are you sick of checking out your Robin
Hood portfolio on a tiny little screen just like this on your smartphone well
luckily for us Robin Hood just updated their web-based platform and we can do a
lot more on the platform now so watch this entire video to find out what we
can do with the new platform over the past week I’ve been getting a few emails
from Robin Hood they just updated some stuff and I didn’t really get to looking
at those emails but when I took a closer look at my portfolio on my computer I
saw that there have been a lot of changes and I just want to go over a few
of these changes I’ve gotten a lot of questions now about swing training and I
kind of just want to go over swing trading in general in this video as well
so this is gonna be a like two and one when it comes to Robin Hood information
let’s jump right into the computer screen to see what I’m talking about and
hopefully you guys can down follow along when it comes to Robin Hood on the
website it is very similar to the mobile app all the branding is the same all the
colours are the same all the you know little lines and all the numbers all the
fonts they’re all the same so all the branding comes across and you can tell
that this is Robin Hood but let’s take a closer look at some of the stocks here
one of my favorite stocks is P SEC PISA is a monthly dividend paying stock when
you’re looking at the screen here you don’t really see any difference
it actually looks exactly the same as on mobile app if you take a closer look
here there’s a little expand text with this little box here and when you click
that everything changes you get this Robin Hood financial chart disclosure
I’m assuming that this is just telling you that they’re not gonna be
responsible for any information that’s inaccurate because of lag times or
whatever when it comes to this type of charting I think Robin Hood wants to
become more professional when it comes to trading so big props to them this is
a big upgrade when it comes to the platform and I I don’t know how they’re
gonna implement this on the on the mobile app because it’s very small but
on the web-based you can tell that this just works like all the information here
you can see it seems pretty accurate you know all the price and data you can see
a lot better and if we look here on there on the
right side you can add all these different type of indicators so what
I’ve done already is I’ve looked at this before but let’s take a look at this
again we can add in the moving averages and it’ll just pop up here on the left
side and we can move on the we can also add in exponential moving average we can
add on relative strength index we can add on the MACD but we can change the
chart type to candlesticks which if one thing I recommend you to do is learn how
to read candlesticks these are like the I think they’re called Japanese
candlesticks and learning about them it’s a it gives you a lot more
information than this this line chart this line chart doesn’t tell you
anything so candlesticks if you want to learn
more information about how your stocks are doing and read in the real time
candlesticks are the way to go so as I’m hovering my mouse around I can
see that the price on the left side is changing and I can see all the different
price averages and on the bottom here it’s telling me the time of the day so
these indicators are some of the indicators that pro level trainers they
use on a daily basis they use this for technical analysis the only thing that
this chart is missing right now is to be able to draw lines and also to to be
able to to zoom in and out of the charts right now like I can zoom in but it
doesn’t really show me much more information if I’m zooming in like that
but if I’m able to like zoom out to like a five-year outlook or two maybe even
longer term than that it would really help but like I don’t really like to
dive into the technical analysis like this but it is fun to look at every now
and then especially when I’m doing my research on a certain stock or the RSI
indicator here is a great way to find out if your stock is either oversold or
overbought and you can change the colors you can change the length you can change
all this while they’re smoothing that’s interesting I’m not really sure what
that is but you can use that if you want MACD again you can change all the colors
here and signal strength and all that you can change to so I think a lot if
pro level people might be able to find this a bit more
usable when it comes to Robin Hood so I give them big props for being able to do
this and if we change it to the week three chart one month chart three months
chart one year chart and the five year chart so when you look at the five year
chart you can see how the trends are really happening at the time and right
now we’re just like on a sideways trend when it comes to piece X so it is okay
to you know try to start and try to accumulate all the all this right now
but who knows over the long run you can’t really tell but if we look back
here in the past history probably December 17 is probably the best time to
get into P SEC and right here was another good time to get into P SEC
October 30th 2017 and again here but so in hindsight it would have been better
to bought at those times here are the popular collections they
have all these new collections when it comes to other stocks so they’re trying
to make all the stocks more searchable a lot easier to find so depending on what
sector you want to invest in you can easily find it here energy sector
manufacturing consumer products ETFs if you’re a beginner I recommend you guys
to you know really look up ETFs index funds and whatnot once you invest in an
index funds or the S&P 500 or something like that you’ll be diversified and
that’s a very great way to start investing in stock market just start out
really diversified and then start to you know dissect pieces here and there and
find out what you actually like to invest in before I get to the second
