Testing Bitcoin ATMs in Singapore

so we're here in Singapore trying out one of two ATMs and we Lync which is a big mall this ATMs credit for Lama su and here you can see a guide on how to use it I think a team is placed in a fairly busy aisle as you can see next to it is TCC some kind of breakfast coffee and deli ting so my girlfriend will now try and use the ATM so we hit start you can see the menu it needs to scan the barcode currently it's on my application on my Android phone so we scan it and it's confirmed now it's 572 Singapore dollars for one Bitcoin and we get 1.74 million bitcoins for one Singapore dollar so and Teresa is going to go at and insert two Singapore dollars so the Machine got it and let's have a look alright so we for two Singapore dollars we get 3.49 nearly bitcoins so we go ahead and send those so let's see and there it is thank you and we received three point 49 million bitcoins for to Singapore dollars so does it it was very quick and I think parrot iseman that says fifty second is okay so we're here testing out the second matey one ATM this one is from new money we're in the phone on digital mall it's a huge mall just with electronics and so on and so here's the ATM new money and as you can see there's already some kind of introduction video running on and it's on how to use it you have short instructions in with this ATM you actually need to have a mobile number in order to get further along in the menu so Theresa is going to go ahead and show you the menu as you can see you can select the different values you want it's ten and up fifty dollars we've been told that if you want to enter fifty dollars you actually have to put in $10 bills so that means five times $10 bills it's no option to enter a $50 bill yet so the reason goes ahead presses the $10 on value you can see it's currently one Bitcoin is at five hundred sixty six dollars so she's gonna go ahead click Next and there you can see we actually need a single poor and not or so it's not okay to answer any kind of number but you need to have a Singapore number which begins with 65 so we were actually lucky to shop had a nice lady she gave us her phone number here Singapore phone number so we could try to ATM out so there we go with the new number and Teresa is entering it now so let's see there it is let's hit next and there it is this display it's actually for the QR code to scan it and it's a bit weird as it is you have to put the phone or the QR code in front of the display but I mean yet it's a little thing so let's get the QR code and there we go it was fairly quick and let's look at the display yeah let's hit confirm and there it is loading currently so we'll get sixteen point 83 millipede point four for a tenth Singapore dollars so we confirm that and now it asked us for the money so Theresa is gonna put in the money to ten Singapore dollars so let's go ahead and see set of money is in and let's go to the next step okay and that's it so now we have the option to hit either ok or print and it also says that the confirmation has been sent to the mobile number so that should actually get to the lady that lend us the phone so we hit print to see if we can get received for it and the machine is already doing something so let's see oh and I can see the lady so that's the very kind lady that gave the phone number without her we couldn't use it so let's have a look she apparently got the confirmation SMS and yet there it is so we got the bitcoins Oh I'm just off yeah but it's there we got – we got the bitcoins unfortunately the printing was some kind of some summer broke so we didn't get any received but that's ok so we've located a third atm and this one is in Bart teeny kitchen it's a bar and they cook as well and this one is from robocoin this one should even allow us to buy and sell bitcoins as you can see in the menu it has a it has a palm scanner it also has an ID scanner a barcode scanner and the slot where you input money so it is ready for you for the operator to enable an authentication if they want however in our case this was needed so uhm theory is going to go ahead and buy bitcoins and with this machine as well so now it wants us to scan the QR code so go ahead with the application again this time to the scanner is a bit below the screen there seems to be an issue maybe we'll have to try and hold it directly in front of the scanner maybe yeah let's say we'll try ah there we go so I think now it recognized it you can see my address there but that's the furthest we got we just got stuck at these dots it's just loading and loading and unfortunately that's the most we got so there's we have to try and contact the operator of the ATM and see if we can get that fixed if there's some kind of silly issue going on and we'll hope we can try that before we leave so there you can see also a contact number and email we're gonna try there and see if they can get it working before we have to go so um Teresa I got in contact with someone on Facebook and let them know that the machine wasn't working we got an instant reply it was really fast I was surprised and they've sent someone down there and the same day they got it working however at the time we were touring around so and we revisited the Bitcoin ATM it's our last day in Singapore and so we're gonna try it on see if it works you can see the buy and sell it's six hundred eighty dollars to buy and so was much cheaper there was a bigger spread but it's okay so I'm Teresa is going to try and scan it again let's have a look this time it was much smoother you can see the dots it's loading there so let's hope it's going to work this time now let's give it a couple seconds Tereus we already receive some kind of received and I think it's just to keep for the future that there's a transaction ID and we also got that to the next menu so that's good that's further along than we were before and three so tries to put in to Singapore dollars and they were recognized instantly and took the it's currently 576 dollars for one Bitcoin and we click on finish and we have a bit of loading now we're going to get 0.003 on bitcoins for those two dollars so um it's loading and loading and there is success so you got our bitcoins and it actually wasn't that long and it's now fully working and we got a receipt for that transaction so this one I actually know what to do with so umm buying bitcoins is easy that works so we hit finish and now we'll try to sell some bitcoins so let's see so this time we have a menu plus 10 million minus 10 and so on this is to set and the value you want to have so we put on ten dollars that means we have to send 0.018 bitcoins you see and the price is a bit lower it's $544 and for a Bitcoin so we got a print out the first QR code is that we have to scan with the mobile application or whatever Bitcoin scanner you have and the lower one is then the QR code you're going to scan onto the machine where you then can get not bitcoins but dollars so Teresa is going to go ahead and scan it you can see we will be sending 167 Czech crowns that 0.01 bitcoins so she's gonna hit on post lot which is in Czech cent and we're sending and I think we're done so we sell the bitcoins and now on the machine it says we should include the miners fee and we didn't do it this time it was our first try so maybe next time and and the barkeeper told us it's probably going to take around 10 minutes or more depending on the confirmation so let's see and wait so we've been waiting a couple of minutes now I still don't see any confirmation but we're going to try and see if it works and by the way and we have to buy a beer we're in a bar so let's not sit there and don't buy anything and even how the beer was ten Singapore dollars if I compare it to the Czech Republic that's a lot but yeah so let's see we scan the barcode the lower one and as you can see it's still not finished we still didn't get the one confirmation so we dismiss and we'll try it later on so hopefully we don't have to get another beer so and we've waited all together around 22 minutes it's um it's going to be four o'clock now so and we got a confirmation so let's try and see if it is finally done so redeemed coat Teresa is going to scan the card you see it was very fast it's $10 we do withdraw now let's see if we got the confirmation and ok it's working we got the money here is the receipt great so this is the confirmation of our transaction and below you can see our money so yeah this is how the robocoin works we also wanted to try out Tambu so ATM which was located in a bar unfortunately apparently due to some kind of bug it was not working and they said it will be fixed in a week or two so but surgically we already left Singapore so this one is unfortunately not tested thank you all for watching

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