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Hey everybody I’m Zac -and I’m Jesse -and you’re watching Tesla Time News -episode 72 -on Now You Know Just a few months ago Ford announced that they would be spending 4.5 billion dollars on electrification research -okay -and just the other day at the Detroit Auto Show Bill Ford who’s the chairman said that they will be spending 11 billion dollars On our -for EVs -that is a lot more than they were originally saying -yes They cleared house basically, and it’s just like a lot of companies. We’ve been reporting on lately like Toyota. It seems like they’ve had a A-Ha moment and they go wow we need to spend more money on EVs because we’re gonna fall behind so now they’re planning on having 40 Hybrids and fully electric vehicle models 16 of which will be fully electric by 2020 -wow That is a huge change from what we were seeing from Ford like a year ago Yes -so I mean I wonder what changed their mind Do you think they finally got a ride in the Model 3 and said “Oh crap we cannot keep selling “Ford Focuses and and “Fusions, it’s time. It’s time to make the change.” -I think you’re right. This is a quote from chairman Ford “We’re all in on this and we’re taking our mainstream vehicles our most iconic vehicles “And we’re electrifying them if we want to be successful with electrification we have to do it with vehicles that are already “Popular” and this is coming from Bill Ford was the chairman and whose grandfather started the company “We are all in on electric vehicles” I mean that is exciting and I am very happy to hear it I think that this is something that we knew needed to happen for a very long time And they’re finally listening -finally listening -maybe they’re subscribing to the show -I know they’re not -you remember a few months ago we interviewed Nick Dougherty who was one of the cofounders of solar coin? -Yes, so it’s like a cryptocurrency that is generated from solar generation -right you get one solar coin for every megawatt hour of solar that you produce And so I’ve got solar on our roof, and so we actually have some solar coin now because we get them from the solar coin Organization -cool -um and a lot of people commented on that episode that we did that it’s down below is the link and they said this sounds kind of weird sounds like a scam how can you just make money out of nothing? You know how does crypto currency work? and I get it, it’s hard for me to comprehend what/how cryptocurrency can work -okay -but this story is another story that’s showing that cryptocurrency is a real thing so recently solar aid which is a community surrounding solar coin got people in the solar coin organization to donate some other solar coin like I did and they raised ten thousand pounds for solar aid over Christmas And what this does it provides cheap solar lighting for people in Africa So they got six thousand eight hundred and four solar coins anything from people who donated and then they sold them for money for Pounds British pounds and they got ten thousand pounds Which they’ve been we’re able to buy all these great lights check these out. These are so that people can you know study at night And when you know cuz at night if there’s no grid you have no light -Yes -unless you burn something so just want to point out that this is an amazing thing It actually works it helps to get people to put solar on the roof So if you’re interested check out the link below to solar coin, you can also check out our interview with the founder And hey if you’re a solar like if you have solar on your roof. You can just start earning solar coin. That’s right It’s just free money basically. -It’s crazy. -Yeah. What is this? So this is the world’s biggest air purifier So you may have seen some of those like like I have one in my house right sort of blows clean air Sucks in dirty air blows out clean air yeah -This one’s ginormous. How big is this? -This is over a hundred meters tall which is 328 feet and it is in northern China. Polluted air is sucked into these greenhouses. We’re using sort of the greenhouse effect the air is heated up, and then is passed up through this tower which is full of filters Oh, and so what are they trying to filter out? -So they are trying to filter out PM 2.5 particles -what’s that again -PM 2.5 particles are small particles in the air so small that you can only see them with an electron scanning microscope 2.5 being 2.5 Microns, so these get trapped in your lungs, and they do not come out and they kill you So is does this work I mean is it filter to filter out enough of it? -So the tower covers about a 10 square kilometer area and reduces the PM 2.5 particles by about 50 percent. This is just a small scale prototype the full scale would be 500 meters tall and cover around 30 square kilometers -Now this sounds really expensive. I mean. Why are they doing this? China has a really really terrible air pollution problem, I mean it is literally killing people at a rate that has basically just been never been seen before it’s horrific and People are absolutely up in arms about it and rightfully so and this is one way that you can hopefully begin to reverse the the damaging effects of you know burning coal and driving cars -So I mean this is a sign that they are very serious about renewable energy about electric cars because if they’re putting all this resource into filtering the air after they’ve polluted it they understand that they have to keep it clean in the first place -Right and we’ve been seeing that with the large-scale wind and solar projects that they’ve been putting up all throughout China. So do you remember the Fiat Chrysler Ferrari CEO guy? Yeah, Sergio Marchione? -Yes. -He had a great quote, right “We’re not betting the bank on going fully electric in the next decade, it won’t happen” -Right well We have a new quote from him that came out a bit more recently -ok -um pretty interesting He said “If there is an electric supercar to be built then Ferrari will be the first. People are amazed at what Tesla did with “a supercar, I’m not trying to minimize what Elon did but I think it’s doable by all of us” So.. -Whoa whoa, slow down there. -So it sounds like he is betting the bank on electric -Ok but does that mean either A) His a new supercar for Ferrari will come into production before the next generation Roadster from Tesla… Or B) That CEO Marchione a is an idiot because the next generation Tesla Roadster is an electric supercar Right I… I mean, I don’t, does he not get it? That the Roadster is a supercar. -It is a supercar I mean 0 to 60 in 1.9 seconds finishing the quarter-mile in less than 8.9 with a top speed of somewhere above 250 miles an hour. I’m sorry. That is a hypercar I mean that that is insane, there’s simply no way that you can start off with a non fully electric car company You know you’ve only been building, you know, high-performance hybrids at this point. You know Laferrari yes, it has a battery and it has an electric