Tesco reluctantly accepts £20 silver coin. Police arrive to deal with me. Part 4

Im taking the micky for using legitimate money in Tesco? skip to 9.30 seconds. The Police lady is talking on her radio and speaking to the managers in the fuel station shop. What amuses me is that the royal mint make legitimate coins which cant be spent. On previous videos you will see that Tesco have checked with their legal department and decided they are not going to accept these coins. Surely this is the basics of commerce and its quite simple to see that they are obliged to accept the money or go without. It would be interesting to see what would happen if they took me to court. Banned from Tesco again! Where will I go for my supplies of horse burgers now? Morrisons were happy to accept £20 coins in payment for fuel. I also include some rusty and tarnished other legal tender coins that I found metal detecting in my payment.

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