TaiFu™ Crypto Mistake #1 – Crypto Investing Theory vs. Reality – By Tai Zen

what's up guys it's a tie then I'm driving through the beautiful and gorgeous countryside of South Carolina and I haven't pinpoint exactly what it is guys but for some reason the the trees of the forest in South Carolina and leave them all behind wave anyway they're much more beautiful than the trees and also set up in Atlanta I never figured out what the differences and when I do I'll share with you guys but the the lake in the tree and everything in in South Carolina is very beautiful I can see why when the Europeans first came to America why they would settle ok the beaches in South Carolina are extremely gorgeous there's one thing I don't like about it and that's the sand is made up of crushed detail with a tiny tiny little seashell everywhere and when you walk on it haven't been outdoors and walking barefoot in a while it could be slightly uncomfortable like it's not something you want to run you can walk on it but not if you want to run and if you take kids there we are doing sandals and stuff like that but as far as isolate stop calendar go the shorelines are very very gourds if they have this reddish orange sandy color thats very very beautiful is not like brownish and muddy like a lake of the shoreline and the lakes of Texas so it's not Caroline they have very very beautiful is gorgeously thanks anyways back to crystals here I want to talk to you guys about mistake okay somebody on our channel I you know every time we have as it stands we make a Leon or myself make a good calls you know you know we're known as the Oracles of cryptocurrency so we often put you know different trades and different assessments out there and usually it turned out very well okay so that's why people follow these Oracle's of cryptocurrency but I have one Paulo and one subscriber who suggested something that I thought was a very very good idea and I don't know why they'd think about it and I can't remember that person's name right but I'm giving you credit for but he says that you know you always talk about those except your staff and Leon successes of hi and he said can you talk about some of the mistakes that you guys made the week notice of it also because the mistake is what they want to avoid but our mistake is was you know there's an old saying where you know if you're a smart dude the smart man learns from his mistakes and a wise man learns from the mistakes of other men okay so in this new video series that I want to start out guys I want to share with you guys some of the phone head stupid mistakes that Leon and I made during our cryptocurrency investing journey since 2013 thank you in mind guys we've been investing since 2013 in the world of cryptocurrencies we would be considered like us old-timers like senior citizens and veterans of crypto okay because Cristo is moving so fast that we would be considered like old grizzled veterans investors okay so in this video series guys I'm going to share with you guys some of the bonehead just likely tarded mistakes that that Leon I made okay and I look back and when I think back I think like how stupid we have this okay so in this video is the first major mistake that we made okay and I'll share that with you and this is what I call the the street term for this is what we call that when they when pigs fly go with it mistake okay this is the when pigs fly go with it mistake okay what this means is that we all know that takes cannot fly they wait for five to ten pounds and if you're you know you have Pig from Mexico lay away like six seven sometimes eight hundred pounds okay my friend used to raise in the lineage say they get huge and gigantic in Mexico I don't know what he did them but he's a DC and he done picked up soon like six Emily her failed before okay that can probably be my whole village back in Vietnam for a few years okay anyway when pigs fly go with it okay we know what would this mean to us we all know that the reality is that tastes do not fly okay by the way the technical expression okay so the technical expression for this is the technical term for this actually you know inventing theory versus reality investing okay that's not the technical topic to talk about here and discussing but the street term worth is what we call them take slide just go with it don't fight it okay what it mean is that we all know gates don't slide the too big too heavy they don't have wings and they'll fly but if you do see a pig fly don't freak out just go with it and there's an opportunity to profit and make money from it just go with it and don't sit there and go – are you supposed to fly ain't supposed to go up you know so I'm not going to put my money on to it okay so if your money is if you put money into the script though and it's making outrageous profit is is making life-changing profits go with it take advantage of that opportunity and don't sit there and cry like a little baby like a little girl okay and wonder why Chloe this shouldn't be happening okay so I'll give you guys an example several examples of on the same page when we first got into cryptocurrency and deafening we got into it in 2013 okay and by 2014 right in December 2013 I remember that Lila and I discovered a closetcon NXT at that time we called it next coin okay and the creator and the founder of it was trying to raise 21 Bitcoin and he was going to issue a billion NXT coin back then they would call connect coin they were an issue with a billion in a key coin and if you put in one Bitcoin they which are late only one he was hardly 21 Bitcoin if you put in was big when you get that proportion of the 1 billion point now nowadays that would seem common that that's a good deal but back then we were very scared and we weren't sure okay now Leon he was older he because he was a professional software engineer right he was a little bit more confident and he got into he got into litecoin and at that time with litecoin he as soon as he got into it he made the money right away okay because he got into it like around like 50 cents or so and then really quickly it's kind of rocketed to uh to July 5 $50 now keep in mind that sounds like a lot of money ok about my qualifying which it is it's a crazy amount of money when you get into an assessment of 