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welcome everyone to this July fifth edition of what's happening in crypto with the crypto lurk broadcasting to you from New Zealand and bringing you all of the latest from crypto world and beyond on today's show bye Nance responds to the Cisco situation so many project updates the latest from Uzbekistan because I know you've all been waiting to know what's going on in Rebecca Stan but first an exclusive chat with jag from Cisco in about the security situation over at cysts very honored to have with us today jag from Cisco to comment on what has been happening to the Cisco nain jag welcome welcome thanks for having me absolutely certainly tough times over at Cisco NAND I wanted to get it from you to get to the community what's going on so can you explain the situation as it happened right so there I mean that there's been a no attack or anything like that on the blockchain I think a lot of fun has been around the fact that oh this coin blockchain has blown up or something like that there is an active attack miners you know doing something weird and attackers on finance or coordinating there's nothing like that it was there was a plan released ten days ago that was a mandatory upgrade for from master nodes and clients as well as our interface update that essentially meant that we have something called a super block which is a master node payment proposal block that pays out to the governance system and so in that in that situation we noticed there was a bug where the if the transaction fees were in calculated they weren't being calculated correctly in thus the super block would would say coinbase subsidy was too high so we subsequently fixed that released that ten days ago on a planned upgrade process it just happened to be that that super block it's a bunch of coincidences but I gonna be that superblock fell on that same day where you saw you saw that big brush in finance and so it's a bit of a perfect storm situation but how do you prevent this from happening again in the future what steps is this going taking to make sure that this doesn't happen again right so we do have a formal development process now we follow because there's a you know blockchain foundry is a company over top or we actually have 20 over 20 engineers now on our staff a core development team of four or five and we're still looking to grow we do have a formal process in place such that you know we let in exchanges and miners know ahead of time we do push two branches and then we do PRS back to the branches and then the PR back from the branch to the main net and we do formal reviews on that and so if there's any any possible issues you know in the code we would try to you know basically we have three or four checks before finally goes in and we use a guillotine process to actually publish the binaries and sign binaries so we noticed that a lot of issues coming up with you know people uploading on signed binaries and not being detected so we're following steps to make sure that you know just like how Bitcoin controls are processed we're following the same flow the only thing I think we can work on better is to notify these people ahead of time and let people know that it is mandatory and then think put that out there and thought that you know that it was a remote chance that that super block had a transaction that would cause that fee issue and and we felt that you know it could have gone another month where the next block would have hit but it was just such a big coincidence that that thing was happening on Finance that the miners started to drop just because that super block hit the same night and I was watching that so we decided you know III you know basically rung the bell and said we need to figure what's going on because it might be something else but then we clicked in and said you know there was a super block at the same time we looked at the logs and then we got the people to upgrade as soon as we got the nup grade we kind of you know sigh of relief that it was you know the blockchain is fine you know between core developers sigh of relief and and everyone at this point community can be the sigh of relief because there was nothing to do with the blockchain itself awesome Jack thank you so much for taking some time to come on the show and give the community a bit of commentary on what happened it's this coin and the kind of the inside story so thank you so much following up on the Cisco attack over on by Nance finance is actually following up on changbang jowls original weird meme of Sappho and they're actually creating a safe fund for users that are victims of hacks on by Nance 10% of all trading fees will be put into this fund to refund users for any future transgressions awesome by Nance of course don't keep your funds on exchanges if you want to get a ledger blew the final batch of 10,000 ledger blues is shipping out so if you wanna grab one of those link is down below of course the guys over at ethos it's finally here we've been waiting forever and the ethos wallet is finally rolling out it is available for people in the Netherlands in the USA currently for download so get out there check it out and get it downloaded it is a very hot looking wallet and of course we've all been waiting a long time for it so take care of your assets guys these centralized exchanges are also a good alternative to centralized exchanges and while Finance is making their own decentralized exchange the guys over at aphelion have a test net sneak peek of their decks seeing over here and check that out if you want wahby teaming up with a New Zealand company to work on authenticity and traceability of a wide range of products of course basically doing exactly what wahby wants to be doing Monaco Visa Card testing is under way the first batch of up relational cards has been shipped out to the testers anyway and so they are working on testing that globally at the moment to make sure that there are no issues with it watch out for the cards to be rolling out to certain jurisdictions in the near future neo is entering its new era of decentralization it's about time Neil but we're welcomed that it has happened better late than never this will be putting up consensus nodes for community voting the first one to be put up as a candidate is of course the city of Zion unsurprisingly considering that they are the biggest group of independent developers for the neo ecosystem and final big story of the day presidential decrees sets the stage for legalizing cryptocurrencies in Uzbekistan while you may think hey wait a second lark isn't news Beca Stan just some little country and Central Asian well yeah that's true it is just a little country in Central Asia but every country is important everyone's got to be on board with this and I'm always encouraged when I see countries doing positive steps towards cryptocurrency regulation obviously I prefer the governments that have anything to do with it but if you have a situation where governments are coming in and saying we're gonna crack down on crypto currencies we're gonna make it so it's really hard to get crypto currencies we're gonna go out and arrest people mining crypto currencies well that's the exact opposite of the situation that you want in news Beca Stan they're looking at exchange licenses mining regulations probably taxing mining all that stuff to say welcome crypto currencies Sue's next in and a final note today don't forget about the giveaways it is your last day to get in for the giveaways the winners will be announced tomorrow for the ad Bank and giveaway and for the e Comey wallets details for both of those giveaways are in the comment section down below thanks so much for watching the video let me know what you think about any of today's news stories in the comment section down below thumbs up the video share these videos around the Internet to help our community grow join the conversation over on Twitter long live the blockchain em peace out til next time

