TBC The Billion Coin Review Scam! BEWARE – ITS WORTHLESS!!!!

what up what up what up what up it’s Friday night and I’m just about to go check out the guardians of the galaxy so the billion coin,
the billion coin review, I thought I’d crank out a quick review video on the billion coin or otherwise known as TVC and yeah I just want to give my two cents about it this is a hundred percent legitimate unbiased video so I’m not a member I’m not promoting I’m actually going to give my opinion about the coin I’m going to tell you why it’s a blatant scam okay so for those who don’t know who I am we’re doing some research on the building coin yeah I’ve been online for about 10 years marketing successfully full time for about the last five I run a full time business make a full time income and I coach and help a lot of people I inspire and motivate a lot of people you check out my channel I check out some motivational content you can actually see my progress in real companies where there are legitimate now don’t get me wrong I promoted my my fair share of scams and getting scammed in the process but is where people are losing I’m actually still gained because I am an optimistic marker when I lose I still the billion coin scam,
the billion coin withdrawal, gain because I have gained knowledge experience and wisdom from my own actions so it doesn’t really matter how much elias i’m always gaining something from it you know one of the things one of the things that are gained is the ability to know a scam when i see it and also to you know share it with you guys so i’m not what you call a scam buster i’m not one of those guys but i do reviews on certain companies sometimes i’ll do a review on a company that that it’s clearly for marketing purposes I’m a SEO expert so I do I do traffic reviews basically to generate traffic or you years you’re searching up this this in it this video for particularly to generate information about the company so I’m going to give you a real honest opinion this company so 2 billion coin is a cryptocurrency that was created you know the billion coin trade,
the billion coin money, running off the high hopes and dreams that it’s going to turn you into a millionaire and the scheme of growth of Bitcoin and how it’s been growing dramatically and actually by the time of this video little bit of like but the time of this video bitcoin is just a lot of mine and it’s going dramatically so but we you need to understand is that the billion coin is not illegitimate coin the billion coin is just a little bit of a ponzi and that people think they’re actually buying a cryptocurrency corn that is actually growing in value and it’s based on membership growth right so it’s based on a Ponzi basically if you buy enough coins then the value of the coin is going to increase in you’re going to increase your shareholder of that of that coin so to speak it is kind of like a Ponzi because it’s not an actual free market free trading coin the billion coin update,
the billion coin cash out, that can be traded publicly it is only controlled by its own ecosystem in which that it can be traded manipulated and shared with only other members right if I am correct correct me if I’m wrong in the comments if you like now why is it a scam okay first and foremost all the members that are involved all whatever seventy thousand that are involved right now that is clear blatant bullshit alive – because it doesn’t matter how many they say on the actual website it’s very much lower than that let’s actually go to the woods here the sky did a excellent review on the kind of Paul Hardin Harding ham the billion coin price,
the billion coin presentation, these videos that you see here videos all promoting the billion coin most of them urges naive and the reason I’m not saying that they’re dumb naive or bad naive I just mean naive in that they’re caught up in the hype and dreams that this coin is going to change your lives and it’s not most of these people today I have seen a lot of these people on Facebook screaming around my billion coin is where seventeen thousand dollars or fifty thousand you know I mean because they the whole algorithm that the coin only increases in value anytime membership growth increases it’s like wow okay so what if I just have a script that increases the number all the time and just continuously increases so a now it’s going to keep putting this value on the coin all the time so what it’s doing is just basically it’s like has a cloak-and-dagger effect words it’s it’s pretending to be something that it’s not right and if there is absolutely no value on the coin if you can withdraw your money let me know maybe if is one person can show me a legitimate human being can show me that they’ve withdrawn their earnings from their their billion calling I will remove this video but one person can’t right and I could guarantee that because this is not a legitimate coin you know the billion coin exchanger,
tbc the billion coin, what’s crazy about it is how do you purchase the coin let’s go to one of these people’s website and check out the billion coin right now this is the fanpage crave also what the hell this cream bro cash yeah okay all right so this is apparently than not work they say that you can trade trade width so apparently it is 194,000 billion on members in which you can trade with one TBT coin is worth 13 Bitcoin that doesn’t actually make sense to you okay okay so they’re saying okay let’s let’s do some math here there’s lane one TVC point is where 13 Bitcoin is worth 1536 dollars right now so we’re going to go 1,500 and third I’ll say 0 3 6 oops 91 cents I am 13 so one TV she calling is worth 19,500 and $79 okay all right so let’s see what payments they accept so I pick one over heeey where there’s another one of these people’s website they’ll show how you can GBC global org vibrate coin okay let me see what this is the injury report does not support withdrawing okay the building dog trade is an exchange where you must sell your TVC for Bitcoin the exchange does not support withdrawing your TPC coins to a Bitcoin wallet these transactions will be rejected by the Bitcoin network and you may lose all your TV class you’re making its mistake yeah that’s good so basically you just can’t withdraw anything yeah so they create so basically what they did is they created a billion going wallet so the purpose of buying and selling billion coins and using it for tbc the billion coin review,
tbc the billion coin scam, purchases as I guess and transferring you cannot which but I’m more than guarantee you cannot withdraw your billion coins to anywhere okay TVC global okay here we go do you see what will the building coin all right bye TVC is seaworthy sucked America on the little slowly payment package offices for year going on mr. percentage we PayPal simply need to send your Bitcoin to pick a Bitcoin account so they’re only accepting Bitcoin to get TBC 3 up right don’t you think that’s odd that why wouldn’t they have their own payment processor like a credit card or real merchants by TPC and the reason why is because if they accept Bitcoin there’s absolutely nobody can trace it back to them and receive any refund whereas is it partially an opportunity where you can if you feel like you’ve been scammed you can you can do like some type of fraudulent charges or something like that basically in a nutshell you need to avoid this company honestly don’t really care what any of the TDC members say I think creates a videos social proof that you withdrawing your earnings because if the coin you’re saying this coin is actually worth 20 times more valuable than Bitcoin you got to be idiot to believe that basically this coin TVC has a value of $20,000 and it’s worth more than Bitcoin now have you idiot to believe that

