Super Smash Ultimate LEAKED!

The tech news it waits for no man But it does wait for weekends because that’s right It’s Cyber Monday and maybe a new CPU is on your shopping list But you might want to hold off until next year as reports are indicating that Intel may be introducing a ten core mainstream processor in 2019 Although Intel already has CPUs with double-digit core counts available on the consumer side for some time as part of its, un-creatively named x-series these rumored chips appeared a part of the company’s non enthusiast mainstream lineup it appears the new processors will still be using the 14 nanometer process as Intel still hasn’t figured out their 10 nanometer process But regardless the extra core should be useful for video editors who need to edit videos about upcoming CPUs that are useful for video editing Riley: This is one of those Riley: This is a video And we’ve seen an increase recently in how many cameras smartphone manufacturers are trying to pack onto their Gadgets including phones with three rear cameras and the upcoming Galaxy S 10 rumor to feature Six, but LG is telling it’s in country rival. We see your six and we raise you another 11 as it recently filed a patent for a phone with 17 cameras Including 16 on the back and just one on the front the patent indicates that the lenses would be arranged in a four by four array and would be used to capture images from many different angles allowing the user greater flexibility in editing or Manipulating photos and videos or giving the AI powered software more information to use when enhancing snapchats snapshots snapshots Snapshots no word on when we’ll see a 16 lens phone, but it’ll probably have like four notches It’ll be the ugliest device on the whole planet I want what we may actually be finally moving away from notches on flagships, though Or at least this appears to be the case with the aforementioned Samsung Galaxy S 10 this news doesn’t come from leaks on the phone itself But rather a short video on the phones screen protector that has no cut out for the notch the news coupled with earlier renderings of the s10 that also showed a notch less phone does make you think that Samsung’s Continuing to resist the notch trend but as thin as the screen protectors bezels look the galaxy s 10 may also use a camera embedded in the screen itself a design that Samsung actually teased last month when it announced the mid-range galaxy a8 s The s10 is expected to drop early next year. Maybe around March at which point everyone with a notched phone will feel suddenly lesser Riley: I won’t, I have a galaxy s6 On to the quick bits fool brought to you by shade tree sunglasses featuring a unique hardwood design They have polarized lenses that protect your eyes from nasty UV rays but also let you see clearly which is a bonus for people like me who like to see you’ll get a soft and hard carrying case and For Cyber Monday, which is today You can get a bonus package with any sunglass order that package includes a white linen Drawstring backpack a trifold case and blue and purple socks that pair Fantastically with any Footwear but especially sandals that the Linus joke use the offer code BFC m18 to get it free with your sunglass order and click the link below for more information Wow Riley: Wow QUICK BITS Riley: Woah Although GPU prices have precluded many people from building or upgrading their rigs We could see lower prices coming as Nvidia has reported weak third quarter finances in the face of lower demand Due to the mining trend losing steam this might lead to price drops to boost sales? Especially on the 10 series parts which are now a generation old but somehow Still managed to work just fine without being able to impeccably render in-game reflections. It’s amazing Riley: No I still want it Who wants to waste their life doing that the slowdown in the crypto trading market reflects The declining popularity of mining as Bitcoin has plummeted in value Wow It’s lost about 40% of its value over the last two weeks with one Bitcoin now trading well below 4000 US dollars around a year ago. The cryptocurrency was going for nearly $20,000. So if you’re looking to invest maybe try something else like seaweed futures Riley: That is the future Not see or eaten bugs of the sea. Did you have to wait a little longer to watch this video on YouTube? Well, that may be because the company is testing out serving two ads at the beginning of the video instead of one That sucks. The idea is to prevent having to show ads mid video and instead stack them at the beginning though Some people might understandably prefer it the other way. But hey what no ads at all try floatplane. It’s a thing it exists Riley: Wow! Sounds like a great website. I’m on there Apple was back before the US Supreme Court again today as it seeks to defend itself against a lawsuit Saying it’s engaging in price-fixing for apps Apple takes a 30% cut every time someone buys an app and combined with the fact that customers have no option for Software other than the Apple controlled App Store the lawyers suing Apple think that they have a pretty good anti-trust case here We’ll get a decision in a few months time But right now it looks like most of the judges initially Disagreed with Apple make me wonder if Tim Cook will throttle their iPhones earlier than expected Riley: I don’t think he’s in charge of that That’s how he exact his vengeance and even though most of us are still waiting for Super Smash Bros ultimate for the Nintendo switch a team of pirates has already leaked the expected smash hit and because the game is still a couple of weeks away from store shelves this particularly leak is unusually early however with smashes popularity. I’m sure Nintendo’s coffers will still be plenty full this Christmas. I know I’m buying it Riley: are you actually? Don’t have a switch and that’s it for today. So join us back here on Wednesday for more exciting tech news It’ll be like Christmas got here early super early since this is actually November Riley: Merry Christmas except without the presents and eggnog Riley: Ah, I’m feeling the holiday spirit. Wow Too early humbug. I’m out here Riley: Noooo

