Super Bullish News For Cryptocurrency Markets

What is going on snipers my email a baby here, I hope you’re all enjoying your date say Let’s go to just dive right into our daily. Cryptocurrency market analytics and update for the day We’re gonna be taking a look at a lot of bullish news in the market right now And why we’re seeing such a green wave and whether or not we may see a pullback soon And what coins we could expect to see some further breakouts with as you can see here? I’ve actually labeled all the coins that are under 10% gains in the past Seven days and as you can see we’ve got the verge Ontology by Nance coin iOS and Bitcoin on this list and you can see Bitcoin only six percent up in the last seven days cos only six percent up And then the by Nance coin negative 2% and verge negative twenty percent right now in the last seven day So we’re gonna be taking a look at some technical analysis to see when is the best time? To buy these coins as you know we did this last week with Manero And you can see i’m an arrow shot up to 26 percent up in the last seven days when before it was Actually less than ten percent of while every other coin was over thirty percent So this is a good way to see where the liquidity in the market has really Divided itself because obviously when liquidity comes into the market. It’s not gonna Go to just one coin And that’s really what we’re seeing right now in the altcoin market a lot of people are liquidating from Bitcoin aetherium Ripple Bitcoin cash and litecoin and going into the top 50 And it’s something that we’ve been talking about for quite some time Knowing that a lot of new investors are coming into the market signing up to exchanges like finance finance actually announcing right now that they are gonna be adding fiat to crypto trading pairs in a move that could shift reliance away from Bitcoin so Finance actually moved its headquarters to Malta recently and another exchange I think it was okay coin or whatever the exchange was moved as well while Malta is being extremely compliant with a lot of these crypto exchanges and it’s allowing for these type of Revolutions to come about because before there weren’t that many Fiat – crypto trading pairs other than Bitcoin aetherium and some of the major coins so if we look at the global market cap right here in terms of total market capitalization You can see how all coins are rising in dominance while bitcoin is starting to drop and it’s something that we’ve been expecting Knowing that we’re gonna see more liquidity go into these All coin so the question is which all coins are a good deal right now So we’re gonna go into those technical analysis in just a second. I want you all to see here We had a trade alert this morning already resulting in three percent profits This once again is all bullish news and whether or not this is gonna continue is all gonna Be deemed upon what we see happen with Bitcoin now PayPal actually just changed their privacy policy actually not Allowing any more stealth accounts no more unverified accounts and normal pay no more PayPal balances without verified accounts So they are actually making it more difficult to use PayPal and this is another step towards the revolution of cryptocurrency And why I think cryptocurrency is gonna be the future of payment transfer because as you know there’s no reason to pay $2.99 for every international transaction or $4.99 for every international transaction when you could just use nano or Bitcoin or if they’re more like coin and transfer it to anybody in the world For very minimal transaction cost so you can see sending family sending family money Here is now more expensive than using BTC an interesting article that I found here, and then this article pretty cool here It’s a very good time to buy bitcoins says pantera Capital CEO And I want you to pay attention to the year because this is a large fund here You can see they’re saying it’s a very good time to buy the bottom is in for Bitcoin in the dark days of the bear Market are likely in our rearview mirror something that’s growing. That’s fast Hardly ever gets below its 200-day moving average when it does It’s a very good time to buy so I went ahead and actually did the technical analysis here for Bitcoin with the 200-day moving Average here in orange And you can see how we are currently below the 200 a moving average at one point we found some support along there Where we bounced on top of the 200-day, and then we finally went below it But right now. It looks like bitcoin is trying to get back above towards that 200 a moving average We pull up the one-hour chart You can see how we’re still seeing resistance along this Fibonacci retracement level and until we can surpass this 8250 really, it’s 8300 in my opinion we are not going to see further upside with Bitcoin knowing that this is a very strong resistance level So with all of this green in the market right now is there going to be a pullback Before we see these prices go up. Well if we were to