Testing 3 Hot Toddy Recipes For Fall & Winter || Glen & Friends Cooking

welcome friends welcome back to after
dark where we are exploring cocktails and it’s getting a little chilly here in
Toronto so I thought let’s do three hot toddies
and we’re gonna do a hot toddy with an Irish whiskey with a Canadian rye and a
tequila now a lot of people when you ask them about a hot toddy or the history of
the hot toddy they’re gonna tell you that it originated in Scotland or
Ireland but there is a belief that it actually originated in India and when
the British rolled over India invaded India conquered India however you want
to put it they found this drink there and they brought it back to England so I
don’t really know where it started but I do know that there is a beverage in
India called the tadi it seems pretty similar first one we’re gonna do uses
this tequila now a friend gave me this tequila I’ve never tried it before this
will be the first time I’ve ever opened it so we’ll see how it works out I’m
gonna start out with some lemon juice next in a couple of dashes of ginger
bitters let’s see there we go and then it gets a scoop of honey stir the honey into it a little bit see
if I can dissolve it now by definition of toddy has alcohol sugar water and a
spice and it can be hot or cold expecting a toddy to be hot is a fairly
recent thing and two ounces of tequila now the great thing about tequila is
that it’s very closely controlled by the government and you can go to a website
called what’s my Nam Kham almost forgot and you can plug in the number that’s on
the back of the label and you can find out all of the other tequila’s that are
made in that distillery and in the distillery that makes this cass amigos
there’s 27 other tequila’s made there and I don’t know if that’s a good or a
bad thing I’m still undecided and since I haven’t
tried it I’m gonna reserve judgment until I try this drink so
the next ingredient is hot water and then the garnish but I’m not gonna put
the hot water in yet I’m going to make all of the bases and we’ll put the hot
water in at the end so that we can drink them all at the same temperature this
next one is a right Adi and instead of using just hot water we’re going to use
tea as the water component so we start out the same a little bit of lemon juice
then we put in some honey and of course this is local honey every time I use
honey people leave comments that I should be using local honey this honey
is as local as it gets I have a number of cousins and aunts and uncles who have
hives who raise bees this is their honey so it’s really good honey use what you
can get next in is an ounce and a half of Canadian rye so put that in I’ll just
give it a bit of a stir to try to dissolve some of that honey of course it
will completely dissolve when we put the hot liquid in so I’m going to put this
one here we’re gonna do the same thing we’ll add the tea when we add the hot
water okay this last one’s pretty straightforward we’re going to use the
Irish whiskey and so we start out with a couple of bar spoons of brown sugar and
this is like a sugar in the raw kind of deal again with the lemon juice lemon
juice seems to feature prominently in all of these recipes two ounces of
whiskey and a little bit of a stir just to start dissolving the sugar and now
it’s time to boil some water okay this first one gets tea with a lemon wheel floated on top and a
cinnamon stick next one gets hot water topped up a lemon peel and then float a
star anis pod on top and the last one hot water another lemon wheel and
another cinnamon stick okay three different hot toddies I’m gonna try the
Irish whiskey one first I don’t know why but I am lemon cinnamon exactly what you
would think that’s good I like the warmth that it
brings like it is it’s a hot beverage lemony beverage you’d barely know that
there was any whiskey in it the cinnamon fairly light flavor of
cinnamon because the stick will slowly give off the cinnamon flavor you’ll get
more towards the end let’s try the tequila one next oh yeah tequila right
away right at the top tequila a little bit of the star nice but overwhelmingly
I’m getting the smell of tequila that’s nice I like that I like that much better
than this one there’s star nice on top but it’s floating on top of the lemon so
I’m only started getting a little bit of star nice on the nose I’m not getting it
in the drink that’s nice I like that a lot
I think that one could stand with a little bit more of the ginger bitters
the ginger flavors there but it’s just slightly in the background
overwhelmingly tequila in this one even the lemon the lemons giving a little bit
of acid zing but it’s not at the forefront this one was at the forefront
now we’re gonna try the one with the rye and the tea I’m expecting something
completely different yeah on the nose
completely different no that’s not for me that one is not for
me at all the flavors are muddled does that make sense like it’s it’s it’s
muddy it’s muddy there’s no one flavor that’s coming out and saying try some
more I’m gonna try some more because I have to give it a second chance no
because I would not finish that one which is which is kind of ashamed
because I like this right I’ve had this rye in other cocktails and I really like
it in this particular not a fan I’m gonna say that a tequila hot toddy wins
out for me I really like this one so there you have it I’m not saying that
any of these are bad I’m sure that someone who had this one there’s someone
out there who’s gonna love that absolutely love that it will change with
the type of rye you use it will change with the type of tea you used it will
change with your flavoring with your honey bringing a different kind of honey
you’re gonna get a different flavor and the same with this one again with the
tequila change out the tequila your flavors are gonna be different and maybe
this one’s just kind of beige because Tullamore Dew isn’t that great of a
Irish whiskey I don’t know someone gave us that bottle haven’t had too much out
of it do you like tell them or do let me know in the comment section below and
I’m you know as much as I was a little bit skeptical about the Casa migos I’m
gonna give this another try I’m gonna try this in a bunch more cocktails and
see if it stands up so out of these three I’d say this one but of course
just play with it at home and come up with your own concoction and see what
you like so I means we’ve got hot water a sugar a spice and an alcohol you’ve
got a hot toddy thanks for stopping by see you again soon you