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  1. Doesn't really sound like you've proven anything. You're just skimming over supposed reasons why it's a scam and when u can't really find concrete proof u just jump to a conclusion. That doesn't sound like someone who has actually learned how to identify scams. TBC is now giving away coins to grow its community faster so it can move to the next phase. Doesn't sound like something scammers would do. Also, u must admit that the idea of abundance of wealth for every human being on earth is an unusual but not impossible concept so at some point TBC would surely come off as ridiculous. I invested in it, not because I believe 100% in it but because traditional business and traditional money has almost always been about scamming people and there is risk EVERYWHERE. I don't get how something is a scam if it does what it promises and u go in knowing what risks are involved. I think you're playing a wild guessing game here. U could be right, but the truth is YOU DON'T KNOW.

  2. you sell peer to peer, the same you can do with btc.we are also in the process to start a fiat currency exchange.you are so stuck in your opinion.check out bitcoin randy. he has many videos.

  3. tell me this, why can you NOT pay tbc fees with tbc? they only accept legitimate bitcoin! Because tbc is a SCAM

    TBC is NOT like bitcoin
    TBC has no white paper or blockchain ledger
    TBC has no legitimate exchange
    TBC is NOT mined
    TBC is a SCAM

  5. so i ended losing my money by investing in this.. it's funny that they say that the value doesn't go down because YES it does.. If you don't believe me check the website and click on trade, which will open up the market to "Trade" TBC. I think that the concept of this coin was legit however, with that being said I haven't been able to withdraw anything (and i have tried).. Also kringle coins is a promotional thing that members made to "increase" membership.. However, what they are actually doing is just making more people have coins which artificially inflates the coin much like that script idea you were talking about. This strategy of promotion is completely rediculous.. The reason is because without money going into the system noone will be ever able to pull money out.. That IS how this "scheme" works.

  6. big time scam. show me anyone who got a withdrawal for the value of the coin other than referral commissions lol

  7. You have said nothing to convince me its just the usual shallow criticism . Can you do your followers a little good by telling them what makes a coin so-call LEGITIMATE.?