go to the one-day chart once again You can see what this our aside We’re starting to bounce back Towards that 60 and if we start to test this again in my opinion when bitcoin is inside of this zone here between 53 and 60 it is gonna be very undetermined which direction it’s gonna go but as soon as we can see any sort of crossover at least above 60 or below 53 I think that’s gonna be the real indication of whether or not I’m going to see further downside or further upside Knowing that a lot of these altcoins are up right now on the market if we were to go to B&B you can see here, we just dropped below the EMA which is exponential moving average indicated here in the blue And this is actually an indicator of a bullish or bearish price movement in the future And what is interesting is you can see as soon as we jumped on top of this EMA? We saw this huge bull run, but we finally dipped below and people are asking whether or not It’s a good time to get into B&B knowing that it is quite undervalued here at negative 2% in the past seven days Well my opinion there may still be some further downside You can see if we were to go into the 4-hour we’re right on that Fibonacci Retracement level here and in my opinion we may breach this and see for their downside knowing that the RSI right now is still Pointing down, and it looks like it’s gonna Go ahead and bounce off of the two known support level of 36 So I’m currently waiting to put in a position for the B&B coin Also seeing here with this fast length on its way down is shooting straight down You’ve got all of these sellers in the market right now. I just don’t see this as a good entry point right now Knowing that there’s still potential for their downside I think once we can start hitting these lower Fibonacci retracement levels possibly down to the point 5 or the point 38 I think that would be the ideal position here for the B&B coin because this was all the hype that we saw from the upcoming Quote-unquote coin burn so let’s see if we have any sort of questions here from the live audience who do we have on right now? mister Omega says I Have bad internet you need to upgrade your internet Emic once as hell ya down with PayPal and venmo yes absolutely Simon says This is an American issue really here in the UK we have been able to send instant payments to any other bank in Seconds for free 24 hours a day 7 days a week the u.s. Is lagging that’s interesting and that’s true a lot of this has to with the US regulations, but once again the u.s. Is a very powerful country in this world and obviously There’s a lot of other countries that have a lot of advances in technology that is allowing for payment transfers, but the u.s. Is one that is typically behind with things like this because of the fact that it’s such a big country They have to make moves slowly. They can’t just jump and rush into things so that’s definitely important here somebody says switch geo Everybody’s talking about the switch geocoin, so let’s go ahead and move on to the verge technical analysis as well You can see this contracting falling wedge forming here for the pulp the one hour chart Everybody’s looking to get a position inversion now We’ve got what they’ve announced this partnership, but in my opinion looking at this one day chart once again You can see the RSI is just right here in the neutral zone. It’s not necessarily finding any sort of previous support We’re actually seen it’s RSI and what I mean by that is this is just right in the middle of the neutral zone there’s not really any sort of indication that it’s found a Support level you could see the MACD is still quite over stretched And we’re just now seeing the sellers come into this histogram in my opinion There’s still more sellers waiting to get their positions out from verge, and I still am expecting further downside I think once we can really break through this contracting fall in wedge, which were actually is extending a little bit further here I think that’s gonna be the real point in which we can tell whether or not verge is gonna See further upside knowing that we’re also in these Fibonacci Retracement level as you see we’re finding some resistance right along if they’ve been on situation where we found exact support So I am still expecting some further downside knowing that the majority of the market has already been up in my opinion We have to see a healthy correction before seeing further upside and as you can see here with any contracting falling wedge We want to wait for that initial breakout where we’re gonna see very sharp movement in price And we haven’t really seen that yet in my opinion with verge we saw this pullback here from the Fibonacci retracement own But not necessarily breaking this contracting fall on a wedge So let’s move on to a coin that I am very excited about and that is cos forming a beautiful cup and handle Following these bullish RSI levels very very good indicator further price movements the MACD is also looking very good just curve back