motor, but it also has a huge gas engine in it That’s the only reason that it can go fast I mean Yeah, good luck. -I think they’re having trouble with the brand that might explain why they’re gonna be debuting their first-ever SUV which should be coming out in 2019 or 2020? I mean putting a Ferrari brand on an SUV I think is a huge mistake I think so too and Porsche did the same thing with the Cayenne I mean It’s really not within their wheelhouse to be putting out SUVs, and do I think that Ferrari could come out with a pretty sporty electric supercar Sure, I think they could do it. Do I think they could do it before Tesla comes out with the Roadster? No, I don’t think so I think -I think we’d have seen it already -Yeah I mean you, you can say whatever you want, but if you don’t have a working prototype that you can show off then you’re not even in the race in terms as far as I’m concerned -So I know we’ve been talking about the Tesla Australia battery pretty much every episode lately, but there’s a new amazing thing that just happened with this battery -All right Tell me what it is -So take a look at this graph It shows the Horns Tail power reserve on January 12th So this is where they install that battery you remember the big 100 megawatt battery And the generation is in blue the load is in red -So when it’s charging the battery It’s in red, and when it’s getting power. It’s pushing power out. It’s in blue -Got it. That’s right Okay, the black line. There is the price of electricity so for most of the day There’s a small price to electricity, but then look what happens at around noon till about 4:00 p.m. Wow it’s goes below zero, and it goes way down right so for about 215 minutes there’s a negative price of electricity So Tesla built battery was in load charging mode while electricity was negatively priced for at least 194 minutes So wait what happened so normally, you’re you’re paying for your electricity I have a light bulb using 60 watts and then in an hour It’s used 60 watt hours, but now if I’m getting paid negative money Then I’m getting Money when I use energy What happened here was during the period that the battery was accepting power and rates between 15 and 26 megawatts the price of electricity went negative to 790 u.s.. Dollars per megawatt hour -Wow -Which means that the battery was being paid to take energy Really so to use the energy to absorb that energy it was being paid Yes, so roughly during the four hour period the battery system absorbed more than 66 megawatt hours of energy Which would be equal to about $70,000 in revenue So then it’s full of energy that it can then give out -It doesn’t give it It sells it -So it’ll sell it now when the price goes back up Yes, so it was being paid to store it -Yeah and it was being paid to sell it -Wow that is super cool so that means that this isn’t just like a battery it’s a huge money maker -Yeah This isn’t just like a fun story if you are actually an investor in energy something like this is gonna make you wake up and go wait a minute I need to buy some batteries and do the same thing -So when the grid is producing too much energy it needs to And it does this with other -Right when so normally when the grid is producing too much energy they automatically turn on things like big air conditioners and things on big buildings a lot of times big buildings will just hand over control to the grid so that you can control when it turns on and off so that when they’ve got excess power boom they turn on your air conditioner -Interesting But the battery can react faster than that the battery can react with under a second so when all that power is need to be dumped the battery can just go hey over here. I’ll take it Yep
And and then get paid -You get paid -And then it’s full of energy and then when the grid is no longer producing as much energy as it was before it can sell it back – Right because look at these little spikes here even while it was getting paid to take energy there’s a couple blue spikes where it was selling it again And it can do that on and off, on and off, because it’s a battery -Wow Whereas a peeker plant has to take you know over half an hour just to fire up -Right That’s amazing -So I just thought yeah, that’s a that’s another reason why battery technology is so big right now Did you see this tweet from the California Highway Patrol desk? -Yes, so there was a drunk Tesla driver He was passed out behind the wheel -Yeah, they had to wake him up. -Oh my goodness, so he said he was in Autopilot and It looks like the car realized that he was down for the count and it slowed it safely down and and stopped -It stopped in the middle lane of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco -Wow and according to authorities the driver told them the car was in Autopilot when he passed out and it must have stopped the car safely when the driver didn’t respond to warnings about holding the wheel so you know how Autopilot works first you get some visual warnings Then you get some audible warnings And if you don’t respond the car just slows down and comes to a stop right And so CHP tested the driver and found that his blood-alcohol level to me over two times the legal limit which in California would be 2 times 0.08 so 0.16 -Wow -That’s that’s pretty drunk. Now the reason we’re reporting this is the major media outlets are reporting this in a different way They’re saying things like “oh well that means if you drive a Tesla you can drive drunk” no no no no no no no You should never drive drunk Anyone with half a brain would know never to get into a car and get behind the wheel when they’re drunk -Right But people do that right according to the CDC in 2015 10,265 people died in alcohol-related driving crashes Which accounted for nearly 1/3 of all traffic related deaths in the United States -Right -That’s just in one year -Now this guy is not going to be part of that number That’s right And no one that he would have hit. So imagine that you pass out behind the wheel Your car is going to hit something and you’re either gonna die or get hurt, or you’re gonna hurt someone else or kill them Right I mean that is the best-case scenario is that you hit a guardrail and slow down -Right But you’ve still done tremendous damage to your car and public property -Right so Autopilot did what it should the the driver was incapacitated It stopped nobody got hurt it -Right and it slows down It doesn’t just sort of screech to a halt II you know it first of all tries to wake him up -Right That didn’t work Yep -and then it just slowed down everyone on the highway behind him was probably like “What is going on?” But they slowed down they didn’t smash into the back of him -Right -and he was completely fine Jesse and I have tested this on the highway -Right -So what happens -So nobody died -Yep And he was arrested -Right -Exactly everything that you could have possibly hoped to have happened besides him not getting in the car -Right -being completely