SWISS GOLD GLOBAL UPDATE – SGG Bitcoin Mining Contracts Ceased In USA Effective Immediately!!

hey guys what's going on Jamie here just wanted to uh do a quick update video for Swiss gold global um if you've been on my channel or any period of time you know that Swiss gold global is one of the platforms in my portfolio however hmm I you probably noticed that over the last couple of weeks I have not been making too many videos on Swiss Co global and the reason is you know they had obviously they have a partnership with Genesis mining and Genesis mining had a little issue in the US market not really the US market but really they got a cease and desist from I believe it was North Carolina it was either North Carolina or South Carolina don't really remember at this point but until they kind of figured things out I didn't want to continue to promote you know Genesis mining or Swiss go global even though Swiss go global has made it clear that you know business is going on as usual and yeah even still today I'm after what I talk about in this short video you know business is still going on as usual I still believe it's a it's an incredible platform um but there are gonna be some very very significant limitations if you are in the u.s. marketplace now if you're not in the u.s. marketplace and you're somewhere else across the world because obviously SSG um operates in many different countries then this will not pertain to you unless you have US members on your team or your marketing to you know customers in the u.s. marketplace but basically in a nutshell let me just jump right into I don't I don't want to you know beat around the bush I'm although real quick before I jump into it I do wanna as always I have to do this guys I apologize so I'm you guys are getting probably getting annoyed at me doing this and every single time I do my videos but I do want to let you know that I am NOT a financial advisor never take anything I say in my videos it's financial advice and hmm you know if you are going to get involved with any crypto program understand that there is a risk involved because again it's really an unregulated space and Bitcoin as you guys know or any cryptocurrency is very volatile right so never invest any any funds that you cannot afford to lose and always always always do your own research do your own due diligence because at the end of the day it is your money that you're putting into these programs so before you do anything make sure you do the research that you need to do and you know you you you get information from three four or five different sources that way you can formulate your own opinion um because obviously as an affiliate again it's safe to say that in my opinion is biased right even though I tried to in my videos and on this channel try to give an unbiased ah you know an unbiased perspective but understand as an affiliate that is still gonna be some bias so anyway let's jump right into it real quick I got this email um in this email basically it's saying and I'll kind of highlight some of this email here but I just got this email and the subject is USA in the USA SGG Bitcoin mining contracts are temporarily ceased so it's not permanently cease but as of right now it is temporarily a no-go okay and again in a nutshell and I'll go through this email with you but in a nutshell if you were in the u.s. marketplace and you are an SGD member you are not allowed to sell or promote Bitcoin mining contracts okay um because of what Genesis mining has said on their website which I'm gonna go over real quick um now I do believe you are able to still refer other members and talk to them about be gold and silver opportunity because as you know with SGG there is you know aside from the bitcoin mining contracts there is an opportunity for gold and silver as a matter of fact SGG started as a gold and silver company okay and that was what they were doing primarily that's why the name of the company is Swiss gold global um they only added Bitcoin mining hmm a couple of years ago but I believe you can still market the the gold and silver opportunity which is there is a very lucrative opportunity there especially if you are believer that you know paper money fiat currency is the cleaning which I'm a believer in that obviously you can preserve right or at least hedge inflation by getting involved with gold and silver I might market a few different gold and silver opportunities um but that opportunity is still available if you're in the US market you just you just cannot sell Bitcoin mining contract so let's just jump right into a real quick accessory at hello SGG member we're grateful to genesis mining for providing their continued development and hard work – sure we have access to the most efficient cloud mining services available in the world we are all excited about the new sha-256 Bitcoin 5 year fixed term that's actually a badass product man it's unfortunate I am I am in the US market and I'm not gonna be able to participate in that but you know it's a five-year fixed term mining package pretty awesome and it's a 50% percent reduction in maintenance fee and they couldn't come out with this at a at a better time because as you guys know there's probably a lot of people who are mining Bitcoin with hash flair who are upset because hash let us stop paying out I mean there's a lot of different issues and problems going on over there I'll do another video for that I'm not gonna go off on a tangent here but there are probably a lot of people that are looking for options right now and them coming out with this is could have come at a better time for them says your Swiss go global over over years has both a trusted relationship with Genesis mining and will support them with whatever we can do in order not to jeopardize current or future endeavors that will benefit Swiss gold global and Genesis mining clients currently Genesis mining as a requested that we do not offer crypto mining packages for sale in the US while their us compliance and legal team deal with regulatory issues in this region Genesis mining has stated that the intents to make their cloud service is available to u.s. clients in the near future and they're working to support we're working to support them we're working with them to support this important cause so again it's a temporary its temporary supposedly Ryan I mean a dealer looking to open up the u.s. marketplace and continue to sell Bitcoin mining contracts in the future they're just not a date for okay because again there are some regulatory issues that have to be dealt with first hmm so us members will continue to have access to their member account but will not be able to purchase Krypton lighting packages we strongly recommend that our us members do not market or sell within the USA as this may put you in breach of u.s. security regulation regulations until the important legal matter is revolved so again as a u.s. member you cannot buy packages and you cannot sell packages now if you're not in the US market this is kind of the new Bitcoin package benefits that they have here new Bitcoin mining contracts maintenance fee 14 cents per terra hash that's a 50% reduction as you can see here the old contracts 28 cents per terra hash which were already the lowest in the market but now with this 50% reduction