The 1 Bitcoin Show- 2024 super holders! The Trezor factor. Crypto-dividend haters?

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
December the 16th 2017 strong hand let’s just say buy and hold all right long
term thinking people I want to say yesterday’s show was great this week a
bit this weekend Bitcoin check it out always check out the links section below
it’s in the links section below we learned a lot from Simon Dixon the fun
da Yu down from Australia he was also on shout out the Perth all my people in
Perth but with Simon he taught us a lot and I want to review what he taught us
in a second but remember guys delayed gratification in life don’t jump into
things wait it out it pays off we’re hitting on all an all-time high again
isn’t it nice that you didn’t sell your Bitcoin it’s all about starting with one
Bitcoin I know you guys can get there and for the people who don’t have one
Bitcoin yet just buy and hold buy and hold alright
so Simon Dixon some of the things that I learned from him that were inspirational
he said you don’t want to be that a Bitcoin pizza guy remember the guy who
spent like 20,000 Bitcoin on a pizza a long time ago so yeah that’s why you
don’t want to end up you know you’re like oh I’m gonna spend point 01.00 one
bitcoin on a pizza today or I don’t know and then in a few years you’re like oh
wow I paid the price of a car for a pizza you don’t want to be that guy hold
it baby you don’t need to spend this stuff don’t get tempted into doing
something with your Bitcoin I hear these stories all the time seem on Twitter
follow me on Twitter at Tech Balt alright another thing that Simon brought
up hardware while it’s being shipped out the number that are
being shipped out that are being bought right now that’s that number is more
important than the the huge numbers of people that are signing up every day for
coinbase and for exchanges because the people I
mean it’s another step in the learning curve if you have purchased a Tresor or
whatever hardware while you’re interested in that means you’re that
much closer to becoming well to proving that you’re part of the 20% that you’re
not impulsive that you’re going to do something
you’re just a hole you’re joining the holding club basically and you’re not
going to end up disillusioned with Bitcoin or with cryptocurrency most
likely if you’re buying a Tresor and you’re storing your Bitcoin there you’re
not going to do anything silly you’re not gonna lose it on exchange and you
know these numbers are great that we’re hearing about people signing up for
coinbase signing up for whatever exchange that doesn’t mean they actually
bought something it just means they signed it’s pretty difficult I hear to
even get approved once you’re signed up and they even buy on coinbase we’re
going to talk about bit flyer and a second that supposedly is easy so yeah I
would love to know that these numbers of people who are buying treasures how many
or how big the waiting list is but just it gives us a little bit more of
in-depth knowledge on the type of person that that’s that’s joining us here in
the land of the hold and the bold golden hold alright what else do we had here
was something that he said that was also oh yes scaling issues are because of
adoption I think we all understand this the reason Bitcoin has scaling issues
people are actually using it same aetherium is starting to have scaling
issues that’s because people are using it for pricey OS but they are using it
so you want to get to a point where you have scaling issues if your coin doesn’t
have a scaling issue which is like 99.99% of them yeah you’re not you just
it’s just being speculated on it’s just being
traded there’s just a mechanism to get people more Bitcoin risk takers you know
going in and out of this altcoin to get more Bitcoin again buy and hold it pays
off with the crypt of dividends we’re gonna get into that in a second but yeah
Simon was great yesterday you got it you have to check out that link below people
are raving about it on Twitter and by the way people were saying some really
nice things about me on Twitter that’s real right that’s very nice of everyone
to compliment me over there real really nice stuff so follow me at tech fault
over there on Twitter it has been a while oh it’s been a wild fun time over
there one other thing is Simon pointed out and I don’t want to twist his words
or anything like that but I asked him about the tether
situation and he said BitFenix appears to be doing so well that I mean if
something if something did go wrong with tether I mean they could think it almost
like bailout tether basically that’s kind of paraphrasing him you’re going to
watch exactly watch the show for exactly what he said I don’t to put words into
