Storiqa (STQ) Co-Founder Andrian Galkin Crypto Biz To Disrupt Online Shopping

what is going on crypto family today we got a cool interview with Adrian he is the CEO and co-founder of storica so they they were in the neighborhood and they stopped by our offices so I don't know if or for some of you guys who don't know I also in a software company and it's right on the lake so they came by we went out there and had a nice little discussion and just kind of talked about his business and kind of all the stuff that they're trying to do and all the things that are kind of wrong with the sector you know some of his competitors would be people like you know Amazon and eBay so he kind of talks about you know how they're kind of flawed and how he tries to improve upon them historica and then also they hit their 25 million hard caps so that was really cool we have a lot of distractions and background noises because you know we're out there on the lake so he's chasing the dog and the dog chasing the geese and people yelling and screaming and sirens and all that kind of cool stuff so hope you guys stick around you know watch the interview it's really cool he breaks down a lot of stuff and tells us all about his business so thanks a bunch for dropping by guys and I'll catch you on the other side what is going on people today we got the co-founder and CEO of storica we got Andreea news so today we're gonna find out all the cool things about why his business is awesome we're gonna find out about him and what else are we gonna talk about we're gonna talk about what separates you guys from from the Amazons of the world and why we should all be excited so a lot of really cool stuff but before we get started I always like to find out a little bit about the founders themselves so let's let's ask you a little personal question here that might be kind of fun so if you could go I guess if you could only choose one you could either brush your teeth or you could brush your hair but you can only do one of them for the rest of your life which one would it be brush your teeth alright so you would do both but if you could only do one so you don't wanna brush your teeth okay if you could only have one meal I guess for the rest of your life you could only eat one kind of food what kind of food was there in and out in an hour burger like that very very cool so tell us about yourself Ben are you married you got kids you know where are you from what's your what's your experience in the e-commerce space you know all that kind of cool stuff I'm not married I'm 25 I know it easy some people used to make fun of me saying like well this man raised 25 and when he is 25 25 25 Dean very honest it's not me who raised it like the big people like the big amount of things and people helped us so very thankful for the team who helped us to raise this amount of money for the supporters for investors and all of that but thought myself I was born in Odessa this is Ukraine the soil part of Ukraine and then my parents moved to Moscow to Russia and then I was just like doing different kind of things having law and like hustle business like trying to sell different things and just like buying in one place so it was a crazy senior result the craziest thing I ever saw so I was 10 years old and I got a notebook on in the bookstore and I went to my school and I sold it to another guy three times and and and and and then my mom she had a really really like long conversation is not good you know you're gonna have to do that but it's just like wow like he decided to do that by himself I didn't force him and just like hey I'm gonna get this down like it's really cool like you have like the pocket malls from that like and all of that so he got it three times more expensive but I'm very sorry for that and like she said like you have to go and you can money back and give him that smell book as a gift so that's what I had to do so things like that very very cool so what's what's one thing that most people don't know about you that you can share with the audience so what's what's something nobody knows about you that would be fun to share you know like I get this little dog here that just follows me everywhere as you can see well I'm actually getting my PhD in political oh wow so it's not be a politician I wanted to be but then one day just figure out that politics is very very interesting so I got a family here in California and in Moscow and in Ukraine and right now there is some kind of like political tensions and all of that and I'm very very confused because there's a lot of things going on between business and like top Business and Economics but the people are still the same yep like to all those top politicians guy they're really good friends with other top politicians guy from Russia and in the year and constantly things going on like I do not know like sometimes I think that all those politician things they just like don't show off for people and trying to get the taxes and money just like to spend that all of that on military and and just like you know and just like sometimes they have corruption stuff and like on the one side the government is a really a really good job and on the other side sometimes it sucks so that's why I was like no okay I will go into real business I will produce desks tables I will sell them and I used to work with Amazon actually and I was Amazon customer and a couple times so that's a really really cool table so you got a built-in speakers Buddhist because you have mock heater you have a wireless charging for your phone your laptop and if you tie the see if you just like press the bottom the tables going up you stand up and work so it's very very healthy for you back and all of that because you need to span calories and and a couple of times I got a call from this customer from Amazon and he's like well I got your table but there is no built-in speakers there is no where I was judging all of that Hechavarria no it's me who packed that box and just like dropped it at the facility center of Amazon I do not believe that this is Amazon employees because technically inside the Amazon facility Center they do not have any kind of like people because everything is automated and like if I would be