do XY and Z or or is there some
greater greater meaning something for me you know part of my meaning in life is
just the progress is progress and that’s and I’m just I’m so happy part of this
progress this movement that you know when we look back on this one day we’ll
be like oh my god I remember when Bitcoin was just a glimmer in most
people’s eye and now it’s just dominating dominating the world on so
many different levels and we didn’t understand so many things about it that
anything uh it puts a big smile on my face and uh yeah it makes me uh makes me
strive it makes me gives me energy gives me uh it did it makes my hands
strong I’ll tell you that and that’s the word I’m looking for conviction it’s
behind my conviction it really is all right pound that like button bit so with
all of that in mind with all that long-term thinking in mind you’ve got to
remember that Bitcoin is not the world of Bitcoin is not a world
of instant gratification to say the least to say the least
if you if you join up in the Bitcoin overlay today and you’re not going to
exactly you’re not instantly gonna be like oh
there’s the answer there’s the answer to that problem there’s a lot of issues in
Bitcoin I think I should kind of explain this a little bit more I’m sure if
you’re getting the Bitcoin you’ll be happy I mean you got to learn and
understand and how is gonna make a difference in your future and then you
know tomorrow you’re not gonna be a millionaire because okay but in the long
term you’re gonna be much better off okay so in that term in that way yeah
there’s no instant gratification but also everything in Bitcoin and in
cryptocurrency as a whole we experience a lot of issues there are a lot of
questions okay there are a lot of why did the price go down why why did it
behave this way and why why is the mean pool full or why did that company do
that and what what is that good what what’s lightning whistling and that
we’re gonna be ready or when is what did that move in lightning Network mean and
who did that and it you know if you need exact reasons for everything that goes
on in the space and you can’t wait you can’t wait at all and you just you’re
not into studying you need an answer now this is it’s not gonna be a good
experience for you is there’s no instant gratification there there’s not that
much there sometimes you can get instantly be happy but a lot of the
times there are not instant answers you know I’ve talked about it being a big
cycle okay so sometimes you got to study you know what happened four years ago
and then you’re still not sure well did X happen because it’s also happy four
years ago you got it you’ve got to go with the flow you’ve got to live the
experience you gotta study it look back on an event that happened and then try
to figure you’re not going to be able to explain everything right away I mean
some people and and so some people oh I thought the institutions already bought
in that means they didn’t oh my god I’m out now you know and you’re gonna end up
panic selling if you need instant answers if you need
instant gratification if you need it right away
you need an answer you’ve got you’re gonna make our works are you gonna make
a worse move than Sally you’re gonna who knows are you gonna do
you’re good you’re gonna blues your big point some that somehow and you end up
the funny thing is the people a lot of people who need instant answers they
come up with these theories to like calm themselves down and they’re like they
make up stories and then eventually says they just made up a story to calm
themselves down the story’s proven completely false and then there they
they panic even more and then maybe they said they lose complete confidence in
Bitcoin you know enjoy the underlying values of Bitcoin okay the
minute-to-minute changes if you need instant answers you’re gonna freak
yourself out wow that’s that’s the bottom line here alright I want to
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that way and there’s some convenient issue convenience issues for some people
crypto Pia sent this tweet out and this isn’t
please be aware that the genuine cryptokey account is accurate at crypto
piya underscore and Z and I’ll link to that below so it’s very important we
have been a made aware of many thick accounts that are being created to scam
our customers please avoid them all right and this is I I can see why this
is successful because people are now finding out that crypto Pia is back and
they want instant answers and they want to be able to log in and move their
money but also update we are well aware of market volatility in crypto our next
phase will be introducing cancel only mode for users to cancel any positions
accordingly before the trade engine is turned back on for trading we aim to
have this on the site in the next few days so here you go people the site is
live you can log into it you can’t do anything now soon you’ll be able to
cancel your orders you had when it went when they got hacked when they lost 9.4%
your fuck the funds so that your so when they turn it back on your orders don’t
happen and then I guess the next step after that is just turning it on for
everyone so if you see something on Twitter retweet is saying it’s crypto
Pia hey click on this you can now trade old kryptek know they’re just trying to
steal your that’s something trying to steal your password so be careful people
don’t if your crypto Pia person be very patient be very patient
follow that crypto Pia the real crypto Pia Twitter and you don’t need to rely
on me to pass on this information I find the situation to be fascinating that
people are getting pumped to get back on the exchange that just lost nine point
four percent of its funds and I’m looking forward to see how they if they
socialize the losses I assume they will okay here is an article since uh says
Bitcoin supply is fixed the price is largely a function of demand demand to
hold it we identify three major in the world that could lead to
significant demand down the road so three three demand three then three
reasons of the man down the road here okay three future demand sources demand
that the mid one the manned that bitcoin okay oh and it’s a demand that big point
is well positioned to serve and that could create significant could create