26 thoughts on “Syscoin Brief, Binance SAFU, Hot Project Updates & Uzbekistan – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News”

  1. Good for Uzbekistan! Crypto currencies and block chain are anybody's game! Sure it sounds funny now, but crypto offers an exponential growth, and any one of these emerging economies can become a major player in 10 years similar to the way teenager gamers invested in BTC in 2011 and now can buy Lambos! Also, the governments of the US and China shouldn't feel like they can (unlawfully) squash crypto currencies without any concerns. Bottom line is Bitcoin gives the people financial freedom which always translates into growth anywhere in the world. Leaders who bet against BTC will stagnate and will eventually get replaced.

  2. "I'm ready for the gotcha questions. When they ask me who the President of U-becky, becky, becky, becky…stan, stan is…." I think Ben Carson should really know now.

  3. Pfft syscoin. Bunch of amateurs. Don't run a multi million dollar block chain protocol if you can't secure its value properly. Stay on a test net or get out of the game and stop putting investors money at unnecessary risk. Coincidence my ass. There are no coincidences when it comes to blockchain security failures

  4. Uzbekistan has 30+ million people. Thats great coverage from their media. Ireland, with all its hype on the Blockchain lately, only has 4.5 million!

  5. Great info. Thanks Crypto Lark. Cant wait for the US really get serious about Crypto. And I hope I win tje ECOMI Wallet. I really need a hard wallet. Im such a nooby but Im learning so much from your videos. Thanks

  6. Does anyone know how to claim the airdrops from signing up for ethos early? Or does everyone get the airdrops? It's been released to my country(US) but I'm traveling right now, should I use a VPN or wait until I get home? Does anyone know?

  7. Great video but the syscoin guy seems to be hiding something or just wasn’t clear with his explanations

  8. Such a shame. I mean just before that "coincidence", the market was steam rolling ahead. It has picked up now which is great to see.

  9. Wow, that is what i am calling a professional youtuber – reach out the team and get real informations from first hand without any misleading and FUD.

    Would love to see a full in debt SYscoin review on that channel.

    Best regards

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