The 1 Bitcoin Show- 4 Year FUD, Scam forks, Silly governments, Coin burn 2019!

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoin meister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
January the 13th 28th 2019 I don’t know what year it is anymore strong hand
value wealth in Bitcoin offended by selling be a unique beast uncomfortable
holder of last resort measure your time in having’s alright the vid the photo
you see up there is the one that I promised yesterday of me standing in
these Sumerian Hills in Israel the one day I wasn’t in Tel Aviv I’m in Tel Aviv
right now I was at the Bitcoin Embassy in Tel Aviv and you might also so you
might have also seen a a picture just a few seconds ago of a crowd and I was
actually in that in that crowd hang on let me see can you guys see me now all
right good and I’m gonna hold up the magazine this was that saw Sarah at the
Bitcoin embassy you guys saw her on my on the show we did from the party uh
two Thursday’s ago she she found this magazine tide out Tel Aviv and I mean
there’s a there I am I’m like I’m in the magazine this is from New Year’s Eve and
you guys from marathon my show I did the show it ended at about 11:20 Tel Aviv
time and then I went to a public square to where a market and I just hung out
and there was a party then I came back and I talked about the party and little
did I know okay when I was walking around there they took my picture and so
I mean I’m in here and thanks thanks Sarah for posting this at the Tel
Aviv bitcoin embassy in informing me that I’m I’ve made the Tel Aviv
magazines apparently and it’s funny I have run now two times when running in
Tel Aviv I’ve run into people I know and tell me from Bitcoin embassy so yeah I’m
getting used to it here I mean I guess I should stick around Israel found that
like button baby alright and I will be definitely here until March the 13th so
let’s start off with this is tweet by a bite-size capital
he says ironically those burnt the hardest often become the most vocal
champions of Bitcoin a 90% drawdown that’s a Fiat I guess yet an increase in
investor conviction can you think of another asset which behaves this way no
I can’t but again there’s some people that have a law you know the value of
their wealth and Fiat and they bailed out so again there are some people that
have been in terms of Fiat burnt pretty hard but they don’t see it that way they
they know one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin they saw the same amount of Bitcoin
I think i JW weathermen he he got in when the price was pretty high and Fiat
and yeah he’s an example of a guy who is just become even more vocal as Bitcoin
has gone down he’s just that he’s a huge champion of Bitcoin and that one Bitcoin
he goes of one Bitcoin in that over the long term it’s gonna be a great a great
decision it is a great decision so interesting analysis they’re Bitesize
capital I don’t know there are there are many weak hands that dropped out you but
the strong hands that have stuck around since 27 since the height oh my god
those those yet you’re right they’ve got a lot of conviction take that and
there’s nothing like it in the world in any other financial paradigm and if
financial products there’s there’s nothing nothing nothing like the Bitcoin
conviction of the guys who got in at the height and they’re just you know they
know one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin again I can’t say I got
20-17 I got in 2013 but as all of you know I’ve got a really strong hand and
look at that there’s the honey badger this is the the shirt that was given to
me at the Tel Aviv Bitcoin party the biggest in the world celebrating ten
years of Bitcoin on January the 3rd and yeah there’s the back of it and yeah
people were wearing this tonight at the Tel Aviv of Bitcoin embassy was pretty
good the lady and I forgot her name from Czechoslovakia
Prague who used to be a treasurer who’s now a casa was there I didn’t get to
speak to her but she was there and I took a lot of other people I mean she
left by the time I guess I would have spoken to her a lot of people worse I
didn’t you know I didn’t go after her right away or anything people a lot of
people are really enjoying their time and that was great that she she spoke at
the Bitcoin con there was some Bitcoin conference here last week really like
blockchain II type of stuff you if you guys know what I mean if you’ve been to
these big things and there were some scammers there and but now I’m going to
talk about that in a second because a government official from Israel
spoke a guy who advises Netanyahu the Prime Minister on financial matters
spoke about a big point at this crypto event and oh my god I’d link triple well
we’ll talk about in a second anyway speaking about a link to below you can
get shirts you can get all sorts of stuff I check out my affiliate links if
you want to in and I’ve got you know crypto if you want to give me Crypt you
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don’t be a freeloader pay me now you yeah I don’t pay him so you don’t have