up or see a Plethora of buyers coming into this market as well, and if you don’t know what a cup and handle is once again This is a very known breakout pattern where you’ve got this initial breakout the cup forming the handle and then the breakout Following with that cup and you can see we are now starting to see that breakout occur with this handle as we’ve already formed this cup and handle so Very exciting to see this with us in my opinion AOS as it Comes closer to the time where it’s gonna release its main net that intrinsic value Just can go through the roof And it’s gonna bring us To a whole nother level of all new highs in my opinion knowing that it’s going to go in direct competition with other d– application platforms like etherium card on o’neal and Coins of that nature so pretty exciting to see that with iOS Let’s see if we’ve got any sort of questions here on the live stream John Waller says good call on TRX Nayeem Thank you, brother master says bought bitcoin cash and five ethereum good awesome Mark D. Says substratum will moon prior to CNN documentary next week Interesting maybe we should search that up if there’s a documentary coming out that’s obviously gonna bring attention somebody says John Doe hain I am you love saying in my opinion Yes, because it is my opinion and once again as an analyst you have to get multiple perspectives That’s really the goal of technical analysis. It’s not necessarily. Just getting one perspective or trying to just come up with everything yourself It’s looking at multiple different technical analysts and say okay, you have this perspective of this pattern for me I have this respected this pattern for me because we all have different strengths and weaknesses so as long as you’re aware of your strengths and weaknesses you can play your Strengths and then look at others that are strong in where you’re weak somebody says yo s airdrop. Yes, Mike Menace Abdi Abdi says what do you think about oMG? Do you think it has the chance to go on coinbase? I don’t know about coinbase because we see those rumors way too much, but amis ago in general is a great project It’s been around before blockchain And I think that they have a very well-established Team and a foundation to bring them to the next phase of the script of currency market because a lot of these coins are not Going to make it to the next phase in my opinion. Just like the dot-com era right in 2000 a lot of those websites are not around anymore all right So you want to make sure that you’re putting your money and coins that have intrinsic value and it’s cool because a lot of these coins that are down right now all have intrinsic value because they saw a spike and a exuberance of price prior to the full market exuberance that we’ve seen So now these are the coins that are down in value while the whole market is up So it’s interesting that we’re in this phase of the market And I think that as long as we can put our money where there’s intrinsic value You’ll be set in place for the future of this market Mitch 88 says neo was looking very strong very good there William Sanchez help a brother out by giving me some Virge. I need to renew my account RF dusty says I feel like everyone is throwing thousands into the industry And I’m happy when I can put $100 into the market. You are all rich or something Hey listen if you put $100 in Facebook when the stock first came out. You’d be a pretty happy person right now I’ll be blob says hain. I just want to say that I appreciate you so much. You are basically one of my mentors Thank you so much for all you’ve done. Thank you I really appreciate that and I take that with complete honour, and you know you always want to find mentors in different industries It’s extremely important. You know one of my mentors. Just had an ICO It’s the it’s called the Jibril network and his name is he is on and you know he kind of consults me with different things In this market you know as I progress and I attend more conferences by the way, I’m going to be in Santa Monica tomorrow at the ICO, 20 summit So there’s actually a link in the description of this video if you all want to attend this conference It’s gonna be tomorrow all about icos in santa monica. I’d love to see some of you there If you do come send me a message on Twitter so we can have a meet-up But I put that link in the description below And there’s also a service that I wanted to talk about because a lot of people asked me about how to set up consecutive stop losses and take profits because a lot of our trade alerts have stopped zones and trees zones and exit zones right and any sort of Trader needs to set entry and exit points when they’re trading because if you don’t plan for your trade Then the trade will plan for you And that’s typically not a good thing because the house always wins so you want to make sure that you plan out your take profits And your stop losses properly so this program It’s called three commas I actually put a link in the description below that