his mouth he is an investor his company invests in BitFenix so he himself says
he could be biased but we’re gonna get in a second I’m going to get to a tweak
and action not by him they’re chalks about the situation if it
affects Finex it talks about the revenue they’re bringing in which is a quite
impressive by the way during the chat I can’t see you guys unless you do the
super chat then a color pops up and then I can answer your questions so pound
that like button for the 100 viewers it’s late at night here in Baltimore on
the East Coast I guess we’re all getting ready for see Emmy Sunday is tomorrow
and yeah I’m pretty calm we’re at $19,000 and it’s just like and this
happens all the time now it’s a new normal all-time highs are like new
normal maybe when it hits that big 200 I’ll get excited again I don’t know
maybe we’ll just bust through it the question we’re hitting now is is it
gonna happen by the end of the year again long-term thinking here I just I
mean I’m caring about 2020 and 2024 beyond we’re gonna talk about that in a
second and the Hoffman has two great post over at crypto gold central comm I
highly recommend them he actually commented he was very impressed by Simon
Dixon also everybody’s impressed by Simon Dixon it everyone should get Simon
Dixon on their show and these had Simon on the show a vortexes had Simon on the
show before but aunt andy hoffman encrypted gold further
update on how user friendly bit flyer USA is with high purchase limits alright
yeah he’s he’s got a guy that’s using bit flyer the USA version and it’s
working well working a lot better than not coinbase so if you guys are trying
to buy Bitcoin for dollars and you’re having a hard time signing up for coin
based or Gemini or whatever try out this bit flyer thing this dude is raving
about it and Andy is chronicling it and it’s it’s really cool that he’s
chronicling this the other article he says stay vigilant to remain in the 20%
and that just means being smart being a long-term thinker storing your coins at
atras or then not not do people again do things with their Bitcoin to try to
increase their Bitcoin there’s no point in doing that you’re 80 per I mean
you’re a borderline eighty percent or if you do stuff with your Bitcoin okay I’m
not gonna generalize here you’re there might be some smart people who try to do
some things with their there are some non impulsive people who think it’s okay
to do some newbies maybe or just people who have had success if you keep on
doing things with your Bitcoin you’re going to fail eventually you’re gonna
lose your frickin Bitcoin okay trying to get two percent gains by
investing it somewhere or by trading it you can lose a hundred percent it’s not
worth it you’re gonna end up crying pound that like one because someone over
there just did five dollars Bitcoin Buddha you rock
Cheers no dude bitcoin Buddha you rock it oh and that’s five pounds I believe
there or euros I don’t even know it’s late at night here I can’t even tell the
difference at this hour I need to take a shower okay um just one
dad that personal God I know people like the personal touch sometimes all right
so BitFenix I’d link to an incredible revenue chart that this guy posted what
is this here oh yeah they’re like in the billions in revenue I didn’t write it
right down me yeah my notes are not complete check it out below BitFenix is
making up it’s bringing in a lot of revenue according to his tweet and I
want to say again yeah tether appears to be I mean it it’s not BitFenix his fault
that everybody thinks tether is worth a dollar then all these tether is just a
tool of the 80% to go in and out to do their crazy training so I don’t care if
tether goes away again that’s if you ate some 80 percenters get stuck with
worthless tether and I don’t think it’s gonna end up worth is they keep on
saying it’s worth a dollar they’re making it’s 80% then make it worth a
dollar and so why not keep on printing more and more tether these 80 percenters
are just playing into what they’re used to in the world that we’ve grown up in
that the United States can keep on printing dollars dollars dollars and
everyone thinks it’s worth a dollar it’s getting inflated away whatever they they
want to play and thank gbt just gave me 10 bucks he didn’t say anything but
thanks a lot G BT GB – yeah that’s awesome
all right um so yeah I don’t even know why I’m talking about tether I just
wanted to say it’s a tool of the 80% that’s probably why the only reason I
wanted to bring it up and I don’t know why people even trade crypto currencies
is completely ridiculous when you can just hold and just get your crypto
dividends you know you got all that be cash you got 10% on your money there I
mean some people got 20 some people got less some people got more than 20 you
