31 thoughts on “Super Rich Quietly Amassing Bitcoin & Crypto”


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  2. Warning to all… DO NOT BUY BITCOIN!  Bitcoin is marked with satanic symbolisms and is the entrance to one world currency and the mark of the BEAST!  IT IS A TRAP SET UP BY ELITISTS TO BOTTLENECK YOU!   You cannot serve two God's, either you will love one and hate the other!  Bitcoin and your debit/credit is a diversion to test the stats of who is willing to line up for biometric chipping and CONTROLLING YOU!  Do your homework, the only free cheese is in the TRAP!!!  THE "B" stands for BEAST, you have been warned!!! God Bless ALL!!!

  3. More than $1M is considered high net worth. More than $30M is considered ultra high net worth. https://www.investopedia.com/terms/h/hnwi.asp

  4. Commoners stay common because they waste their time and money on pleasuring themselves. Start a business, save, and invest you socialist bastards

  5. Very interesting , makes sense that these Wealthy families diversify, and of course they get the best advice.
    I often wonder if we are going to be the lucky ones to get a hold of some crypto before the big guys swallow them all up.
    We can dream 🙂

  6. Yes, you need adoption. What you need us time. Fiat is failing, the money will come. Time, time is all you need, and some discretionary fiat to buy it. Your not buying now, don’t cry at 20K, 100K, or the first time it hits a million. Your fault. If your just broke, ?I get it.

  7. An friendly reminder: 17,427,912 BTC circulating. Max. Supply 21 mio.
    Calculate how much left. The big guys are accumulating!
    Stock Market at all time high. Bond market not good. China looking worse.
    They are slowly getting in

  8. Of course high net worth individuals will invest in crypto. Most have vision and know that crypto offers huge global potential; plus, many wealthy people are no fans of the current rot in our financial institution.

  9. I have the same shirt… not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing haha jk Once again Thnx for the crypto space info

  10. Are these Family Offices in regular banks, How can we find or recognize one? Are they walk in institutions with Family office signs on the door?

  11. Tremendous amount of purchasing power is right. Not sure if it's because they believe in the potential or because they can't literally "afford" not to. ?‍♂️ Thanks for the consistant talks of truth brother.

  12. Lmao I guess you haven’t seen bitcoin rich. Next bull run there will be trillionaires that have way more money than 1% and that’s just in crypto alone I’m not talking about their other assets

  13. The thing is People, Don't sell your Cryptos so these super rich buy up even more at lower prices. These are some of the greediest people on Earth. True that we never needed institutionalised money or the Wall street Crooks and co

  14. I'll make a prediction…while everyone's backs are turned and enjoying the xmas period, they'll be a major pump. ie Xmas day. People will then believe bottom is in and FOMO in again. I'm sure when Central Bank took over in 1913 it was the xmas period (23rd I think) – while everyone's looking in a different direction. We know price is getting manipulated for the rich. So, in short, $2800 by 25th Dec…$5000 by 31st Dec.

  15. The big-money will try to manipulate our 'crypto' to death.. making it super unattractive for 'normal' people to use 🙁

  16. You lost my subscription with this stupid inequality speech.

    Start your own coin that everyone has 1 unit and when you pay you keep 1 unit and the receiver keep 1 unit.

  17. We need adoption not more speculation. Start using bitcoin for what it supposed to be used. All those xrp fags braging about how fast and cheap that scam is…well!!!…Start using it then f.tards !!

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