The 1 Bitcoin Show- 2 Segwit years ago, BTC beats sports bets, Fees, Grayscale, Futures?

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoin meister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
August the 1st 2019 strong hand be a unique piece now you’re wealthy bitcoin
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day in Bitcoin it’s uncharted territory that’s why I love this space so much you
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now by the way speaking about uncharted territory
Google yeah Google YouTube said there was gonna be no more hangouts anymore
well hangouts is working today it is August first they said after August
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I already it’s uncharted territory no more Google Hangouts how you gonna do
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for all you elite out there all my elite friends well some of my leaf friends
weren’t around here two years ago hey I was around here two years ago actually
on this very day I was taking a flight back from Brisbane to Baltimore with Leo
Lulu and New York oh and it was during tisha ba one of the Jewish holidays when
you supposed to fast twenty five hours except I kept them going back in time
the holiday kept getting longer and long anyway so while I was fasting on a plane everybody was worried everyone’s going
wild always this segment this be – scaling debate what’s the real Bitcoin
oh my lord health is all going to end up and the weeks leading up to August the
1st of 2017 and it wasn’t really clear what was going to happen but there were
some of us with strong hands there were some us that were into segments and the
user activated sophomore ok we don’t need to get into the technical details
now because it doesn’t matter now it all happened and guess what Bitcoin
one of course bitcoin one and a popular law kind of FUD around this time was
that the king of the trolls fork which would be called be cash that’s gonna be
the real Bitcoin and now we look back Oh time is a beautiful thing we look back
and we see like wow that that was a line of FUD that be cash was gonna be the
real big I mean it’s like it’s hard to understand but bitcoin is the next
Bitcoin Bitcoin has always been Bitcoin and so we can be we can remember the two
years ago there it was a pretty wild time on this day on August the 1st but
things with things went fine and Bitcoin boomed
after that and we maseeh it so clearly now okay but again back Danny was not
that clear but and then of course we realized that be cash there’s nothing
but a crypto dividend that there would be friendly Fork crypto dividends after
that not so friendly fork and sure enough it all happened and it was great
and uh but there’s a lot of 2019 that don’t appear very clear many aspects of
Bitcoin that people try to fought over and guess what in two years they’ll be
clear also and we’ll look back and we’ll wonder why didn’t we worry about that
like ooh lightly people were saying that lightning network was horrible lightning
that word was never gonna work and we’ll look back and we’ll just laugh like that
was a line of reasoning no it’s that was smart people were saying no not smart
people were saying that but it was fun but so yep put it on perspective that’s
the lesson you can learn from two years ago that what appears very unclear in
the present but the deal is is going to make sense if you have a strong hand if
you’re a long term thinker in the long term it becomes very clear so keep that
strong hand don’t let the people find you they’re always gonna be all sorts of
different attacks on Bitcoin different challenges to Bitcoin and they fail
we’ve seen them come and go and we’ll see more of them all right all right so
it’s been enough and it has been since that day in August first I mean all of
us who have held since before August first I mean we’re really great shape do
the math people do the freaking math Aviva if Bitcoin was below $3,000 before
August first and it has never gone under 3,000 of dollars again since two years
ago despite what some people were worried about worth day and we all got
all the forks the crypt of dividends came to us too in that time period so
yeah holding has his benefits it’s a great benefits but again you gotta
remember that during this first few months people were trading were
unbelievably I know this they were faux mowing over and off they were foam
going over be cash they were giving up their precious Bitcoin for be cash
unbelievable that people were doing that unbeliev why paying for something that
you get for free pound that like button okay enough of the two year anniversary
yay yay I mean I think you know there’s some people that are analyzing all the
technical aspects of the battle that was going on who cares we’re living the
future now we’re living the present okay great
it was the right path it was the right path we did the scaling debate was over
I mean you didn’t even need to frickin scale at the time oh really now so uh
here it is uh and with that in mind with that mind spot Spencer noone says the
hard truth about crypto that’s crystallized for me over the past year
this industry passes people by so easily if you’re not voraciously consuming
content and stay up to date with trends hmm it’s physically exhausting and
really fun for some people okay dude trends in crypto getting passed by my
trick a lot of those trends are noise dude okay now I will say this for
racially consuming non-middle noise content is good it is good to learn the
basics of Bitcoin but getting distracted with all the altcoin noise you’re gonna
go down a path of misery dude you’re gonna get too distracted but there there
is a lot of information you can fall behind on current events I will give you
that and it’s it’s good to know the current events in the Bitcoin space so
you don’t get flooded out so you say you know what’s on the horizon so you know