might still get more it’ll pump again all right where else do we have here it’s a tether just a man it uh it fuels
that game man it’s just a game of flipping coins and not not being the
last one holding it before the holding those coins before they go down in value
and just do I mean if you want to trade in and out I mean use Bitcoin instead of
tether if you’re if you’re worried about tether I don’t know so you don’t even
trade don’t risk your precious Bitcoin don’t rescue your doing risk your
precious light coin on these freaking all coins and tether games or whatever
this is alright but speaking about all coins I’m gonna add a new segment to the
show it’s the middle of the show segment where we talk about the exchange rates
of various top tier all coins today it takes fifty five Mineiro to equal one
Bitcoin it takes 65 B gold to equal one Bitcoin Judah just owned one Bitcoin
alright check out veritasium on coin market cap the reason I bring this up is
when I was in Hong Kong at the beginning of July I met with a client of mine and
he had done very well with veritasium he entered a new realm should we say and
I’ve talked about this person before and he basically had 80 Bitcoin at one point
and and by this point he only had about 15 Bitcoin left he had turned a lot in
the verities him into other B’s all coins I’m like dude okay you’ve been
you’ve done very well with his verities IAM thing turn some of it back into
Bitcoin I have no idea that if he did it or not then I went to Perth and there
were all these people asking me all these ladies asking me about veritasium
Nathan who was on the show yesterday can is my witness why would I want to say
this here verities IAM at that time around July the 4th was worth about 8%
of a Bitcoin now it is worth a little less than 2% of
a Bitcoin so um and when very we’re verities iam started and now it’s worth
a 14% Susie point what whatever it one-and-a-half percent of a Bitcoin when
it started it was worth about 1.8 percent of a Bitcoin so now it’s worth
less than when it even started when when they debuted this veritasium thing which
is like all about Reggie Middleton worship that’s all I mean and that’s
what people were and he could be he might be a good guy or something but you
know you buy this ICO because you think this dude is cool man it does not pay
off over the long run you value your wealth and Bitcoin and then you start
screaming about how much you lost on veritasium by not holding Bitcoin so I
hope that guy back in Hong Kong I hope he I hope he got it gotten transferred
some of that verities and back in the Bitcoin again transferred sold I don’t
even know what I’m saying um alright what else do having my piece
of paper like I after I ran today I just wrote all this stuff down this piece of
paper well yeah let’s talk about before here five dollars again module module
thoughts on combating FUD with the older non technical folk yeah yeah I I do have
some thoughts on that actually they have to get used to the fact that the
mainstream media has no clue about this stuff and then even Bitcoin media people
just repeat what other people are saying and many of them have interests that are
against Bitcoin so they have to ignore the news I think older people are used
to relying on just news sources just regular mainstream news sources so um
and now there’s so many you know fortunes writing about if Forbes is
writing about everyday my mom even my mother so ok she’s obviously older than
I am I’m not gonna say she’s old but she she asked me she’s like what what is
this they say this guy is Satoshi and he’s sayin bad stuff about Bitcoin
what’s that about and it was an article about Craig right I’m like you got to
ignore this guy so who so what I would say to older people do
not if you do Google searches and you come out with mainstream news sources
that are ripping on Bitcoin you gotta ignore it you really have to ignore it
watch channels like mine if you need a shot in the arm if you need just some
inside information it can be really confusing out there with FUD and just I
think since you’re older you think about you think of Bitcoin as a savings
account thus you’re going to hear some bad things along the way but don’t touch
your Bitcoin until at least the year 2020 and learn what the Bitcoin having
is and so I was watching the world crip of network vortex and Thomas were
talking on Friday’s show on what was their show called the the Bitcoin group
and they did an excellent job but but Simon exactly Simon of Thomas brought up
how there was an article in Wired magazine and it talked about how in the
year 2032 there’d be 99% of all the Bitcoin would be mined by then and I
checked it out and I linked to this link below you guys have to check out this
link that I link to below it’s Bitcoin IT it’s a wiki looking page