working somewhere in Amazon and I would like to steal something from from the inbox I've like men just like going still the whole table don't still like the U building speakers this is so weird and so I just started to think that probably this is the customer who just got the table and he got like inner parts out of the table and then he's just like well I don't need that anymore this is so weird I do understand that but still so I was the sort of thing like well actually the sellers they're not protected and there's another things going with eBay as I mentioned like this my good friend of mine he's selling his laptops like he's just he's buying laptops fixing and something for eBay and then just like a couple times he got his laptops back and probably someone just dropped the laptop or took the parts out of the lab so it's just like to fix their own laptop and just ship it back and get in refund but on the other side if you even getting that refund from eBay you're not getting real money you're getting away rewards so you can spend those rewards on Leon get to something on eBay so this has been very honest is not fair for the customer to and on the other side I do have a good friend of mine who introduced me to another friend who's so three of us are founders of the company and five years ago they started a company the name is boom starter so they just copy-paste at Kickstarter because in Europe and in excess of it Union countries like Russia Belarus and Ukraine Kazakhstan they're not like there were no any fundraising instruments to get for your idea to get business done and that's why are they were like well we definitely need to do something so they build this company they did a lot of fundraising for the companies for the ad is so more than 100 no more than 1,500 businesses were successfully set it up with this company boom starter and then those companies they were doing pretty good they were just selling their cutting boards or like cases for iPhone or something like that through Europe and all of that and then just like one day they came up to them saying like well we stopped our growth you want to grow more want to grow bigger we do not know what to do and how to do things done and we're just like well go and sell your things internationally go and sell to Japan like you produce really like nice bottles for example go and sell it to Japan and he's like well I do not know how to do that because how how will I deal with the money somewhat here people have manma in China people have V chat and they just like transfer money right so easy and in in Russia people have another system which is like they also call so and like you do not know how to do all of those bank transferring and all of that and plus to that imagine is some guy from Japan is calling gear new based in Brazil and you do not really speak well English and that guy is not really speaking English very well and he's just like trying to negotiate with him and he's to figure out more about the product you trying to sell and this is this is a big problem so we're just like well you need to have 24/7 customer support you need to have person who only know how to deal with the money cluster that like if you send money it will go so long like five to seven days and so on it's very very takes a minute to get pay we need get paid in seconds of blockchain right yes so we're just like well guys okay you cannot set up your own online store you don't know you do not know what a CPA CPC and are why whatever like you did not know all those marketing tools so okay go to Amazon eBay Alibaba and sell your goods for there and that that that may increased you to be sale and they went there and they started to work with that but for example with Alibaba it's a Chinese marketplace which is where we go I did not know it's yeah I mean everybody knows the name yeah I don't think it has a traction here that it does overseas most everybody here uses their eBay and Amazon eBay Amazon Yahoo Craigslist I guess so yeah so Shopify Shopify popular yeah but it's mostly like a plugin for website yeah so they were like well we sold our goods and we have to wait 60 days to get our own money because like that's great how do you run a business like that and like how are you gonna eat like invested you invested all the money into two big ears into the Alibaba business or Amazon business something like that and now it's gonna work you need to wait so long so we're like okay there is some some problems on that side on the other side which is like me has this thing going on with Amazon and I love the dog said they're kicking ass taking names licking your duck so just like we've been talking and they're like yeah so like we have this problem so just like you know the friends like you meet enough anyway hey what Southwick was gay just like well everything's good was just like some kind of a she's like trying to work on and was just like well I actually have the same issue with Amazon like because they're charging me 18 percent of the price of both of the things I'm of the item I'm selling and that's a lot of money actually selling table like for three thousand dollars then you need to pay like 18 percent to Amazon and then you still getting issues like that with the Quality Assurance so that's why we will very very like well let's do something because maybe we can implement blockchain somehow and like oh what is that how to do that's why I do any blockchain and things like that just so just like all of that so basically looking at all these other existing businesses seeing all their downfalls and their problems is kind of what gave birth historica that's kind of how this came to be and then you yes yes we calculated that if you want to set up your own business if you want to have a really good online store which will sound wobbly you need to have almost half a million dollars for operational expenses every year and if you're decent seller just story just simple guy you do not know like worried to get money and you're trying to get things done like you don't have that amount of money how are you gonna sell things like that and you go to Amazon you know like and of course I was on his doing a good thing and Alibaba they're doing good thing