significant upside I’m destroying okay here it is the one that I liked the best
was the man for digital cash then there’s demand for a global neutral
settlement network demand for a hedge against failure of the existing system I
like demand for digital cash because right we’re heading toward a cashless
society in so many countries and people want to make private transactions if if
you’re inside of a country’s fed coin okay if you’re using the fake coin
they’re going to know every single thing you do so people are going to want to do
trades you’re gonna want to buy things without the government knowing and they
won’t be able to do that with our car C anymore there won’t be any paper cash
but Bitcoin will provide that private virtually private digital cash are not
being actively tracked by the government because it won’t be the centralized fed
coin so right that I see as I see that as the biggest demand out of these three
demands the other one other demand for a global mutual settlement settlement
network yeah I think I think countries they’re addicted to the US dollar and
will still settle on the US dollar not going to drop it they’re not going to
drop it and anything and go to big coin a demand for a hedge against failure of
the existing system I don’t think the existing systems to fail at all there’s
too many 80 percenters who love the existing system who want to be tracked
by their up their countries and know the the dollar dominated system be and maybe
there’ll be a digital dollar eventually it will still be the it will still be
the existing system but there will be Bitcoin outside the counterculture of
Bitcoin which everyone will be free to opt into if they have the brain to do so
and it’ll be that very lucrative and many mainstream it’ll be quite
mainstream on one level but still the the system that we live under now in the
you know US dollar being reigning supreme then we’re gonna rain and it
will raise it but that’s not a that’s not a negative people that’s not a
negative because you don’t worry about the dollar you worry about Bitcoin you
opt in the Bitcoin if eighty percent are still want to be in the dollar land
that’s great alright so yeah demand number one I like
demand reason number one on that are to read that article below
okay Sonya Sonya in South Africa right of course met a few times he puts on the
Bitcoin events down there she tweeted this out JC actually sent me this I
think I think JC was at the event today and I’ve met JC in person also honored
to have premier Helen Zeile keynoting the blockchain South Africa blockchain
Africa 19 event with Bev Schaefer today hearing about Western Cape government’s
interest in blockchain self sovereign identity transparency and trusts looking
at countries such as Malta and Estonia okay so I have talked about this before
but it has happened the premier Helen zeal of the Western Cape which is a
state or a province in South Africa spoke at a Bitcoin event I mean that’s
like well it’s almost like Gavin Newsom mayor a Governor of California is
speaking at a big point of it that would be big news you know coin desk will be
covering that I don’t think coin desk covered this so that that is interesting
you know I don’t like to put government officials on pedestals I don’t like to
put Jack Dorsey on a pesto on like the many buttons but it is it’s newsworthy
it is newsworthy and I do hope that the Western Cape gets on the Bitcoin thing
and makes it easier for people to have big point death
there because I’m anyway the what Cape Town’s beautiful Cape Town is beautiful
and finally this is from some lady out there
the feds William says in a downturn we can consider quantitative easing and
negative rates Oh baby negative rates there you go feds said it right there
yeah if that actually happens one day and
then if you know and and if we get in our united states really starts
digitizing uh the currency and really starts getting rid of cash I mean we
could we could see you know regular banks like Bank of America Wells Fargo
Citibank saying hey your savings account is
paying negative 1% and yeah that’s the road that’s the first step on the road
to that and that is great for a big coin that is great for Bitcoin because I mean
again you know who’s gonna want to keep their money with the Fed first of all
with negative rates when they could just give the big point well you know again
institutions aren’t are gonna still for your Bitcoin under that scenario is
they’re gonna think it’s – they’re gonna think it’s too volatile but then again
if it trickles down into the consumer level where consumers sassoon regular
banks will charge people negative rates if that if that happens and that’s the
first step toward that so again the Fed hasn’t it has instituted negative rates
yet and thus regular banks that consumers deal with habit don’t have
negative savings accounts yet but that if they’re talking about it if it
happens that will be so good for Bitcoin that would be so good but Italy said
what a wacky world it’ll be in Bank America Bank of America is charging
negative interest rates to save money there and people are still keeping their
money there and not buying Bitcoin like hand over fist I don’t know I mean
whether you want to have your vet wealth being trickled away at Bank of America
or do you want to be in Bitcoin I mean I know what
to be in I’ve already made that decision but way longer for negative rates and
you probably want to make that decision also before negative rates become a real
thing in the United States all right pound that like button bang
that bow button i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
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  1. If Fakebook can solve the personal privacy issues that they have utilizing crypto or bitcoin or blockchain I may consider using Facebook again someday.

  2. other than stablecoin fbook coin can not HOLD MARlKET CAP as there is no TRUE value of cryptos that are NOT 'consensus deceantralized' Centralized coins are basically DIGITAL FIAT just like current dictators and oligarchs use. With the history of fbook anti privacy and ties to the CIA fbook coin would be spurious at best. Then again there are a lot of RETARDED people out there who don't care about human rights so who knows.

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