our altcoin of the week this week is iota Bitcoin is snow white I mean really it started off small sheltered and then it went out into the world where it was taken care of by a bunch of short hairy men who also happen to be miners eventually word got out and the banking industry came around trying to destroy her she fell asleep for a little while only to re-emerge and become well known to the kingdom as the fairest of them all so what does that make iota I'll give you a minute yep you guessed it tangled she's quirky and spunky and she's got a dream unlike Snow White and Bitcoin Iowa has no interest in miners in fact it doesn't use mining at all this means that I owe to solve some of the greatest problems of crypto trading like fees and scaling this works because instead of being built on a blockchain iota is built on the tangle which is essentially this each time a person makes transactions they authenticate to other brand of transactions making something resembling a web this network is so unobtrusive it can be run from any device big or small this means that I Otis transactions can be any size and get anywhere they need to be in a jiffy full free this sounds great right right and this is why we saw I Otis price jumped from around $1 to over $5 in the span of a couple of weeks but then it suddenly stopped dropping back down to just about $3 why is this Iona announced a partnership with Microsoft only to have it downgraded to a participation grade a little while later due to media miscommunication since to the crypto community a match is a burning bush both of these pieces of news slap the out of I Otis price leaving it lonely and a little confused people have sense calmed down an iota is starting to get the attention it deserves and see its value steadily climb but I Otis true target is not to allow you to buy a coffee without paying outrageous fee waiting for it to get cold no iota is targeting the Internet of Things the interconnectedness of Technology and the Machine economy iota hopes to allow all different types of machines connected through the internet of things to communicate and transact with complete trust so what can we say about iota it is on target it has a lot of investors and as long as it doesn't find itself wrapped up in the tangled nightmare of FOMO fun and hype it should have a bright future and unless you have an irrational fear of killer robots a society handicapped by the dependence on machines or dots then you should consider investing in iota

22 thoughts on “TANGLED IOTA beyond blockchain | ALTCOIN OF THE WEEK”

  1. Heads up on one misconsepton in video. IOTA also can be used to buy coffee in future. It can do M2M and P2P no problem. Just because its name is "IOT"a and it focuses on IOT doesnt mean its limited to it. They will release plenty applications for it. Its solves so many problems. It can be used for data. For storage of value. For transactions. Smart contracts in works aswell. As platform ( like ether). OysterPearl is build with IOTA.

    its not alcoin of the week, its "altcoin" of the next decade, unless you think Bosch (IOT, power tools, washers, biggest automotive part producer and patent holder, car brain monopoly basically, tesla has bosch brains FYI) and VolksWagen group (VW, buggati, bentley, lamborghini (yes lambo), Scania, Man, Skoda, Seat, porsche, Neoplan, ducati, Audi) are decieved somehow and didnt research into IOTA themselves.




  2. I have personally watched IOTA transactions go from confirmed to pending in front of my eyes. I have personally had the wallet show 0 balance. I have personally had transactions fail. I have personally seen the wallet disabled on exchanges. I have also personally been insulted by the "founder." I'm in good company. Google it.

  3. Anyone unsure about Iota, I suggest you head over to reddit or better yet, the official discord channel. We have an epic community. A lot of calculated and premeditated FUD has been spread across the media which I assure you has been debunked many times, however If you look past this and make your own judgements you’ll most likely come to a different view about the coin and the foundation behind it, and their many scientists and developers working on the project. Good luck 🙂

  4. For all comments that come after mine: NO, IOTA has never been hacked, not even once.
    People tend to confuse stupidity/phishing with a hack.
    Never use online seed generators. Only Keepass.
    And stick to the truth, or go contemplate about your life.
    Alright, and before the hateboy spreads more lies. be careful of Richard Heart.
    This smearcampaign has to stop.

  5. Very nice and I think iota really deserves to be coin of the week… at least. Huge time coming for IOTA. Thanks for voting for IOTA. I'm a little sad about the unqualified statements of the previous writers. I apologize for them. Of course IOTA is safe and there was no hacking. But some can't see the difference between hacking and phishing. I wish people would not have used false online-services which routed their generated seed in wrong hands…

  6. You are brilliant AND hilarious! Love your videos. You offer something unique in the crypto YouTuber space. Please keep up the great creative work!!

  7. Nice upload. Btw.: Miners (except pure bitcoin ASIC miners) could be given the opportunity to sell their processing power to the world over the tangle network. The processing power could then be used for machine-learning in the scientific and private sectors instead of just being stupidly burnt.

  8. Right at the time Iota nodes got hacked and millions were stolen…… Tangle is flawed and insecure also there's proof of stake, hash graph and hybrids……

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