trashed That’s Autopilot -Speaking of Tesla drivers doing questionable things while driving their cars. -What is this? -This is the Orange Trick Wait, why are we seeing an orange on someone’s steering wheel? -So if you are driving in autopilot? In a Tesla mm-hmm every once in a while It will ask you to put your hands on the wheel -Right -to make sure that you’re awake Just like it does -Remember you’re supposed to be driving with your hands on the wheel -Yes. So This orange trick sort of gets around that you can put an orange or some small mass offset on the wheel and it just sort of gives a little bit of tension to the wheel because the wheel wants to be going the way that it’s driving and this orange prevents that -Now I’m all for science, and I’m all for figuring out how the car works and and things like that But I what I don’t like about this video is it seems like this person is implying that this is something you should do if you’re driving on long trips -Right -and you don’t want to have to keep your hands on the wheel That seems like you’re inviting a problem. -Yes. -What I like about Tesla. Is this there’s many car manufacturers that have some form of cruise control, and if you find a way to Break it like this orange trick They would have to fix the problem and come up with a brand new car next year with that solved problem -Right Tesla could just change this software and with the software update could fix this orange trick -Right I don’t know exactly how maybe they’d make it so you’d have to you know wiggle the wheel more or something like that But they could make it so that this orange trick won’t work anymore, which I hope they’re working on right now Yeah, I mean let’s be real if you have an orange sitting on your dashboard. You’re not going to be paying attention You’re more likely to fall asleep or do something else And it’s not going to be able to safely stop the car like we saw with the drunk guy in San Francisco. Another thing is if the car needs to make some kind of fast movement though the orange’s inertia will sort of slow down the cars movement as if you had put your hands on the wheel and we’re trying to steer it otherwise that pops you out of autopilot and now you’re suddenly just any other car on the highway with no one at the steering wheel -but or someone who stuck a stupid orange in the middle of the steering wheel -but I like your point before that which is that if you put that orange in there and then something happens to you, you fall asleep, or you getting capacitated somehow or you have a coughing fit The car is not going to know that and so it’s not gonna slow down and stop It’s gonna think you’re still okay -Right um and Autopilot is not perfect So it’s not like you’re just gonna keep driving -Right -at a certain point something is gonna happen, either it’s going to be confused, there’s going to be some roadwork and the lines are gonna change. You need to be aware when you’re driving the car and Autopilot It’s it’s designed to help a human driver at level two it is not designed replace him. Time for Model 3 News All right so the VINs are now in the eight thousands. What are the VINs -VINs are this this gang, and everyone’s named Vinnie? Once you’re a Vin VINs are the vehicle identification numbers, and we’re talking specifically about the Model 3 So there are over eight thousand Model 3s in the world Which is -That’s awesome -exciting. The eighth digit according to the Model 3 decoder means the type of powertrain and a number 2 means dual motor -Oh wait So this long digit here that we’re seeing that’s your VIN, and so they mean something It’s not just like a sequential number the different letters and numbers tell you where it was made or the manufacturer is -Right -and that 2 in the eighth digit means that it’s a dual motor, so what it why do we care? -That means that some all-wheel drive model threes have been built around 17 to be exact and they’re probably being tested right now Oh, so they’ve actually made them and they’re testing them, that’s great Yeah
Because Tesla says the dual motor all-wheel drive and the smaller 50 kilowatt-hour battery pack are coming in the spring of 2018 Hey, that’s just around the corner. -It certainly is and the all-wheel-drive option on the S was a $5,000 option That’s before all S’s and X’s became all-wheel-drive So we’re thinking that the all-wheel drive option in the 3 shouldn’t cost any more than that -Yep I’d love to see some comments below about what you think it’s gonna cost for the all-wheel-drive option on the model 3 and what you’d be willing to pay for it -And when you’re gonna buy it So we’ve all seen by now that the Model 3’s aero wheels -Yep. -These are the base wheels that come with the Model 3 and sort of these a lot more covered than you’re used to seeing on cars and so Robert Palin who’s held many positions at Tesla’s Aerodynamics team since 2009 has explained why these wheels are important when they were designing the Model 3 “I was the head of aero at Tesla for the Model S X and 3, and I can confirm that wheel design and size can be “the biggest influence of all on the aero efficiency of a road car. The aero, “design, and chassis teams put a huge amount of effort into these wheels, and they really do work! With casting “there’s a minimum thickness of 10 to 12 millimeters at the perimeter making wheels like this obscenely heavy. With the cap approach “they’re the lightest wheel design Tesla has ever done and with very low “rotational inertia “A lot of effort went into the integration of the cap so that it sits flush at the rim and not on the outside of it “As on all the other wheel caps you’ll see. Having multi-part and multi material wheels is the best way to satisfy multiple “optimization goals. The thought with these wheels was that having the latest tech on the latest car would be most appropriate than more traditional “rims. The aero benefit increases very strongly with speed as the power requirement to overcome aero resistance “increases with the cube of speed ie if you go twice as fast you use 8 times the power “That said Aero is a small percentage at city speeds where mass and rolling resistance “dominate. The two-part design of these aero wheels allow the underlying rim to be superlight, which will also help in the lower speed stuff.” So there’s a lot of science going on there, but let’s just sort of jump right into it. First of all They’re gonna be a look. They’re gonna be lighter. -Yep -because they’re using this cap approach Which is why they’ve gone with a cap approach I mean these are not normal hub caps because the wheels underneath are not just your standard steelies these are specifically engineered wheels for the Model 3 and then the cap sits inside the that wheel and so it’s completely flush. It doesn’t stick out like normal hub caps -Right -Pretty smart, and then you have this nice smooth outside surface so and not a lot of air gets in there and gets you know causes drag and he talks a