and there’s a chart there that shows you after each having how many well how many
Bitcoin will be left to be mined percentage-wise
how many Bitcoin will be mined during that time period and what I am you know
and I I always talk about the year 2020 but it is close but it’s still long term
and I know leading up to the having we just had there was a big price increase
so you know I expect similar things but between the two the 2024 having is
really important also because during that period that follows that during
that four-year period only six hundred fifty six thousand two hundred fifty
Bitcoin will be mined okay that’s the that’s a very small amount of new
Bitcoin produced that’s the first time it’s going to be under a million during
a four your period I mean that’s big and then
2028 brings more milestones to in terms of scarcity let’s calm scarcity
milestones you know Bitcoin will 98% or something like that of all the Bitcoin
will have been mined by the year 2028 we’re talking about some pretty extreme
numbers when we get to the Year 2024 2028 and then 2032 so I mean if you’re
if you’ve got someone who was just born like yesterday seriously and you want to
give them a present a graduation present say don’t don’t use this Bitcoin in
until 2030 – are you know I’m mixing up all the years 20 have any years this
story but whatever you get my drift here try try to try to hang on as long as
possible and as I have said before I have I’ve
got a really strong hand if people say oh you’re so low your Bitcoin in year
2020 no I said this – that’s the earliest possible time
I would sell any I have never sold a Bitcoin in my life for dollars I’ve
never cashed out in the Fiat is a taxable situation in here in the United
States but that’s not the not the main reason the main reason is I know it’s
gonna be worth a lot more and so yeah I’m very willing to to wait until 2024
that is it touch nothing until 2024 I mean as it is right now I’m living a
great life without touching any my Bitcoin I mean I’m traveling all around
again it’s about being frugal it’s about and it’s about being happy – I’m living
it up I you know you feel a lot better when you have a lot of Bitcoin when you
have a you know a substantial amount of Bitcoin in the bank when you have enough
– you know it gives you a new era of copy of financial confidence when you
know bitcoins nineteen thousand dollars a piece it means it’s amazing you know
you’re saving his account has is doing very well and you’re getting crypto
dividends along with it also uh yeah check out that check out that link
seriously you can you plot I’d like to see graphs and charts like that and I
mean I can’t I can’t describe everything on here right now
you’ll be bored but check it out it’s it’s linked to below I think I linked to
everything below here is a here’s a tweet it says holding sounds easy
but is actually much harder psychologically than trading holding is
a dedicated daily practice of restraint not reacting the FUD media media tweets
crisis de jour etc it’s how we earn our future wealth took me years to
appreciate this tech Balt knows and all things that means me I’m tech Balt so
thank you very much lo BTC his name is but I do link to that below yeah another
reason oh oh here coin market watch calm is a very good
site value your wealth and bitcoin it gives you the it makes it easy to see
how much every alt coin is worth in bitcoin it’s better than coin a coin
market capcom so i link to that below i also link to an article about iota it’s
not some hype article it’s about the Tay it’s about their issues with the
technology I did not read the entire thing but it’s interesting interesting
if you’re a tech person or you if you want to know more than like oh I order
the next greatest thing this dude has like studied it and stuff so good for
him sunday is CM e Sunday or whatever it is
Chicago or whatever the heck it’s call it’s kind of the futures are gonna start
tomorrow at 6 p.m. Eastern Time I’m getting all the names wrong alright
pound out like button if you liked it Adam really just wants to take a shower
and get a good night’s sleep be Dimond I’m gonna comment on them real quick in
a general sense because again that dude really reached out to me and they say
they’re a friendly Fork they’re even using those temp there’s terminologies
and it’s really unfortunate that they’re people out there that they use be
diamond they just trying to scam people they’ve created fake be diamond sites
it’s horrible and the this plays into some of the ignorant people out there
who are just against crypto dividends so then they start to say well be diamonds
a scam beat as a scam and it’s not and they do this
this crazy analysis based on like scam sites that have nothing to do with be
