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Hey everyone, Bitcoin here doing some
technical analysis. Um… I got some, a lot of good indicators for us today. We’ve got a rising wedge. A special triangle. Um… I see a bullish garlic pattern. Um, lots of good indicators and on all this malgam, and the amalgamation of all this leads me to a full moon. The full moon is
a really good indicator and I would recommend that you invest all your
savings and everything you have into Bitcoin. Um, sell your shoes, especially the
expensive Nike ones. Um… Sell everything. If you don’t have a mortgage, you know, maybe you should get one. If you already have a mortgage maybe get a second one, you know, double or nothing. “B” you are in a financial advisor. You can’t
give financial advice to people. Urghhh… “B” Urghhhh…. “B” I just think people should grow a pair. “B” you can’t say that it’s not it’s not gonna fly these days okay it’s 2019. It’s not inclusive of all the genders out there. Okay? I just think because I don’t have a gender maybe I can say whatever I want. “B” Hmmmm…. Fine. This isn’t this isn’t financial advice. Perfect. Gary that’s good. Uhh, let’s tail slate it. Bitcoin and Friends, take
42, tail slate. Invest all your money in Bitcoin! Damn it “B,” come on! But you know I can’t lie. I mean, telling people not to invest in Bitcoin is bad advice. I’m just trying to help people out here. Jake was the camera still rolling? No, I cut. Ughhh… All right, let’s take it from the top.

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  1. Thanx bitcoin, i just sold my house and now i got alot of bitcoin, if it fails i sue you🤣🤣 just joking✌ you need ur buddy litecoin in the show😎

  2. these were really good, till you joked about people losing their life savings… what would happen if BTC dropped after something like this? have you no shame? a TRUE bitcoiner ALWAYS tells people to only invest what you can afford to LOSE, this is shameful…

  3. Glad this came out as it's been killing me Looking at a 10% loss on the portfolio. I'm laughing again…..cheers.

  4. Ahahaha exactly! The bullish garlic pattern, right next to the golden potatoe cross and the fibtomatoe retracement. Enjoy the random cup that's forming on the 15min, I imagine it tastes sublime, once it's filled. Chart with 5 gazillion random lines and shapes drawn everywhere #TAINCRYPTO I was… I was right you know. Got liquidated on Bitmex… again but I was right! One of the shapes I drew proves it!

  5. This vid is going to be really really interesting to re-watch a couple of years from now.
    Ooooohhh the MASSIVE regret i predict then 😛

    What are you waiting for? Get that second mortgage!

  6. “We choose to go to the moon not because it is easy but because it is hard” -Bitcoin
    Buy some while you still can afford it!

  7. xrp the standard is the best digital asset ever created that's for sure! luv u 2 BTC respect booyakasha. peace

  8. Thx now I finally know what to do with all my left over cash… sold it all and bought btc on bitcoin(dot)com… but the price was super cheap, that was a great deal… (probably I got scammed)

  9. defiantly could of done with out the "all inclusive" part, but I agree with Bitcoin, invest all your money!

  10. Once it becomes profitable for companies to mine near earth objects minerals such as gold silver and platinum are no longer going to be scarce and cryptocurrency such as bitcoin will be nessacary

  11. I'm selling the expensive Nike ones I found.
    They tell me with $350?
    And well,…. I'm with you B!!!
    Thank you for halving a lot of B's…. lol

  12. Great video on the humor surrounding price prediction. I have been posting it on channels using the charts to make outlier claims as a great response and a way to share your channel.

  13. I sold my wife and kids and got 0.00347192 BTC! Aw hell, I thought they'd be worth more but it's a start anyway… Now I gotta get before he wants his BTC back…

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