to is it all good it comes I’ve said this many times you know giving these
shows out for free and everything it comes back to you trust me and I look
every day I’m learning because every day I have to do research for this show so
you linked to below this weekend Bitcoin Tech ball comm tch be alt on Twitter
Anita posh was on from Austria and gave us some great
information about the german-speaking Bitcoin land alex Adelman was talking
about lolly and NEMA Tabitha’s hobby which was on and this dude’s got a great
Twitter if you go to find a show all their links are there you can
investigate them and then Saturday show was beyond Bitcoin show I had a lot of
fun and again I I talked about being in Sumeria and I was supposed to show that
picture of me in the hills and it just didn’t show up I didn’t do it right I
hope it showed up right tonight I’m not reading the chat but I never read the
chat unless you do the super chat if you want me to answer a question you do a
super chat I answer your question so maybe people are saying Adam I didn’t
see the picture again or Adam I love the picture Adam I hated the pictures and
that’s me you know personal responsibilities new counterculture yeah
decide do what you’re gonna do hate on me like me I don’t know maybe link AB
has a tweet out there the crypto market will rise again but most likely only
when the pain of the recent fall becomes a distant memory don’t underestimate the
power of psychology and free markets no I don’t underestimate the power of
psychology in the Bitcoin market actually and that’s why when I hear all
these people you know saying oh it’s the end of the world and talking about all
this flood and retweeting flood that they know is not true I know that’s not
good I know that 80 percenters are gonna get weak hands I know that when this
when there’s negativity in the air more and more people become weak hands sell
and then the dollar value goes down again the strong hands are like whatever
we’re here we know one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin but yeah that’s the
psychology of the market it has become negative because of a lot of different
reasons so hey that’s what I try to keep gotcha I keep it positive man I keep it
pretty darn basic I mean really simple 20/20 having learn what that is that’s a
very positive thing and that’ll give you some a positive vibe in perhaps turn
around the psychology of this market which right now there’s a lot of again
and we were I through this in 2015 it’s the same
feeling it’s the same vibe that was in 2015 and Vinnie freaking knows that too
and maybe he should elaborate a little bit more on that but whatever and he’s
laughing all the way to the bank but he is a smart guy he is a long-term thinker
he says these things and like I think in semi troll ways sometimes does he’s
holding all sorts of stuff and he knows that in the long term that everything is
going to be quite great but there’s so many people so many reactionaries out
there who you know what a few negative things happen and they panic and they
are not they don’t they’re not long term think thinkers they’re impulsive and
they get burned all right so all on that same note Matt Odell has a great tweet
out there all this is linked to below here’s the quote this market is full of
idiots this the next having is priced in make up your mind it can’t be both he’s
absolutely right all these thud stirs out there the
people who try to create a negative vibe that I was alluding to before they’re
gonna say anything they can they’ll be like yeah the mark is full of idiots and
the next having is priced in the next having cannot be priced in if there’s a
bunch of idiots out there okay so I’m gonna tell you what I think the market
is full of first of all the next havoc is not priced in I went through the 2016
having it wasn’t priced in okay it wasn’t priced in it’s not priced in this
time people I’m not gonna call the market idiots but most people are naive
most people weren’t around in 2016 so they didn’t go through this before they
don’t even know that the 20/20 having is coming up so yet the market is full of
followers looking for gurus and short term confirmation they want people to
tell them oh everything’s gonna be all right tomorrow that’s what that’s what
this market is full of they and so they dare not look they know 20/20 that’s
nothing to them they don’t know what they don’t know the basics behind
Bitcoin that there’s a halving they don’t care about the deflationary aspect
that the limited supply a Bitcoin compared to
you know they just want the next Bitcoin they they don’t understand a Bitcoin is
the next Bitcoin so yeah and then again they’re looking for people to given the
answers they want to hear they want some guru okay it’s just like whether people
ask me oh and visit litecoin great they won’t we say litecoin is great because
they think like coins great it’s not great I’m not saying it’s great because
you want me to say it’s great it’s so it’s gonna make you feel better