  8. Please note, if you say something stupid, like any hater comments, they will just be deleted. And if you want to avoid been scammed by TBC the billion coin, GO HERE>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ee94oc1e2S8

  9. You need to do more research, because you seem not to be very confident about what you are saying in this video. You would probably say the same thing about Bitcoin in 2009. Please make sure you do another video on this topic in 2019. And please tell us what you are promoting here, maybe we will buy?


  11. Kringles sounds like some kind of snack to me. Do you eat them? Lol 😁. I've got a lot of people around me hawking TBC everywhere I go begging to sell for pennies. With all the hype about it being equivalent to 17 Bitcoins I felt it should have made millionaires all around me.

  12. The Billion and the Bit coin are for real guys keep up knowing more about it, it's profitable,, thank you

  13. Actually tbc has changed my life for the best and im just a lowley gammer lol. But a know awhew people who can answer all of your questions correctly.

  14. loool…so many funny comments and suggestions. Something you all should understand is that there is a risk in everything. Even life itself is all about taking risk,but wisdom is profitable to direct..Do not put all your Eggs in one basket, you never can tell. Be a wise investors. At least, the founders of Bitcoin and The billion coin have done their part. They are not forcing anyone to invest in their crypto currencies, so u have the right to choose. At best invest in both and smile later, no matter the outcome…i see great potentials in them..

  15. All of these pro-TBC posters need to prove TBC's credibility instead of making BASELESS statements about how it has "changed your life" or how much money you've been making.

    Prove it! Why is this so difficult? .

  16. I agree on you sir! For example, what if TBC reached already 1 Billion per coin? how are you going to withdraw that? is that even possible that you're gonna withdraw that coin on any banks and etc. even if you trade that for bitcoin who are going to buy that in any market with that humongous amount? really people who loves TBC explain to me how? will you please? πŸ™‚

  17. BEWARE! Listen to his double talk from the very beginning about himself being a scamster! You can't be scammed unless you first participate, how can he call it a scam when he has not been scammed, he has an agenda, call TBC a scam, then push his program. You're listing to a person who is ignorant about TBC, who admits he do not have TBC coins, so why listen to him? He have told several lies becuase he do not know what's going on with the community and those of you who have received TBC through purchase or gift why are you now doubting because of this admittedly ignorant person, he has an agenda and you best to believe it's not to benefit you. Wher is your verified proof that it's a scam sir? The fact that you compare it with Bitcoin show you DO NOT know what you're talkink about. I was going to share with you some things that have transpired since you made this ignorant video, but I decided not to. Those who are questioning their decision to participate in the TBC community deserves you, but I have nothing to prove to you it that you have proved NOTHING. You pulled up info that you DO NOT UNDERSTAND which is obvious by your ridiculous comments and oofer that as proof, man get real…

  18. The TBC coin Goes up 1-5% daily wether you get new members Are Not!!! you forgot to mention that point. look it up on the TBC page


  20. It's not a scam I got my initial deposit back and still making money in it. Only people who have never done TBC or don't know how to get money from TBC say it's a scam lol. Next time use the help desk that is provided on the site.

  21. So if we are idiots backing TBC. Tell us then what makes Bitcoin worth what it actually is. What is bitcoin backed by? "Perceived Value" at least TBC will be backed by 1 billion members which stands volumes of what is backing bitcoin. If anything is even backing it?

    After the testing period of TBC fiat currency exhcange TBC members will be able to freely convert TBC straight to any fiat currency thanks to a major bank taking TBC on as an asset on their books.

    TBC will be the first crypto currency to be backed by a world bank with unlimited access to funds with very little liabilities. Please let us know when bitcoin will have such options. Thank you.

  22. Has anyone cashed out more than they put in???………….I understand that the money on the screen is just numbers but don't people understand that when they try to cash out??

  23. I can't wait for the looks on the faces of the TBC 'investors' when it all comes tumbling down. It's not a cryptocurrency. Where's the blockchain?

  24. My scam radar went off on this as well. I went to TBC site. 1 TBC = 42.31970835 BTC . Are you efffing kidding me?!? The TBC only has value within its members. This hype and its members is what is driving the value of it. There is no legitimate cryptocurrency exchange that takes TBC. The only exchange that takes TBC is the TBC website..Β  This is basically just World of Warcraft money. People just buying fake money and then exchange it back and forth between its members. Think about it if 1 TBC = 42.31970835 BTC = $180,999 USD at the time of this comment, don't you think the news would be covering this? When they say TBC is the highest value cryptocurrency in the world right that is just a blatant lie. The highest value cryptocurrency in the world today is Bitcoin!