but the other side is I'm a big fan of timberlands a couple of times I used to get turbulence online and the first time I didn't get anything class because I paid money but I didn't get anything second time on eBay I got a fake Timberland and the third time I was just like no I'm done I'm going to the to the offline store I'm going to the timber let him get into million shoes because I love that and I still have them for two year to two and a half years and that's what that's why people do not trust you ecommerce that's why my mom like she she is she is a big fan of Alibaba because like they have like a cool stuff they're like very unique things very unique items and half the time she's very happy because it's perfectly matching her expectations but half of the time she's like well I I it's okay like yeah like totally next time I will get lucky to get something better and that's why I was like yeah like there is a definitely big distrust to all of those marketplaces and then two months ago actually there was a conference here in South San Francisco it was January 16th I will remember that they are always I'm speaking about blockchain and how blockchain can be implemented in e-commerce there is two thousand people in the room and the guys he's taking the mic here say hey I am the student of the University of California and I used to work with Amazon and got paid seven hundred bucks a week for writing reviews and products I never I never I never touched and it was stall and I'm just like so what do you want from me just like can it work for ya just like no good vibe get away you like we don't want to work with you you like because I don't assign students page so what meet all those reviews on Amazon or fake but not saying that all of them are fake but the things that it's very very hard to to track it like was the person who wrote the here is the real person who who who bothered to item and this is the very very big thing because I was actually talking to some Amazon employees and made yes they told me they cannot even verify that the person who has a cotton Amazon really bought something or not sometimes so just like you just go to and write in the reviews that's it and if i selling suffered through Amazon I can call you using right hey Robert can can you please write something for me like like you good friend of mine you know that I will not say saw any kind of bathroom so can you please write something that I'm just like yeah he always sell good products and out of that you could get like 90% of India at seven hundred dollars a week to do nothing but right now news all day long this is a big problem that's why we're like okay we need a blockchain into manage so why do we need blogs so everything will be transparent so everything will be in the system so it is dissing for life so people will see if the person selling some item they will see the real people who bought those items and they will see the real transaction and they will even see the price so they will say okay so like this amount of bitcoins or this amount of a stick years story to talk to me transfer to this person all this person decided to just go through a fiat payment and that's why this amount of money was transferred this amount of money is the fee for the bank and this amount to a person god so this is why we were like okay Norfolk reviews any more questions over here tell me what school bus worker so I mean I guess hearing all these these issues that there are with Amazon and with eBay and with Alibaba it kind of gave birth to you know historical right so you know you guys saw a lot of these issues with your guys's you know safe transaction so you want to talk a little bit about how you ensure people get what they pay for and how the reviews are you know are true and not just some guy getting paid 700 bucks a week to write thousands of reviews it but we did not solve yet we working on that and I hope that we will and that's why I'm ever thankful to all the people who supported us and even you who asked me to come here and to tell about storica to share the idea because right now we still working I have a platform like yesterday our our team send me your website and I was just like no design is bad we're just like still working on that so we have the second quarter of the year to finalize the design and interface so people will use the plasma will love it because being very honest it looks like still like the design of Amazon still like southern 7 you know and and that's why we do need something videos all those marketplaces they just like simple internet online store and that's it so we need to have something bigger and that's why very cool so what part of the actual business is on the blockchain and what what blockchain you guys running on so we are c20 based ok but we did know that a lot of things have happened to around lately like 50 kiddies all of their things and that's why we started to think of having our own blockchain and then like it's it's it's very important to have walked in from the very beginning so that's why one of the Amazon struggles is that there are some rumor rumors that Amazon was trying to implement blockchain and their platform but you need to have blocking first and then you need to have the the company it's like getting the school diary in the middle of the year like you need to have that in the very beginning so that's why we got air c24 right now and later if something will happen to a theorem or something we just like switch to another blockchain which will be our production and we got a good partners in China they name is a chain like what actually once once that happened to you two theorem we just like okay we're gonna try and define another solution so that's why I went to China we have different meetings with blockchain developers and that's why we found figure out that like right now we partner with a chain and they helping us with or blockchain development things like that very cool yeah I actually met some of those guys at the in NAC 3 in Los Angeles last week I think they had a think they were up there speaking and they had a little little booth there so yeah I guess they've been doing for quite a while and they've got a ton of people that have built