that’s over feelings down that like button ben shapiro
okay so mmm yeah and yeah again as I said most have no memory of 2016 and
they have never controlled their private keys yeah you got it you’ve heard it
before oh the market I’m not gonna say mark is
full of idiots it’s just that that’s not nice it’s not nice to say it’s full of
impulsive people who are those little experience the next having is not priced
in learn what their next having is dude so yeah from me it’s all cyclical
Department and again it is all cyclical 2016 2020 2024 so here there’s a guy
this core again I don’t like to talk about coin desk articles didn’t even
read the coin desk article the reason I’m bringing it up is because it was
titled Bitcoin will still bite the dust so that’s the name of a coin desk
article here in 2019 by a man named Kevin Dowd who is a professor of finance
and economics in the business school at Durham University and the co-author of
the 2015 paper Bitcoin will bite the dust oh what a shock so four years later
he’s come out of the blue to say exactly what he was saying in 2015 which just
happens to be the year on the four-year cycle that resembles 2019 so again he’ll
come back in 2023 and he’ll say again Bitcoin will still fill a bite the dust
I guess okay I mean it’s it’s nonsense it’s not gonna buy it wasn’t gonna bite
the dust in 2015 it didn’t bite the dust you’re saying the same thing you get is
said in 2015 but you can say it easily now people
gonna lap it up because the Fiat price is down they people like to hear this
kind of stuff yeah I don’t know what’s I don’t know what’s wrong with people
people were dying they’ve got negative attitudes most
people know it they want to hear more negative stuff it’s sick it’s a sickness
that’s why I’m here to tell you have a frickin strong hand be positive of life
you be in motion you’re doing awesome things this is a time of opportunity but
for this guy is the time just to rear his ugly head every four years every
four years as guys gonna come back say the same thing he’s saying the exact
same thing he said four years ago and it’s no coincidence because it’s the
same is the same four year cycle all right he would disappear again
comment like but all right so I got to play around with the bisque bis q
decentralized and I’ll link to it below decentralized exchange and yeah it’s
it’s not as easy it’s definitely not for newbies it’s not as easy as you know
regular exchanges but it is it’s something to play around with its next
it’s it’s moderate level stuff if you if you control your own private key if you
if you actually sent Bitcoin before if you have a tresor is something something
to experiment with if you’ve got some optical basically experiment with it if
you’ve got some altcoins that you want to dump and you want to get some Bitcoin
for it okay and you can do that on this exchange quite easily and no one will
know who you are because it’s again you can only trade one Bitcoin worth of your
of your altcoin in a day and yeah man if you got one Bitcoin worth of your all
calling it turn into one Bitcoin I mean that’s all so that’s why I just called
the one Bitcoin show people they asked that before why is it cool the one
because you start with that’s your first goal look at that one Bitcoin the two
then three then 10 then 100 and 300 and whatever 420 you know there’s 424 chem
Bozak you like that ken is Ken there No no no no doubt ken is watching the
Eagles game right he’s from that part of the country don’t waste your time with
that stuff dudes so uh where we got where we got here
yes again you know playing around with a biscuit change though looking at it it
doesn’t remind me how early everything is I mean it’s it’s interesting it’s
interesting if you know what you’re doing but again if you have no clue if
you have little clue about what you’re doing it’s very it’s probably very
intimidating and the user interface looks ok it’s like it’s like 1995
freaking Internet basically and that’s that’s a good thing that’s a good thing
these user interfaces are gonna get easier there’s going to be more ways
easy ways to keep things anonymous like that and avoid these uh know your
customer exchanges it’s early it’s early and it’s positive and that’s a positive
for me and that’s why you can’t pad you can’t paddock in 2019 because when you
look in the year 2028 in the year 2028 which is nine years from now when you
look back at your panic in 2019 you’re gonna have a massive heart attack at the
amount of value you’re lost not gotten rid of that X amount of Bitcoin back to
2019 when I was trying to get some weird alt coins because I thought it was the
next big so in the Bitcoin space today something that could be besides uh I did
user interface user interfaces that aren’t too friendly
it’s not user friendly yet but somebody else that could be intimidating to
people is that they’re we’re taking in the social media involved in Bitcoin and
cryptocurrency whether it be on Twitter or YouTube there’s a lot there is some
cool deep theoretical philosophical so philosophical ideas around Bitcoin and