50 cents and then it goes up to $50 as outrageous there's no wages profit margin game however at that time we made the mistake is that holy our investment or Leon's investment just went from 50 cents to 50 dollars so we sat there like a deer in headlights and we didn't do anything and why's it all crashed back down into the taking profit okay so even though it went up in our favor or in Leon flavor we didn't make any money off of it because we didn't do anything we just closed and we did was shocked at all that he went that path and just a few weeks okay so nowadays we don't make that missing them one when something runs up we immediately take profits at least what we put into it okay so that was the first time that someone on our team made a hundred ex ok or yeah 100 X on the Hana crypto kanji in that okay we were so shocked neither one we can't we looked into each other's eyes and we just said hey uh we'll be supposed to do here this real or is it right the first thing we should have done is picking out our initial pencil or Leon's initial principle and then move forward and then you know scratch up our head or you know once it does match our hand or scratch or balls and figured out we can do that later but take the proper to the initial clinical house and take a little bit of profit with it okay so that that was our first thing is that we saw pigs fly and we thin we were sitting trying to ponder why the paper flying okay so what we're trying to say that nowadays is asking you if painted you see paste why just go with it and don't be a retard like we were back there and sit down you know some of us and not take advantage of the profit this evening why are you doing up who gives a why is going up why would somebody fires no tokens or whatever who gives a crap it was going up and you have an opportunity to make money take profits on it and then figure it out later okay so that's our number one probably the first lesson that you guys want to learn is that you know in theory right if this should not be happening but the reality is that it is happening so cake has managing it right away okay lock in your profits so here's another example when I was on when I finally got into NXT I saw that I realized that this was not a scam and I wanted to help promote the project so I didn't have a lot of money at that time I did a lot of volunteer work to help set up the you know to to make videos about to educate the public on NXT I even got with a bunch of the respected community members in the NXT community and I got involved with that and and and what I did was I got involved with that and we set up the NIT Foundation now while we were setting up the NXT foundation one of the guys in the NIT community I'm not going to name names of who he is because I'm sure you want to keep things private but one of the guys that I was working with and collaborating with to set up the NXT foundation we were talking on skype one day and out of nowhere he mentioned somebody else in the group mention about a specific crypto Fergus Mississippi all points and this person that I was working with said yeah I made some you know I mean just just made a quick remark in the site that said he does that yeah you know I really like that coin because I made some really good money with him and I thought about that for a minute and I texted back on skype I met you you actually invested is it at all points I thought you know why would you take the risk and that the ends of this type of all point motive it sound like and that the person we thought about two means as well in science and so and there's an opportunity to make money here so why not do it so this person made a bunch of bitcoins like several dozen Bitcoin off of this particular all coin and at that time this person was a respected member of the NXT community he's not a bullshitter and he's not a scam or something and I trusted him when I was working with him in the energy community and it made me think like why didn't I do that why didn't I do that I could have made you know a bunch of Bitcoin I had at that time I had some spare bitcoins that I could have put into that invest into that I heard about it why didn't I do that so I can make the money from that and at that time I was such a die-hard Bitcoin max was I it was very hard for me to see other all coin project especially and then when I started converting and started the other cryptocurrencies of all points I would still a hesitancy with any all coins such as like like coin and dogecoin and things like that because to me this is the exact same copy in a Bitcoin leadership it is transact pass or whatever you know the same thing is Bitcoin right and so that incident with this NXT community member really made me evaluate my name you know I I really should look into this because the whole reason why I was in cryptocurrency was to make money other than that's how it's not like a technologies I'm not a I'm not what is Asian guys like Leon cool calm that you know that nerdy and does all this tech stuff I'm just in it to make my mom a traitor I'm an investor you know or the Australian box and teachers can correct and now I want to make money in this market and so please let me here to make money then why am I not making money in this market why mayo school to land for and make all these cryptocurrency videos if I'm not gonna take advantage of this can make money from it so at that point that was when there was a shift in my mind where I needed to focus on on on making money in cryptocurrency instead of just talking about it actually make money from it and so to sum it up you know I just want to share that example with the unity community member about him making all that money is in the all coin I'm not going to name what the off point is nor am I going to main what the XT community member name is I just want to share with you guys the last is that I'm the mistake that I made in not taking advantage opportunity when I thought okay and then when Leon thought and my coin metabolizes with Leon and Mike one was his one of many all coins that we got into that we didn't take profit on okay so I just want to share with that's not the only one there's others too many to name but those the lesson that you guys want to learn here is that regardless what do you think