that a lot of a big financial organizations are gonna get in the
Bitcoin and you understand the reasons that individuals in poor countries are
in countries that are under repressive financial regimes need Bitcoin these are
current event type things they strengthen your hands now someone
replied to Spencer Nunes tweet and I think it was good
I think a lot of the trends are noise so if you’re constantly reading spotting a
trend and making decisions based on knowing the latest trend you’re just
following the crap I’d also say most crypto companies and investors are
falling into this trap I agree I agree 80% yeah people are jumping in the
trends they’re starting companies around trends they’re making investment funds
around trendy altcoins keep it simple Bitcoin instead of sets
starting some company around some third-rate altcoin you just buy Bitcoin
I know it doesn’t sound very glamorous it’s not very trendy you didn’t learn
about some new tech of some altcoin you kept it simple you kept it basic you
kept up with the current events of Bitcoin and you increased your
conviction for Bitcoin okay that’s why you learn that’s why you
follow the news in Bitcoin voraciously and it’s good to know of that up coins
exist and some of the tech some of the new things they could add to Bitcoin and
it’s good to know about what governments are they’re saying about bigger but not
getting too scared about it curve events around Bitcoin good to know good things
know you get all sorts of original news right here on this bitcoinmeister
channel every single day so pound that like button and yeah and if you have a
system a simple system like buy and hold and you’re and you’re learning you won’t
get flooded out at all all right keep it simple and by the way there’s you know I
again I love to read in and watch videos and read I use and again with Twitter
with Twitter that can be physically exhausting for people who are getting
caught up in the arguments and the noise there but if you read people’s feeds
like web pages just to learn it’s a it’s a great source for strengthening your
hands and getting you knowledge of the whole long term Bitcoin system how it’s
going to affect everyone all the 20 percenters especially over the years and
that rise long-term investment why–it’s savings
why you have to defer gratification because some of these the end of the
crypto industry does change very quick and there are lots of trends but
deferring gratification for Bitcoin you’re just sticking with the pickle
you’re not getting tempted by all those trends all right fork casts that news is
a new site a new news site I really haven’t checked it out that much better
they look it there were some interesting looking articles on it interesting
titles and again if they’re in motion we need more competitors to coin desk so
this is where the big boys play compete don’t complain all right and Safa dean
has a great tweet out there that really puts the Bitcoin transaction fees in
perspective and we just learned from Nick Carter the other day that I think
in September or later this fall that the total amount of Bitcoin fees ever
transaction fees is going to hit a billion dollars and some people’s oh
they’re so expensive it’s so but Saffiedine puts in a great perspective
if a start-up earns a billion dollars in ten years for transferring money
worldwide well your universities fiat economic economists economists excuse me
still call it a tulip so again this this really puts a serious edge to Bitcoin
that any financial person or a university economist can understand
maybe it made a billion dollars as a start-up in ten years just transferring
money okay that’s a great that’s a great perspective now let’s go into
complicating matters a little bit but yet and marketing at the same time
grayscale Barry Silbert I like the drop Gold campaign they are behind gbtc which
gets some people who aren’t comfortable with having a treasurer and holding
their Bitcoin and who are like you know like 401ks and IRAs comfortable with
Bitcoin I guess he’s got all these funds out there at
Grace Dale and I’m I’m gonna cite the other day and I see I’m being served up
banner ads for greyscale just the greyscale funds now again I’m glad I
know about greyscale you don’t want to know too much about all their food Mina
are you gonna buy the etherium classic gritty scale fund I mean why do that
just buy Bitcoin but I want to point out that they’re they’re aggressive they had
the drop gold campaign and this is going to attract some people to their corner
of the cryptocurrency space okay which is not exactly Bitcoin because exactly
bitcoin is controlling your private key so I’m seeing their advertisements out
there obviously it’s targeting me because you know Google has I see I do a
lot of Bitcoin search I do a lot of big point videos obviously but there are a
lot of people out there that do searches for Bitcoin and whatever that don’t hold
Bitcoin yet and they’re going to see this greyscale thing so conclusion very
silver sets spend a lot of money on marketing but in the in a long run also
drop gold helps Bitcoin and in the long run some of these people that buy his is
funds dug into Bitcoin they’ll become elite holders like my
buddies here today hey zoom is awesome bitcoinmeister says UK bitcoin master
yeah it is pretty awesome it’s actually I’d liked it working with it more than
YouTube also if anyone has any questions you can type in bitcoin meister or do
the super chat and I will answer your question I will I will see it alright a
story from ESPN that made me think massive bet placed on the 76ers to make
the playoffs so somebody in Las Vegas that $100,000 that the Philadelphia
76ers are gonna make the playoffs this coming on NBA season and if he wins
he’ll make $2,000 okay he’ll get his money back plus $2,000 so that’s a two
percent return if the 72 pictures make the play