we’ve got to a point where yeah if people stumble upon that line of
thinking it can scare them away there’s a lot of stuff can scare people away
like they just they want we need more people presenting things in
a very practical manner some practical uses some real-life examples keeping it
keeping it easy keeping it not complicating things too much and you
know there’s there’s the philosophical stuff theoretical stuff the technical
stuff is great it is good but you can’t throw that in people’s faces too much
it’s but in your buddies faces especially so I think I think it can be
kept simple and respectful and positive and I’m gonna do my part in making it so
that that you know this that I think this channel is always presented itself
in that way just having a fun positive attitude and not getting deep into
theoretical discussions and not I’m obviously I am NOT a technical guy I
can’t I can’t explain the technicalities behind lightning network and everything
but I can tell you that it’s I can put it in perspective for people who have
lived through the internet the growing of the Internet
that this lightning Network thing is just we could not predict social media
back in you know the year 2000 that you really couldn’t predict it back then or
at least what it would become and back when I was just a little moisture and
it’s who know we can’t predict what they’re gonna be able to build on top of
his network but it’s going to be it’s going to be similar to that it’s going
to be similar to what we couldn’t predict back in 2000 2001 or 2002 in
terms of the internet so where are we going here it says in my notes not
playing in the censorship system anymore yeah that’s one way of looking at it why
why play in or why put all your marbles in the censorship system you know
completely relying on PayPal or credit cards or patreon duh
you don’t have tough data in that situation a Bitcoin is open the door so
you don’t have to play in the censorship system anymore at all you’re living in
the Bitcoin overlay with the bitcoinmeister so a long time ago
not a long time it seems like a long time ago in late 2017 when I was like
these crypto dividends are freaking awesome man all we do is hold our
Bitcoin we get these free we get these free coins that we could turn in the
Bitcoin and I still think that they’re also and I still think people I think
people are gonna over a toe people have contacted me recently saying they want
to do create cryptic dividends that are pretty original that I think will do
pretty darn well and again it reward Bitcoin holders with these alt coins I
think that’s great I think that’s great because Bitcoin holders can just it
encourages them that hold more interna means a Bitcoin and you know good luck
to those all coin creators good good for you but when I was talking about the
glory of crypto dividends originally when I came up with this term that’s
used all around the world I said that there some that are gonna be created or
just gonna be a hundred percent stamps to steal your private key that’s all
there so be very careful you know give your private key up to these people well
lo and behold coin Telegraph has an article to alleged aetherium scam forks
appropriating users private keys report finds and yeah and one of them st one
was caught aetherium classic vision and i actually mention that one i had
mentioned it only show when i had read it mention an arjen’s article arjun was
talking about how aetherium is about to legitimately fork this week okay it and
this is going to be very interesting because aetherium classic may benefit
from this fork I’m not gonna get into this right now but these scammers out
there they thought they’d take advantage of this and say well when aetherium is
forking we’re gonna fork off of aetherium too and this is what and it
turned out to be a turtle scam total scam and they got busted beforehand so
good I’m glad they got busted but yeah you gotta be careful it’s just another
reminder to not type in your private key your recovery seed into any into any
crypto dividend the site that says oh this is how you get your oh crap that
dividend no don’t do that where else do we have here okay so I
talking about the etherium the real aetherium fork is happening this week
yeah let’s see what happens yeah good good luck tooth area
bitcoin is next Bitcoin uh here’s okay so now let’s talk about the Israel this
video from prevent by professor avi Simon he’s a professor okay so I’m gonna
quote this this tweet I who is this tweet Twitter this is uh I think this
guy’s name is avi Zohar that tweet of the cell so he says here’s the classic
uninformed position of Israeli authorities on Bitcoin now by the way
it’s not just Israeli government authorities that are this uninformed
it’s like every Western nations authorities are are similarly uninformed
to what this guy’s and you guys got to watch this species only ten minutes
played at 1.5 X speed it’s quite entertaining
professor IBC Simon head of the Israeli National Economic Council was at the