  25. Bitcoin was tagged as Scam way back 2009 till a programmer sold 10,000 bitcoin for a pizza, it's already more than a year you think it will gone this far if this is scam? remember BTC struggles getting recognition before, this man don't know what he is talking about..
    why you expect so much with a 1 year old coin compare to BTC. try to understand what bitcoin struggles before it made it to what it is today: http://historyofbitcoin.org/

  26. What makes these guys experts in this area? I usually don't take them serious when they plug some alternative product than the one they are "exposing". if it is not a good company/coin, show proof. you didn't have anything that shows tbc to be worthless, you just said it was. Im no cryptoguru, so I wouldn't know either way, i would like evidence that there is no value. Im sorry but these videos are just opinions until you guys can provide evidence that the company is a real ponzi. I see folks selling tbc everyday for dollars. So i don't see how it doesn't have value. I'm going to hold on to it, I wouldn't advise getting rid of it unless the government says it's a ponzi or it fails. that's all you can do. Any investment can fail. Just dont invest with money you will miss. good luck

  27. NO bigger TBC critic then myself.

    Google "Dan Lutz is a conman"

    TBC has no ligitimate blockchain ledger
    TBC has no legitimate exchanges
    TBC has no white paper
    TBC is NOT like bitcoin
    TBC is a SCAM

  28. For ignorant and close minded people, I understand that every new innovation for them is always be a scam.
    Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency with the mission to decentralized money in 2009. Everyone called it a scam. In 2010 (a year later) first transaction was recorded when a young man exchanged 10,000btc for pizzas worth $25. In 2011, a man exchanged 1000btc for an old 1984 Nissan sedan car (2 years after launch). 2013 was a year if breakthrough for bitcoin after Bill Gates investment and Microsoft as its first merchant (4 years after launch). Ethereum was launched with a different mission statement. Verge, Patientory, GameCredit, NEM etc each has its mission statement.
    TBC's mission is not to decentralized money because bitcoin has already achieved that. TBC mission is to decentralized wealth. With this mission, TBC will never be found in coinmarketcap which is already dominated by the elite. TBC will never be affected by demand and supply which is tied to world's economy – still manipulated by the elites (1% of the world population who hold 99% of the world resources)… there are two people who call it a scam, the envy and the ignorant.. guys this is a new innovation of money..patience is on ly the key!.. but its for you to believe or not! no one is forcing you to join anyway!

  29. Whats going on with TBC now? I'd like to see where this scam is at now. Maybe an update video @Marketing & Motivation ?

  30. Hi i want your post. your ideas are great. do you have any update of this tbc as a scam so i can help my friends who are about to join this tbc?

  31. This is bs, my radar went of when lutz started talking about the levels of people, its a mlm/ponzie..its not on the exchange as a regular coin, like bitcoin..very risky..sounds like a whole lot of people are going to get dicked spending their real money to buy in to it…top levels get the cash, close the gates and drop the bomb on the unwary…good luck with that…

  32. Hey, This is Moumita from india, required TBC cheap price contact me in whatsapp 8296432364.All type of payment accepted.

  33. We're not a market driven coin, it would be cool if you actually sign up to tbc and study it before you make a claim, you seem quite uninformed, go to coinmarketcap.coin and you will find many coins you can buy into that is still peer to peer and not on the stock market.

  34. TBC look into it, i traded on the stock market and to believe that a coin could build value, but the value is in the people and not the coin, people create commerce, not a coin if one agrees that something has value then it will have value to trade or purchase items. The batering of goods is what the economy was built on. proof of membership drives the value of thebillioncoin coin. Remember where bitcoin came from and before it became liquid it was alsoa private coin. Everything starts with private investors its the economics, and seems like you have more questions than answers… we are currently at 2.4 million people and our coin is worth 1.3 million dollars and when the fiat exchange starts, we will see…..

