Team Spotlight: Ubuntu Energy Ledger

Ubuntu Energy Ledger We started in April,
during a hackathon and ever since,
we secured a Letter of Intent from the Ministry of Energy
of the government of Benin for a pilot This set-up is helping us improve the business model as well So we’ve been doing
a lot of brainstorming and technology
adaptations as we’re here 700 million Africans don’t have access to electricity. Our first pitch was not good I mean, our first products were not good You know, and the first day we were actually
really, really worried And then everybody started coming by The team helped us do it And all the teams helped us,
you know, redo our slide deck And everyday, we kept getting
better and better, and we could feel it was a
ten-fold improvement everyday So that’s really what has been exceptional about this incubation week I’ve never seen so
many brilliant minds focusing on
changing the world with blockchain So this is a community for us More than a community, a family So we definitely are going to
keep relationships with some teams And we’re already talking
about potential collaborations with some of the technology
that we have seen here So yeah, this was a great opportunity
to meet potential partners In your hand is a trigger for a new era of abundance, of energy and capital across Africa I think that what we’re doing is really going to change the lives of millions of Africans and it’s a first time a disruption at this scale can done with blockchain

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