Bitcoin summit his main points one printing Bitcoin costs too much a total
Muppets a total misunderstanding of mining and cost he had a total
misunderstanding of that he said bitcoin as you know it will not exist for long
this is his theory his bitcoins not gonna exist for very long this is his
conclusion you can read this tweet storm that the guy this guy other guy
describes all the insanity of this dude speech okay but watch the speech
yourself and I mean this is this is bureaucracy for you they got their heads
in the sand I mean the guy was aware of certain things but I mean certain
aspects of a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency I mean he was clueless about so this is
gonna sneak up on a lot of countries on us a lot of bureaucrats it’s unfortunate
because maybe there will be some smarter countries there will be some smarter
countries they’re going to put Bitcoin in their reserves and not tell anyone if
they’re buying it and then one day the world’s going to find out that you know
X Y Z country a lot of Bitcoin in there reserves and
then every other country is going to try to do that vini lingham made that
prediction back in 2016 and that prediction inspired me a lot actually I
thought that was a great prediction has it come true yet but again that Bess you
know sometimes these things I think if any said was going to come true in 2018
but sometimes these things take a little bit longer and for the strong hands for
the the fur people who defer gratification yeah we know it will there
will be countries but for now we got Israeli bureaucrats a guy who advises
Netanyahu talking nonsense at a cryptocurrency event and watch it
yourself so finally I made up a new term crypto resurrection I advise all coins
that need to get a little traction out there you know they need a pump
themselves up do what the be private people are doing see what there’s at
least analyze what they’re doing this coin burke boom the coin burn do the
coin burn unmoved cones coins that have never been split away you know in terms
of the crypto dividend they’ve never people they’ve never been claimed that’s
a better way unclaimed coins by be private they’re
being destroyed or March the first I think it is they’re being burnt this is
something this could be a trend in 2019 if this is successful I link to
something below that like shows a best-guess case or a nice case scenario
for be private for burning naira for burning their unclaimed be privates but
other other all there’s plenty of all coins that that have been Forks or one
of them unclaimed points or they could just make a new rule you know alchemist
give you whatever the heck they want to they can say if you haven’t moved your
coin in four years it’s going to be erased if you don’t do it by it’s going
to be burnt excuse me by if you don’t move it by May 1st or some arbitrary
date so yeah I’m big into a money supply being very limited so if you can limit
your money supply you can decrease your money supply I think it’s a very
interesting experiment I’m or to seeing what happens to these be
private people and hey maybe 2019 that’ll be the that I might be the way
to pump some of these altcoins again now uh they’ll do the Corning burn coated
burn 2019 pound that like button hey if you’re some Alcorn dude you’re watching
this go tell your a centralized leader listen Adam Meister let’s do it it’s
worth your while man what else can you lose it’s already gone down so much in
terms of Bitcoin you’re all coins why not
you know put it all over her it’s worth the risk
go all the way what’s that that’s that’s a song by uh it’s from the 70s who is it
I want to take beat purple but I know what it was Eric Eric Harmon in the
raspberry Carmen in the raspberries good song go all the way I remember him I be
in my dad’s car a blessed memory my father when he drive me around he’d be
listening to the oldies station and that song would come on and I was like that’s
an awesome song I don’t know what that song is called I mean I would eventually
I looked it up on YouTube is it got a little older good memories they’re great
memories to end the show with found that like but everybody bang that Bell button
i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe
this channel like this video share this video check out the links below follow
me at tech Balt click on those squares i will say hi to you guys and then I’m
gonna go to sleep this late

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  1. Interesting coin burn info! I assume that splitting BPrivate from an existing BTC address counts as ‘moving your coins’ so that they’re not burned/destroyed?

  2. The next halving is definitely not priced in. Tentatively scheduled for May 2, 2020, I expect price to start going up again probably around October or November

  3. If Israel declares Bitcoin its National currency that would fulfill lots of things like the shemitah also Bitcoin would immediately go up in price thousands of percent

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