is an affiliate link But you can see here This is an automatic trading bot and it actually works 4-bit tricks BitFenix by Nance bitstamp cool coin politics gtex crypto Pia gob And yo bit and this allows you to set up consecutive stop losses and take profits at the same time And I highly recommend this if you don’t know how to use it you can click video guide on their website And they have a video that will show you exactly how to use it So if you don’t feel comfortable using it then I would it this is more so for those that are a little bit more advanced And want to utilize the take profit and stop losses Consecutively so Jose Sal data says block Mason haven’t heard of that. Sorry brother. Thank you for the super chat man Samuel says when is a good time to buy a ripple? Ripple has been doing very well recently actually ripple has had a lot of good news lately this PayPal Muse that came out today is actually really good news for ripple knowing that ripple is working with banks and money transfers So I don’t know if you guys remember the money grant partnership that occurred with Walmart to pay That’s actually all being held under ripples inter ledger system And that is gonna be a lot cheaper than using PayPal paying five dollars per international transaction Which I think is kind of ridiculous knowing that we’re into this revolution I think it’s going to really bring a lot of people away from PayPal towards other means of payment transfer somebody says are The Bulls coming Nick Shravan. You got to read this article brother look at this. This is a huge hedge fund It’s a very good time to buy bitcoin says pantera Capital CEO. It’s sixty five percent below its high You don’t get that opportunity very often is what the CEO said so knowing that we’re under this 200-day moving average any Sort of fast moving asset being under the 200-day moving average is a really good price to get in so in my opinion We’re gonna start moving Above and beyond these Fibonacci retracement levels as we start to see this upward channel form and then eventually going to go above that Trinity Moving average to eventually find support, but in my opinion there still could be some downside along the way So that’s why we want to be sure to play our swings properly setting up stop losses properly And that’s why we use Programs like three commas for example so if you have a position in Bitcoin make sure you’re able to keep those profits as it starts To swing up and down even though it might be going up you want to make sure to take advantage of those swings Somebody says should I go all in on crypto? I would never go all in it’s all about asset allocation so diversification is a big aspect of Investing and Warren Buffett talks about it all the time He’s one of the most successful investors in the world you have to allocate your assets and diversify properly in order to manage your risk Somebody says have you looked at stellar name. It is up to about 33 percent in the last three weeks Yes, stellar is an awesome project Mattia. We’ve been talking about stellar for a very long time I’m telling you Jed McCaleb knows what he’s doing he started mt.gox Before it got hacked so understand that he was actually one of the successors of MT GOx but then a year later once the ownership was transferred to a new CEO is when it got hacked so he had a successful Project with MT Knox. He co-founded ripple, which is extremely successful, and then went ahead and forked away from that and started stellar in order to go ahead and fulfill his vision of Banking the unbanked so very good project in my opinion has a lot of intrinsic value and I think a lot like gos seeing it’s ramped up with the expectation of its main net I think that stellar will also have a huge run-up soon knowing that they’re gonna be Progressing with their project as well alongside with AOS Giovanni 20 says name. I will be happy if you look at zip coin We’re not gonna be looking at coins right now Kubo. Tayo said name. What is a coin that you Hottel? You’ve got a hot o coins you gotta have a long-term Portfolio a short-term portfolio and a day trading portfolio right so there’s swing trading portfolios day trading portfolios very different because they trading portfolios are More specified towards certain time frames of the day where you’re going in and you’re using a certain amount of assets and capital but swing Trading portfolios are portfolios that you utilize with multiple different trades, and you set up stop losses and take profits And you kind of let it trade itself right you go you put your stop losses you take profits in and you go have dinner You come back and you may have made some money, or you made of you may have triggered stop-loss and saved your profits So there’s a lot of different ways to play it but in my opinion my long-term portfolio I’ve been talking about all of these coins, so if you are a sniper here on sniper So you guys know exactly what I have in my portfolio Mike theses name. Can you check OMG? Where