lot about how the wheels having very low Rotational Inertia What is that? -So if something is rolling or spinning, and you have weight on the outside, it’s gonna have a lot more inertia than if the weight is on the inside Oh -And that means that you’re able to speed up the wheels and slow them down using less energy and a lot faster Oh, that’s cool. -So it’s one of the reasons why they think that the aero wheels are going to increase efficiency by about 10 percent -Wow -which is Fantastic! -Yeah that kind of makes me rethink getting the 19-inch wheels -I told you they were the wrong choice. What is this? -So this is the BMW’s iNext which they were showed off at CES this past month But the iNext is not gonna be out for the next 4 years Yes, so it’s kind of a strange thing, but this is like their Model S Model 3 killer It’s gonna have Oh it’s going to kill the Model 3? -Apparently, it’s gonna have over a 430-some mile range But yeah, it’s gonna be coming out in four years in 2021 Why do car manufacturers keep thinking that this big range number is gonna is so sexy and them sell the car I think people think that numbers are what influence people’s decisions Here’s the thing until you actually drive that car and get into your first day of driving And then you realize oK you’ve depleted the 435 miles of battery you need to recharge and you need to do it pretty quickly Right -You will then realize you made the wrong choice Yeah
I I completely agree And that’s why you know a Bolt and a Model 3 are not even close in the same category of car also there’s just the look of this car. I mean yes, it’s futuristic and it’s sleek and the wheels interestingly You know we’ve talked about this before it’s just concept. It’s just concept car I mean
There’s no way that this car is going to look anything like the iNext I mean it’s not gonna be called the iNext you know they’re gonna call it. Just you know some other name some i-4 It’s gonna be dumb. It’s time for the lightning round we go, okay, so Are these new wheels for the Model S Yes, so these are brand new 21 inch wheels that you can get for the Model S it Will cost you $4500 to upgrade from the standard 19-inch wheels They look a lot like the model 3 19-inch wheels yeah. They are they do look a lot like that I Wonder if this is sort of moving in that direction or or what? I mean they they’ve gone through a lot of different Model S wheels some pretty cool Yeah, Dominion coal closed eight coal plants. -Dominion energy in Virginia closed eight coal plants, and they’re converting them to cold reserved storage What is cold reserved stores are they gonna keep ice cream in there? -I wish no they’re basically just going to Shut them down Keep the permits for them. Just sort of have just a skeleton crew just walking around I guess they’re just not gonna be running them -Oh, just in case they need to reopen them -Just in case they You know laws change and they’re gonna decide to reopen them Basically the whole reason that they have to do this is because of economics and Virginia which is considering policies that would mandate a 3% annual reduction in carbon-dioxide emissions over the next 10 years which is basically going to Legally shut down these plants Yeah, I mean This is why it’s so important for you to contact your representatives and government and tell them to enact environmental legislation because even a small reduction in carbon dioxide means that coal has to be taken out of the mix -Right and I mean these plants have been open since the 20s and 30s like these are -Time for them to go -old power plants. -This looks pretty cool Jesse This is a semi in the wild -Going really fast. -Yeah, I mean look at that acceleration Now I want to talk about and we’re getting a semi we’re on the list, um and I’ve we’ve been giving some thought lately to what we’d like to put in the trailer Yes, I just came up with a great idea the other night -Okay This idea is for a mobile pop-up Jazz Club So you just sort of pull into a parking lot somewhere and boom. It’s a Jazz Club Yeah
Come on down to the Jazz Club -Wow You know what gave me this idea -What? -I was hanging out with these two guys these guys look familiar Oh, yeah, these are two of our patrons, and they did a supercharger review for us -That’s right. Yeah These are Peter and Will Anderson. They are twins that are amazing accomplished musicians they are saxophonist clarinetists flautists I just went and saw them in a show the other night They were I think if he looked up the word delightful in the dictionary you would find Peter and Will Anderson -Wow I am in the music industry I’ve been in the music industry for 30 years right so I think you can trust me when I say this Peter and Will Anderson Are two of the most talented and enjoyable jazz musicians you will ever have the pleasure of experiencing -Wow -They just began their East Coast tour They’re heading south over the next few weeks And then they’ll be playing shows all across the country so if you are on their route I urge you to go see them perform their website with all their tour information is in the show notes below I hope they’ll be sending us some more supercharger reviews from their tour. You guys have to check them out I guarantee you will have a wonderful night, so it’s time for our video contributor story And we were lucky enough to have Nick Pachuca go to CES and covered the Elektra Mechanica Solo More and more we are seeing electric car startups emerging especially like here at CES the Consumer Electronics Show But the Elektra Mechanica Solo is unique in many ways Well for starters this company is aiming to disrupt the electric car market in general by introducing an affordable electric car This three-wheeled electric vehicle seats one person Yes you heard me right this car only holds a single individual The Solos design choice is mainly because of its purpose This EV is made for errands like short trips at the store or the gym if you know you’re into that kind of thing But when I was at the booth Elektra Mechanica mentioned that in north america 83% of urban car trips are made within a 19 mile radius So that makes the 16 kilowatt hour 100-mile range battery seem absolutely manageable. Not to mention that dual charging allows 100% recharge in three hours on a 220 volt or six hours on a 110 volt charge The battery is located on both sides of the floor for those that are curious and As far as the performance of this vehicle the zero to 60 in eight seconds acceleration definitely isn’t up to par with the next-gen Tesla Roadster, but for sure isn’t slow by any means. In addition Elektra Mechanica says that the solo has a top speed of a 137 miles per hour But is software limited to 82 miles per hour For me, I kind of think this is more likely for safety reasons But we’ll see. Cool features include the LCD instrument cluster remote keyless entry optional air-conditioning and a rear backup camera Also to my surprise for such a small vehicle this thing