87 thoughts on “Testing 3 Hot Toddy Recipes For Fall & Winter || Glen & Friends Cooking”

  1. Thanks for watching everyone! As always the recipes are ^^^In the description box^^^. What's your favourite Tequila / Irish Whiskey / Canadian Rye???
    The 'NOM' website is: http://knowyournom.com

  2. I like the older Tullamore Dew and Demerara sugar in my morning coffee on a cold, wet day. Maybe your Irish Whisky version would benefit from swapping out the cinnamon for some ginger bitters?

  3. Gonna try the Tullamore Dew toddy cause that's my preferred whiskey. Side note Jack Daniels makes (or used to make) Winter Jack and it is surprisingly a very good premix drink. They have it in most liqour stores out here in Alberta.

  4. "After Dark." Glen we're in the same timezone its noon xp

    This is the first time I caught an after dark upload this early and I always assumed you actually uploaded them later in the day.

  5. High rye bourbons (like Wild Turkey 101) are my favorite for hot toddies. 2oz bourbon, half a lemon's worth of juice, a tablespoon of raw sugar, few dashes of Fee's barrel aged bitters, hot water, garnished with a clove-laden slice of lemon.

  6. Oh, Casamigos. We carry that at my store. I’m told George Clooney has part ownership in that company. That fact alone has sold several bottles.

  7. I made a hot toddy once with Jameson, Lapsang Souchong tea and honey. Wasn't bad, especially after cleaning up from a Michigan blizzard.

  8. Any good creme liqueur cocktails? Also I am from Ireland, Tullamore Dew sucks haha, Teelings is a good irish whisky

  9. I've always prefered Brandy in my hot toddy, perfect for a pick me up when fighting a cold. never thought to make it with tequila though, may have to give that a try.

  10. Here in Ireland, people make these when they have the flu or during Winter. Of course nothing is measured here so you would get a stronger whiskey taste if it was prepared for you.

  11. I wonder if I can use the cinnamon stick in the tequila one – That's the alcohol i like the most in these, but I don't think I like Anise. The only thing i'm actually missing for any of these is the cold weather – Living in a tropical country makes these hard.

  12. When I traveled to ireland 5 or 6 years ago most everywhere i went made their hot toddys with whole cloves not cinnamon. I suggest trying it. I was in the south western part of ireland on the Dingle peninsula.

  13. You need to use stronger whiskeys for a good hot toddy. Some of the smokier scotches are best. Oily whiskey, dark bitter tea, add a cardamom pod, grated ginger, honey, and lime juice. All strong flavors, then it all matches well.

  14. It originated in India. Toddy is the name of Palm Wine popular in Kerala in Southern India. However, the kind of drink you are making is usually made in India with Rum. Try the Old Monk brand from India if you can, it has interesting vanilla notes.

  15. Was just inspired to make one for my 20something son who is feeling poorly with a scratchy throat.

    made one with what was on hand in the kitchen. Cause that’s how Glen rolls
    1 oz lemon juice, a spoonful of local honey (Lavendar Farms Coldwater, Ontario)
    About 1tsp of freshly grated ginger
    1 1/2 oz Jameson Irish whisky
    A slice of lemon and a cinnamon stick and topped up with hot water
    Tasted nice from the sip before I gave it to him

  16. Want some rye? Course ya do! (Return to Zork reference)
    I'm glad you did this episode because I didn't actually know what a Hot Toddy was. I thought it was just a warmed up shot of whiskey.
    My personal preference would be the tea one…
    Without the alcohol.
    Sure it's just tea with lemon juice, honey, a lemon wheel, and cinnamon. But I generally don't drink, sooooo. I'd probably use English Breakfast or Irish Breakfast tea. Maybe Earl Grey, it would depend on my mood.

  17. In Ireland we traditionally make hot toddys with whole cloves pushed into the lemon slice, must try the cinnamon version!

  18. For a hot whiskey in Ireland you get lemon studded with cloves, sugar, whiskey, hot water and then let it steep for a couple of minutes.
    I have never had a cinnamon stick in a hot whiskey in my life.