are we going up or? side-to-side We’re not gonna be doing coin requests right now somebody says what do you think of et Ed’s patent for instant? Transactions are we going to the moon yes etn in my opinion is still a very bullish project It’s creating partnerships every single month. They’re continuously progressing and adding to their project in my opinion They have a really good team their quarterback is an extremely successful Executive and has had very successful partnerships and businesses in the past in my opinion etn is still in its bullish phase Peter says I also want to express my gratitude brother I did already learned so much to catch the trades nicely still looking forward to learn more and just listen just Learning three commas awesome. Yeah, hopefully you are able to use to be comments properly Russ says hey Nayeem I know you said there is a cup and handle for me on B&B any thoughts on a pennant forming on Liske We don’t have lists pulled up right now. Sorry somebody says The lag started this week. I don’t think it’s his Internet. Yeah. It’s not my internet. I’m not sure what the lag is for RJ sis do you have degrees no? He mixes 300 likes for a name to shape the Bitcoin logo into his beard all right. We’ll do that good Good one emic will do 300 likes for a Bitcoin logo on the beer. What are we at right now? Let me check? What are we over a hundred right now? It looks like we are oh, no. We’re only at 68 man You guys are slacking come on Aldi bob says when is the next Ruby mastermind it’s going to be this Sunday, so I will be announcing that soon Sunday or Monday, I’ll let you all know somebody says Nayeem when is the next Ruby mastermind okay? We just answer that question. You don’t have to ask twice sorry love from Pakistan good to have you somebody asks You two probably slowing down crypto channels cuz blockchain threatens their empire They’re threatened by steamy and D tube right now. That is hilarious So yes interesting interesting market some of the coins that I want you all to pay attention to over the next couple of weeks, though Litecoin extremely undervalued right now at one hundred and forty five dollars in my opinion There’s gonna be a lot more upside there typically when aetherium was around $550 litecoin was a lot higher than 145 so I think that we’re gonna see some higher price levels there Bitcoin cash recently saw a huge spike up after a Pretty you know pretty tragic drop in price I’m expecting this to be over a thousand soon Just knowing that a lot of people are fans of Bitcoin cash and like to utilize Bitcoin cash for their Transactions as we await for the Lightning Network to come about ripple has just had so much Good news lately at seventy five cents in my opinion extremely undervalued I think we’ll see this over $1 very soon a lot of points in my opinion if we’re talking Mid term trades a lot of these coins are gonna be up over the next couple of weeks Even if we see a slight pullback right now I still expect a lot of these coins Two to three months from now to be a lot higher than where they’re at now Neil under $100 in my opinion big opportunity there as well as more applications are built on the NiO platform We talked about an airman aerobraking out recently any m tons of use case in Japan I think 38 cents is completely undervalued right now for nem as well so big opportunity They’re drawn 28 percent up right now We know that they’re gonna be having their main net launch so a lot of value there I’m just excited about this market in general I think there’s gonna be a lot of these projects that are moving up the ranks as silica as well You can see that starting to move up with 22 percent gains in the past seven days It’s just looking like a very bullish market a lot of these legacy coins are making moves here If you don’t know what legacy coins are these legacy coins are coins I’ve been around for quite some time right in Misco – nem monaro neo. These are coins that have been around now They’re starting to see main net salons test nets launch these are all going to bring More liquidity into the market more investors and more interest in the market, and that’s what I’m excited about so We’re in a very good time I’m excited for this whole cryptocurrency market to really start seeing more institutional money come into the market because we haven’t yet seen it as we all know and I think that’s really what’s gonna be the Biggest breakthrough for this market so are you guys excited about that? Yes, or no who’s excited about institutional money coming in Somebody says nice beard name. Let it grow out keep it clean. Thank You mr. Schrader We almost had to do it on Salman bin Laden beard yesterday. We almost hit 300 likes on the live stream Let’s see if we have to do the Bitcoin in the beard and have we hit 300 No, we’re nowhere near 300. Oh, man. We’re at 150. We’re halfway there come on guys. You’re gonna you gonna make the sprint Somebody says why was there no increased after the BnB coin burn Mike Lee jr. Because