  35. lool I feel so sorry for this dude, so you telling me you know the founder of Bitcoin?? you believe in a coin that goes up and down all the time rather than one that just goes, smh that's why this world isn't changing. No disrespect bro you sound like a marketer not a cryptoexpert. We have people constantly posting their transactions from blockchain. And btw we are now over 2 million members. Jedimaster can't wait to make a video to go out just for you and the other trolls out there who don't educate themself about TBC and just assume…..I hope the 23201 views were not dumb enough to listen to you…you like someone put you up to this though, cz you don't sound like you know what you are talking about lmao!!!! there are payment proofs…go on the tbc channels now to see

  36. Then if you are so good at spotting a scam then why don't you talk about the scam everyone is in today with regard to the current financial system and Federal Reserve owned privately by Bankers. Is that not a scam? Our taxes are directly paid to the VATICAN AT 60% AND 40% PAID DIRECTLY TO THE 13 FAMILIES AT THE TOP. Who we are enslaved to for the rest of our lives as a direct result of Governments borrowings. The Billion Coin is an idea. Like Bitcoin. You don't have to like the idea of TBC and you are not made to join or be apart of TBC. No one forces you to. But if you are literally trying to learn everything about the value of TBC by making this video and learning how it works in 5 minutes then you are scamming others, because you are not fully informed yourself. Like everything else in this world it's all fake. The computer said it's now worth more than Bitcoin. The Algorithm calculates the growth of the community and the growth of the coin value directly associated with that. The reason there isn't a payment processor attached directly by TBC is because the associated tech services, hardware suppliers and support teams only accept Bitcoin or Credit Card payment for their services. Now who's stupid. You do't know enough and you are not qualified enough to make any comment. That is dangerous to do that. Lives are at risk and you'll see why as you read on. The challenge for you is to do more investigation not only into TBC but also what is going on right under your nose with regard to the New World Order. This is why TBC was invented. To save our asses when Agenda 21 hits. While you're still asleep like the rest of the world you won't feel the axe cutting your skull in half when depopulation comes visiting your neighbourhood. Was 9/11 an accident, were the fires in California a mistake, do you think the constant pounding of Global warming an accident and the other recent disasters? Global warming is a gravy train that was invented to place even more controls on us like another bullshit thing called terrorism. These are all invented. The globe isn't warming like they said in fact it's gone in the opposite direction. You are so blind you need to be informing your followers of this. The elites hide things in plain site but only a few will regocnise this. TBC was developed to fight the elites, to cripple the strong hold on the financial markets. To create as many billionaires and multi-millionaires as possible so we may create more jobs and to spread abundance to many. Do your home work better. Everybody should be supporting this coin. It was not made to be manipulated on the Market Cap like all the other coins. It's programmed to only go up in value. We will make more billionaires and millionaires than any other coin. Its very real and our objective is very real. We do not want depopulation for our fellow people. This is what we believe in. If you don't want TBC then don't discourage others with your limited knowledge of it. Incase you didn't notice we are in a war for survival too.

  37. Hell man, nobody even believed in Bitcoin and now you're saying you have to be an idiot to believe the price of TBC coin. You want to back the bus up boy! Nobody believed Bitcoin could even become more valuable than Gold either. The reason TBC is worth so much is because the computer says it is. Oh and by the way I am now a multimillionaire in TBC, $76,856,302.00 to be exact. You lot just better hope I don't get a chance to spend it or you will have to kick your own arses all the way back to where you come from. Just pray it doesn't happen for your own sanity because I will be rubbing your noses in it when it does.


  39. I think these type of company's are playing you off with one another, in other words i think its a very clever scam, that involves you investing money into their coins, that dont really rise in value, the values that they say you will make on your investment is bogus and dont really exist,
    When they say your $100 dollor investment is now worth $1000 is a total lie, and what they are doing is relying new member to buy your $1000 coins to get you your money, and then the person who buys your coins wait until his $1000 dollar investment allegedly reaches $10.000 then he sell his investment to a new gullible member, and this process goes on and on and TBC The Billion Coin make a lot of money on membership fee's and could also be loaning you money out at very high interest and making them selves money that way too,
    The fact that you cant cash in your investment in at TBC The Billion Coin and receive money of them is a give away, and you have to rely on members buying your coins,
    Either that or i am very dumb lol πŸ™‚

  40. TBC is not a scam,please study and learn more about TBC. Go to the TBC testimonial page you will be amaze how people embrace TBC and chage thier lives.thaks and God bless!

