Tecra || Przemyslaw Karda: Big Brother, MTP, Mobile Wallet

Hi Przemek Karda from this side, from the Tecra project As you know, I left Big Brother’s house not long ago. where for a week let’s just say I was resting from the outside world. but the truth is, the reason was much more serious. my plan was that Of course, everything in the context is cryptocurrencies to make sure that people who are not as if they were friends or familiar with cryptocurrencies to help them explain what it is so that this mainstream can finally start talking about cryptocurrencies And I’ll tell you, it’s been a couple of times that I’ve managed TVN has officially written what I do for a living. on my business card, so the cryptocurrencies word came up. in mainstream, people started asking questions, now a lot of people are asking me questions a lot of people want to meet about cryptocurrencies So the goal I set myself was somehow achieved. This whole adventure which, of course, also has a context with Tecra. no matter how you look at it, I was also there as a representative of Tecra. It was all about just making sure that more and more people, despite the fact that it is 11% according to research people in Poland used a cryptocurrencies It’s not enough, it’s not enough, it’s 11%. In order to make as many people as possible start to identify themselves with these cryptocurrencies as possible. Or at least get to know them, and we came up with an idea To create for this Gulczas, A simple token, a people who are very firmly rooted in mainstream… But so are the viewers of a certain television station, too. where I was – TVN So that they know it’s safe, it’s easy. It’s simple, it’s no different from traditional payments Or maybe it’s more fun and enjoyable. And that was the goal, that’s the goal we’re pursuing. We form the Polish Big Brother Association where, among other things, we will promote cryptocurrencies, but in a safe way. not as some kind of scammer project. I’d be the only one who’d take people who were really trustworthy socially. And we’ll see if this project, in a few years’ time. It will move into the fact that the cryptocurrencies in Poland That it wouldn’t be 11% of the people if it’s gonna use it, or maybe it’s gonna be 20% and that’s it. With regard to the Tecra project itself I don’t know if you guys know, but on Monday we’re letting you go. We are finally releasing MTP. So long promised. We had a few problems, we had to change a few things in this. Merkle Tree Proof To make the block size and blockchain size acceptable under masternodes. We did it completely differently than ZCoin. Even though we’ve consulted with them. We also consulted with people who created MTP. But then we went in a different direction. So, on Monday, the MTP starts… So you’re gonna have to, like, update your wallets right now. It’s best to do it now. I don’t know if the package has already been published on the website, if not this one: www.tecracoin.io There in the wallet tab, download wallet, you have the wallets to download the latest They should be version 1.6, as far as I can remember. And wait for more information. Because probably by Monday, you’re gonna have to do it. We’re also working on the Mobile Wallet. So that you can use your phones at last. And send yourself Tecra without any problems. Because it’s the biggest fun to just scan QR code and send Tecra to a colleague, to grandmother, to mom, to every person we can there in our environment with cryptocurrencies to get familiar with because let’s not hide the mission of the Tecra Tecra, it’s not just the commercialization of science through the cryptocurrencies whether through investment funds or through private capital But most of all, it’s also we’re supposed to educate people in cryptocurrencies And show that cryptocuurrencies are also a safe way to safe-keeping of your assets and you can earn money on it in a safe way And there are cool projects And take off that patch. ‘Scam’, ‘ICO Scam’, what’s on the market today which is just available So much for me, I hope I’ve given you a lot of information that you could use. And I invite you to follow Tecra’s profile. tecracoin.io Because we’re starting soon, because soon we’re starting to come out with cool stuff for the daylight. and we’re working And people who want to buy TecraCoin they can do it on our website or they can enter the LATOKen. There’s an IEO fired up in there, and you can buy it too. So I’m inviting you to support scientific projects Polish science, Polish graphene And see you soon, I greet you warmly. Bye!

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  1. No w końcu coś po polsku, brakuje mi na kanale polskojęzycznego przekazu. Myślę że lepszym pomysłem będzie nagrywać po polsku i profesjonalnie tłumaczyć na język angielski. Pozdrawiam

  2. Super Przemek się prezentowałes w Bigbrather tylko szkoda że tak krótko. Coś właśnie Cie kojarzylem ale nie wiedziałem skąd. Dopiero jak powiedziałeś że robisz projekt kryptowalutowy to wszystko się ułożyło w całość bo trochę filmików Tecra na YouTube obejrzałem. Super ze promujesz kryptowaluty! Kibicuję Tobie ?

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