applications on their block chains yeah yeah very very cool and so I mean all the all the problems you guys are trying to solve you know from the traditional I guess eBay and Amazon type what what do you guys think about your competition that's in the space right now like things like bit Bay have you have you looked at them are they are they similar to you guys are different and if they're if they're similar how if they're different how all that kind of good stuff well there are a lot of people who used to sell their things through Amazon and eBay but they're not probably very happy with that that's why they decided to develop the ecommerce market we with all the respects to Amazon eBay of those companies in historico did you understand it's like still all of them they're the base they've the basement and this is the main thing and then just like we're trying to implement blockchain we're trying to implement cryptocurrencies but the thing is that not all of those marketplaces that you have quality issuance of the product so the main the key features of storica is number one is watching base so with no fake reviews second thing is payment system which is very fast you're almost getting money this like the same minute even though you want to send the money through my cell to get for the fiat money still we still getting them faster than traditional payments is it still part of what you made the other thing is Quality Assurance of the product we very fine what is inside the box before shipping that to the customer because we need to manage the customer expectations and this is the main thing you know you're not really buying things because you want it to be a home you buying the feeling you buying the emotions actually because you like because the process of buying is like you're scrolling what do you want to find like well yes I do like that and then you have that expectation that the this this good will come and you will use it the way you want and then it's coming and it's not the way you want to at all this is not the way it has to be and that's why we very find the quality of the product and right now so working on the Quality Assurance centers and it will be very very simple even we may call to the buyer and say hey my god I'm a lady ye lady you ordered you ordered this pretty red dress but here is the thing like this is not as pretty as it may see I am a lady would never wear this dress because like this is not really good so like I sure you want that yes I want that because it's for my Halloween party and this is what I want so for the rest of the interview you're gonna wear the red dress course well so just like you know you need to verify the the things you buy and that's why it's very important for the seller and for the marketplace is to take all the responsibilities and unfortunately for right now all the marketplace that exists they're not taking responsibilities of things they are selling and this is the main thing and plus to that the thing is the cryptocurrencies is it's it's a bubble it's pretty obvious it's a bubble because it's based on demand but once you can buy real thing on this financial instrument it's not a bubble anymore so technically we're building the infrastructure we building the real economy for these financial tools because for right now yes you can like here in California can buy did not that much with mostly illegal things you can buy an Bitcoin experience or something like that but if you have simple dollar like what is the what is the what is the value of the dollar is just a paper yes he should find the garment and it's used to be supported with the goal then the gold the gold standard was cancelled and and what do we have right now so we just have the promise from the gown in that and that's why like later maybe the government would love to also be involved in that you never know but still this is this is still just a financial tool and once we build the real economy under this financial tool once we build something which is produced with the real people we can fight with dollar we can buy it with crypto we can buy it with anything else so this is this is what we're doing technically very cool and then so what's Black Friday every day so that sound that sounds interesting right for there for the shoppers right so Black Friday everyday that sounds cool what I don't it was very interesting to you a weeks ago I was at the conference in London and I was it was my first ecommerce active experience and I was telling people about blockchain cryptocurrencies and they like what is that we do not believe that like you just like we just sellers we just want to get our all money into come on our kids and what's he telling them lady hey like you got three months of free trial of you know selling your goods on our present it's just like like when you tell them about blockchain and it creeps up constantly just like over their head and whatever like that's not water free put your products on a flat on our platform and the thing is that we also have our talk in and we want our talking to be to the east not only just like because we have the talking if you if you want to list something on the platform you need to to pay one target so we we we have this utility talking and Black Friday that means that we're gonna have a very very good price for all those goods which you wanna buy with a sticky okay our talking see reward them with your tokens yes very cool and then as far as people that invest I know you guys hit your 25 million hard cap which is awesome congratulations thank you yeah for people that want to invest now want to buy you know the tokens what kind of rewards for holding the tokens they're out there is there any kind of you know staking or what what kind of what kind of sexy cool things you got for us for people want to buy a bunch of coin so the main thing is right now that we have 55 southern investors and half of them are vendors so like almost half of them so usually like this is mostly people who want to sell their goods on our platform and on the other side got our customers who purchased we we get being very honest other half of our investors are just like people who wanted to get money and just like you know to buy