you want to buy the hype and sell the news people are already expecting an increase because of the previous two coin burns And that’s why we wanted to go against what the majority was going to do so that’s right We announced an on-site pursuit to sell all your B&B prior to that once again this isn’t financial advice But it’s our perspective in our opinion right somebody says extremely excited Russ Mick clan Han Bryan chases what is institutional money? It’s all the money that you’ve seen the stock market right now that isn’t in our market right now So this is the first market in the history of time where Main Street has arrived before Wall Street, so that’s what we mean by institutional money George Trey chole says we with you snip Interesting you might be Australian Bryan chase says by B&B with Bitcoin dips That’s actually what I’m waiting for I’m trying to see if Bitcoin is going to surpass eight Thousand two hundred and fifty eight thousand three hundred and see this resistance breakout because if that happens in the majority of the market It’s probably gonna go up But we’re most likely gonna have to see a pullback before we see any sort of higher prices because these are just Exuberant price levels right now most of these coins over twenty percent up We have to see some sort of healthy correction before seeing for their upside in my opinion My key mouse is count from one to ten and you be billionaire with xvg I don’t know about that, but I heard verge just partnered with a gaming company Followed by the pornhub partnership, and that actually initiated this new partnership, so that’s very very possible Right once they partnered with one company other companies want to partner with them. It makes sense Andy says we appreciate you very much my brother. Thank you brother or Jay Hilton’s a stellar pull back up fifty percent in seven days that is awesome that Burke ripped us has thoughts on pink. I have not looked that pink So why don’t we do a book giveaway before we end this live stream? There’s actually a recommended reading list on our discord If you don’t know disk what the link is in the description below But let’s go ahead and do a giveaway here for the internet of money And I’m gonna see who was paying attention during this live stream and the question is going to be this what is the name of the conference that I’m going to be attending tomorrow and Let’s see who’s the first one to say on my chat because it’ll be different on everybody’s screen depending on the lag but whoever says it on my screen first is going to win the giveaway for the Internet of money and It seems like the first person is Nobody yet somebody says Dubai somebody says ICO somebody says summit no no somebody says ICO 20, no you have to have the full name IOC summit somebody says Santa Monica ICO No there you go Somebody got it Aldi Bob Won ICO 20 summit, that’s the full name of the conference Aldi Bob one sent me a private message on Twitter a sniper’s tube and you’ll go ahead and win that book, but I think that’s about it for now we went over all the analysis and Once again, we’re in a great time in the market So thank you all for tuning in once again, and we’re gonna stay up to date We’re watching many different coins right now on our patreon if you’re getting our trade alerts And we may not have a live stream tomorrow being that I will be at this conference. We’ll see but this weekend I know is gonna be very busy, so we’re gonna try our best to bring content But we may not have a live stream for the next one or two days depending on how we do it You might have a video or something of that nature, so thank you all for tuning in though And hopefully this update has added some value and until our next update. We’re gonna See I think Bitcoin by the next video is gonna make some sort of move so it’s going to be exciting to see that so Thank you all for watching like always snipers out You

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  1. PayPal has just announced a change in their policy which now makes it more expensive and difficult to use their platform raising a lot of concerns with people who rely heavily on PayPal as a means of money transfer. This news is surely going to bring more attention to the benefits of cryptocurrency as a replacement to traditional systems. Let’s take a look at the overall market and see if we’re due for a pullback soon amidst this wave of green.

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  2. Dont give your api keys / public keys to 3rd party software guys. Remember the trading bot exploit on binance a few months back!

  3. I took advantage of the VERGE deep to buy another bunch of 200k XVG … When you see the progression in 2017, I think the one dollar is possible in 2018

  4. Hey Brother, good stuff as always!
    Just wondering why you feel some positions are good at 60RSI, does the flood of money coming in make RSI inaccurate at the moment?
    Cheers 🙂

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