Swapping with MEW: Changelly

Hey, I’m Brittany, Blockchain Community Specialist at MyEtherWallet, and I’m here to talk about our partner Changelly. Changelly is an exchange platform based in Malta whose main function is the secure exchange of over a hundred altcoins and ERC-20 tokens. Their services let our users transfer cryptocurrency right on MEW’s interface, helping to build a user-friendly, intuitive crypto future. Let’s take a look! To use Changelly with MEW, You first need to access your wallet. We offer various different methods of access such as our MEWconnect app, partnering hardware wallets, and the MetaMask browser extension. After accessing your wallet, navigate to the swap area located to the left of the wallet overview page. You will find a ‘From’ and ‘To’ section. Here is where you’ll specify which cryptocurrency you would like to swap. When selecting a currency, you will see all the providers that offer it below. This is where you’ll see Changelly when swapping your selected tokens. After choosing your currencies, you will need to provide a receiving address. This can be the same as the original one you are sending from. After selecting your provider and clicking continue, a ten minute timer will begin. Review the details of your transaction, press ‘Continue,’ and confirm the transaction on your device, if you’re using one. You’re done! Be sure to save any transaction hashes for your records. With the assistance of Changelly, we have built a decentralized, secure environment to swap ERC-20 tokens and work towards a better future together. Make sure you follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, and thank you for learning!

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  1. Before watching this video I tried today to change some BAT to DCN and at the beginning it says changing BAT to DCN but at second screen it says BAT to BAT and then I have not done the swap because it was strange……

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