actually has a trunk and a frunk with an acceptable amount of storage Lastly what I think is the most important feature of this car is the price, currently this cars MSRP is at $15,000 USD A very competitive price point if you ask me. That just goes to show why they have 20,000 reservations. The Elektra Mechanica Solo is definitely not made to be the only car you own It’s not made to be the end all be all but rather a daily commuter to work or if you’d like to run a few errands Also before I sign off I want to give a huge “Thanks” to Zack and Jesse along with the whole team at Now You Know because I absolutely love what you guys are doing propelling the world into a cleaner and more electric feature Well I want to plug his youtube channel Nick has a fantastic YouTube channel that talks about all kinds of tacking vlogs Obviously he’s good at telling a story. Thank you so much Nick for doing this. I hope we see more of your stories All right it is time now for the Patreon bonus story. If you want to check it out you can head over to Patreon.com In order to see this all you have to do is support us for as little as $1 a month and we usually come out with at least four Patreon bonus stories per month which means that you are getting a Patreon bonus story for a quarter -Yep And there’s a lot of -Not much cost a quarter of these days -Not much does -it’s just about gumballs And which don’t last and then they don’t make you smarter -What like screws? Nails? Those are important. -Yes, but they don’t make any smarter. We’re gonna go do the patreon bonus story We’ll be right back all right, so we are back from our patreon bonus story, and I want to give a super big Thank you to some of our wonderful patreon patrons who support us at over $5 a month George Brown Loretta leg or thanks grandma David or fledge Mathias just Ryan Watson moxa Jasper Nunes Marcus Oyen, thank you so much. We could not do this show without our wonderful patreon supporters Literally just couldn’t keep the lights on couldn’t keep the cameras rolling Couldn’t keep buying SD cards that keep getting fried in our cameras I mean There’s just no way that we could continue to do this without the wonderful support of our patreon I urge you to go over to patreon comm we have two new perks for our patreon supporters That being the poll and the post these are at the two and four dollar levels So if you want to participate in some of our polls and maybe comment on some of our posts Then you can head over to patreon and go check that out. Here is what happened this week, we asked What do you think happened to Zuma and about 95 people said that they thought that? Zuma was fine in orbiting the Earth and around you know 20 or so said that it had crashed into the Indian Ocean as You know as we’ve heard on the news mark Petrillo said it’s fine and operating as planned as evidenced by the successful destruction of the ballistic missile headed towards Hawaii a few days ago, so I don’t think he was being serious But that is pretty funny, so we have a new supercharger page on our website You can now see destination Chargers and superchargers And I think we’re the only website in the world that has the destination Chargers and super chargers with video reviews Yes, you can submit yours there. It’ll go up right away for everyone to enjoy It’s real easy to do so go check it out now I think you’re really going to enjoy it so if you live near a supercharger Or if you are the owner of a destination charger You know go feel free to show it off because now You know anyone on earth who has this link can go check it out so every week We’d love to see supercharger reviews from our friends around the world we picked a few this week to show you here. They are I’m here in Concorde, Ontario We have the new Tesla superchargers open. It’s currently 3:30 in the morning minus five degrees and snowing This is here at Vaughan Mills Shopping Center. There’s lots of amenities lots of places to eat Boston Pizza, Thai cuisine along with the food court in the mall right there with shopping, so I’d overall rate. This is probably a nine out of ten all right so here. We are outside of the Florence supercharger There’s a number of stores. You can look up on Google To see what’s out here. I’ve got plenty of stuff to eat. Everything is essentially in walking distance One thing I will point out is the Chuckie Cheese is that it’s across the street if you have little ones Would be a fun place for them to play if you have a longer charging time And that’s all we got from the Florence Supercharger hi guys. I’m from Linwood state, Washington, and we have a ten charging station for Tesla super charging and as you see they just Build it but not often yet, but I’m assuming it will be soon and we have a big Fred Meyer store and It’s a great place to go and drink some coffee because we have some like a huge parking and with store to gnaw around there and It will be great but to charge it supercar Tesla car okay Hey Zack and Jesse I’m Antonio and we’re at the Petaluma superchargers it is placed in an outdoor. Mall where there’s a big t.j.maxx buffalo wings target a few other stores a walking distance it’s the only one here in Marin and the Bay Area nearby and I Would rate it a solid eight out of ten for his convenience All right, so let’s talk about some of the superchargers that are open in the world the eight stall in clinton corners new york the sixteen stall in Lynnwood, Washington Number forty one in Canada is the twelve stall in Castleman, Ontario and number? 464 in the USA number one thousand one hundred and forty two in the world the ten stall in Livonia, Michigan I wanna mention to use our referral code You only have like a week like days left to order your Model S. Or Model X with free super charging for life You will help us earn a European roadster And help everyone in Europe be able to enjoy the Roadster in their home countries They don’t have to fly out Here to the United States to enjoy that so and so if you’re even in the United States We will come visit you in the Roadster, so whether you’re in Europe or the United States use our fro code We will come visit you in the Roadster when it comes out alright, so quick. This is your last chance There is no putting this off time to to have the serious discussion with your significant other and let’s do it Thank you to Fred and Seth from electric They are responsible for a lot of the news that we get on the show you guys should go over there and check them out during the Week of great source of news I want to mention this past video desks you remember this one yes We did this one about a year ago This was us towing a trailer with the Model X so those of you who are new Tesla owners Maybe you have a Model X with towing capabilities, and you want to put it to the test this was sort of a easy beginners Try at towing with the Model X so you can go check that out and those links down below alright Thank you so much for watching Now you know