part of this video if you have been enjoying the video so far don’t forget
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next topic this is all about swing trading a lot of people have been asking
me about how do I swing trade what do I do when it comes to swing trading what I
recommend is that the easiest way to make money in the stock market is to buy
and hold very good stocks collective and you know be stabby diversify don’t
be all invested in one sector of the of the stock market and that is the easiest
way to make money in stock market buying and holding and collecting dividends
doing any type of trading involves a lot of risk so if you want to take on that
risk then you know B be my guest that is your decision so I’m just here to you
know shit some some extra information on you if you want to do that so if you saw
my other video about Robin Hood gold I’ll put a link here if you want to go
check that out but basically with the new Robin Hood gold they give you a lot
of new researching tool and if you use this new researching tool it will help
you in your swing trading basically swing trading is buying low and selling
high over a long period of time when it comes to you know penny trading day
trading usually these guys they they trade on the day and within within hours
but when it comes to swing trading it takes a lot longer it takes days weeks
because even take months if you want to make some serious gains when it comes to
your portfolio so really T income this is one of my all-time favorite stocks I
don’t think this is a really good stock to do any swing trading in but I just
want to highlight something for you guys to give you an example of what is good
and what is not good when it comes to swing trading so Realty income is a
monthly paying dividend stock I think their nickname is called the monthly
paying dividend stock and they have and they do they do pay me dividends every
single month so if if you had the Robin Hood gold you can see that there’s a
research report and this company and yeah this company Morningstar they do
all the reports they’re a really great company and you can see that they give
you a fair price and you know if we if we click their read the full report we
can go into a lot more information so this is a lot of information guys this
will take me out like this will take me probably like a whole day to read I’m a
slow reader so yeah if you want to read this you’ll you’ll know everything about
the stock like you’ll literally know everything about the stock so
Morningstar they do a good job with their research and if you pay for Robin
Hood gold it is well worth it just for the Reece
alone so how do you use this research to make good swing trades so what I
recommend you guys do is obviously do your own research read these reports to
see if you want to do any swing training when it comes to this stock and right
here they’ll give you a fair value the fair value of Realty income right now is
$59 and if we go to the stock price the stock price is at $70 so it is well
above the fair value mark this is potent this is most likely not gonna be a good
stock to swing trade unless you think that Realty income is gonna go up in
value a lot more than $70 but I think that our Realty income right now is very
overpriced it is a above market value or a fair value when it comes to a
Morningstar’s analysis but if we take a look at one of my all-time favorite
stocks again I have a lot of all-time favorites AT&T right now is $30 and 69
cents they have had a lot of ups and downs and a lot of missed mistakes and
missteps when it comes to their management and just the overall business
aspect of everything but again we’re gonna do the same thing when it goats
into their research report from Morningstar click here you can see 80s
all of this information from Morningstar read all this it’s gonna take you most
likely if you’re a fast reader we’ll take you like less than 30 minutes but
we can see that the fair value is $37 so this is a lot different now then that
Realty income as we saw earlier $37 is a big difference when it comes to the
actual price at the moment so you can use this it’s not that difficult to
understand $30 is a lot lower than $37 so this has a lot more room to grow when
it comes to their fair value and right now is under fair value so it could
potentially make you a lot of money if you buy this stock right now a lot of
the times what I like to do is just average in I don’t like to buy AT&T all
at the same time you know I bought I can buy five shares here and there whenever
the price drops or whenever half X cash lying around I can just invest it
in a TMT and another thing what I like to do is I like to swing trade dividend
stocks if you’re holding a dividend stock for a very long time more than
likely it will pay you a dividend yield every three months or so and AT&T does
have does pay dividends every three months every quarter I’m not planning to
swing trade AT&T I’m not trying to give you the impression that I’m gonna be
swing trading AT&T but I do by AT&T every single week right now I have 25
shares of AT&T and I’m planning to acquire more and more over the next few
years and if it does reach a point where it does get to fair value I’ll most
likely just be keeping it but if it goes above fair value then I might sell some
of the stocks or I might keep them I’m not sure so that’s just my idea I’m just
throwing out some very general tips I could be wrong on a lot of this stuff so
don’t take it so take everything I say with a grain of salt and do some extra
research if you want to do some swing trading and if you want to see more
about my portfolio you can check out this video on how I got to $4,000 and
also if you’re if you liked the video don’t forget to leave me a like
subscribe for content just like this I come up with three videos every single
week and hit the notification to get notified so yeah I’ll see you guys in
the next video thanks for watching bye

