Sweetbridge Academy Bite #2 – The Future of Sales on the Blockchain

Sales okay, we take sales and marketing for granted, but it didn’t exist until the 1880s We needed sales to tell people about stuff in different geographies We need marketing to tell stuff people about stuff that didn’t know about it But think of that’s inefficient about sales now is that if there are three companies trying to sell you and they each spent 20 percent on sales two companies spending 20 percent on sales Make no sales and it’s a dead loss for the economy it’s a dead loss for the economy So, I advertise my needs and then the people who want to meet those needs come and find me and the whole thing is Coordinated through software which operates under my well to reduce the effort being used to make sales it’s then again fundamentally increases baseline economic efficiency and you get rid of This kind of artificial that need to try to sell you things that you don’t really need So what you’re talking about is a set of optimizations which might be worth like 30% of GDP globally. Yes Whoa yes A restructuring of the economy Based on better access to information

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