Tai Lopez NEEDS TO STOP Selling Me His Bitcoin Course

Tai Lopez is back and this time it's not knowledge he's trying to sell you knowledge if you don't know who tite Lopez is you probably haven't been on the internet over the last few years but he's a well-known marketer most famous for his Lamborghini in his garage clip here in my garage just bought this new Lamborghini here I'm a lot more proud of these seven new bookshelves that I had to get installed to hold 2,000 new books that I bought he likes to lead on that he owns nice homes and cars and while I don't know anything for sure skeptics include people like Ethan from h3h3 who found this home on Zillow as a short-term rental which happened to be his exact home but as much fun as it would be to dive into these classic Thai Lopez moments we've got a whole bunch of new ones to talk about cuz ty Lopez has moved on to Bitcoin this Bitcoin thing is taking over the news crypto currencies we're talking about Bitcoin going to a million Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin one of the most exciting things about cryptocurrency is the amount of opportunity there is now for investors or entrepreneurs or developers all kinds of people can jump into the space and find success by working on good projects unfortunately when there's a lot of money at stake you're also gonna find people looking to take advantage of it need download the VPN I'm not really exactly too sure what a public key is before we take a look at Tai Lopez's YouTube channel I want you to know that YouTube uses advanced algorithms to determine what channels are simply most like yours which entire opaz his case includes crypto Nick Ryan Hildreth and Trev on James all known bit connections appearing on the sidebar I wonder why that would be if I was making YouTube videos and I saw people like crypto Nick or Trev on James appearing on my son wait Thomas stop stop back to Tyler sorry about that guys my video editor might need a new one after today alright so maybe you can't control who shows up on your related channels but let's take a look at some of his vids here we asked some Thai Lopez videos and as you might be able to tell the man has been moving into Bitcoin sensing a little opportunity I think we've got titles like the HUD seventy million dollar pizza for marketing for uber to raising two million the case for 1 million Bitcoin by 2020 for Bitcoin to 1 million why that's possible look guys anytime you see thumbnails like these or titles like these with huge amounts of money in them you have to be a little bit worried you know there are so many people out there trying to put big numbers in there to get your attention you see thumbnails like this or or this or the top Thomas stop it ruining my points ok ok that's fair maybe maybe it's fine to use those but let's let's dive in take a look at some of these vids here we have a video from ty where he talks about a 170 million dollar pizza now what's interesting about this video is it has over 10 million views that's a ton of people but it has very few up votes or down votes and not very many comments either compared to how many views there are so what that tells you when you see a video like this it means it's an ad and that 10 million poor unfortunate people were forced to watch at least part of this and to those people I'm sorry YouTube let you down it's not your fault you didn't sign up for this nobody signed up for this here in my garage so place it clamoring et Hollywood goes so current to meets Fergie anyway let's hear what he has to say this Bitcoin thing is taking over the news I got to tell you the craziest true story you need to know this I'm gonna give you guys a quick translation when an internet marketer says what you need to know what that actually means is doesn't fucking matter at all this is a story of somebody who missed out on the biggest thing a Bitcoin in fact it's about these two pizzas right here or two pizzas like this and a lot of cash this story is one of the most famous ones in Bitcoin someone bought a couple of pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoin way back in the day when it was worth way less but I fail to understand is what does this pile of random cash have to do with anything do you guys want to see what a hundred and seventy million looks like in cash well here's a deke a hundred and seventy million dollars it's funny when you realize that 100% ty Lopez would have put as much cash from this shot as he had so 80k in his mansion while talking about 170 million is what he used as a prop he lost out he missed out what ty said here while technically true is also complete bullshit you should never be all in on one investment type and if you kept all those Bitcoin for that long then if Bitcoin did crash at some point you would have lost everything all so how do we know the guy doesn't still have a bunch of Bitcoin well he doesn't because I found the posts he originally posted in 2011 about this and then a few years later came forward in 2014 to say that he did not still have any Bitcoin that's a pretty bad beat I knew a lot of things about ty Lopez but I didn't know he was an expert mathematician and they paid 10,000 Bitcoin for one pizza – pizza he did that so flawlessly one pizza – pizza it's probably from reading all those books let's say you were gonna put an ad up on YouTube and show it to ten million people and try and get them to understand why you're the Bitcoin expert you're the Guru you're the guy you know why not do not be able to pronounce the word Bitcoin I've been traveling the United States meeting up with the best experts in the world on Bitcoin but I know people mess up when they talk I mean I do it all the time I am just I mean a few feet moving around the table fuck 2011 at situate ah fucking damn it thanks Thomas but this video wasn't live he got to record as many videos as he wanted and then put one up and run ten million people on it and he chose the one where he didn't pronounce the word Bitcoin correctly experts in the world on Bitcoin but I'm real tilted right now I was right in the middle of trying to listen to how great ty is and this random guy walks in and gets the drink jus we're trying to focus right now man this crypto thing is new part of the reason there's big profits in it is not everybody understands it so I've been meeting up with these people and I want to share with you in the spirit of me paying it forward you probably see not you know giving away ten cars in the last year paying forward I'm thankful for my blessings that's right this might look like an ad but it's actually ty Lopez paying it forward to YouTube for the views this is me paying it forward and I'm paying it forward paying forward I mean paying it forward how warped does your mind have to be where ads that you're running on YouTube to try and get people to buy a course that we're gonna look at in a little bit here is somehow perceived as you paying it forward like do people buy that does anyone see ty in his kitchen here ranting about