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    Ford to spend $11B on EV R&D – 0:23
    Solarcoin Raises £10,000 for SolarAid – 2:01
    World's Biggest Air Purifier – 3:45
    Marchionne Eats His Words – 5:49
    Tesla Australia Battery Accepts a Charge – 8:18
    Drunk Tesla Driver – 11:31
    Orange Trick – 13:55
    Model 3 News – 16:33
    Aero Wheels Explained – 17:59
    BMW iNext is next but not for the next 4 years – 20:51
    New Wheels for the S – 22:21
    Dominion Closes 8 Coal Plants – 22:49
    Semi in the Wild – 23:59

  2. the questions everyone is asking about the solo is:
    "So is the steering wheel on left or on the right side??"
    "does it have two doors?"

  3. FYI on another matter. A German physicist has gotten funding for energy storage using air pressure. All in German but the pictures sort of tell the story. http://www.ardmediathek.de/tv/hessenreporter/Ein-Erfinder-macht-Druck-für-die-Energie/hr-fernsehen/Video?bcastId=3366970&documentId=49359972

  4. Wait…..are you guys in Europe or in the USA??? Because if you are in the USA….why would you get a European Roadster?

  5. To me there is a factor about long range that is often not being considered. I have family living 700 kms away. Having a 200 "miles" car just isn't gonna cut it. To me the 400 miles range really is interesting especially since I live in Canada in cold weather really is a pain for batterie life.

  6. I love that piece on the Aero wheels… I love that there is so much science behind them… I am sold—Oh and there is a reason BMW called the car the iNext and not the iNow…

  7. Jesse, I have heard you say many times that once you breath some toxins into your lungs they do not come out. How can you be so sure that you would not be able to detox them out of your lungs?

  8. If you guys are getting a SEMI…. Have you considered contacting WANDERLODGE who convert Diesel Blue Bird Buses into (RV) Road Yachts? I bet they would like an opportunity to work with the new SEMI. Just thinking out loud….

  9. You know it’s funny, you guys were pretty spot on about Ferrari. Anyone who truly follows the automotive industry and its intricacies knows Ferrari has been falling behind pretty badly. They’ve been outdone in every way by they’re competitors. All they do is play catch up. Ever since the 458, McLaren has been eating them up with higher performance cars for cheaper. They aren’t the best at anything anymore. A very prominent multi super car owner has publicly stated that he actually believes there’s a solid chance Ferrari could go under in the next 10-15 years should they not have a MASSIVE change in direction.

  10. The guy with the orange actually pointed out that he's doing it only under specific circumstances (driving on a straight highway in the desert). He could've pointed out more of the dangers, but maybe he wasn't sure how the autopilot would react if something comes up. However, I think it's a good idea and it's good that the guy made the video. At least now it's out there in the open, and I'm sure Tesla will think of something – whether that makes using autopilot more annoying is a different question.

    And for drunk driving, we have to wait a little longer, until we get full autonomy. No steering wheel anymore? Bring out the booze! 😀

  11. Also, the orange peel will transfer acid to the wheel over time that will probably ruin the surface contacted. Maybe a red rubber ball should be used for deferred suicide/negligent homicide.

  12. Comparing apples and oranges..

    Playing the game and pushing the limits. There is always somebody coming up with clever "Hacks" (or pick whatever politically correct up-to-date Word of the Moment).. Using a $.05 bic pen to open a kryptonite Bicycle lock. Four choose whatever you like you can find on YouTube. To disable a vehicle system to make it less safe is not only stupid… I wonder if someone might consider it a terrorist act?.. In some ways one might consider it like putting a brick on the gas pedal.. If you become drunk and drive have you turned your car into a deadly weapon?

    Okay somebody discovered a way to disable a system developed to make driving safer. Is that cute or stupid? Look everybody if you saw halfway through your steering linkage your life might be more exciting!

    Humans are curious animals we tinker and play with our stuff. I am 99% sure that anyone who owns a Tesla would not use an orange for this, other than to test it works or not, otherwise they are a complete idiot…. Or drunk.