  41. thanks thats your idea, please also respect our opinion and knowledge about TBC, it is my advocacy to share TBC to everyone, especially to those who dont understand its mission and vission!

  42. tbc is a bit rubbish, but i lost nothing much only few bucks.. i just dont understand how dumb people can buy cars with this thing… and if tbc sudenly dissapear these people who sells cars, houses and maybe gold will rip their all body hairs off lol, lets wait and see what will happen to tbc coin in future, its annoying that im not able to buy something or withdraw.. bcz its shit coin.

  43. People flashed money that didn't make from it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ they can never fully prove their cash out!! Ain't nobody stupid πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  44. Brother you need to know the true way the Billion coin works, sorry you have given a untruthful way the Billion coin works. Do your research and then do a truthful video. Peace

  45. I am quite sure you will be shocked by how far TBC has gone since your video. The scam coin have over 3 million members and still growing.

  46. This dumb bitch on my Facebook is pushing this crap. She claims all the same bs. It only goes up, and it supposedly made her a millionaire. Yet she still offers hair cuts and head shots? She also. Sells unauthorized authentics lol fakes thAt she says are identical. And she offers a month of mentor coaching lol. The sad part is all of her scam post get like 50+ like. People are so gullible

  47. Jedi you do know its the ex zeek rewards wanted person Tracy F Davison, he is now in Philippines avoiding usa law enforcement who is behind this scam!!

  48. Hi Mr. The Billion Coin is not market-based currency this is a community-based currency, you cannot sell outside of the community even you can't sell TBC with discount. you must be sold to the community member. The TBC does not sell for the outside fo the community member. That's it. And on the other hand Kringle Coin, Kringle Coin is the baby of TBC that's Means 100,000. Kringle Coin = 1 TBC = 1 The Billion Coin . now I hope you understand.

  49. You said TBC is not worth cash, we need to be aware that cash is rapidly being extinct, over the last month TBC is now being acknowledged and accepted in some countries as currency.

  50. whats on my mind is, how TBC works ? my concern is.. If they have TBC merchants who selling items / product and anything and exchange it to TBC coins?! What what would be in return to TBC merchants? it's usually TBC coins right ?? But is there any Re-sellers Or factories of Items or Products of what TBC merchants selling ? how could this things works If they can't exchange TBC to Any amount of money that people can Buy for Their foods ?? It against to money of any Government counties so how they can use TBC? THE BOTTOM LINE , people needs to in cash TBC coins to have It and join the community by trading peer to peer ?.. that was so very hard to think as of now. . THERE IS NO CIRCULATIONS OF HOW TBC MAKE STABLE AND USEFUL ,

    Merchants has no chances to earn money for this .. IF they selling products .. they earn tbc coins it will cost to same price of what necessary currency into it.. But If They will make another new account of TBC wallet they can earn more because of Kringle promos give away instead of selling products … they will invest 10$ to open their send button and transfer tbc into another account, so that 10$ goes into 25,000 kringle which is 0.002500 TBC with the price of let say 1000$ ?? People are facing their fools ?!

  51. TBC is more important than bitcoin now stupid coin market cap experience serious fluctuation from 20thousand dollar to over three thousand dollars hello world Pls πŸƒ run away from coin market cap 4b it get breaking point Pls all go read about Rothschild the King of market manipulation and their working team they good at manipulation,they already hijack all market coin don't dull yur self TBC is only coin free from elite manipulation in the world

  52. Bro , it doesn’t even have a blockchain , no one can send or exchange the coin with the users on the platform , it’s just java codes , css and html to credit your account after making the deposit , this clear deception it’s not even a crypto currency my goodness , such a shady platform , why do people dump their precious bitcoin for shit coins like this , it’s not even a coin , I must do a complete video concerning such scams , bad actors ,

  53. hello people..look up TOKOIN project and see their achievement since they emerged, do not miss this great opportunity

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