23 thoughts on “SUBSTRATUM, a story of depression, failure and fraud EXPOSED”

  1. Wow your an idiot. And you need speech therapy. I couldn’t understand half the crap you said, please learn to talk..

  2. Time will catch up with any CEO who defrauds investors. It may takes years or decades, but justin, I mean justice will be served.

  3. Crypto is still in the "Wild West" phase, full of shills, charlatans and con artists. The only crypto I know for sure work are, BTC, LTC, ETH and XMR, all the others are in the camp, unknown. Then again, down the road the aforemnentioned crypto could still have unknown issues, but they do at least work as claimed and intended.

  4. decentralizing the web is a brilliant idea but to expect these kind of scammers to deliver is so hilarious

  5. Thanks man for putting this out here.
    I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Skycoin project which is one of the oldest projects and its decentralizing the internet. Your thoughts??

  6. Well, they basically need to find someone who can manage the company rather than someone who try to trade ico funds if they ever want to get back to their previous spot. The fund of ICO should actually be used as project development and backup incase of bear market but well I guess I wish them luck, since it is so cheap right now , I think I will buy $10 amount of it on some small exchanges to give my minor support haha

  7. Seems like nothing you're saying matters too me that much .. if the project is still going. How's the development itself? It's desperately necessary.

    In the US "battery" isn't that serious I think it could be like throwing water at someone maybe even abusive language .. probably depending on where you are. — "Aggravated battery" is where it starts to get serious and become a felony.

  8. Funny how they fudded Skycoin, and after looking into Skycoin after that, i got me a bag ???

  9. Lol wtf I never knew substratum was so scammy, why would anyone invest in that project having so many other options?

  10. Bu the way this jerk put likes only on comments which is again SUB, this is show he is far from being objective and his position is not neutral at all. Shame on you!!!!

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