all of the great things he has and think wow what a nice guy one day when I grow up I want to be like ty Lopez mainly because of the knowledge knowledge here's a good rule of thumb if someone is paying money to get something in front of you in an ad they are trying to make money from it just a little little tip from me these are people that don't really like to speak publicly some of them are con a mr. e mr. X people they've made 100 million bucks and they don't want to really share publicly on a video but they'll share with me because we're friends I love how ty thinks that these things are subtle like yeah you know these people 100 million they just don't want to say anything but like you know I'm cool with them right you know cuz it's me but like they'll tell me everything right because they're worth a hundred million bucks and he recommended one small cryptocurrency and it's doubled in the last 24 hours wait you doubled in the last day alright I'm all-in tron right your kids your grandkids will look back and go you know grandpa you didn't see this coming don't be like the pizza people oh the pizza guy Laszlo no don't miss out for two pizzas today on 170 million dollars like he did guys I'm not saying you're gonna make any money I'm not but don't be the guy that lost 170 million don't be the guy whose kids and grandkids say granddad why are we poor and don't be the guy who missed out on some super cheap ha totes that just doubled in the last 24 hours really solid message to your type I like it and all those questions I'm gonna answer for you straight out of the words of some of the smartest people in this industry the people that are advising banks and presidents they don't want to come out publicly but they will share the stuff the way ty Lopez talks about these totally real people that he knows but they can't say who they are but they're real the way he talks about them it kind of reminds me of that Mormons episode on South Park I'm not allowed to show the plates or the Sears to anybody because first I must translate what's written on the plates in English so you can all read it don't um dumb dumb dumb looking at some of his other videos you can tell ty likes to keep it real don't tell people one day they're gonna have all of the money in the world keep it small and one step at a time with titles like seven growth strategies to scale from zero dollars to 100 million that's not even a billion let's take a look at another video will Bitcoin keep crashing we've got Illuminati in here do you think it's gonna go to zero I want to read you something where's my phone oh it's Dan Fleshman I actually know this guy on the left from the poker world we'll see what they're going to talk about basically a way you can borrow against your crypto talk bit connect Connect comes up is this thing upon and how does that always happen I don't know I have a lot of friends who made a lot of money so you have money in okay do not ever invest in big connect I strongly believe it's a Ponzi scheme and over the last couple of days the site's gone down and people are having trouble getting their money out personally I think it's just a countdown until that goes under but if you're interested in more about that video I have a link in the description below if they were planning on being a ponzi it might just be billionaires oh that's a good one whoo I just want you to look at the face of Tai Lopez when he hears someone might make a billion dollars off of a Ponzi scheme that's pure joy the other ones are so you're one of the people that might make money in the Ponzi scheme before it self-destructs well as I said it was worth yeah now it was good that Dan addressed the fact that this could be a Ponzi scheme but he said so many other positive things about it like I get paid every day still making double my money all these dude why are you promoting this this is such a low move to try and promote it and even if you say okay it could be a Ponzi scheme why not just be negative about it why do you even have money in it everything it's a Ponzi scheme this just makes no sense to me this is a little bit off topic but watch what this guy has to say about the cryptocurrency Ripple I love XRP XRP the reason I love s of XRP is because it's distributed to banks yes they thought about banks first and the fact that all the banks have it means that one day banks are gonna look at this asset and to be worth a billion dollars now if that happens look to banks to make some cool moves that's right one day ripple could be worth billions like today I've heard but you can use ripple without XRP people are saying to Toki so there's ty that's the devil's a distribution this is just not true the majority of XRP are privately owned by the founders of ripple now they're trying to sell to institutions to be able to use this but the majority is owned by the founders what if I told you that every day ty Lopez is paying it forward by giving away forty six hundred and eighty two dollars off of his Bitcoin crypto mastermind package that's right guys get hot get it now this guy's only six hundred ninety seven dollars with an everyday price of fifty four hundred you practically can't afford to not buy this right now unless you don't have seven hundred dollars look at all the value guy here guys you get the Bitcoin crypto mastermind okay fifteen hundred bucks bonus five hundred dollars to join a private Facebook group okay that seems good one-on-one strategy consultation call with a member of Ty's team monthly product live calls one in-person conference ticket Greenbelt closing the sale and social media secrets that's right ty Lopez will personally teach you the secret to paying for ten million views on a video experts in the world on Bitcoin but now I was looking at this wait I didn't sign up for this wait why is it checked I didn't I do not want that oh it's a JPEG here's the thing about cryptocurrency the space is growing there is a lot of opportunity and I do think it's a good play to get involved but you've got to be careful for people trying to sell you a bill of goods without any real knowledge on what they're talking about even if it's gonna save you $4,700 don't pay seven hundred bucks so that some random person you don't know is gonna teach you things about cryptocurrency learn for yourself there are many great sources of information right here on YouTube or using Google or using any other site that's free that you can interpret information now that's not to say that there couldn't be courses out there that will help you I'm sure they exist I just find it difficult to believe when the front man is tight Lopez I don't know any of the names of the people teaching the courses so be careful out there especially with people trying to giveaway phones in cash I'm gonna give you a free car we've got all these ping pong balls I'll give your friend a car – all right here we go if you enjoyed this video hit the subscribe button we post a ton here on the channel a lot of great videos coming up and I'll see you soon you