in your head in theory good academic look at the reality if you here to make money look at the reality of what's going on and take advantage of this ok I'll share with you a third example we quite conclude this video there are people out there that do not make a full-time living from trading and investing in crypto conscious like myself might be on like everyone on our team make a full-time living off of the ship ok we're not screwing around we're not talking about fantasy money or there's no demos there's no simulators in crypto currencies ok if we didn't make any money delicious we would have lasted this long for four and a half years broadcasting Proxima okay anyway there was a situation being on people will troll us or confront us on on on our channel saying that they don't believe that we make money from cryptocurrency and nothing we're trading they believe that oh you know there's this random block theory on you know the economists say that where the efficiencies in the market and that if there was a way to take advantage of the market as a big institution by Chase Bank and Goldman Sachs and the hedge fund would have really capitalized on it and and eliminated that inefficiency or that edge or that advantage that you have okay and there's a bunch of that's coming from guys that have never made a single dollar from cryptocurrency okay has never made and when I was trading a stock and trading futures and trading Forex there would be dumbasses that would tell me and we are the exact same thing when we were in that market oh there's no way you can make money you know in stocks or you can't make money trading and Here I am making money from it and take my bills with it my colleagues and people around me because that I'm working with or making money from this I have a colleague in Austin Texas that was making $1,000 a day trading coil features he was making $20,000 a month when I went to a house we sat there and he was showing me to prove to me that he was doing it I'm sitting there watching as he's doing it and a live trade station and ninjatrader accounts right so I'm seeing a bunch of people make money into training okay I know there's other options trader that I work with in San Diego Luke – mutes between San Diego and Tijuana and he make anywhere between twenty to forty thousand dollars a day trading futures and training options I mean like and this is not a simulated account this is a live account the guys all right and so I know a bunch of people that make good money from trading so it's not a mystery to me I've seen it you know I've paid my dues I've lost a lot of money you know to learn our trade possess a lot of money into education train for myself to learn how to trade and assess properly and learn the fundamental skills of training nothing right and I'm taking the time out I budget myself five to ten thousand dollars every year to get better and better at trading in something and that's this is to make more money but that's normal okay so when these people tell me that there's no way that you can make money in training or investing and be dumbasses I've never made money in training before and tell me that I don't know what to say alright I really don't know what to say right if I mean invite these people I know that's not making money and I'm making one of my friends are making money I don't know what to say to these people because unfortunately they've never been allowing people to actually made money and made a whole time living from training and assessing and so they don't believe it can be done and they always fight that you know the market deficient and all these other stuff theory that they read in books magazines and they believe it is because of the college economics professor that tell them that the market efficient you don't say so they they they believe it instead of and these economics professors and the college professors we don't pay their bills each month with their training and their cryptocurrency training or laughing or their stock trading there's none of these values they they get they get a cush job and a TV job teaching in the university they never had a risk one freaking dollar in the market to make money okay and they're sitting there telling everybody that can't be done Wow there's professional traders out there that make a ton of money from it going back make like a hundred million dollars on average like a hundred million dollars a day trading but you have the dumb ass a college professor that though that might both of these dumbass articles that they don't make any money that no one can make money from training is that okay so that goes back guys to life at the beginning this video about you know trading theory you know you know the reality the theory investing theory versus investing reality okay when pigs fly don't freakin freak out and ask questions about go with it and make your money pay your bills take care of your family and have a good time with it okay and the guys that say that it cannot be done screw up they're not paying your bills anyways they're not going to put life-changing profits in your bank account and they're not you know going to help you get the young beautiful wife or the Lamborghini that you want or the house you want to live in or the down payment on the new house you know so things like that guys so I just want to share this video with you guys so that you guys don't let these idiots like tell you otherwise that it cannot be done okay it can be done there's a bunch of people doing it right just because you don't know how it's done that does not mean that it cannot be stopped okay so sorry about that guys so I just want to change how about that guys so I just want to share this video with you guys right so you guys understand that it can be done and don't let the goofball the dumb answers that don't make money from trading tell you that it can't be done okay so if you guys like this video make sure that you share it with your friends and your family and the people that are skeptical if money can be made in crypto currency trading or any type of trading or investing they're skeptical about it share this video with them okay make sure that you subscribe to our newsletter at www.hsn.com www.hsn.com

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