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I'm gonna show you in this gray area over here we're gonna color it in I'm going to show you how you can see whether there are retail traders in the market right now or whether there have been bigger whales or consumers coming in so that you can get some real context about who you're trading against right now in the market this is one of the most important videos I could do on this channel and I can't wait to get into it but the first thing we got to do because I love the music and it's fun it's uplifting and it gets me in the mood the first thing we got to do is roll intro okay so let's talk about this trades counter over here how can you tell who the players are right now in the market so the first thing I want you to do is just click on this little plus sign over here to add a new counter and maybe start with just a five minute time frame and anything between zero and one Bitcoin so how much volume of Bitcoin has been traded by how many trades in the last five minutes where it's under one Bitcoin now you might be wondering like Shawn why do I care well the reason is because who trades with a size less than one right retail traders so what I'm trying to do here is see what the actual trading history looks like from a retail trader perspective it's unlikely that someone with a lot of size is going to be sitting there going zero point five Bitcoin zero point two Bitcoin oh they like dumping ten Bitcoin or they dumping five Bitcoin because that's small to them that's peanuts it's shortchange but for the retail traders five Bitcoin to you is a lot of money right so for the retail traders for people like us really what I want to do is is segment this to see who are the players in the market right now so I'm gonna add another one and I'm gonna put in in the last twenty minutes the same thing zero to one Bitcoin so how much in the last twenty minutes and if you really want to we can put the last sixty minutes as well zero to one I I just prefer five in twenty because I like the way that the the dude from Bitcoin trading challenged that channel super good channel really recommend if you're into trading just to watch it sometimes I just watch it because I'll learn new stuff and it's so cool so a Bitcoin trading challenge this is where I learned that from it's really really cool so over here I can really now build up a profile of what the retail I'm gonna get rid of the 60 minute one for now but I can build up this profile of what the retail traders look like now what am I looking for here I'm looking for the SKU I'm looking for how much more red is there than green and with what kind of size like I want to see a lot of size going on like right now there's not much going on in this market okay there's not a lot of volatile the volume is down here it's like it's minut there's not much going on but I gotta use the time of God right so what I want to now do is look for okay how many bigger traders are there like what's been happening with the bigger traders I'm gonna add another one in here in the last five minutes anything over one Bitcoin and I'm gonna add another one in the last 20 minutes anything over one Bitcoin so we can see there's a lot more red skewed over here so the green is skewed to the left basically there's been a lot more sell now why am i interested in that well depending on whether you're in arranging an uptrending or a Down trending market the reason why I'm interested in the skew here is to know has there been an awful lot of selling going on because I don't want to sell when these tons of selling that's happened I don't want to buy when there's tons of buying that's happened I want to catch the swing here I want to buy here and sell here right you're wondering how do I know how do I get into the market knowing when something's going to go up like how did those traders know how did they get in at the bottom this is how they know like they look at the context of what's going on who are the players in the market and then they look at something called the counters ratio which I'm going to talk about actually I'll talk about that in another video that counters ratio deserves a whole video to itself but this is how you can use the trades counter to segment who are the players in the market are they retail are they bigger if you want to see institution I mean you could put over 10 Bitcoin here and see what's been going on okay we've had some sell volume that's been fairly large what about in the last 60 minutes over the last two hours okay actually we've had a lot more bought in the last two hours where the size was over 10 so very very useful now if you want to see the other information I can ungroup this over here and there's something called a large trades tracker and again I'm going to do a separate video because it was ours can I cover tensor charts I might as well cover everything I don't want to cover it all in one video just I want to I want to chunk this into the the snippets that are actually useful so you can learn it and apply it but how great is this guys like seriously how good is this where you can actually segment ok the size of the trades you can see the number and the volume and so you can see the counts and the size you basically seen this and this historically for trades that actually got placed you know again people with their balls on the chopping block right they actually put money in you're actually seeing that profile over here so you can identify who are the players in the market really useful stuff I hope you got a lot from this video and I'll see you in the next one you

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