diamond my point is this I wonder what the ulterior motives of some of the
people who rip or her crypt of dividend haters what I mean do they they don’t
own any Crip they don’t own any Bitcoin obviously they want you probably just to
pump up their altcoins be involved in this Matt in this trading
madness you don’t have to be involved in trading madness or to do think maybe
they’re people who just have Bitcoin businesses may be legitimate or
illegitimate and they want you to give them your Bitcoin to invest in their
businesses or to so they can steal from you in cloud mining scams I don’t know
who’s putting out this fun about crypt of dividends but there’s a lot of it and
again the beauty of these crypto dividends is your holy Bitcoin you’re
doing nothing with your Bitcoin you receive the B diamond as soon as
treasure can safely split it for you okay that’s all you do so you know you
can listen to all the criticism you want to about B diamond you wait it out and
then if it’s safe Tresor is gonna split it for you and you’ll be good and they
have reached out to trace or as was mentioned in my previous show and they
are reaching out to the right people trying to make you know trying to make
it mainstream in the United States of America not just in Asia because again
to all the haters are crypt of dividends out there who say you know they’re
they’re cheap Chinese knockoffs or whatever and that’s funny to say but the
bottom line is is I was in South Korea okay
I saw for myself these people buy anything okay they don’t care what it
stands for I just telling you about iota they don’t know what that is they just
know it’s pumping it’s pumping they will buy every single one of these crypto
dividends okay we’re getting every one single one of these cryptic dividends
for free okay do you understand how that works so they pump it up then we dump it
it’s not my fault that they’re 80 percenters out there that are gonna pump
these things up for whatever reasons and guess what be done it might be great I
mean maybe they’re gonna do some great things I don’t know I’m a Bitcoin guy
and I appreciate that they’re people trying to form all coins in a way that
they’re giving me they’re free all coins that’s great that’s great and we should
all think it’s great we should all want them to do great as well as go as high
as possible to be the number two crypto currency on earth because it doesn’t
take away anything for big from Bitcoin but again I think it’s the haters that
are out there there of these Bitcoin crypto dividends they’re not fans of
Bitcoin they’re fans of you giving you them your Bitcoin or buying they’re all
corn or buying their ridiculous ICO or using their trading platform or just
being in the same boat as them just being a person who wishes they owned
Bitcoin so they could get this amazing benefit and it is an amazing benefit and
yeah and so and and people are going to say well you these crooked omens are
worth less and less every time well we’ve had to we’ve had to we had B cash
them we had B gold is super BTC necessarily going to be less than B gold
when like one of the wealthiest people in China in terms of cryptocurrency is
behind it I don’t know let’s wait and see let’s let’s put some pressure on
tresor on ledger and all these people to check this stuff out and split this
stuff and and give it to us and makes make it easy so we can dump it on some
dudes in korea or china whoever wants to buy it and good luck to them maybe
they’ll maybe they’ll do well with it i don’t know okay what else did i have
written down here yeah man it’s better than flipping off coins it’s better than
flipping altcoins getting three altcoins is better than flipping off coins
alright i’m trachea whatever you want to call it so i oh no we talked about we
talked about Julian Assange has a a great tweet out there Bitcoin is the
real Occupy Wall Street and I’ve you can interpret that a lot of different ways I
kind of interpreted as like Bitcoin is the true rebel here
Bitcoin is a true way of protesting the status quo because it’s real action
I saw Occupy Wall Street in person because it was in every city what was it
was that New Year 2011 yes it was in 2011 my yeah because I went to a wedding
in San Francisco in October October 27 2011 so I saw them laying around in San
Francisco I saw him laying around in downtown Baltimore and basically virtu
signalers and just bums the hoos they didn’t even know what they
were protesting they couldn’t even explain what they were protesting with
Bitcoin you’re not you’re not purchasing okay you’re doing you’re buying you’re
owning something okay you’re taking action by using your hard-earned cash
your hard-earned dollars to turn it into this tool of change okay this protest
vote against the way it is that you don’t want to be in this inflationary
