Tang dynasty Chinese coin

so hello people are you going in today I
have a Chinese cash coin or when that’s in Chinese and this is actually from the
Tang Dynasty which ran from 618 to 907 and this is called a Cayenne Tong Bao
because of the actual nomina so you have the King’s name
okay yoon and Tong Bao Tong Bao and that just means like just just means for the
currency in the actual Kings reign you know this was the 181st coins I actually
had the Kings reign on it he’s name and this was actually used for the entire
tank period in the later periods actually changed a name depending on
when the King rang sometimes I can actually had more than 1 mm reign name
so to actually have multiple coins under different names for the same King mm-hmm
this 10 coin on the back has nothing generally date attorneys cash coins most
of the time have nothing the last reigning period actually had a
manchu on the back but ten coins usually had nothing on the back but it depends
on where it was minted cuz I owe some coins actually had Chinese characters on
the back humanly up the top what I had like a crescent or something on the back
as well so these coins actually come in many varieties I looked on Xena in the varieties
actually Wow counter them I think there’s about 50
different varieties just of this coin for the Tang Dynasty not to mention
other coins that were actually issued which are doing that many probably like
five or ten different ever Kings but they’re not as common as this coin this
coin is issued also in various metals like iron bronze
brass zinc Xena has a silver coin that’s I’ve divided move without editor
a modern replica or whatever so if you’re into Chinese coins and you
actually won a historical one this coin here it’s actually shape you pick it up
like a few dollars for the ten dollars depending on the variety depending on
the also the who know what do you call it that’s right also at the condition
sorry people I just had a brain freeze oh yeah sorry Chinese coin it’s actually
quite an interesting set to collect there’s many varieties at it and this is
the first one that I will show you I’ll show you my ever Chinese coins that I
have so please like this video if you like Chinese coins and have an awesome
coin collecting day

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  1. Sorry to say that but this Chinese cash coin looks so bogus to me! You know in HK and Macau there are tons of fake Chinese cash coins out there sold to ripped Western visitors off! Tong Dynasty?? I suggest you to further verify it!

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