coins and to wait till the price will grow because of videos like there will be a big demand on our talking if you want to sell and buy things and the main reward here is definitely the the price will go higher and that's why we're working on that right now the price of our target is not that high because everything is in big deep right now and I'm still working on that but if you want to reach the price of the talking you need to have at least three thing first thing you need to have the real product will at least MVP so we release in our MVP very soon in this quarter and the second thing you need to have is a lot of PR but not just like simple PR just just for PR you need to be good partnership you need to have partners in different fields like we got a new partnership for Nuggets for example this is so the security verification company ok I'm actually almost done if they're talking sell and they're verifying their identity on the blockchain and this is like and you need to have all of those partnership not just just because you need the partnership for PR and like the price will go higher just because the platform will will gain from that and the third thing you need to do is a good exchanges definitely so right now we on hit V DC and we've been talking about the extra yes but it's not the bachelor that's how I just think like it VDC but still there's one other one to guess their own least three or four baby BTC is a good one yeah it's like at least talk sometime I'm going to talk to the tight X maybe we have tied eggs it's not the bad your other a your honor exchange I'm just saying that yeah we unheeded hit BBC and right now we've been talking to all the Asian exchanges and that was very confused because get there you need to pay like two or three million dollars that's crazy isn't finance just really extorting people right now trying to get their tokens it's that's all I hear about is horror stories in two million five millions of people saying that yes and just I just do not think it's very like our investors invested in us and they're waiting to get their talking price increase and they wait for the platform so we we are definitely not going to pay this amount of money just to get on the exchange and the thing is that once you got to the exchange it may increase or may not even approach the price of your talk so so this is not really smart to pay those amount of money people used to pay because I dunno some companies who paid two Asian exchanges and this is this is not fair in my personal opinion there so this is what we are working right now on and I hope that this quote will be very exciting because we will have a whole platform ready we actually go in before time because we started talking on our platform and before we have the talking sale so it's very exciting for me to announce that we're gonna have our platform our MVP ready before end of the June what's it what's on the MVP what are we gonna be able to do with it here you will be able to sell you will be able to buy will be able to have a good online store with the possibility to fell through crypto to buy a Fiat to use our talk hand and with and of course it will be watching based the only thing will will continue work on its design and interface your friendly usability so we just want our all-day all the users of the platform like that so I hope is that gonna be worldwide my people in US can buy stuff and sell stuff yeah you can buy something from a guy from Australia and one of the things we are struggling right now is shipping like of course we do not have two dates you can like Amazon well you need a fleet of drones from Australia to be you know to the US do you know that we're not that big you like well like the market cap of Amazon is 100 no 160 billion dollars is something peanuts yeah with our twenty five million dollars is just like nothing very honor it's what they spend on toilet paper in a month yeah the other side like Amazon basics go go and look and watch the interview for Jeff Bezos in 1992 he's sitting his headquarter if there's graffiti Amazon on the wall look at his cabinet and looking like everything like at his room so like it's definitely the very beginning so Amazon also started like late like that and we're not trying to be the monopoly we're not trying to be like that we're just like trying to resolve the issues people really struggling like I do know that like you do not need more than five to ten thousand dollars a month to live so I'm ok with that I do not need those billions of dollars so just like there are some issues you need to resolve and why not to help people to sell their goods and to pilot to buy their goods in a better condition and every time being very I'm buying tickets flying to somewhere you still have something back in your mind thinking of well what if like I'm just sending money and what if I will not get tickets so you still have that the kind kind of like not a fear but something like the feeling inside and the main thing is to build and create that bubble of trust between the seller and the buyer so they will be kind of like married together and will be happy so if if I do know that someone is selling their goods on storica platform then I do know that this person is verified so you have another relations you have another intention to the person one once you figure out this story of the guy who is selling his goods you also have another intention so this is not just the guy who's trying to get your money and to run away with your money and just like selling you some kind of that quality product that's why we do need to to have the quality assurance and that's why we do need to teach you to make something that will improve relations within seller and buyer because every time you bind something still you still understand that the person means you have money and that's it just to make money oh it's obvious but on the other side I give you there are people who selling their goods because they love their goods selling that because they love talking to people they love sharing the experience and then that's that that's I think is the main thing in ecommerce so honest reviews honest products pre poised for people to sell their goods and services it sounds