most likely the 76ers are going to make the planets well last year the Lakers
did it but anyway let’s look into that knows about NBA
you mean just slip into my heads don’t waste your time Louis I surely don’t is
just in your face all the time my point is sharing this though is that
there are people out there with a lot of money that they are not satisfied with
the returns they can make from the traditional banking system I mean there
are some people who like to take risk okay clearly gamblers like to take risk
but for a two percent return and then it talked about it’s the same gambler who
last year bet on I believe I believe it was the Warriors we’re gonna make the
playoffs he had the best $76,000 to to get $760 or 1% return okay so what are
these people thinking like learn about Bitcoin dudes by $100,000 with a big
coin there’s no chance of that going to zero again if the 76ers don’t make the
players at zero it’s worth zero now the likelihood of that happening so we are
in this financial environment and there are people with lots of money they don’t
they like to take some time but they don’t want to put their money in a bank
account but that’s not even gonna get me 2% at this point so they’re going to Las
Vegas and bet no I mean and so then this is an extreme example obviously a very
extreme example but I mean you scale it down some and people are doing all sorts
of crazy things like that instead of getting in the Bitcoin and Bitcoin has
such a bigger pay possible payoff then again this guy has the way to get his 2%
taste in his $2,000 until April of next year of April 2020 he’s got that way I
mean he couldn’t do the same and wait for the Bitcoin having of up 20 May just
a few days later in Bitcoin anyway gamblers are gonna gamble but I think
there is a certain type of gambler out there that can
their head around like why am i doing such short while a a sure thing doing
sure thing bets instead of getting you the Bitcoin which I can convince myself
it’s also daily even though it is not camp all right there there’s your thing
of the day always bet on Bitcoin town that like button people and yeah dude I
that that is that is wild $100,000 the 76ers to make the playoffs in he’ll get
$2,000 2% richer very very nice alright okay so something that I forgot to
mention yesterday that I am glad I forgot to mention there was an article
about a ledger X in coin desk how they were going to beat back to becoming to
launching the first physical Bitcoin futures in the United States and it
actually didn’t happen and I linked to the article that was about that and then
the article that corrected to that and the choices they are making have at this
perspective I’m a different perspective on all this on futures okay I’m
physically back Bitcoin futures it’s going let’s think it’s already happened
in my head because my head is in 2025 my head is in 2025 okay I am my head is
there and I am so happy that the atom from 2019 was doing a new video everyday
and that he never saw this Bitcoin and that you know he was attempted by all
the noise obviously kept on preaching crypto dividends to everybody so for me
it is going to happen who cares who is the first when they’re
going to do it if they want if they have a fake news report about it
it’s good so what do you hear about things like this and you’re just a girly
waiting for the day of this financialization that happened put
yourself in the 20-25 mindset and that it’s already happened and that you’re so
happy that you bought Bitcoin before it did happen alright then you can
yesterday’s video I think it was yesterday’s video where I was praising
the 2015 version of Adam Meister because there was a there was a tweet about the
how basically if you can defer gratification you will love your past
self so defer gratification in the present in 2025 you will love the 2019
version of you who deferred gratification and yes I had experienced
that feeling of love for the 2015 Adam Meister the 2016 Adam Meister who
deferred gratification who had a strong hand who had conviction who did not let
go of that Bitcoin baby strong hand town that like fun
moving on where we have left laughs laughs a little s left was that it that
might be it oh yeah Sports Meister calm all my new audios
I’m doing extra audio podcast people been enjoying them so go to sports
meister comm check out all my links below of course and follow me on twitter
at tech vault-tec HB alt and that was the end of the show there wait rock xnt
three four-digit Bitcoin gone gone for good five digit era now for us via four
dollar Fiat freaks well you never know it could i that we’re already in the the
five digit realm because we’re used to it where we’re getting used to it as the
new normal okay so when it does go in the fourth
digit round we’re kind of a little disappointed but soon it’ll just be
really normal just still people are a little bit happy when they see it jump
up you know get into the five digit round but we’re getting solidly into
we’re gonna get solidly into it soon enough soon enough alright and yes
Johnny NY says six digit realm coming in the future yeah get that 2025 I mean who
knows when it will happen I don’t was saying no I don’t wanna say a date but
if you are in that six digit realm now you can defer ratification you like six
digit realm six digit realm I by now when it’s on this border of the four and
five I’m my mindset is six-digit so I got to get as much as possible so the
future means the six-digit realm will praise the past me in this almost five
digit realm era okay I think that was all I had to say feels
like there was something else in this thank god alright i am adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister subscribe to the channel like this video
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  2. I've wasted over 2 bitcoins on buying alt coins in the last year.
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