they are you know has you know their head and shoulders above competition when it comes to the lowest maintenance fees the new Bitcoin mining contract is now a five year fixed term contract no termination by a maintenance fee and this is pretty cool there's no more presale your mining goes live as soon as you purchase so you know in the past you know there was pre-sales again be all because Genesis mining you know what's sure on contracts and it looks like now they they're past that phase contract turn five years let me see here – services were all run for five years period again the daily mining outputs are variable and are determined by three factors the mining difficulty that Bitcoin versus us the exchange rates and the maintenance feed all of that just to say that there's nothing that's guaranteed payments are not guaranteed they will vary and you know there is a chance you don't get a payment at all um but that's you know kind of the the risk you take on you know when you mind Bitcoin right um here's just some information more on the maintenance fees I'm not gonna really touch too much on that um it's just saying that they've reduced their maintenance fees by 50 percent and obviously their disclaimer here is there is no guarantee you'll earn money any money using the techniques and ideas display these materials are not to be as a promise or a guarantee earnings or earnings are it's not supposed to be interpreted as they promised a guarantee of earnings or reporting this to be financial advice and again as I mentioned before Bitcoin daily payouts will vary there's a lot of different factors that go into it nothing is guaranteed all of that just to say that as a Swiss gold global member you cannot buy or sell Bitcoin mining contracts effective immediately until they say so again there is still an opportunity to refer other people and promote the gold and silver packages however I do want to be very clear you know what was very very attractive about Swiss Co global to me at least was the fact that we could offer mining contracts Genesis mining contracts and you know at the time there wasn't a need for us to wait for a pre-sale or anything like that without that you know is the is the opportunity still as attractive to participate in or promote that's totally up to you or only you could determine that I know for me you know the Bitcoin mining contract was a big big factor with me becoming a Swiss gold global member so I'm gonna wait and see I'm gonna I'm gonna kind of wait it out and see what uh you know what happens here you know they come out with a date um I do have quite a few members that are working on this project with me um the good news is a lot of them not all of them but a lot of them are not in the US market so they can continue to you know build business um and again I because I do market on the internet and I do have an email list and I have a following outside of the US you know we'll see what happens I just I do believe as a u.s. resident I'm not a lot to sell contracts so I may not even be able to do that so again just got this email there's a lot of different questions I'm gonna find out to some due diligence sure I'll probably do another update video talking about you know any updates or news that I found out but didn't want to get this to you just in case you're a Swiss gold global member and or you are an affiliate with Genesis mining is obviously you know this all comes down from Genesis mining and on their website let's see here on their latest blog post which was dated three days ago they talked about the new Bitcoin contract five year term all the stuff that I already talked about in the email from SGG here they have it as bullet points five-year run time we just managed feed no presale etc etc this is the price the pricing and then they have some FA cubes here and obviously one of the things that they talk about is ranking u.s. customer side out we answer to make our cloud services available to us clients in the near future in coordination with our legal and compliance teams we are in the process of setting up new US distributions for our cloud services then you could read a little bit more about that by clicking here but in a nutshell this is not available to us affiliates let me see if it says anything else here yes offers temporarily not available for us customers so yeah that's pretty much about it again obviously if you are a u.s. member you still have access to your account all that it's still good you just cannot participate with this new offer and as a SGG member you cannot market or sell these new crypto packages or any crypto package for that matter so we'll in C we'll figure out what's what happens here I'll get some more questions answered and I'll probably do an update video here if you're interested in getting that update video or any videos for me talking about some of these different platforms that I'm in or any new platforms that I'm gonna be getting involved with please subscribe hit the post notification bell that way you get notified every time I doing video and I will have a new platform here I'm actually in the process of researching a new crypto platform that I will be adding and again stuff like this this happens guys this is what I mean if you've been involved in Krypton the last year you know that there are programs that come and go and some of these programs are good legitimate platforms but because you know there are laws that are involved in things that they have to abide by there's things that can't be helped such as this and again it's just another reason why you need to be diversified in your portfolio you have to have 3/4 you know at least three or four good platforms that you have in your portfolio if one of them you know isn't performing quite well or one of them something happens that is unexpected you have you know two or three other programs that are still rocking and rolling you're not gonna get affected too much and as far as diversification is concerned you should have a couple of different programs in your crypto portfolio and you should have you don't want or two non crypto platforms that you're involved with that's generating you income like for me I have two non crypto programs that I'm promoting that are not even in the crypto space it pays me in Bitcoin they pay in Bitcoin but they're not really promoting any crypto products they're more of you know network marketing products so you should have a diversified portfolio so you don't get um you know it doesn't hurt you so bad if things unexpected like this happened for me I'm gonna keep on rocking and rolling keep making videos keep promoting different platforms helping people working with people answering questions and we're gonna keep it moving so with that being said guys Jimmy's toriana here hope you have a great day if you are in the if you celebrate this if you're in the US market place happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there and I will catch you on the next video have a good one guys bye bye you you

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  1. Swiss Gold Global is a scam. A perfectly legal scam which makes them a lot of money while you wait to lose yours unwittingly. There it is in a sound byte.

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