system anymore okay you you want continual control over yourself you want
freedom you want the freedom of expression the freedom to donate to
whoever you want to to not rely on so you know credit cards you might censor
you so yes Julian Assange bitcoin is the real Occupy Wall Street big coin it’s
it’s you’re you’re not just complaining and sitting in some tent down at Harbor
place or down in San Francisco or whatever you’re you’re doing something
you are you’re taking action with the Bitcoin it’s awesome it’s it’s fun to be
this and you can you can interpret it a lot of different ways I mean you might
be protesting something that I’m not protesting but you you really are this
is this is a rebel thing to do this is this is going against the way we have
done things for so many years in this country in the Western world and you
know take it your own way use it to protest your own way but just
don’t sit there and say oh it’s too expensive it must be terrible I’ll never
get into it now I mean you’re just again you’re just a complaint or that way
you’re gonna miss out you’re bitter about missing out if you had it you’ve
done well you’ve done well buy and hold baby keep don’t lose it don’t lose it
that’s that’s that’s the key right now don’t lose it and you can talk about all
the philosophy behind it as much as you want to if you own it that’s great what
else do we have here this is where the big boys play yeah I’d like to
say that all right god I write down hey we talked about B Dimond we talked about
you know we’re not gonna talk about that well here well Pat panda 20% of all
Bitcoin is control this is this is a new main stream media Fudd this is for the
guy by the way they got this is something you ignore you tell older
people to ignore this but he’s making fun of a new mainstream media fide 20%
of all Bitcoin is controlled by a hundred twelve people and that’s
dangerous they’re using the rich list from big bit fin from info charts they
don’t seem to grasp the idea of cold storage wallets from exchanges example
number one on the list of is uh yeah and in the BitFenix cold wallet is listed
number one on that list basically what he’s saying is that some some mainstream
media people are saying that 20% of all Bitcoin is controlled by 112 people but
as they look at the rich list of the richest address and they see a hundred
twelve addresses have 20% of all the Bitcoin in it but some of those
addresses are our exchanges are not individuals it’s not it’s not like that
so they don’t even understand what they’re what they’re looking at and then
they write an article about it and it scares people so there you go in you
gotta be can’t just because it’s written by a mainstream media source doesn’t
mean they even know what the heck they’re talking about alright quickly
Ansel Lindner has a tweet imagine long ago the time between gold being just
pretty – gold being money the price appreciation must have been staggering
that’s what we’re experiencing with Bitcoin
we are watching monetization of a new asset but and that’s a great point that
it’s happening in a very short period of time with gold went from being pretty to
money thousands of thousands of years that time it’s interesting way of
looking at things i link to that below newbee tip of the day here winding up
the show Newberry tip of the day I do not like paper wallets at all if you’re
a newbie don’t be cheap and don’t play around and play around with paper
wallets a lot ask me about this I know Andy Hoffman probably agrees with me on
this that this is just it’s it’s it’s a pain in the butt to get your Bitcoin off
of the paper wallet okay it’s easy to get it onto the paper wallet in theory
but it can catch on fire it’s just it’s a pain it is not as easy
as people make it out to be I understand the way newbies think you’re not gonna
be able to handle these paper wallets so newbies forget about the paper wallet
thing forget and people are telling you oh you could save a lot of money just by
doing a paper wallet I mean you can listen to those people
I wouldn’t recommend listening to those people though yeah and what ends up
happening is that you pay people like Andy and I to help you get the Bitcoin
off of that paper wallet is you’re so panic-stricken when you can’t do it on
your own don’t end up in that situation just get a treasurer or pay a hundred
dollars whatever it is it will split your crypto dividends for you again with
these paper loss people are like well how do I get my crypto dividend on how
do I be cash solve it I don’t it might be again you get cornered into this
complex situation that you don’t have to be in and it’s safer to be on a trade or
it just is it just is and again for a second the paper well it touches the
internet under certain sick of the circumstances I’m not even going to get