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  1. What customer wants:
    Long lasting battery.
    Headphones jack.
    Better, longer support and updates.
    Drop resistant glasses.
    Better sounds.

    What customer gets:
    No headphones jacks.
    Useless and slow wireless charging.
    No microSD slot…
    A broken screen after a few drops.
    Gimmicky functionality or hardware… And now 16 rear cameras!

  2. So Intel went from 4 cores to 4 cores to 6 cores to 8 cores and is going to 10 cores on the same node, for the same CPU tier? How does that work

  3. Floatplane… No way I am paying for this mediocre youtube videos, the production on linus videos is mediocre at best, full of half assed projects and no way it is justified unless it is 50 cents per month.

  4. One reason I like having an HTPC instead of Roku or some dumbass smart tv: uBlock Origin.

    Suck it, YouTube. The day I watch your ads is the day my shit turns purple, and smells like rainbow sherbet.

  5. A 3 minute ad on a 6 minute video talking about smash bros ultimate getting leaked…that was a close one to try hit that 10 minute mark though

  6. Note: the intel cpu would use a connection between cores that are in use for xeons, meaning worst latency and overall worst performance. If you want to know more info just google it

  7. apple has no case….. when using programs you shouldn't be limited to where you can obtain them from, windows has every part of the internet, same with android….apple has the app store and cydia

  8. Rumours of AMD to have 12 to 16 cores on the mainstream AM4 platform and now rumours of Intel to have 10 cores on the mainstream platform. I am so running Linux natively next year with Windows in a VM for gaming. Can hardly wait!

  9. "Want no ads at all?" Except the ones you guys serve in the videos themselves? Like, in the middle of the video? Not been one to knock that, but why bring it up if you can't actually say you have no ads? Or do you remove those for the floatplane experience?

  10. I will not be satisfied until the entire surface of my phone is covered in cameras on both sides. Who needs a touch screen when you're packing 128 cameras? I be pickin up the chicks like a mad man when they see that.

  11. If Apple loses the lawsuit it's worth will probably become half a trillion dollars Looks like Apple and Bitcoin are buddies when it comes to losing worth real quick

  12. The other day I realized that my LG V20 is technically one of the first phones to have a notch, even though it's on the top left rather than in the top center. I'm not sure how I feel about this…

  13. Since YouTube (or the producers?) started mid-video video's, I installed YouTube vance on Android and adblock. I like every video though since I want to support every channel I like. I tried whitelisting, but I JUST CAN'T STAND 2 OR MORE ADS ANYWHERE within 1 vid…..

  14. Considering how hard it is for companies to differentiate between there last model and there newer phones I am beginning to wonder if the notch was introduced in 2018 just so they would have a new tag line "Notch Free" for 2019

  15. How do you patent 16 cameras on the back? It is just 16 cameras on the back. Not a revolutionary idea. How the hell do patents work?

  16. If I were a narcissist I might think that the comment at 2:47 was directed at a comment I left on a previous video about my Samsung Galaxy S6…

  17. fak tha naci … yeaaaaaa . s 10 . yeaaaaaa .yeaaaaaaaa . this si tha aniti notch verolution . viva no notch . no notch no notch no notch no notch . etc .

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