pretty exciting but here's a serious question so if you were gonna sing karaoke what song would it be we throw you in a bar like all right here you go if you get a sing us a song which one's gonna be well know on slide I would say we're the champion I was amazing like stayin alive with BG so is there anything that we haven't covered here you want people to know about storica anything at all well we keep on working and we're very thankful for all the investors I was really I was really impressed when the guy invested a couple of bitcoins in us and he showed up and become friends in London and he's like well I just I just wanted to meet you guys yeah I made my like seven hours drive just definitely helped appear and to see you and yeah I far from the comers I'm far from blockchain and I'm just like I just invested because I love the idea and just like simple students and we're in some University and and that is very very very helpful to her to have that support from from from the audience to have the support of people and I really like I really have to work like and it's really inspiring to to work even more like it's inspiring you to sleep less you know uncle Kiana yeah yeah the people are waiting that people do understand and they they they're not waiting just to make money and that they they want the product you working on to see better to resolve some kind of headache and this is the main thing once you can offer the peel against some problem then trust in you and that's that's right now we're trying to do like we have 35 people working on our product and 15 people helping us and in different countries in Singapore and Hong Kong in Russia in London in here in California so we are pretty global but not as well as other companies may be delivering Jeff Bezos 1992 so your version 2.0 maybe 1993 maybe so what we'll just have to keep an eye on you don't know like yeah we're gonna expect what you're gonna do but still we keep on working and our platform and very thankful for people who supported our awesome so where can people go to learn more and where did it where should they keep up on all the updates telegram website well Telugu in telegram we have channel we have a chart for all those people who are saying go and know your weight then do not dump it combo yeah so telegram read eight medium just go to the story care website and see and and feel free to tell us if you if you like it now you do not like it because we're very very thankful to people who are just saying like hey this is a bad thing this is a good thing because it's like would we all the same people we're not just like some kind of guys who raised the money and just like writing Lambos no it just tastes same people are trying to resolve the issues and it was very very surprised respond of investor who came up to me and saying well yeah well like man I'm surprised that you have every down-to-earth obvious like a lot of the same person it's you are like you didn't same food going to the restaurant to you know it's just like dude the same stuff so you know I so feel free to just like go and check out our website to see things and tell us things if you do like something oh you do not because we're all trying to make the commerce experience bathroom because unfortunately people right now do not really try center commerce they do trust Amazon and eBay and this is very good that like 25 years ago people started to think of that people started to sell books and wine and and this is this is what led us to well what we did have right now it's just the beginning yeah just the beginning of the decentralized marketplace so this is exciting stuff and what was you know it was really cool getting to meet you and get to hear about your business and I was bored the updates and the MVP in June and so yeah best of luck to you thank you soon was a pleasure meeting hey welcome back what did you guys think of the interview I was a different setting it's out there on the lake we had some some background noise all that kind of fun stuff but hey I hope you guys got some value out of it was really cool to hear about story could you know all the stuff that they're trying to do and all the stuff that they're actually doing so that's really cool also you know big thanks for Adrienne for stopping by man you know I know you came from the Bay Area out here just to drop by and say hi tell me about your your business so big thanks to you what did you all think what do you guys think about story cuz there's something you guys would use tell me all about it in the comments I think decentralized exchanges and and all this trust protocols and all the stuff that they're trying to put in there is definitely up some value so let me know what you guys think don't forget somebody's gonna win a hundred bucks of etherium just simply put your comments and your public etherium address in the comments and I'll catch you on the next one all right god bless and take care

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  6. Thanks for your time and passion to make online buying a better experience for the customer and owner.. 0x7670360777D1a37cf6B4E32D386573b3d6cA98eD

  7. fucking rubbish. where is all the money gone?? sons of bitches look at the ico price and check today's value…..fuck u

  8. Storiqa was a sorry excuse for an ICO! What a complete and utter mess! Investors should stay well away from this project. These guys think they can play with people's intelligence. They are always pulling a 'fast one' on unsuspecting investors. You have been warned – investing in Storiqa is a bad idea!!! STAY AWAY!!!

  9. Worst ICO I have ever invested in, customer service is a joke… They sent my tokens to a address I have never seen before, and blocked me on telegram, 303,933 tokens gone and they will do nothing but block me. They was even very rude with me so I reported them to SEC for theft of service. Karma always plays a role with situations like this, look at there forecast for the next five years. I'm in the USA Denver, one of my crypto brothers in LA same problem good luck people….

  10. As noted above, the Metal Factory ICO bounty of the companies is the most profitable at the moment

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