into that ok that’s it for the Bitcoin part of the show Adams health tip of
that you can turn it off of you one now Adams health tip of the day again it’s a
reminder to never take a statin if your doctor prescribes you a stand don’t even
know they’re better ways if you if you’re overweight I just start to lose
weight do not eat carbs cut bread out cut soda
out don’t get do not worry about your your cholesterol will also drop but but
don’t worry about your cholesterol it is again you need cholesterol for your
brain to function and if you unnaturally decrease your cholesterol it’s you’re
gonna end up with all and that’s not good and the statin does
that it the statins horrible drugs horrible horrible
and again another tip expiration dates on food or sell by dates they’re usually
completely nonsense it’s just the companies want you to throw away your
food so you buy more food from them especially now if you still eat
processed foods and you shouldn’t that stuff lasts forever if it’s got like you
know like candy bars they say they expire they have expiration those things
never expire they’re just as good ten years later they’re so filled with sugar
they’re like preserved it’s like formaldehyde now I’m not saying to eat
that stuff but you know take it down a couple levels a lot of food if it’s if
it’s got salt and if it’s got sugar in it or whatever and so this is alright
for you but it’s going to last Eve even nak even chicken you buy at the store it
has an X it has a sell-by date on it it’s still if it smells good it’s good
still the fat preserves it so don’t freak out and you know bila there are a
lot of mothers out there they see that date and they throw it away they don’t
want their kid touching it that after that sell buy if it hits that sell by
date that’s it that’s it they’ll go out and buy more
and that’s why like I 20% of the food in the war in the United States is totally
wasted is thrown out because of the sell by dates and the fake expiration dates
I eat expired and pass sell buy food date food all the time never had a
problem never had a problem and I’m talking about meats I’m talking about
chicken and turkey or whatever organic stuff it lasts it’s still good the next
day you smell it fish just smell it if it smells bad and yet don’t need it but
if it’s past a magical date and it smells and looks fine you eat it and
that’s how you save some money too and make society but I mean you’re just
an whatever you save money you buy Bitcoin with it that’s it
i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister this is rob much remember subscribe this
channel like this video shows we do check
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  1. Adam. You are not listening to me! Bitcoin is useless. It costs $20 to send $5. Bitcoin has officially become a shitcoin. Buy Dash or lose everything in 2018.

  2. Much appreciate your videos. Enjoying my trezor and got my Bcash dividends. Updated my firmware and got my bgold last night! HODL!

  3. People really underestimate the YouTube Bitcoin news.. I always recommend watching channels like yours to my friends keep it up

  4. I agree with you, Adam, on ICOs. I would advise most people not to buy into ICOs unless they like trading altcoins. ICOs are unregulated and risky. Even if the team is dedicated to the project most ICOs go through a pump and dump phase. I bought into Veritaseum and I sold all of it because I saw the value stagnating and not going anywhere. I used the funds to buy more Bitcoin.

    I have over 20 years experience investing in different markets. I have learned the hard way to drop a risky investment if it losses potential. Crypto currency is risky and most people should just buy and hold Bitcoin. ICOs use the same marketing tactics as penny stocks and junior mining companies. They sell themselves as the next bit thing. Then investors are left holding bag after the ICO hits the market. Because ICOs are not regulated you may have no idea if the insiders have sold their positions when the ICO hits the market. The investor can be left with a token that drops in value against Bitcoin and never recovers.

    I think, Jimmy Song, said it best. He said buying into an ICO is like investing in a restaurant that has no building and no food to serve. The company has no track record of performance and usually their product is still under development. You have have no idea if their product or business model will be profitable. It can take years before a team can develop a viable software product for the market. In my opinion it is best for the average person to stay away from ICOs and just buy and hold BTC. Don't be that person that is left holding the bag on a bad investment.

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