84 thoughts on “Storage Wars: Top 4 Collectible Finds: Cards, Coins & More | A&E”

  1. Fake… What are the chances that he knows the garbage pail kids artists and he finds garbage pail kids in storage.. Fake!!!

  2. I have a case of Garbage Pail Kids Cards. I was told they are worthless. I even have a misprint….oh well I'm always going to be broke

  3. "This guy is one of the artists that makes the Garbage Pail Kids."
    :::::::Guy has random Garbage Pail Kids color copies pinned to the wall with push pins:::::::
    Nice "set dressing" Storage Wars. Looks very authentic!!!

  4. I am just starting out on YouTube and I go through storage units and do house clean outs! Check it out please if you want too

  5. I know of only one guy who profits from these lockers. He ships cheap goods to Nigeria, but he has to be able to sell the items for $10 or less. If he finds any collectibles, he'll trade them to another locker buyer for all the stuff that nobody in the USA would buy used; plastic bins, plastic buckets, old clothes, old fans, light bulbs, notebooks, etc.

  6. I love the Garbage pail kids if I know that they would be worth anything one day I would have had a colección like no one I had brand new packs of those cards I had all kinds of stuff from GPK as well as the ninja turtles and to think I gave these to my kids to play

  7. Family members are so stupid that don't put their other family members or someone they could trust on their storage shed. And once something has sat in storage for more than a year it's time to sell that thing or figure out where to put it.

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