34 thoughts on “STORM Token top crypto for 2018??”

  1. What is Storm token (STORM) | Micro-Task App https://cryptodetail.com/what-storm-token-storm

  2. Great video! Have you checked out the Storm Play app? Sign up with my code and we will each get 6,000 Bolts when you try it. Code: 0BJ1J6 https://goo.gl/U4c1GJ

  3. Look into DIG (ex-UNITY INGOT) trades on livecoin, only coin been stable for me thru recession btc wise

  4. Thanks for the vid. New subscriber. I just heard of Storm last week at the Decentral 4th Anniversary party. People at Jaxx really like Storm's potential. Really has a chance to go viral. I'm on the sidelines right now just waiting to see what Bitcoin will do. Like most, my alts are down but I have some fiat standing by. I think easy 10x from here and from there?? When that multiple happens I take my investment back and some profits then let the rest run. Do you know of any other dapps that are 'gamification of tasks' oriented? Thx.

  5. Enjoyed the vid. Thank you. I am a believer also. I feel like this coin could reach 10 bucks the end of 2018. Thoughts?

  6. The digital currency Bitcoin, once a toy for computer nerds, is now soaring in price, triggering a new gold rush.I bought 5 TH of SHA-256 just shy of 1 year ago . My Verdict, it is truely a great product, great returns, especially if you decide to reinvest your funds. After the first 1.5 Months your initial investment would have been covered, from then on, all returns are profit (If you decide to withdraw).
    I highly recommend reinvesting, as Albert Einstein once said "Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world". I have made over $9200 from a simple $750 investment, that being because I reinvested. To signup here is the link. Start from as low as 2.2$. http://promo.hashflare.eu/?ref_id=3094F42

  7. Sleeping Giant Storm Token. You can earn 6000 Bolts instantly by registering using my referral code: L2M1CV

  8. Want to start and double your earning in Storm Token? Follow this Code and Link: L2M1CV https://goo.gl/U4c1GJ

  9. My strategy team selected STORM out of all the Alt coins to be a major sleeping GIANT! Massive potential in 2018!!! Only on HitBtc right now. Will be hitting Bittrex and Binance this year! At .9 cents this is cheap! Buy now and HOLD! All Start Team! They already have working products. Storm only been on market for 14 days now. Thank you me later!

  10. www.binance.com/?ref=12177772
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  11. Hello Crypto Bros! So the only place to buy Storm tokens is on Hitbtc? Because when i google the reviews on that website 9/10 people say that website is a scam! I really want to get this token but don't want my money to be stolen on the way! Thanks

  12. Might have to wait for storm to get on some other exchanges. HitBTC is awful, and the experience is even worse. Very glitchy, unresponsive and kept crashing. Never had these issues on anything else.

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