    Speaking of complete idiots… How many of you think the Orange trick will show up on Fox news and or other places where people feel a need to bum rap Tesla?… Hack saws anyone?…

  13. The solo! That would be ideal for food delivery. 100 miles/16 kWhr= a rated 6.25 miles per kWhr. At $15,000, it is equivalent to the zero motorcycle (the zero is sexier no doubt).

  14. The traditional automakers, have been told in the EU, that ICE cars will be banned from towns and cities in 15 years time. That's why we are seeing all the money being spent. They see the writing on the wall for ICE technology…

  15. I am sorry but an orange should not be in capability of changing anything towards the safety of the Model S. This is an awesome test and I am sure that no QA can pass without testing this for a long period. What if I fall asleep with my hands on the steering wheel? You are talking nonsense my friend. Telling people not to use oranges is OK and fine. But telling bullshit about the real reasons why you should not do this is absurd. Tesla will steer if it has to no matter how hard you are holding the steering wheel. The force you put with your hands is non existent compared to the the power provided by the power steering pump (electric steering pump)!

  16. Hi there, guys, I'm from Costa Rica, Central America, I've been watching your channel for a while and I would like to share a nice fact about CR with you: CR produces almost its 100% electricity thru renewable sources… Just in case you want to do some research and silence those EV detractors…

  17. Stop bashing the Bolt. Sure, no fast charger network, but 99% of the time you don't need it. As a daily driver I can charge at home. If I want to go on a long trip I am going to drive my ICE car.

  18. 30:39 You should include the link of the Supercharger map with reviews

  19. A couple of questions for you Zac & Jesse. 1>  When the battery back up in Australia is Full and no extra electricity is needed by the grid,  Where does the extra Electricity being produced by the Wind Turbine farm nearby go to?   2 > The new China test Filter plant for CO2 that uses greenhouses at the base of it, Where does the electricity to run it come from?  is it Eco produced or coal based, that would defeat the point of the CO2 filtering by the tower. Plus the green houses plants would undo allot of the CO2 removal by at night taking in Oxygen and producing CO2. That's why Hospital staff remove flowers and plants from wards at night.  Thanks guys

  20. Auto Pilot – I would hope that when the car does not get feedback of the driver it does slow down but should also start activating automatically the 4 turn-signs when the car comes to a stop. This would provide extra safety for upcoming cars in the back.

  21. If the AWD on Model 3 is of a lower power motor than the S & X, it should cost less. I would expect and accept a price around $4k in this case

  22. I have to agree that the CEO of Ferrari seems to be an idiot – however your point about SUVs being the wrong step for those sportscar manufacturers is just wrong. Back in the day when Porsche tried to buy Volkswagen and failed the high numbers of Cayennes they sold was pretty much their saving grace. Now with the Macan added to their vehicle lineup a huge part of their sales is from SUVs. There is just a lot of people out there who want a Porsche, who want the prestige and quality but don't want a sportscar.

  23. I agree with your point that Tesla is ahead of its competitors in that it has its own charging network. I would just like to say that over in Blighty (UK) in the Midlands at least, there are very few Tesla charging points. This fact alone reduces the possible market capacity for Tesla (or any other purveyor of electric vehicles) because few English homes have garages and many don't even have a garden or driveway to speak of, thus eliminating the possibility of overnight charging at home!

  24. 3k is the most I am willing to pay for awd, if it it paired with smart air suspension like previously stated, I could go 4k, but I am really disappointed on the price points for the ap, and enhanced ap.

  25. The orange trick and the drunk driver news stories are way too close together. Drunk Tesla owners will now have a bag of oranges in their glovebox.

  26. Livonia really ?
    Nice, USA city named after country of my ancestors (and the region we live today) 😀
    Actually most of the Baltic region.

  27. If efficiency of the aero wheels is due to less inertia as you have described (which is what science tells) then caps have almost no influence. That also coincides with your previous results with steel caps on your leaf I guess. Which may also potentially mean that those who go with aero wheels will get similar efficiency whether they use the plastic cap or not. Good job, keep it up!

  28. Added a Spercharger review. Sorry. I couldn't stop myself. There's new energy in Northampton. Is it too late to say "don't look"?
    Credits in the comments.

  29. I wish Autopilot would pull off the road in the event of the driver becoming incapacitated instead of just slowing down and stopping. It would also be nice if future updates would be able to drive the car to a hospital in the event of an emergency such as an incapacitated driver.

  30. The Jazz club on wheels is an excellent idea. Unfortunately you will have to have a cover charge on the weekends. I wonder if you go to an empty lot will you need an permit? How difficult would it be to get an alcohol license ? The more money you bring in the nicer the trailer can become the more people come to see it. I would.

  31. not easy to submit videos. I try over 20 times. At Which point I say f#* this. By the way I am patreon supporter. 😡

  32. I hate low profile tires.
    I'm waiting on Tesla Pickup Truck.
    Big tires small rims & 24 inch ground clearance.
    TESLA #1

  33. Hey there. Here's my video of the Lone Pine, California charge station. Is there how I submit it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRylmN42vjc

  34. I think one way Tesla can combat the orange on the steering wheel cheat is to put some type of biometric sensor like they have on treadmills. As for the drunk driver passing out at the wheel I am glad no one was hurt or killed, but I am afraid that people who’re diabetic might get stereotyped as a drunk driver when the pass out because a diabetic has a diabetic coma. As a diabetic I wouldn’t like to stereotyped like that because I drive a Tesla or any other ev vehicle.