41 thoughts on “SWING TRADING With Robinhood App NEW WEB PLATFORM”

  1. Another great video Bruce! I have been focusing on swing trading for the majority of my trading experience and to be honest, it is my favorite trading strategy so far!!

  2. Hey I have a question Bruce. if a stock is paying 5% dividend on a quarterly basis, will you be making 5 dollars lets say on $100 portfolio or would you be making 5 dollars after a year? Thank you! 🙂

  3. So recently I received an email from Robinhood concerning some of the index stocks.. and apparently, from my understanding.. they may be charging me to hold their stock??? I don't understand. Maybe you can better explain ?

  4. TradingView.com is what I use. This is cool but my advice is just having both webpages up and switching back and forth between Robinhood and TradingView. It’s important to analyze technically on my opinion, especially for swing trades. I love trading view. It’s free and really helps me with my tradings guys and gals.

  5. Cool update from robinhood. I probably won’t be using it since I don’t trade but awesome feature

  6. I first bought AT&T (T) at 30.74 back in April 2012 and sold my remaining shares at 31.07 in November 2018. So taking today’s closing price of 30.26, it hasn’t done much in those 7 years. But it DID pay consistently increasing dividends the entire time, so it could be a good place to park cash. Assuming it’s massive debt doesn’t bring it down.

    As for Robinhood, good to see them stepping up their game with the charts and important indicators like MACD and RSI. Great videos Bruce.

  7. Currently my only use for Robinhood is buying F and T. Good dividends, so each month I'm adding to my positions. I do all my other investing in M1 Finance, or Options trading with TastyWorks.

  8. If they can pull this off for the mobile app that would be amazing.. Id love if they would let us set price alerts

  9. Something it making it harder for me to place trades and deposits in my web browser. I had to do my trades on the app today.

  10. Swing trading only takes months if you timed it wrong and want to hold instead of selling at a loss.

    Just keep any single position small so you don't blow up your account or have your money stuck in a bad investment for months. No more than 5% of your portfolio in any single position. And don't plan to hold through earnings.

  11. LOL … I have shares of AT&T (T) but my provider is Verizon (VZ) … go figure. I like the Robinhood web site and I also have the Webull app and they just released a Beta web site version which is quite exceptional if you want charts and research (if you're a TA guy … tho I am more a buy and hold FA type myself). Most an income investor and have been adding USAC, NGL, MVO, PSEC, NRZ and OXLC most recently. May add the M1 Finance app for the so called "dividend aristocrats" making myself a self-directed ETF of sorts for the sake of convenience. These commission free apps/sites are just the beginning of a greater trend as the tech evolves. I see that Stock Twits is going to start their own mobile trading app as well. Should be interesting going forward. Another decent source of investment analyses is Seeking Alpha (free registration if interested).

  12. I day trade with psec – in case I get stuck in the trade – I HOLD and average down – while I collect the div .

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