4 thoughts on “Terrorism & Illicit Finance 6/8 Hearing, Virtual Currency: Financial Innovation & National Security”

  1. wth the bad folks could make their own freaking coin if they wanted. and make their own money im sure they didnt panhandle the attacks on us ….wonder how pearl harbour was funded.. a money launder a bad person will just be bad and do bad.. .

  2. are you fkm?? ain Vladimir putin our pres bestie..
    im annoyed that our president is all buddy buddy with ol russia
    but we are. helping terrorist.. haaaa. the nerve

  3. After watching this, I can't help but think how absolutely slow our government operates. If they are really only at this stage of the game…the crypto community probably has very little to worry about as the rest of the world will simply lead the way and we'll simply follow. It's not like the government is going to "ban" bitcoin or something. It's clear even from these hearings that's not a probable reality. KYC tho…yea, expect that to be a sure reality.

  4. When are people going to realize the Government needs us and we don't need them?

    These are not congressional leaders. They lead nothing. All they try and do is control EVERYTHING that threatens their aristocratic dominance.

    Translation: GovernmentParasitic/Central Banks don't like competition ie: the free market.

    The decentralization, disintermediation, and destruction of the banking system are our goal! These evil idiots. Russia's hacking program, national security, and terrorism!? All fear mongering garbage.

    These scum and UK finance the terrorists who they ultimately use to fight their proxy wars and destabilize the world and now the middle east is their main target. Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, etc… See a pattern here?

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