  35. Elon said in a tweet that the duel motor will be bundled with air suspension. I would guess they will cost between $6,000 and $10,000 for the upgrade.

  36. Hi Zac & Jesse,

    Could also include the new renewable parks/power stations, coming up every week/month around the world or a separate series about the same.

    This will help people realize where world is moving towards.

  37. 26:56 If I got this I would remove the speed limiting software, add a fourth wheel, and stance the car. But 15k? HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH The Sondors electric car looks so much cooler and is only 10k, fuck this car get the Sondors.

  38. Ferrari is just the arrogant douch of the car world. Also, the Roadster is an actual car, there is also Nio, and Rimac so their way late.

  39. $11B is 1/3rd of Ford's projected R&D budget for the period in question- All in would be 100% of their R&D budget!

    Hornsdale is unique, as a first grid scale facility it's able to benefit from variations in energy pricing. Once battery energy storage is commonplace the energy market will smooth out intraday energy prices and this profit making option will all but disappear.

  40. Cryptocurrency/blockchain, like all currency, is based on faith, but in a ponzi scheme instead of a pyramid like capitalism pretends it isn't. We have not even had a gold standard since the New Deal. To make the point, what happens to the value of the coins when even a large portion of people go solar and sign on? Bitcoin is based on the premise of monitoring the transactions to be rewarded, using math problems that require a lot of data processing. Sounds fun, but bitcoin is also limited in quantity, which means when it runs out, there is no incentive to keep up the blockchain. At least with solar, it isn't using a lot of pollution causing fuel to crunch numbers, but still, the value seems something that isn't sustainable.

  41. Okay cool story guys on the Australia power packs. But my question is why does the grid need people to accept power in the batteries? Does it take a long time to shut down the power generating of a coal plant ,natural gas, Hydro Etc? I heard you say that it takes 30 minutes for a peaker plant to get up to speed but does it work the other way around

  42. This is great news for Virginia!!! I live in Loudoun County in VA and they have all coal plants that's why I am about to install solar.

  43. Solarcoin can't make money from nothing, only banks can do that. You're earning solarcoins from solar for free,, but who's giving you (or the charities) cash for them when they're converted into real currency? Speculators buying solar coins on the crypto markets?

  44. Hey, Jesse the engineer, this question is for you. What is your basis for the so called Orange Inertia Theory that can restrict computer controlled steering? And, to speak to those who believe Tesla didn't do their job, because Citrus: It's a well known fact that you can never out engineer the dedicated person willing to detract from the decor of a $100,000 car with a 79 cent piece of fruit. Just can't be done.

  45. BIGGER BATTERY = LONG RANGE = QUICK CHARGE (to half way point sweet spot). If I can charge my 400 mile car to 200 miles in 20 min. Its a win win situation for me and many other people wanting to join the electric car revolution but are not interested in crappy hybrids or low range electric cars. LONG RANGE is the future therefore I am a bit puzzled as to why you say people are not interested by what other car manufacturers are announcing i.e. very long range cars coming 2020 or so. Yes – a fast charging network for charging these new cars will also be good. Buying a 400+ mile car being a wrong decision – I don't agree with you guys on that.

  46. Perhaps tesla can do an update for it to pull over on the shoulder when auto pilot shuts down. This will be so much safer.

  47. Porsche makes more profit from the Cayene SUV than the rest of their line up combined. Ferarri and Lambo will make a killing on their new SUVs. The argument that it is a sell out thing to do is there, but not profitability.

  48. OMG, did they say $15k for that Elektra Mechanica(sp) Solo?  That should be under $10k if they want to get widespread acceptance.

  49. I am really love Tesla, just don't have enough money to buy once. Hopefully one day I can buy one of them. Thank you very for your good video. I am following you from Lao PDR. My name here on youtube is just my name on internet. My real nick name is Ko. Nice to see you on YouTube. Thank you

  50. I sat in the model 3 yesterday at the San Diego UTC Tesla store for one minute in the back and one minute in the front. I found the back seat very relaxing. One minute in the front was not long enough to appreciate anything. I just rapidly hit all as many options as I could on the touch screen and played a bit with the music and volume controls on the steering wheel. I do hope the dual motor is an option in time for the full tax credits. I think that and the short range will work for my budget. After seeing the car in person I am still unsure if I can fit my daughters double bass in the back easily. I do think it will fit somehow it just will take some maneuvering.
    By the way I enjoyed the recommendation to watch / listen to Peter and Will Anderson on youtube, I also found this other one on youtube: Moonglow: The Magic of Benny Goodman (2016) – feat. Christian Sands, Peter & Will Anderson. Nice!!!

  51. You could get a trailer for the semi and while you wait build it out as a tour bus to hold you two, teslanomics, like tesla ect and then do a tour around the us!

  52. ผมชอบชื่นชม ผู้นำteslaมากเพราะเป็นคน 4.0อย่างแท้จริง น่าจะมาเกิดในเมืองไทยเยอะๆๆๆบ้านเมืองจะไม่วุ่นวาย เช่นนี้

  53. The Solo… reminds me of the Tango. What ever happend to that car? Remember that thing from around 2004 at the LA auto show and thought it was so cool. Doesn't seem to be around anymore, but that Solo reminds me a lot of it. www.commutercars.com

  54. Does the autopilot turn on the emergency blinking lights, when it auto stops? Seems like that be a good idea if it doesn't

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