[00:00:04] Somebody help me. Welcome back. [00:00:07] Global news in this episode will bring you part two of my interview with Mandel. Gus rockets in this episode we discuss the Rockets platform their upcoming esta yo and how the future of cryptocurrency will be funded. Enjoy the show. [00:00:20] Rock X is S T O so straight out of the box. Why are you launching an s to you. [00:00:26] Well from the very beginning we were against AI CEOs as there were like too many scamming related projects. When you know markets face wash out with majority of projects failing SDL Rose is a regulated way to raise funds and have like more rights and transparency for or for investors. Therefore we felt it clearly kind of aligns with our project’s DNA. [00:00:52] Yeah yeah. Of I suppose the default process and sort of how can I say how people view you like your brand is really o kind of thing. [00:01:01] So yeah exactly. [00:01:03] We actually internally we have we have a joke that it’s a triple S so it’s like security as a security of US securing our users. Then it’s SD So you know a security token offering and then securities securities exchange. [00:01:22] So this is what rock X is about like triple last but coming quickly back to the SD So I would say the stars have aligned we have the right regulations we have the transparency we can be more honest with our investors and the last but not least we are giving away 15 percent of our gross profits as quarterly payments. Think of them as dividends to our investors. So the better we perform at the very end of the day the better gains our investors. So we also looking in different fees schemes for our most active traders said they would get like better fees. [00:02:01] So that’s exciting. But so for the WTO and even just for use of the actual exchange itself. How are you looking to attract users before you’re a household name before you’re like finance or Coinbase or one of these guys. How do you look to sort of build the brand and get your get your name out there. [00:02:19] We when we set it out we said we want to show the real product the real demo the real transparent team by showing the working demo. So let’s say we are currently traveling in EU Asia Middle East showing golf the demo to users potential investors we are presenting the full value proposition. Meeting them face to face at the very end of the day. For us it’s organic approach versus paid one approach so let’s say yeah definitely can buy some ads. You can do some paid partnerships but most of all we got to show that we are organic ones like organically. We want to grow. Slow where it takes more time. [00:03:03] Like with a good search engine optimization it just takes time. But we are the real deal and it’s very good to show a very different side of the moon in terms of splashy eyes CEOs you know millions of dollars into paid advertising and then so many users got scammed and they don’t know how the founders ran away. So we want to try to keep it as real as possible long term thinking. [00:03:29] Not six months or probably more like 18 what does victory look like. Just for the ESTA yo for you guys and the investors and the future of the rock explains folks for the SDL. [00:03:40] The main thing is definitely to do the fundraising but do you actually know why we need the funds. Whereas you know people always talk about marketing business development and millions of dollars you know to raise funds. We are looking at the very conservative numbers here like Greece sales is going to be only one million dollar soft cap 5 million an arts gap 20 million. [00:04:01] So we really we really know where these fees are needed and mostly it’s going to go to licensing fees because this is where we get to talk about you know securities and this is how we differentiate ourselves. So despite the fact let me quickly tell you despite the fact we are very safe exchange very good with performance transparency with some innovation innovative features but the problem is we are still competing you know we’re still competing with those hundreds of exchanges that have good liquidity. Hundreds of thousands of users. So we want to move into securities as much as we can because we believe this is the future. This is the way we can tame the dragon I would say you know in terms of crypto world and the volatility and add more regulation. [00:04:53] So the licensing is very expensive and like we have all the documents to show that this is where your money goes. It’s not for us. [00:05:04] Yeah. Because remember even in the literature that I was reading about you guys I mean you’re looking for even an FCC license by next year. So I mean a lot of that. I mean because European licensing you’ve got a presence in Asia now and the UAE. I mean that would pile up pretty quickly wouldn’t it. [00:05:20] Exactly. Exactly. [00:05:22] So investment firm licenses are very expensive it’s just you know to have the capital to start a company in a different country you need you know like in different countries. But for example in Europe you need more than 700 K just to start a company like incorporation capital. [00:05:40] Now another thing you guys are gonna be doing which I thought was really cool was you’re actually gonna be hosting as CEOs for other platforms on your platform. So yeah just just run me through that from start to finish. What does that look like when does that begin. Fees all that kind of stuff. [00:05:56] Yeah. So with regards to the whole process it will be again very UX friendly. So we are using again the same the same best practices to board all the projects. [00:06:08] But the problem is that there will be still lots of scamming projects. So we want to have advance screening golf scam related projects to know that the guys behind it like legit. So again we don’t want to risk our reputation if we are building a brand today. I don’t want to risk it you know tomorrow with some project that’s going to pay us more. Which brings us back to the fees you know definitely regarding regarding acquisition. You know we want to have like very attractive prices compared to other SVOD platforms. But the problem again is we need to have this thorough screening of the projects if we can deliver that you know the value for the platform for the investors will grow exponentially in the coming months. [00:07:02] Yeah. But I suppose because your whole brand is built on security transparency and trust like that that’s sort of front of the. Yeah it’s gonna be front of the line it has to be. Yeah. [00:07:11] Why why would would risk that you know and backstop ourselves so. [00:07:17] Another interesting thing with regards to fees for the SVOD platform we’re going to give certain incentives for companies and institutional investors. [00:07:27] Who’s going to invest in our own sdl You know during presale or help us reach our soft cap. So we will identify those people those companies that’s going to go and do their own SVOD through your own platform. So I’m always like thinking about win win situations. So if they can you know help us right now why would the technology and all the scanning mechanisms and all the fundraising mechanisms why we can’t help them back again. It’s it’s just human to human business win win situation. Yes. So we’ll definitely definitely work on that as well. [00:08:07] Yeah I like it. And also it’ll encourage new projects different projects but to find a space because it’ll sort of be like even if it’s a small number it’ll be sort of a very positive sort of boutique atmosphere because like well you can only be the talk kind of project to lift yourself with rocket X which is really exciting. [00:08:25] Yeah. [00:08:26] You know I think if I’m not mistaken there’s a luxury brand Chanel and they don’t have sales right. All the remaining copies are being destroyed you know. So it’s another strategy. I’m not saying like we want to be the most luxurious premium boutique steel platform but we want it. We want just to be fair and we we want to have this trustworthiness you know threshold I would say well that’s fantastic. [00:08:55] And of us it’s been a real pleasure chatting with you today. I really look forward to speaking to you in the future and what does best of luck with every facet of the project. I’m really excited for you guys going to be putting out. Thanks. [00:09:06] Thanks. It was my pleasure answering these questions and I hope I cleared up some things for your audiences and yourself. [00:09:14] Many thanks for tuning into the episode. If you have any questions about rockets please drop them in the comments section below. And for more information on rockets please check the show notes for more links about this very exciting platform for crypto Global News I’m Edward. Until next time you take it easy.


  1. How has the first month been for them? I am curious to see if the other traders in the crypto space care about secuirty as much as I do.

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