8 thoughts on “Stops Triggered; Locked In Bitcoin Gains! Coinbase Lists EOS & Margin Trading!? RPD Giveaway!”

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  2. Awesome content as always guys, very concerning seeing all the margin/leverage trading being pushed hard at present and with Binance looking like it will offer it. The inexperienced will get destroyed.

  3. I love margin trading. It gets me out of hodling my position forever mentality. I learn risk and reward, how to manage and preserve my capital. It teaches me a lot of things. I have been very successful at it.
    It's extremely risky. Definitely not for most people.

  4. Cant tell you guys how much I appreciate the updates! Glad you guys are doing so well with Patreon, Youtube, and Everything else! RnLwqsoCQ8Rc9tnJ3maU3XrsDJ25cDhBr3

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