40 thoughts on “Tai Lopez NEEDS TO STOP Selling Me His Bitcoin Course”

  1. a cryptocurrency channel called central five is more informative than tai lopez, take it from someone who has first hand seen tai lopez course save your money!

  2. i do not want to earn a penny at the expense of others. had you invested 100k in bitcoin as thai lopez suggested, you would've seen that 100k reduced to 45k.

  3. Where would Tai ever find the TIME to read 2,000 new books? I guess he'd even have to read while driving that Lamborghini – which must be why he stores his beloved books in… his garage! (after all, where else in a mansion that size could he find room for books?) And if you doubt he's smart, how else could he figure out how to fit 2,000 books in just 7 bookcases which (allowing 25 bk/shf x 6shlf/case x 7 cases) should ONLY fit 900 books! And what a CLEVER shopper – where did he find so many "NEW books" that look EXACTLY like Public Library copies, or like Book-Of-The-Month promos, and even AUTHENTIC-LOOKING reproductions of 1950-60's cardboard-flaking hardcovers, or the paperbacks with bowed/creased/wrinkled spines etc?

  4. Salesman are salesman no matter if they are selling a course, real estate brokerage, used car salesman, mortgage broker, insurance broker, stock broker, or a coffin salesman.

  5. amazing how confirmation bias works huh? I admit, I ignored critical tutorials like the one above and had to learn the hard way. The best thing that could have happened was thie bull market (for myself at least). I got caught up in the storm and surely lost a lot of money. The best ROI from this experience was a plethora of new skill sets from critical analysis of youtube videos to finance skills…. At the time you would not have been able to talk to me like this in the video above. Unfortunatly, in the next cycle, there will be plenty more who are vulnerable to the hype and will make decisions with the ol' dick.

  6. Bro he even stuck his chest out when they said the billionaire thing like a dirty ass politician. LMAO poor guy bro I feel bad for him really…

  7. It's fascinating watching these late 2017 and early 2018 videos 8 months later. Most of the alt coins featured are down 70 to 95%. The shills were out in force and costing mug punters millions of dollars.

  8. Geez what a hack that Tai Lopez is! I hate people that try to sell me shit I don't want. It's all discussed right here in my udemy course 'The Complete Beginner's Guide to Cryptocurrency Investing' (CRYPTO22 at checkout). Some people, ya know?

  9. No lie, there was a Tai Lopez ad that ran before this video. And now I'm rich! (Ok at least the first part wasn't a lie)

  10. You right Doug Polk, I stared following this guy, and I asked him on instagram how to buy stellar lumens he never ever answer me, but he acts so philanthropist filming videos where he gifts a pair of shoes on the street like saying world look how nice I am..

  11. Doug polk needs to stop using names of famous YouTubers to further his YouTube career lol. I get the points of these videos, but you are using a marketing tatic of your own to grab views as well, let's not talk bad about the koolaid when we are drinking it

  12. I want to meet an idiot that actually bought something from Tai Lopez. I remember seeing one of his ads back in the day for the first time. My wife and I were watching YouTube and his lame ass knowledge ad came up. Within 30 seconds I said this guy is complete bullshit. My wife replied; "Why are you so negative all the time?" I tell her well I'm not negative I just live in the real world. The real world is full of fuck sticks. My motto for 20 years has been Watch Everyone and Trust No One. I've never been scammed in my life.

  13. Hilarious video thank you.
    What sort of poseur buys 2,000 books with shelves at once. Answer is someone who doesn't read a single page.

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