  19. Great video, I’ve been coming down with a bit of cold so I think it’s time for a hot toddy, question, do you know if you can get applejack at the Ontario liquor stores? (LBCO)

  20. Why do people suddenly have so much trouble pronouncing "anise" properly in recent years?  Or is this just one of those "aboot" moments?

  21. Amazing. About the time this was posted (5 hours ago) my wife was asking for hot toddy cocktails today. They were pretty good, but I'm also adding these to my collection. Normally our cocktails are of the cold variety.
    I do enjoy the Tullamore Dew … usually straight for sipping.

  22. What did I learn today? My parents home made cough syrup was a hot toddy the one with tea and rye God it's terrible stuff I cringe thinking about it lol

  23. Have you tried a Calvados/Rye mix? It works nicely as an old fashioned variation might also as a hot toddy.
    I usually prefer rum, but in this case probably the tequila. Although I'd used more spices or infused beforehand.

  24. Let’s get some tester friends in for this drinking show,” Shirley “you have some friends who clean up well.

  25. Our favourite is Bushmills (either Black Bush or Bushmills 10), lemon, honey and a lemon wheel pierced with cloves. But the Tequila one sounds interesting, I will need to try it out!

  26. Irish whiskey lacks the punch for a toddy, I'd use a Scotch instead with heather honey rather than sugar. Perhaps use tea with a scotch too, a weak earl grey with a speyside or lapsang souchong with a pokey Islay… 🤔

  27. I grew up on the hot tea and whiskey toddy. It was My moms home remedy for a cold ( adults only ). I still use it and enjoy it. I would suggest that the order of taste tastings might have caused the revulsion. 2 light lemony drinks followed by tannin tea. Perhaps some water between samples?

  28. Not a hot toddy but we use the below recipe for homemade cough medicine. Works as good as anything from the drug store.
    Cough medicine
    1 cup honey
    1/3 cup whiskey
    1/3 cup lemon juice

    Take one teaspoon of above mixture as needed for cough.

  29. Yes we rule 😁😁😁😁😁🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  30. My grandmother used to give us kids a version of this to go to sleep with when we had a cold. Her version was Whiskey, Honey, Lemon Juice (twice what you used) and Hot Water, it may have had cinnamon but i don't remember it.

  31. Glen my wife and I have spent many vacations in the Mayan Riviera. Many years back we tried a Spanish coffee and has been our go to evening drink on a cool winter evening here in Southern Ontario. Any chance you could do a video on your take ?

  32. My patented cold remedy – rye, lemon juice, honey, hot water. Maybe some cayenne if I’m really congested. Guaranteed to cure what ales you.

  33. West Cork Single Malt 10 Years is a dependable Irish whiskey for cocktails. It is a balanced, but not exciting, whiskey to drink on its own.

  34. Irish bartender here! Stud your lemon slice with 5 cloves, tea spoon of brown (Demerara) sugar, one shot (35.5ml) Jameson or paddy, lengthen with hot water in a warmed glass for a hot whiskey like it’s served in every Irish pub and bar!

  35. scanning the comments makes me really curious what your region analytics look like on this channel. Far more Irish in these comments than I would have expected.

  36. I like to do a bourbon and honey base with either an earl grey or lemon/ginger tea depending on mood. Then I plug a wedge of lemon with five or six whole cloves and plop it in. Tequila in a hot toddy sounds like the strangest thing in the world to me, but now I want to try it!

  37. Think ginger bitters would definitely be good for the Irish Whiskey version. Like A J said some parts of the Ireland do use whole cloves not cinnamon. Maybe try that. Can't say what that tastes like but it might be good.

  38. My mother showed me a slightly differen't method, so I was kind of surprized by this. I use it more so as a medicine than for enjoyment, but it still tastes pretty decent and it's good for viral colds.

    Not exact ratios. But I bring to boil cloves and cinnamon in a pot with water. Remove the fibres, Let it sit for a few mins (strain/filter if you want). Add the honey, whiskey and lemon juice.

    An Arab friend said they have a similar drink (assume that there's no alcohol), but they add ginger as well. Which I'm meaning to try, but I haven't the flu in years, so maybe I'll try it for the enjoyment at some point.

    Nice vid. Always interesting to see different methods.

  39. I like mine with a dark Rum (Gosling's is my favorite), some demarera sugar, a little ginger, and a drop of vanilla.

  40. I didn't know they made anything other than a tea-based hot toddy and only drank them when sick. I use Laird's Applejack Brandy (which is local to me), clove and cinnamon with the lemon and local honey.

  41. Hmmm, interesting choice for Tullamore Dew as the whiskey. I feel that the flavour profile from Tullamore Dew is not strong enough for a Hot Toddy. Try doing this again with a Talisker or maybe even Laphroaig

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