Tech Writer Stephen P. Williams Explains The Basics of Blockchain

– So, what is Blockchain? Does anybody here know
what Blockchain is? (upbeat electronic music) Blockchain is software. That’s all it is, like,
that’s the easiest way to look at it. All these blocks of
data are strung together on a chain and once
the block is closed, it can’t be altered. It also means the end
of CEOs, patriarchs, dictators, all leaders. I like, almost immediately
became obsessed with it. I taught myself everything
I could, and this book is the culmination of that. We’re always turning to
the state for approval, for recognition, for validation. Blockchain is set up
in a different way. It’s decentralized
or distributed. Whatever you put on a Blockchain that is incorrect
remains incorrect. I mean, it just is incorrect. And certainly, like, on a
supply chain you can say this cotton is organic
when it wasn’t. But Blockchain doesn’t
make that information good. One thing it does do, though, is when the bad
information is recorded, like, say you’re on the
supply chain for Walmart and you lie, and that
lie is discovered three years later. That lie will be registered
on the Blockchain Like, your reputation
is at stake. I really believe that you
have to align yourself with the technology
to move forward. Be true, be daring, be
centered, and most of all live the story you
want to create.

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