29 thoughts on “Surge In XRP Accounts, SEC ETF Decision Coming And Ripple”

  1. DI, I have watched every single one of your videos. It took me about three days to get to this one which is odd but when you snap your fingers at the end I thought I watched Thanos snap his fingers and change the world.

  2. you must be paid be Ripple, and don't delete my comments when I tell you that ripple in itself not the token is the banks are using. the CEO says in interviews that he is selling the ripple tech to banks.. so not ripple we can buy., and those you tubers.. no way.

  3. You get that info from The Modern Investor about the lawyer's opinion? I think he mentioned that source a couple days ago. Keep up the good work. Hold strong!

  4. DAI you are going down in history brother. For everything your doing for the community. You're amazing, thank you for great information and not hype!

  5. LOL>>> "Owning at least one Bitcoin is a no-brainer"

    * Cough * Unless you bought one in 2017 for anywhere between 10 and 21k ffs

  6. Frankly, I could care less about the SEC and their ETFs, as the entire market is a giant utility-less ponzie scheme. Just whales pumping and dumping and now wallstreet wants a piece of the pie. I'd be a hell of a lot more excited if Congress would get off their geriatric asses long enough to legalized digital assets for remittance so RippleNet partners can run XRapid and separate the wheat from the chaff. I'd love for utiliy to rocket XRP to #1 and leave these manipulators in the dust.

    To me, the "no brainier" isn't buying BTC, a coin that litterally doesn't do anything and isn't being adopted outside of day-trading, it's loading up on XRP, the asset that the IMF, Federal Reserve, Central Banks are getting ready to adopt.

  7. That's AWESOME of you to shout Brad Kimes show like that…he brings a real focus to the community and deserves it major.

  8. I thought he was from NOLA as I am but heโ€™s from Maryland if not mistaken. I remember asking him a few months ago. He does sound like heโ€™s from NOLA.

  9. Hey DAI, I have noticed that you are using Chrome browser, try using Brave browser it will be much better for you , faster and no adds to slow you down. XRP will dominate all ??? keep up the great work.

  10. Those talking about the top 1%…..
    We have been given a gift over the last 15 months. I entered crypto in March 2017 but not XRP until like .75 i believe it was November or December. I Have continued to add dollar cost averaging after the peak week after week and my average is now well below my initial entry. Do your research, be confident, make a decision and stick to it.

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